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A Fantastic MFM - Her First Anal

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We are an unusual, but very close, Asian - Caucasian couple. Kim is the Asian, 37, petit, very fit, gorgeous, and bi-curious. I (Mark) am over 16 years older, not very fit, straight, and love to give oral to women. Kim loves my oral skills because it takes her a long time to cum, and she really appreciates my patience and my long lasting tongue. Kim has never had children, and has a tight, small pussy. While we have talked about it, Kim has been reluctant to try anal, as she is concerned that it will be painful to her. She gives great oral sex and hand jobs, but does not like to have a guy cum in her mouth.

We like to swing because of the excitement that it brings to our relationship. It had been a while since we had an MFM, but the guy that contacted us on the Internet swing site seemed nice, Kim thought he looked hot, and we were going to be traveling (with her mother) near where he lived during our vacation. However, his profile said that he had a large, long dick and Kim was a bit concerned about not being able to take a dick that large or that long.

On the other hand, she felt from his profile description that he was nice, so we contacted him and asked if he would like to join us. We did caution him that she might not be able to take his dick and he might have to settle for a hand/blow job. He said loved her photos and his positive reply was very nice. We planned to try set aside time for a play night during our trip. We gave him a probable date and place but could not make a final commitment until we were on the road and were sure of the timing of our travel.

Our trip started and went like clockwork. Our planned schedule was working out OK but we were unable to get onto Internet swing site to contact with him. The night before we were to meet I was finally able to access the Internet and found that he had provided us with a cell phone number.

About mid-morning of the day we were to meet, I left him a voice mail confirming that we could meet him that night. In anticipation that we would get together with him, I called the motel we were headed to and booked another room, our “playroom.” But, after several hours he did not return the call. Kim and I thought that he might have gotten cold feet and backed out. Then, late in the afternoon when we were walking through the Redwood Forest, my phone rang. It was Ken. I answered and we chatted for a bit. Ken seemed hesitant. I handed the phone to Kim and she charmed him. He told her that it was a three-hour drive to our motel, he had a rough day, and perhaps we should put it off until the next day. She replied, “We are leaving in the morning. Because of our travel, it is tonight or probably never.” He decided to come and told her that it would take him about three hours to get there. At that point I started to have sort of a “tingle” inside, as I realized that we were probably going to have an MFM with this guy tonight.

We continued our trip, arrived at the motel and checked in, getting keys to both our room and the “play room.” I realized that things were slightly subdued between Kim and myself, as we both were apparently caught up in private thoughts about the coming MFM. We did not talk about it, but I know thoughts were racing around my head and I think they were to Kim too. My concern was that the guy we had invited turn out to be someone we were happy with. I feel that Kim was also concerned that we had never met this guy face to face before and we were planning a possible MFM with him tonight.

Kim, her mother, and I went to the hot tub and pool in the motel to relax, and then returned to our room. Since there were three of us (Kim, her mom, and me) and only one shower, I slipped out to the “playroom” and took my shower. This also gave me time to outfit the room with condoms, lube, and tissues on each nightstand beside the king sized bed. I also put a butterfly vibrator on the left nightstand, the side of the bed that I planed to use.

I returned to our room and found that Kim and her mom were already in the car. Kim had on a sexy, short summer dress that was cut low in front, showing off her cleavage in a nice, but inviting way. I thought, “Well, she has really baited the hook!” We went to the restaurant and had a very nice meal. Several times during the meal Ken called to advise us of his progress driving there. After we finished desert he told us he was driving up to the restaurant.

Kim saw him enter the restaurant, and said, “I bet that is him. Hmm! He looks nice.” Ken was wearing slacks, knit shirt, and a sports coat, presenting a polished appearance. We stood up and he came over to the table, we exchanged introductions, and he sat down across from us, next to Kim’s mom (she only speaks Chinese, no English except Hello and Thank You). He only wanted a cup of coffee and we chatted, getting to know him. He told us about his divorce and a little bit about his life. We shared with him our situation. Whenever Kim would turn and say something to her mom I noticed that Ken’s eyes would wander to her cleavage. But, by the time she turned back, his eyes were back on hers. He was very smooth. After about 20 minutes we seemed to be comfortable with him, I turned to Kim and asked softly, “OK?” She nodded, a sense of thrill went up my backbone that I had to suppress, and I proposed that we leave the restaurant.

