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A Day at The Museum

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A Day at the Museum

Some people think that museums are boring and uneventful. I am here to tell you that a trip to the museum can be a very memorable event. Here is my story…

Approximately two years ago I had returned to college to complete my bachelor degree. To save on the cost of gas, I had begun to stay at a friend’s house while he was out of town. One night he got stranded at his home, the same night that I was there. I was a bit nervous about this arrangement because I was married. However, my husband and I had had a threesome with this gentleman so I figured my old man wouldn’t be to upset about the situation. Making the best of the evening, we laughed and talked about sex, and he then asked me if I wanted to watch this couple that he had been cam-in with and instant messaging. I laughed and said sure, and settled in next to him to watch the show that they were giving us. They were not married, but it seemed they where great fuck buddies. When I first saw the guy pop up on the cam I thought …Hmm he is very attractive. He was tall, bald, built like a brick house, blue eyes, and he was sporting one long, thick, hard cock. It made me drool just looking at it.

My friend and I continued watching them play, till they both had awesome orgasms. In closing, before they got off line, they exchanged instant messenger ids with me, so that we could stay in contact. For the next few months I talked to Lisa and Ken off and on, however, one day, Lisa informed me that they had stopped seeing each other. I guess she had finally found a full time boyfriend and was moving on. A few days later Ken contacted me and said the same thing. However, Ken and I began chatting in depth, and we found we had a lot in common besides liking hot sex. A few weeks later we met for coffee at a local restaurant and visited for an hour or two. There was a ton of chemistry, but due to the fact that I was married we were very good and didn’t go there. However, over the next few months we talked a lot and got to know each other.

In August, I received a phone call at work, it was Ken. I was very surprised to hear his voice, and could not even conceive why he would be calling me at all; he had never called me before. We had always talked on line, besides the one time we had gone for coffee. At first I was a bit concerned that he would be so ballsy to call me at work, but after talking to him for a few minutes I realized that he just wanted to meet in person again. He was lonely, hadn’t found anyone to date and just wanted a companion to go and do something with him for the day. At first I refused because I was married, but then after thinking about that big luscious cock I had seen on the cam I knew that I would not be able to say no. It did not help that I had been working out of town for 6 weeks, and only saw my husband one or two times a week.

I asked Keith what he had in mind, and he suggested getting together on Wednesday. I explained to him that my husband was out of town for work, and that I had already made plans to go to a museum in Vermont for the day. He told me that he had never been there before and asked me if I would like some company. I hemmed and hawed, but finally thinking about how lonely it would be walking through the museum alone, I agreed to have him go with me.

I left my home early that Wednesday morning, traveling to our meeting point. I had dressed for a hot summer day, wearing a long floor length gauze skirt, tank top, bra, and a thong, a pair of summer sandals, and sporting a pair of shades. When I arrived at our designated meeting point, he stepped out of his pick up truck and opened my door. I looked up and knew it was going to be a very long hot, hot, hot day. He looked like a bald headed version of the Marlboro man. He had muscles rippling all over his body and the sexiest smile and beautiful blue eyes that a woman could ask for.

Before he opened his passenger truck door, he turned me around and laid me against the side of his truck and began to kiss me deeply and passionately. My pussy instantly began to cream; I could feel the juices begin to run. He stepped back and smiled and told me that he was glad that I invited him to come along, opened the door and let me climb in his truck.

We continued our drive to the museum, with small talk about life, our families, our jobs and etc. Once we got to the museum and bought our tickets we started off to the first exhibit building. As we stood in the close quarters of the exhibit, I could feel his hands touching my arms, then sliding in under my shirt, his hands reaching up and caressing my nipples through my bra. I stood there praying one minute that no one else would walk in to the exhibit, but the next minute I was praying that he would bend me over and run his hands up under my skirt and feel my soaking wet pussy.

All of a sudden he stopped feeling me, and whispered in my ear that we have all day to please each other and lets move on to the next exhibit. So I got my breathing under control as I heard other visitors coming in to the exhibit, so we moved out of the exhibit to head to the next one, and for the next three exhibits we groped each other at ever opportunity we could.

