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A Golfers Tail

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A Golfers Tail By: Mrs.A ©

Once a week, my wife and I leave home early to play a round of golf together. On this particular morning, it was unusually warm and we were looking forward to spending a day on the course. As always, I was ready to leave several minutes before my wife. I went to the car to load our clubs and various items we would need that day. Starting the car, I tooted the horn as if to announce, ?if we don?t leave soon, we will miss our tee-time?. It wasn?t long before my wife appeared on the back porch. I was surprised to see her wearing a short skirt. Her shirt was neatly tucked and clinging to her body. She had topped it off with matching golf shoes and white cotton socks adorned with a small amount of lace around the tops. She wore a sun visor and sunglasses and carried a small white towel in her hands.

Momentarily, I was taken by her incredible body. She had spent the winter months working out. It had really paid off! Her legs were tone with a hint of spring tan. Her hour-glass figure was exaggerated in her outfit. I wasn?t sure why but I knew that today wouldn?t be like any other day on the course with her. She had a sparkle in her eyes as if she were up to something.

She hopped in the car and we sped off to our destination about a half hour away. Once we arrived and parked, we made our way to the cart barn to get ours from its locked shed. I followed behind my wife, watching her skirt sway with her walk. Quietly, we got the cart ready and headed for the 1st hole. The fairway was still moist with he morning dew. Few people walked the grounds; mainly caretakers, as we were among the first to arrive for the day. Together, we pulled our drivers from our respective bags and begin to stretch before our first swing. I watched my wife from the corner of my eye as she twisted at the waist then bent over to touch her toes. I was liking this skirt more and more.

I leaned down and placed my tee into the ground. With the ball in place, I took a practice swing. It felt incredible so I moved forward an inch or so. I pulled the club back then pushed it forward making contact with the ball. ?Did you see where it went?? I asked her.

?Yeah. You?re in good position.?, she said as she made her way to the ladies tee box. She bent down to place her tee into the ground. She, too, took a practice swing then stepped up on the ball to give it a good whack. From the sound of it, I could tell she hit it squarely. I watched as it lifted above the trees and soared down the fairway.

As it took a sweet bounce, I said, ?Nice shot!? It had come to rest about five yards shorter than my own drive.

?Thank you. That felt like a good shot!? she says cheerfully as we hop into the cart to rush off for our balls

Since my ball was closest, she took her second shot while I grabbed the appropriate club from my bag. She was about fifteen yards from the green. She took her stance and without a practice swing, she struck the ball. The beautiful chip shot landed about three inches from the hole and I knew I would have to beat that. As I made my way to my ball, she headed to the greens to hold the flag for me. I stood at my ball checking the distance when the wind began to pick up again. I glanced in the direction of my wife to catch her skirt flipping up on the sides, flashing me shots of the white bloomers she wore beneath them.

I took a nice easy swing. Looking up, I watch as she pulls the flag from its spot. She placed it on the ground near the edge of the green. Approaching the hole, I could clearly see that each of us had a chance at being one under on the first. I was about two inches farther from the hole than she, so I putted first and made it. She then stepped up, quickly tapping hers in. We gathered our things, left the hole just as we found it and began making our way to hole two. It was a short par three with a water hazard very close to the green. This hole was one of the toughest for my wife. Water hazards always intimidate her.

We pulled our clubs from the bags once again and teed up. Unfortunately, it was my ball that got wet while hers landed inches from the hole then rolled back towards us a bit due to the slant of the green. She seemed to be satisfied with that and watched as I made a second attempt from the box. Soon, we were speeding off down the cart path, across a small bridge to park near where our balls landed. I was upset that I had put my ball into the water but she put me at ease saying, ?I thought you liked your balls wet.? with a sly look on her face.

We finished up the hole after two putting then headed out for the next. We had an incredible game and as we approached the 18th hole, my wife made an observation, ?This is the long one.? Trees and dunes surrounded us, guarding us from others that may be near the area. I grabbed the shaft of my driver and pulled it from the bag. She grabbed my zipper and pulled my shaft from inside. ?I said, this is going to be a long one.? she said as she began to lower herself to her knees. I watched as she began licking and sucking me until I was titanium hard. Soon, I had to be inside her. I reached down, placing my hands under her arms then lifted her to her feet. Without word, I spun her around, placing her hands on the bags. I yanked down her panties and flipped her skirt up exposing her firm ass and heart shaped box.

I slid inside her quickly and began to pump wildly. I knew our time alone on this hole was limited so I put a rush on it. The two of us came together and let out a hoot which scared the birds around us. We quickly pulled ourselves together and finished the hole. Our intent had been to play two rounds today since it was so nice outside but my wife insisted that we head back towards the house. We parked the cart, locked the gate and made our way back to the car. I could feel my erection trying to return as the thoughts of the 18th hole crept back into my head.

Soon, we were on the highway heading home. We came into a valley and made our way towards an old bridge when she said, ?Quick, turn here.? She pointed off to the left to a small dirt road that led beneath the bridge. I parked as close to the river as possible, turned the key so that only the radio was on. The two of us stepped from the car and met at the rear. She pulled herself onto the trunk lid and spread her legs. I could see that she had removed the items from under her skirt as her beautiful full lips sat before me. She laid back onto the car, resting her head on the back window. I dove between her legs head first and began licking and sucking while fingering her wet hole. She began moaning and wiggling beneath me. I slid her off the car and turned her around to take her from behind. I slid my pants down to my knees, slid myself back inside her. We made love for over an hour while moving to different places beneath the bridge. In the end, we wound up in the back seat. She on her back with one leg thrown into the front of the car while the other rested from the knee down on the headrests.

Again the two of us came in unison. Golf and sex had wore me out. She drove us home with my hand between her legs. Thank heavens for cruise control!

Arriving home, my wife forced me to fuck her quick on the back porch before we went inside for a nap.

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