While Kim and her mom went to the bathroom, Ken and I chatted. I told him that Kim had never been able to have sex with a large dick without a lot of discomfort. He said that he loved to give a woman oral sex and it would be OK if we just played without penetration. I told him that I knew that Kim’s pussy gets larger after she climaxes and proposed that we pleasure her with long foreplay and give her a climax orally before we try any penetration. Ken said that was fine with him, that Kim was a very beautiful, very personable woman; he felt fortunate just be with us; and that he wanted to just make her feel good. At that point, I felt that we had picked the right guy for the MFM, and that he would work with me and together we would give her a memorable night of sexual stimulation and satisfaction. I gave him a key to the “playroom” and he left. Kim and her mother came out and we went back to the motel.

When we settled her mother in our room, Kim spent a long time the bathroom before we left for the playroom. I was anxious, and waited, wondering why she was taking so long. As we went down the hall to the playroom, I asked her what took so much time. She replied, “I had to shave my pussy, did not have any shaving gel, so I had to take my time and be careful. I joked with her that she was right. We did not want to start off the night with her pussy sore, as there would be time for that later….

When we walked into the “playroom” about 10 PM, Ken got up and came over to greet us, giving Kim a lingering hug. We stood chatting a bit and then I suggested it would be more comfortable sitting down on the bed. Ken and I sat on the middle of the bed and Kim sat on the end, facing us. We chatted about our backgrounds, gradually moving into a discussion of our swinging experiences. At one point I leaned over toward Kim and we had a long kiss. I remarked to Ken that Kim was a great kisser. He said, “Oh?” I then suggested that Kim show him. They kissed a long and passionate kiss. When they broke the kiss, Kim turned around and lay down between us, facing him, with her back resting ton me. I looked over her shoulder and down onto her nice cleavage.

She did not notice it, but part of one nipple was showing from under her low cut bra. I noticed Ken eye the nipple edge too. She asked me to tell him some of the specifics of our swinging experiences. I told him about how we got started in swinging, basically repeating our (true) stories to date in some of the Internet swing sites. From time to time in the stories, she would add points of information and he would comment on the stories. He shared with us some of his experiences, and informed us that while he was not gay, he had some bi experiences as part of being with couples. That really interested Kim, as she has fantasized about me doing some bi things during an MFM.

We talked about her problems with large dicks. He told us that while his dick was 9” X 6”, every woman he had been with had been able to accommodate him because he would go slow and easy, backing off any time the woman felt any discomfort. As we talked, I could feel her relaxing and getting more and more comfortable. I had my hand on her left breast and was gently rubbing the nipple through her bra. By the time we talked about the most recent story, an MFM in Las Vegas, Kim had her hands on both our cocks, rubbing them through our trousers. Oh, that felt good to me. When she did that, I knew that there was no turning back and that before the night was over she was going to be fucked very well.

She turned her head to me and we kissed a tender but passionate kiss. She then turned to Ken and they kissed, swapping tongues for a bit. She lay down and as Ken and I slid her dress up, she sat up, and we took off her dress. She lay back down and we started running our hands over her body. Then, she stood up and took off her bra and underpants. He and I got up, took off our clothes, and we all laid back down on the bed with Kim in the center, on her back with each of us laying on our sides facing her.

Kim looked so very good. She has strong, shapely legs; an amazing flat stomach with a naval piercing; beautiful, delicate natural breasts with dark, Asian aureoles and long nipples; a large, broad smiling, mouth with natural lips that out-pout Angelina Joliene, cute little nose; large almond shaped eyes; long, silky black hair; and a small, tight, neat pussy that is shaved smooth except for a small landing strip above on her pussy mound. As she lay there, both Ken and I stopped for a minute, entranced by her beauty, and the anticipation that she was going to be ours tonight, to fuck, and to satisfy.

Kim took a dick in each hand and started stroking them. Ken and I started kissing her now very stiff nipples and rubbing our hands up her legs and around her pussy, teasing her but not putting our fingers on her pussy. I could hear her breath begin to quicken. After about 10 minutes of this foreplay, Ken leaned in and they began to kiss, a long, deep kiss. When they began kissing, I moved down, kissing her stomach, her pelvic mound, and around her pussy. Kim spread her legs, letting me know that she wanted me to kiss and lick her clit. I moved between her legs and started kissing and licking the insides of her thighs, working my way closer and close to her pussy and clit. She reached down with her hand and pulled on my head, trying to get me to work up to her clit. Finally, when my tongue touched her clit, she broke the kiss and sighed deeply, letting me know that she was very happy that I was on the right spot.

