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A Late Night At The Office

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We had worked in the same office complex for about a year and a half. At first our relationship was purely professional with normal business conversations and occasional small talk mixed in. Over time our conversations sometimes drifted toward more personal topics and we seemed to linger in each other?s presence a little more. One day, I was in a particularly horny mood and she made a comment that I seemed ?really sexy? today. I told her that I would be working late and if she wanted to drop by my office, I would show her just how sexy I could be. ?Maybe I will?, she said with a smile and turned and walked away. The thought of a sexual harassment suit briefly crossed my mind, but I thought she didn?t seem to mind. And I forgot about the whole thing.

Late that evening, long after everyone else had left the building (or so I thought), I heard someone walk into my office. I looked up to see Sara closing and locking the door. She was leaning against the door and looking down. She slowly turned her head toward me, slightly tilted, and our eyes met. She then gave me the sexiest smile I have ever seen. As I stood up, she began walking across the room toward me, our eyes constantly locked and that sexy smile on her lips. She was tall, slim, perfectly curved, beautiful and walked like Samantha on Sex in the City. She stopped inches from me.

?Hi?, I said. ?Hi?, she replied. And the time for talking was over.

I reached around to the small of her back and drew her to me, our crotches pressed tight against each other. Our arms wrapped around each other and we kissed; long, deep and passionate. Our tongues exploring each others mouths. I moved my mouth to her neck and began nibbling and kissing her soft skin. She gave an ?uuuummmmm? sound and we squeezed tighter, our hands rubbing and caressing various parts of our bodies. I moved a hand down and cupped one of the firm cheeks of her ass in my palm, squeezing and rubbing. I felt her hand sliding up the inside of my thigh and then she was squeezing my dick thru my pants-and we were kissing again. I think I was moving too slow for her, for she began undoing my belt and pants. And then I felt her fingers tugging at the waist band of my briefs.. She snaked her hand into my underwear and wrapped her long fingers around the shaft of my growing cock and pulled it up and free of my underwear. The swollen head moving up my stomach as it grew from her touch. She began jacking my cock off. I couldn?t believe this was really happening, it was like a dream-a fantasy come true. Then she started dropping to her knees and sliding my underwear to the floor. And there she was; Sara-- on her knees, staring at my swollen cock in her hand. I must be dreaming. She kissed the head-- ran her tongue around it-put it to her lips and I watched my swollen, throbbing cock slide into her mouth. She pumped and sucked about half of my dick at first and then I watched my cock slide inch by inch into her mouth and down her throat, until her lips were pressed tightly against my pubic hair. I was about to pass out from the sheer pleasure. I fell backwards into my chair, pulling my huge cock from her mouth. As I lay back in my chair, she eyed my throbbing dick with hungry eyes and began crawling toward me, like a hungry lioness about to devour her meal. And she was on me again, sucking and pumping my cock in and out of her mouth, down her throat. It was the most awesome blowjob I had ever had. After a few minutes, I was pumping load after load of hot cum down her throat as she swallowed it like a starving animal. When I was completely spent, she took my dick out of her mouth, licked it completely clean, looked up at me with that wonderful smile and winked at me. ? Ohhhh, damn you?re good, babe.? I said. I leaned forward and kissed her and we stood up. I moved her around and sat her down in my chair. I was eager to taste her sweet pussy.

She leaned back in my chair and slid her crotch out to the edge of the seat. I began sliding her skirt up her legs, she raised her ass off the chair so I could get her skirt completely out of the way. To my surprise, she had removed her panties before coming to my office, or perhaps she hadn?t ware any that day., but there it was, the object of desires, my fantasies, for the past year and a half. I gently spread her legs with my hands and began kissing the soft skin of her inner thighs, running my tongue up and down her lovely legs. I would drift close to her wet slit and flick my tongue across her pussy lips and than back down her thighs. She would moan and raise her hips in protest of my teasing her. Hell, I couldn?t take it any more, I parted her lips with my tongue and began licking and sucking her clit, running my tongue as deep inside my lovers pussy as I could reach. With my licking and sucking, she began moving her hips and humping back. The more I chewed and tongue fucked her, the more vocal she became. She was writhing and moaning loudly as I worked my tongue deep inside her. Then she grabbed my head in her hands and began humping wildly, fucking my face with her pussy. As I ate her for all I was worth she gave some muted screams and guttural moans, shoved my face hard into her pussy and humped my face madly as her orgasms roared thru her body, again and again. She convulsed and screamed time after time, and then collapsed back into the chair, panting for breath, her eyes glazed with lust. After a moment, she looked at me and asked, ? Where did you learn to do that?? Which amused me, for she was the awesome one. ?I try to give as good as I receive.? I said with a smile. After a moment she leaned forward and kissed me, tasting her own sweet love juices that were still fresh in my mouth. I stood up and motioned toward my desk. She saw that I was hard and ready to go again. She stood up, gave my dick a few pumps and assumed ?the? position on my desk.

She bent over my desk, arching her back downward so as to promote the most desirable position for what was to cum. And there before me was the most beautiful ass that I had ever seen in my life. True perfection. I had to take a moment to savor the magnificence of what was being offered to me. This was truly the stuff that dreams were made of. I stepped up to her and placed the swollen head of my cock against her hot, wet pussy. I gently worked my cock head between her lips and into her hole and then shoved my whole, huge dick into her waiting love canal. She gave a startled gasp and then said, ?Yesssssss, fuck me hard.?

And so I did. I began pumping her hard and deep. Pulling my dick almost completely out, then shoving it hard and fast, back in, to full penetration. Banging her hard and fast, my balls slapping against her clit, she moaned those deep guttural moans and said ?Oh yessss, fuck the hell out of me.? I fucked her like I had never fucked before. The sound of her moaning and screaming was making me crazy with lust for her. Then I felt the universe begin to quake, the stars, the galaxies were swirling in a mad array of lights, emotions and sounds. And the second ?big bang? began to form in my very soul. I rose to a height of sexual extasy never dreamed of , my back arched my muscles convulsed and I exploded. ?Aaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh.? A flood of hot molten cum gushed over and over into her hot pussy as she screamed and bucked in my firm hold on her ass. As I spent my last amount of energy and cum in her pussy. I heard her guttural moan again, ?Ohhh, god. This is unbelievable.? she said. I collapse back into my chair. She slowly stood up and turned around, a wild, lusty fresh fucked smile on her face. She sat in my lap, we kissed and held each other for awhile. Then began composing ourselves for the return to reality.

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