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A Jewel of a night

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After our afternoon swim, you decide to stay for dinner. I tell you that I'll do the cooking and for you to go and relax.......I give you a little wink, and say, ?you'll need the rest?, you giggle and exit to the family room. About an hour later I come and get you for dinner. What are we having? You'll see.......but there is one requirement......we're going to enjoy our meal, ?naked?, You laugh and say, you love that idea. I pull one of the chairs out and sit you at the table and then sit myself. MMmmm looks good you say. I love to, as I reach over and give you a deep wet kiss....letting my tongue slide over yours and searching the inter depths of your are so sexy. I can't keep my eyes off your beautiful body......your nipples are erect and hard. They aren't the only thing that''s cock is also rock hard.

I've planned something a little special.......first off, I want you up on the table. You gladly accept as I lift you up and set you on the edge of the table. I then reach down and pull you legs apart, so as to view your gorgeous pussy. I reach over and grab a chicken drum stick and begin to run it up and down the slit of your pussy........then slowly push it in till it moan and can't believe it.......I give you a quick kiss and then let a couple of my fingers push in and find the drumstick that has been marinating in your pussy........I pull it out of your love hole and immediately move it into my mouth.........MMMMmmmm, that is soooooooooo good........I love it. Can I have some? So I take another piece of chicken and do the same thing all over again.............this time, I leave it in a little longer so as to absorb a little more of your love juice. When I pull it's dripping with your juices.......I hold it up and we both move our mouths towards it, our mouths meet and savior the delicious taste of the chicken soaked in your seasoning. We continue to have a couple more pieces of chicken........seasoning it the same way, and both of us loving it. You grab my cock with one hand, and a piece of chicken with began to squeeze the base of my shaft as you move the chicken to the slit in the continue to squeeze it, till precum oozes out and coats the chicken with a shimmering liquid seasoning that you quickly move to your succulent mouth. As you taste my precum you moan and almost cum can't believe how great it tastes.

I ask you to lay back on the table, I then reach for the fresh fruit that I've prepared.......wedges of apples, peaches, apricots and some by one, I push them into your pussy, till it's a cornucopia of fruit.....I then drop my head and open my mouth and one by one you began to push them into my waiting mouth......each piece, coated with a special glaze of your love juices. My turn next you have me lay down on the table and with my rock hard cock jetting straight up, you begin to place rings of pineapple over it........sliding them down one by one onto my shaft till just the tip is showing. You stop and just look.......I ask, what are you doing.....look you say......look at the tip of your cock........the precum is slowly spilling out and running down the pineapple.........MMMMmmmmmmmmmm I can't wait to taste that. After a couple of minutes, you place a cherry on the slit of my cock, and lower your wide open mouth down to my shaft and begin to suck and swallow the doing so, my cock throbs from that sensuous mouth of's everything I can do, NOT to cum. Your hot mouth feels unbelievable on my cock. You continue all the way down, till my cock is buried in your throat, your tongue slides out and massages my balls. I can't stand it any longer and let out a moan as the first thick wad of cum floods your mouth, then a second load, followed by a massive third shot of hot thick cum that engulfs your much, that it runs out around your lips and coasts my swallow, but I'm still cumming.......finally you raise your mouth off my cock just as I let go with the final blast of my shots up and hits on your lips......your tongue rapidly licks it off and you devour it didn't save any to share with me? Sorry you say, I couldn't help taste absolutely fantastic......I love cum, especially yours. Ok, baby, my turn, let me at that pussy.....lay down and close your eyes........I've got something for you. You feel something cool easing into your wet pussy, it continues intill it hit the back of your pussy and you shudder a little. Next you hear the sound of a spray can, and can't help but laugh as you look down and see a peeled banana sticking out from you pussy and me spraying a mountain of whip cream over it........ahhhhhhhh you looked. Sorry you say, I couldn't help myself. Once I have a pile of whipped cream covering your pussy, I top it off with a cherry. Do you like it baby? I love it you say......looks gooood. I call it a ?Banana Slit? We both laugh, While we both chuckle, I let my face move down to within inches of the fluffy cream and pause, a second later, I let my head go limp and drop my face into the cream, driving the banana down and into your jump and can't believe it. I then start to clean it up using only my mouth, lips, and tongue. I engulf the banana which is saturated with your juices and suck it legs weaken at the taste of your luv taste so good. It takes me several minutes to clean you up, ending with your clit between my lips. I work it side to side and back and forth between my lips, the whole time flicking it with my tongue......all of a sudden you go stiff and scream and let go with a fantastic orgasm....shooting my mouth full of pussy juice. I don't stop for a second and continue to work on your almost pass out with the shear pleasure of cuming. I move up with my mouth still full of pussy juice and hover above your mouth......your lips open as do mine and the juice flows from my mouth into yours. I then lower my mouth to yours and our tongues meet and began to explore each others mouths, both of us enjoying the taste of your juices. As we kiss you reach down with your hand and take my cock and slide it into your pussy.......we both began to move in perfect rhythm.......we continue to fuck in every position we can think of for the next hour or cum three times, coating both of our legs with juices. I can't believe you didn't cum, you say. Well, it was a struggle not to, but I'm building a big load for later. You smile and say, can't wait. Let's take a breather. Let's go relax in the jacuzzi for awhile and sip on some wine. Sounds good to me you reply. We both slip in the warm bubbling water of the feels so relaxing....I pour us both a glass of wine and we lay back and relax while sipping the wine. Suddenly you giggle and I ask, what's wrong. Look....your cock is still hard, the tip sticking out of the water., precum continues to ooze out of the slit. You lick your lips and drop your head and let your tongue swipes my cock clean of the precum.....I love the taste of your cum baby, you say. With that, I reach over and pull your mouth to mine as we settle back in the tub, you position yourself on top of me as my cock slides into your moist, soft, warm pussy. We lay there for minutes, my cock inside your pussy and our mouths pressed tightly together. I finally began to move my cock in and out of you.....we continue to fuck for several cum twice and finally collapse on top of me. It's taken control, but I still haven't cum. Ok, I say, let's try something. Sit on the side of the tub, as you do, I reach over and grab a funnel the I've had hidden from you.. You lay back on some propped up pillows and spread your legs. I place the funnel in you pussy and then reach over for the bottle of wine. I move it over the funnel and begin to pour the sweet nectar into your love hole. You shimmy as the coolness of the wine begins to fill you up. Once full I pull the funnel out, and insert a straw and then began to sip.....MMMmmmm that tastes great baby...........hey, I'm jealous......I want some...I laugh and say, I figured you nasty thing you. I reach over and grab a piece of clear plastic tubing and insert one end in your pussy and give you the other..........go ahead, drink sip some, and say, ?you're right? that tastes great.....and I love the nastiness of it. We continue alternating sipping from you pussy till we drain you dry. I then swing around, and slam my cock into your pussy...........I pump you a few times, and then let go a huge load of cum into your pussy. You shutter at the pulse of my cock erupting inside and love the warm feeling of the cum, it effects you in a way, that makes you cum at the same time..we literally fill your pussy with our juices. After I stop cumming, we kiss and you remark how fucking great that felt.. what a fucking orgasm that was. Well, let's have a drink to remember it then baby.......and with that, I pull my cock out slowly, so as not to spill any of our juices. I then grab the plastic tubing we had used earlier and slide it back into your pussy and take a sip...fuck, that tastes great........and then hand the tubing to you, so you can sip on some love can't believe how great your pussy juice and my cum tastes mixed together....we continue to sip from your pussy, till it's dry, filling our mouths with our juices and kissing and sharing it. What a great and nasty evening we've had, we both can't wait till later.

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