I lightly flicked her clit, then moved my tongue down her pussy, licking and sucking her pussy lips. By this time her juices were really flowing and she tasted so good. I moved down and rimed her asshole, getting an acknowledging loud moan that it felt good to her. For about 20 more minutes I lightly licked and sucked her pussy and clit just the way she likes it. As I looked up over her pussy mound, I could see that Ken and she were locked in a long, deep kiss, while his hands were busy caressing her breasts and his fingers rolling her nipples between them.

Kim was stroking his dick, and it looked to be as large as he said. She could barely get her hand around it, and her hand moved about 6 inches up and down in each stroke. After a while she was stroking him very fast, he was groaning, his ball sack was getting tight and wrinkled, and it looked as if he was about to cum.

However, my neck was getting tired and I thought the session would be better for her if he did not cum now, so I asked Ken if he would change places with me. He agreed and was soon between her legs, sucking and licking on her clit. Kim was really moaning now, “Ohhhhmmm, ” with every breath. I kissed and caressed her breasts and nipples, kissed her ears, kissed her mouth, and went back to her breasts again, repeating the cycle again and again. Every so often, Ken would let out a loud moan, and comment on how good her pussy tasted. I noticed that her hips were moving up and down and I realized the Ken had a finger in her pussy. He was holding his finger still, letting her move her hips up and down so that the tip of his finger rubbed her G-spot just as she liked it. After about 30 minutes of Ken going down on her, Kim’s breath really began to quicken and her moans louder and louder. Her stomach muscles rippled and twitched. I reached down and used my hand to pull up on the skin of her pussy mound, tightening it, pulling her clit hood up, and exposing more of her clit to Ken’s tongue. Soon, her whole body stiffened and jerked and she moaned loudly again and again as she came. As she relaxed, Ken moved up beside her and she kissed both of us in turn.

As we lightly caressed her body and kissed her nipples, she again grasped both of our dicks and started stroking them. As both of our dicks started to get hard, Kim asked me if I would like to join her in sucking his dick to get him really hard. Wow, here was an opportunity for me to try sucking a dick, a new experience for me. A hundred thoughts went through my mind before a second later, I said, ”OK, ” and we turned toward Ken so we could both suck his dick. Kim grabbed his dick, stroked it, licked the head, and then pushed it over to me. I opened my mouth and sucked the whole head of his dick inside my mouth. Oh, it was so large that I could just barely get it into my mouth. And, the head of his dick was soft and rubbery, not hard like I expected. But it felt good, and I slid my mouth down as far as I could on his dick, trying to deep throat him. My gag reflex kicked in as I got about 6 inches of his dick in my mouth and I could not go any further.

Kim was sucking on his balls, taking them one by one into her mouth, sucking on them and letting them pop out of her mouth. I alternately sucked on the head of his dick, flicking his frenulum with my tongue, and deep-throating him as much as I could. He started fucking my mouth, jerking his hips up and down. At first that surprised me, but I realized that my sucking was really turning him on. As he fucked my mouth, I could feel his dick swell and stiffen. His ball sack began to tighten again and I could sense that he was getting close to cuming. I took my mouth off his dick and laid back down where I had been before we started sucking his dick.

Kim lay on her back, pulled her legs up, and spread them wide. Ken got up, picked up a condom from the nightstand, put it on his dick, and got back on the bed below Kim on his knees. He moved up between her out-spread legs and, with his stiff, condom covered dick in his hand, moved up to her pussy. I reached down, grabbed his dick, and rubbed it up and down between her pussy lips. Kim moved her hips up and down, apparently getting very hot from the feel of his dick head rubbing her pussy lips and clit. Ken said, “OK, I have it now, ” and started to ease the head of his dick into Kim’s pussy. Kim started moaning again, and her moans got louder and louder as he slowly eased his dick in and out of her pussy in ever deepening strokes. Then she moaned loudly and said, “Too deep!” He pulled his dick out some, apologized, said that he would hold back from going that deep again, and asked that if it was OK otherwise. Kim said, “Yes, it’s large, but fells soooo good! It is OK if you do not go too deep.” Ken said, “Your pussy is so tight, and feels so wonderful!” Kim thanked him and started moving her hips, humping his dick.

