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A Helping Hand

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As I headed out the door for another night shift I asked Catharine if she had any plans for the night. She indicated that she was going to be taking the kids to the grocery store to pick up some things that she needed for the coming week. I told her to use her credit card and that I would pay it off when the bill came. I gave her a kiss and a squeeze and closed the door behind me. I had been working two jobs over the last few months and so was not home too often. Catharine got the kids ready for the store and headed out. The grocery store was just behind the apartment building and as she walked with the kids she asked the four year old how his day was at school.

Catharine picked up more than she expected at the store and found herself struggling to carry all the bags and keep the kids in line. She heard a voice behind her asking if she would like some help. She turned and recognized the man as a tenant in the apartment building. They had never officially met but had smiled at one another from time to time. She indicated gratefully that she would like some help and after a brief introduction he took the grocery bags from her and walked her back to the building. Mark had lived in the building for about 3 years and was finishing his PHD in mechanical engineering. He was very nice and Catharine enjoyed having an adult to talk with. He was fairly attractive with short dark curly hair. He was wearing blue jeans and a University of Toronto Sweat shirt that highlighted his broad shoulders.

He escorted her up to the apartment and as they reached the door Catharine asked if he would like to come in for a drink. It was the least that she could do for his help. He agreed and carried the bags into the kitchen. Catharine got him a drink and told him to have a seat while she put the groceries away. Mark had a walk around the apartment and commented that he found it very nice. Once she had the groceries away she apologized and asked if he had time for her to put the kids to bed. He told her that he had nothing planned for the evening and that he would wait for her to do what she needed to do.

Once the kids were in bed Catharine poured Mark another drink and got one for herself. They sat on the couch and she thanked him again for his help. He said that it was no problem and if she ever needed help again just ask. She laughed and thanked him. She was enjoying the adult conversation. It had been quite a while since she was able to sit down and just talk with another adult. They spoke for about and hour and Catharine asked if he would like another drink. He said that he was fine so she took his glass with hers to the kitchen. When she returned she sat down with a slight groan. He mentioned that he thought she looked tense and asked if she would like a back message. She paused for a moment just looking at him. He sensed that he may have been too forward and apologized. She told him that it was ok and that she was tense and that she would enjoy a message. Mark moved behind her and began to message her shoulders. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling as he messaged her neck and ran his thumbs down either side of her spine. He continued messaging her back as they talked and she was starting to relax. After a while she felt as Mark moved his hands under her shirt. She allowed him to do this but felt a little uncomfortable with another man touching her in such a manner. Catharine and I have always had an open relationship and I had told her that if she ever met someone she should feel free to explore that relationship. She had never done anything and had felt that it was improper to do so. Tonight she found herself perplexed. She felt that she should not allow him to do this but she was enjoying the company and the feel of his strong hands on her back. He asked if she was enjoying the back rub and she found herself answering him truthfully that she was. He continued messaging and working her shirt up to expose more of her back. Catharine hesitated for a moment and then removed her shirt. Her heart was pumping in her chest, she was nervous and excited at the same time. She was not worried about me catching her. I would be gone all night and she knew that I would approve of what she was doing. She was nervous about being with another man and excited about letting herself go. Mark was enjoying messaging her back and they both became quiet, Catharine enjoying the message and Mark enjoying the feel of her smooth and naked skin. It was not long before Mark?s hands moved to the clasp on her bra. He paused and asked if it was ok for him to undo her bra. She did not answer right away and then she reached back and undid the clasp herself and removed her bra. She was shivering with excitement and her heart was pounding in her chest. He ran his hands softly down her back and then back up to her shoulders. He then ran his hands over her shoulders and down her sides. She lifted her arms allowing him to caress the sides of her breasts as he moved his hands down her sides. He ran his hands up and down her sides for a couple of minutes before Catharine relaxed and leaned back against him. She lifted her arms up and placed them around his neck. He began to message her breasts and could feel her heart pounding right through her chest. Catharine felt as though she was going to jump right out of her skin. It had been so long since she and I had had an intimate evening and she had been longing for it. She found it now in the arms of a man she just met. She decided that she would allow him to have sex with her if that is what he wanted. Mark made his intensions clear a few moments later when he slid his hands down her stomach and began to undo her jeans. She took his hands and got to her feet. He apologized if he was being to forward. She said that it was ok and that she wanted to change into something else.

Mark?s jaw dropped as Catharine entered the living room. Catharine was wearing a white strapless corset with white G-string panties and white stay ups. She was also wearing white stiletto heels that made her legs look long and thin. Mark stood up as she approached him. She slid her hands under his sweat shirt and started to lift it over his head. He took over and removed his sweat shirt while Catharine started to unbutton his jeans. Mark stepped out of his jeans and boxers and Catharine ran her hands over his chest, through his pubic hair and began to fondle his balls. Mark?s cock was large and hard. Mark stood naked in front of her. With her heels Catharine stood the same height as him. Mark ran his hands over her breasts and down between her legs. His hands felt warm as her began to message her pussy. Catharine took a step back and began to unbutton her corset slowly. Mark watched intently as she freed button after button. Catharine let the corset fall to the floor; next Catharine slid her panties down to the floor and stepped out of them. Catharine stepped towards Mark and wrapping her arms around him she drew her body tight against his. Mark slipped his cock between her thighs and could feel the warmth of her pussy. They remained standing hugging and kissing for some time. Catharine enjoyed the feel of his warm naked body next to hers. Mark reached down and grabbing her ass firmly pulled her even tighter into himself. She moaned softly encouraging him to continue squeezing her ass. They kissed deeply and then Catharine started to kiss his neck. She moved down to his chest and stomach. She felt Mark shudder excitedly as she kissed the base of his shaft. She continued to kiss his shaft and balls softly and deeply. Mark spread his legs slightly allowing her full access to his genitals. Catharine knelt in front of him her head bobbing up and down with every stroke of her mouth against his cock. Mark tilted his head back and closed his eyes as she took his entire cock deep into her mouth. After several minutes Mark directed Catharine to the couch. She spread her legs for him as he knelt before her. He could smell sex on her and it was making him incredibly horny. He sucked deeply on her warm wet pussy, Catharine gasped at the new stimulation. Placing her hand behind his head she pulled him deeper towards her. Her legs were spread as widely as she could. Mark continued to suck and lick at her pussy. Catharine felt her body warm and the orgasm start to build. Mark worked feverously at her pussy and Catharine loved every stroke of his tongue and caress of his lips.

Catharine could no longer contain her desire to have Mark?s cock inside of her. She pulled him up on top of herself and grabbing his cock guided it to her pussy. His cock slid smoothly into her. Catharine gasped with delight and hugged him tightly as he began to thrust. She wrapped her legs around his waist and grabbed his ass pulling him deeply into her with each thrust. Mark began to thrust faster and deeper as his orgasm continued to build. Catharine?s own orgasm was quickly coming with his cock rubbing inside of her. They were both sweating and Catharine would raise her hips with every thrust allowing Mark full penetration. As her orgasm began to climax Catharine released her legs from around him and spread them as wide as she could. They both cried out at the climax of their orgasm. Catharine squeezed Mark tightly against her as she felt his cock explode with in her. Mark continued to thrust Catharine could feel his warm cum swirling within her vagina. As their orgasms diminished Mark collapsed on top of her. They held one another for some time before Mark finally allowed her to get up and head to the bathroom. Catharine emerged from the bathroom in her robe and found Mark already dressed. She smiled and kissed him as she walked him to the door. They paused at the door as Catharine once again thanked him for the help with the groceries. Mark smiled widely and told her anytime. He walked away as she quietly closed the door behind him.

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