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A Great Day On The Lake - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 - A Great Day On The Lake

The sun was shining as the alarm sounded at 5:30am. Jon reached over and shut off the annoying alarm, slid out of bed and waddled into the bathroom for his morning ritual. Once done, he went back into the bedroom and slid back into the bed next to Lacey. Gently he reminded her it was time to get up. She moaned and groaned about it being too early to get up on a Saturday. Jon laughed, gave her bare ass a light spank and told her to get up.

By 6:45am they had the boat hooked up to the truck and their guests for the day started to arrive. After stopping for ice the boating party arrived at the lake and were afloat by 8:15am. As was the usual practice a quick cruise around the lake, anchors dropped and Bloody Mary’s for all by 8:45am.

Everyone was having a grand time, drinking, chatting, listening to the music and enjoying the weather. As the day wore on people were spending more time in the water than on the boat in an effort to beat the heat. Jon had wandered off a bit further than the others and smiled at Lacey. She liked the way he smiled and she made her way off the boat and to where he was standing. Jon wasted no time and wrapped his arms around Lacey, pulling her in closely before kissing her. This wasn’t an “I love you kiss” but more of an “I want you” kiss.

Grabbing Lacey’s ass under the water Jon pulled her closer and that was when she realized he was naked from the waist down, his already stiff cock pressed into her. She pulled away from him a bit, smiled wickedly at him and asked not so quietly “Where are your trunks”? Looking around Jon saw that no one heard her and pulling her back in he said “I am standing on them”. Laughing she reached her right hand under the water and grabbed his hard flesh pole, slowly stroking it. Grinning from ear to ear, Jon reached between Lacey’s thighs with his right hand and parted them. Then he slid his hand under the elastic so that he could touch the object of his desires, her furry patch. As slow as Lacey stroked Jon, he stroked her. Soon she was wet and Jon slid a finger inside, pleasing Lacey and himself at the same time. No more words were spoken and Jon positioned himself under her, kind of leaned backwards and placing his cock under her spread thighs. Holding her swimsuit aside he began to push upwards and Lacey helped by guiding him in. Once inside her, buried as deep as he could, they held onto each other, smiling at each other. This embrace lasted several minutes, the only motion was created by the waves and ripples in the lake.

Lacey’s back was turned to the rest of the party goers so Jon shifted them sideways as one and when they did, eye contact was made with several others in their party. It was clear by their expressions that they new exactly what was going on under the water line. Lacey smiled broadly as she began to slowly rock up and down on Jon’s hard cock, not caring a bit what the others knew or thought they knew. The slow motion on Jon’s cock was causing him to breath deeply as Lacey’s pussy was holding a firm but slippery grip on him. As this continued both Jon and Lacey focused their gazes back on each other. Soon they were began to kiss, deeply while maintaining as low a profile as possible.

It was an amazing thing to both of them as their body parts were intertwined, underneath the surface of the lake with their friends so close by. Jon picked up the pace a bit and was also lifting Lacey a little higher of his cock, still kissing, they were making love in semi secret. Then Jon reached between them and peeled her swimsuit even further back, finding her love button. As they continued to fuck, Jon did what he loved to do, tease her clit with his finger. It worked because just as Lacey was going over the edge and letting loose an orgasm, Jon did the same. Both of them spilled their liquid love into the lake, riding out an intense orgasm.

They gave it several minutes to subside before they got their swimsuits squared away, composed themselves and returned to the boat, receiving at least three of those “I know what you were doing looks”. Jon and Lacey only smiled back as they thought to themselves that it was fun doing what they did!

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