Ken resumed his careful, easy stroking of his dick in and out of her pussy. I then started caressing her breasts, kissing her hard nipples, kissing her ear, and repeating the cycle. Kim had her eyes closed, moaning loudly with each stroke of his dick. Ken slid his dick in and out of her pussy, gradually getting faster and faster, but not going all the way into her pussy. From time to time Kim would stroke my dick, but then stop and concentrate to the dick moving in and out of her pussy. Then, one time she kept stroking my dick after I got hard, not stopping as she had done before. I tried to think distracting thoughts, but all I could think of was how good her hand felt stroking my hard dick, how sexy it was to see his dick going in and out of her pussy, and before I could stop myself, I came, spurting my cum over her hand and side. But, instead of stopping and resting as I usually would after cumming, I just kept kissing her nipples and ear.

After about 50 minutes of having Ken’s dick in her pussy, Kim, moaning loudly with every stroke, pulled her legs up, then put them over his shoulders, as Ken continued to fill and stretch every corner of her pussy with his dick. The change of position and the new tightness of her pussy apparently began to push Ken over edge, as he started to groan, grunt, and then really speed up his strokes. He shouted, “Oh, Oh, Ohhh, I’m cumming!!!”, his body went rigid, and his whole body jerked about six times as he came and filled the condom with his cum, “Unnnnah, Unnnnah, Unnnnah, Unnnnah, Unnnnah, Ahhhh!”

Ken moved up and kissed Kim deeply, and fell over to her side. Kim turned and kissed me deeply, and the three of us lay on the bed for about five minutes recovering. Ken got up, went into the bathroom, took off the condom, threw it away, washed his dick, dried it, returned to the bed, and lay back down beside Kim. She and I went into the bathroom, washed up, and lay back down on the bed with Ken.

Ting asked him about his divorce, and he filled us in on the fact that his wife had not been interested in sex. He said that he had to have sex or masturbate about five times a day to keep satisfied. This surprised us and led to Kim’s next question about his swinging activities. He told us that he swung a lot with couples and small groups. He described some of the activities, including some of his bi activities. He said that while he was not gay, he had done anal with a gal using a strap-on in his ass and with a guy using his dick on his ass. Ting said, “I fucked Mark in the ass with a strap-on, he loved it, and I really got a power kick out of it.” I told him that my anal came about from a question I had asked Kim about letting me do her anally. She responded with the comment that if I thought it would feel so good to her, how about her doing my ass with a strap-on? Well, what could I say to that, except, “Why yes, Honey, you can do me.”

Ken said that frequently he came when a guy or gal was fucking his ass. Kim said, “Does it feel that good?” Ken replies, “Yes, it feels great!” Kim asked if it hurt. Ken said that if anal is done right, with the “Top” warming up the “Bottom, ” lots of lube is used, and the penetration is slow, it can be a great experience.

I reached down between her legs and rubbed my finger on her asshole and asked her if she was interested. She replied, “Yes, I tried a dildo on myself several times last week just to see what it might be like. The first time it was just OK but the second time it felt good. However, I am concerned about Ken’s big dick. I don’t see how I can take that up my ass.”

My dick gave a little twitch in anticipation and I could feel my balls tingle. I could tell from the tone of her voice that she was going for it. The first round with Ken had been a good experience for her, she now trusted Ken, she was hot and loose, and we had a great sexual atmosphere going. I felt that even though his dick was large, this may work out OK. I just wanted her first anal experience to be a positive one.

Ken said that he had broken in a number of women to anal sex, knew how to help her open up, and all of the women had loved it. He then reached down and I felt his fingers join mine in rubbing her asshole. He then moved downed and started kissing and licking her clit and pussy. Then, as she got into it, she began to raise and lower her hips. He moved down and started rimming her. Kim and I were engaged in a long, deep kiss, but when he started rimming her she broke the kiss and let out a loud moan. I moved down to her nipples and started sucking on them, caressing her breasts, and running my hand over her clit. She started humping her hips and asshole against his tongue.

I turned to the nightstand and retrieved the butterfly vibrator. Placing this on her pubic mound and clit, I handed her the control so she could set the level to what felt best to her. She turned it on and I felt the vibrations start. I held it there on her clit as she humped her hips up and down on Ken’s tongue. I moved up and started kissing her ear. By this time, Kim head was rolled back and she was moaning low, long moans, “Ohhhhhmmm, Ohhhhhhhmmm, Ohhhhhhhmmm, ” taking a breath between each moan.

After about 15 minutes of Kim being rimmed, buzzed, sucked, and kissed, Ken moved up beside her head and fed her his dick. She licked it a bit, sucked on the head for a while, and then started stroking it to get it hard. I moved down between her legs, licked and sucked on her clit for a bit, and then rimmed her. Her asshole was already fairly loose, and I was able to slide my tongue in it as far as it could reach. She was humping her ass against my tongue. After tongue fucking her asshole for a while, I reached over and got the tube of lube. Squirting some on my finger, I started rubbing it in and around her asshole. I could gently put part of my finger in her asshole. Moving back to suck on her pussy and clit, I continued to squirt more lube on my finger and slowly insert it about an inch in her asshole. Then I felt her push her hips toward my finger, driving it deeper in her asshole. I slid the finger out, added some more lube, and inserted it a short ways into her asshole. She pushed again, driving her asshole completely onto my finger, as deep as it would go. I stopped trying to suck her now fast moving clit and concentrated on her ass. Then, she started humping my finger, driving her asshole all the way, deep onto my finger, and then moving back to where her asshole was just at the tip of my finger. As I held my finger still, she was fucking my finger with her ass. I then lubed up a second finger and tried inserting both of them in her asshole. She said that the two fingers did not feel good, as they were hard and she needed something more soft and rubbery, like Ken’s dick, in her asshole.

Ken then put on a condom and moved on his knees between her legs, his hard dick in hand. Still lying on her back, she raised and spread her legs, and he rubbed his dick in the lube on the outside of her asshole. He then slowly leaned forward and with a gentle motion, started moving the head of his dick against her asshole. Bit by bit, the large, mushroom head of his dick opened her asshole, and then slid in past her sphincter. Kim moaned loudly, “Ohhh!!!!” Ken asked, “Is that OK?” Kim moaned, “Yes, so good!” Ken then started moving his dick in ever deepening strokes until his 9-inch dick was all the way in her ass. He asked her again, “It that OK?” Kim responded with a loud sigh, “Oh Yes, Oh Yes!” I had been watching, fascinated that she was able to take his large dick not only in her ass, but all the way in, where only the previous month she had not been able to take the tip of my finger. I put the still vibrating, butterfly vibrator back on her clit and she said, “That’s good, keep it there.”

Ken started moving his dick in and out of her ass, slow, deep strokes. Kim was moaning in time with each stroke, “Ohhhhhhhhmmmm!” as Ken would drive his dick into her. He kept remarking about how tight her ass was and how great it felt.

By now my dick was very hard from the excitement of watching Ken fuck Kim’s ass, and her apparent enjoyment of it. I got up, put on a condom, lay back down beside Kim, and watched his dick pound her ass with deep strokes. My plan was to let him fuck her ass until he came, and then slip my dick in her ass and fuck her until I came. Alas! Kim turned to me, gave me a long, deep kiss, and told me, “Oh, his dick feels so good in my ass!! I almost want to cum!” She reached down and started rubbing my now hard dick. But, in about 5 minutes, the excitements of watching him fuck her ass and knowing she was really enjoying it was too much, and I came and came, groaning and filling my condom.

After Ken had been fucking her ass for about 30 minutes, I noticed Kim trying to see what it looked like to have her ass fucked. I slipped a pillow under her head and helped her partially sit up so she could see how his dick was fucking her ass. She thanked me and said, in short gasps, that it was so exciting to see a dick fucking her ass. With that Ken picked up the pace and started really pounding her ass. We could both hear his ball sack slapping against her ass as he drove his dick all the way in each stroke.

Ken’s face tightened, he moaned, he groaned, his body stiffened, and he exclaimed, “I’m cumming!!!” With that he slammed his dick all the way in Kim’s ass and his body jerked as he filled his condom with cum. Again and again he jerked, groaned, and came, five or six spurts in all. After a few seconds of resting with his dick in her ass, he fell over onto the bed and lay there panting. Ken then reached up and gave Kim a long kiss, thanking her for a fantastic time.

Ken asked if I wanted him to move over so I could go at it. I laughed and told him, “I would love to but the excitement of watching you fuck her pussy before and her ass just now made me cum. I just could not stop. But, there will be another time for me….”

Kim and I hugged and kissed as Ken got up, went to the bathroom, removed his condom, washed his dick, and returned to the bed. Kim then went into the bathroom, bathed her pussy and ass in the shower, and returned, wrapped in a towel.

Ken and I hugged and kissed Kim in turn as we chatted about her first anal experience. When Kim asked Ken how her ass felt, Ken told her that unlike most women, her pussy was tighter than her ass. Then she remembered and commented that he was able to put his entire dick in her ass while he could only put about six inches in her pussy. As we chatted, she asked me, “How would you like to have that large dick in your ass?” I replied, “That might feel good.”, and we started on round three of our now, marathon, MFM.

Ting turned to me and gave me a long, deep kiss. I could sense from the urgent way she was kissing me that the thought of him fucking my ass was turning her on, and her excitement was building. She turned to Ken and asked, “Would you like to fuck Mark in the ass? Can you get it up a third time? Ken said, “That sounds like fun. Yes, I think that I can get it up again. I usually cum about five times a day. And today, I came this morning when I masturbated, and then I just came twice in you, so I should have one or two left.” “Have you ever been fucked in the ass, Mark?” I replied, “Only with the strap-on dildo that Kim used on me last month. It was a lot smaller than your dick. But after seeing, and hearing Kim enjoy your big dick in her pussy and in her ass, I think that it might feel good to me also.”

Kim said, “Let’s see if we can make that big dick hard again.” As Ken lay on his side, we both moved over to his dick. Again, she stroked it several times and then licked his rubbery, mushroom shaped dick head before swinging it over by my mouth. I started sucking on the head of his dick, tonguing his pee hole, and flicking his frenulum with my tongue. Kim started sucking on his balls, popping each one out of her mouth and then moving to the other one. Then she would lick up his now hardening dick shaft and share a kiss with me at the head of his dick. As his dick began to stiffen, I began to deep throat him, taking about seven inches of his nine inch dick each time. I would go down on his dick until the big mushroom head of his dick went beyond my tonsils and into my throat, causing my gag reflex to react. I would fight the gag reflex as long as I could, trying to get his long dick all the way in my mouth and throat. Several times I made it, taking him all the way in my throat to where my lower lip was on his ball sack. Ken’s dick got fairly stiff, and he started jerking his hips up and down, fucking my mouth.

Ken said, “Come sit on my face.” He then laid flat his back and Ting mounted his body, putting her pussy squarely on his face, with her clit over his nose and her ass over his chin. I could look up and see his tongue lapping her pussy and hear him sucking on her clit. Kim apparently really enjoyed his oral skills, as she was moaning loudly with every breath. Every so often Ken would pull away from her pussy long enough to either comment on how he loved my sucking his dick or how great her pussy tasted.

I continued to lie between his outstretched legs, sucking his dick. However, even though I sucked his dick with all the skill I could muster; his dick would only get semi-stiff. I knew that he needed to have his dick very hard before he would be able to get it into my tight ass. So, after a while I realized that he needed more stimulation to get hard. So, I rose up and asked if he would like for Kim to ride his dick. Ken moaned and said, “Oh yes, that would be great. I’d love it.” With that, Kim slid down his body and, squatting over his crotch, reached down and took his dick out of my mouth. She then held it up to her dripping pussy lips and slid down on it. Because it was not real stiff, it bent instead of sliding fully into her. I reached up and straighten his dick, holding it so she could slide all the way down onto it.

This time, she was able to take Ken’s entire dick into her pussy, down to his balls. Ken started moving his hips up and down, rolling them back and forth, to get his dick moving in her pussy. Kim rose up a bit and came back down, trying to help him slide his dick in and out of her pussy. However, his dick kept bending, and even though I tried to help it stay straight and guide it back into her pussy, his dick continued to stay just semi-stiff. Apparently, the two previous marathon sessions, one in her pussy and one in her ass for over an hour each, had tired him.

With that, I realized that there was probably no way that we were going to get his dick hard enough to fuck my ass. So, the challenge now was just to see if we could get him to cum again. Kim had also realized the same thing (somehow we frequently communicate without talking). She moved off his dick and back onto his face. I started sucking his now semi-hard dick again, really deep throating it, and giving his frenulum my best flicking (that always makes me cum). , the best I could do was to make him a little stiffer, but not bring him up to the edge.

Kim, sitting on his face, kept looking over her shoulder back at me sucking Ken’s dick. I sensed that she wanted to see me suck him until he came. However, it had been about an hour since we had started this third session, and even though the sexual tension and excitement was there, Ken’s dick was tired. Finally, he asked me to get some lube, and as I did he started stroking his dick. I put the lube on his dick and he stroked and stroked, but could not get himself over the edge.

I then put some lube on my right middle finger and slid it up his ass. He groaned loudly and I knew that I was on the right track. I started massaging his prostrate with my finger in his ass, giving him a “finger wave.” As I rubbed it back and forth on his prostrate, he started to groan again. His strokes on his dick got faster and faster, becoming a blur. He began to moan loudly, “Unnggh, Unnggh, Unnnnngggghhh, ” and then his body stiffened, jerked, and he shouted, I’m cumming!!!” Kim, still sitting on his face, had turned her head toward his dick and was watching him cum with a big smile on her face. A fter he jerked about five times, cumming and groaning, his body relaxed, I stopped massaging his prostrate, and I removed my finger from his ass.

Kim got off his face and lay down on her back beside Ken. I wiped my finger on some tissues and moved up beside her, lying on my back on the other side of her from Ken. We all lay there recovering from the exciting finale. Ken thanked Kim for being so sexy and tasting so good. He thanked me for the sucking and the “finger wave, ” which he said really got him over the edge in a big way. He was sort of disappointed that he could not get hard and cum easily that third round. But, he said, “If I had known what a fantastic night this was going to be I would not have cum for several days. But, I never, ever thought it would be this good!” Ken continued, “Sorry, Mark, that I was not able to get hard enough to fuck your ass. Guess you will have to wait until next time.” I replied, “Perhaps we should try that first next time, before Kim wears you out!”

Kim kissed him and thanked him for being very good with his large dick, including teaching her how to enjoy a big dick and anal sex. She said, “I never knew a guy could hold back and not shove his dick all the way in me when he was about to cum like you did.” Your ability to control that made the difference between fantastic sex and pain. Thank you especially for that special ability.” Ken said, “I wanted to do everything I could to make sure you had a wonderful time, with no exceptions. I expressed my thanks to Ken for that ability and for working with me as a team to give her a great time.

Kim asked Ken, “Well, was the three hour drive worth it?” He replied, “If I had known that it was going to be this good, I would have driven 10 hours to get here. You are absolutely fantastic!”

It was after 3 am and we agreed we were all spent. So, we each washed up and dressed. After some goodbye chat, hugs, and kisses, Kim and I went back to our regular room, where, surprise, her mother was still awake watching TV. We chatted a few minutes and went to bed.

The next day, we talked a lot while we drove and her mother slept in the back seat. We realized that we had forgotten to shower before we came back to our room after the MFM. We probably smelled strongly of sex, but, of course, did not know it! But, her mother never said anything, so perhaps her sense of smell is not so good, or perhaps she knew and was happy we were happy. For sure, we are not going to ask….

Kim told me that her main concerns were:

a. What kind of guy would he be since we had not met him face to face before he drove the long distance to meet with us? She felt that it was amazing that Ken turned out to be a perfect partner for an MFM.

b. How would we get started? In the past at the swing clubs we were already naked, or just had a towel around us, when approached by other couples. This time we would have to start from scratch. She told me that the way it worked out was perfect. The sitting on the bed chatting, the exchange of kisses, the telling of our past experiences, and the gradual beginning got her very ready for the sexual action, and took away any awkwardness she had anticipated. She said that it was an unusually smooth transition.

Kim also told me that she had hoped to see me suck him until he came. She asked me, “When he came, what did you plan to do? Were you going to swallow it?” I told her, “Yes, I had thought about it and I planned to try to swallow it all.” Kim said, “I was watching and hoping you would swallow his cum. That would have been a fantastic turn-on!” I asked her, “If I swallow his cum, will you join me and swallow it too?” She replied, “Perhaps. We will just have to see….”

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