The fourth exhibit was the grist mill. It was still pretty early in the morning so there was no one around. As we walked inside, to the shadows of the building we attacked each other, our hands sliding in to each others clothes. I found his cock and instantly my clit started throbbing. He was massive. His cock was at least 10-11 inches long, thick and hard as a rock. I wanted it so bad, I wanted to taste it, and I wanted to feel it. I didn’t even think, I just dropped to my knees and took it in my mouth and began to suck this beautiful cock that was shaved smooth of all hair. Holding his balls in my hands. I wanted to suck it dry; I wanted to taste every drop of his cum.

Thank goodness Ken had great hearing, he heard someone coming down the stone walk and pulled me to my feet and tucked his cock back in his pants. And began kissing me as if we were just some romantic couple, then he led me out of the building. We began to giggle and skipped to the next exhibit, which we just peaked in to and then moved on to the next building. This one had fine china on the first floor and toys on the second floor.

After checking out the old china and dishes we began to go up the back stairs to the second floor. I was in the lead and Ken was behind me. Half way up the stair way, I felt him grab my hips and slip my skirt up and run his fingers in to my soaking wet pussy. Then I felt his hot tongue sliding up the crack of my hot pussy. I stopped instantly to let him explore every inch of it. Next thing I knew he had me bent over on the stairs and was slipping his rock hard cock up against the lips of my pussy. I could feel his big warm hands on my hips as he ran the head of his cock up and down my soaking wet slit. I wanted it so bad; I was begging softly and whimpering. He reached under my shirt and slipped my bra up over my tits and began to pull and tease my nipples, while he continued to slide his hard cock up and down my swollen clit. My legs automatically began to spread, and I started to push back against him whimpering and begging. I wanted to feel that rock hard cock in me so bad. All of a sudden he gave my ass cheek a smack and laughed and told me that I had to be a good girl and wait. I wanted to scream, how much longer was he going to make me wait I asked myself?

He quickly straightened my thong, and dropped my skirt back down and I fixed my bra and we continued upstairs to the toy section. As we were looking down I decided it was time to show this big tall monster of a man that a woman can also tease and tantalize. My hands began to wonder up and down his cock at every opportunity I got. He kept moaning and thrusting his pelvis against my hand and telling me to be a good girl. But I could tell by the way he was humping my hand, that he was ready to fuck me like crazy. To turn up the heat, I found a little window box that looked out over the museums yard. I sat down and put one foot up next to me on the bench and pulled my skirt up to show my pussy lips and thong that was drenched. I then looked him straight in the eyes and reached down and started rubbing my clit with my fingers. Throwing my head back and enjoying the feeling that I was giving myself, and the thought that he was watching me, and the possibility that someone else could walk in at any time and find me in this position was a great turn on. I was close to exploding when I felt him beside me. I could hear his heavy breathing, and feel his heat. He told me to stand up and bend over the bench, NOW! I did with a slight smirk on my face. He reached down and grabbed my skirt and pulled it up over my back baring my creamy lily white ass to him, he was so turned on that he didn’t even make me take the thong off. He just pulled it aside, used his foot to spread my legs, and in one thrust buried his rock hard cock deep in pussy.

He began to pump it in and out slowly, and then he picked up his tempo, till he had me panting like a bitch in heat. At one point I opened my eyes and realized that my face was pushed up against the window that looked out over the yard, but I didn’t care. I had this gorgeous huge cock deep in side me. I wanted him to fuck me all afternoon. I was so close to having my first orgasm, and told him so… he just laughed and said it was not time, then turned me around, and pushed me down on to the window seat and slipped his cock, soaked in my pussy juices, deep in my mouth and throat. I could taste my own sweet juices mixed with his pre cum and it was like an aphrodisiac. I wanted to taste it all, so my mouth began pumping his cock, sucking harder and faster, till I felt his big heavy balls tighten up and he unloaded a huge load of warm sweet cum down my throat. He tasted so good, that I did not want to lose a drop, and I was very careful not too.

After we were all done, we hurried up and got our clothes straightened up, and then we looked around and started laughing. We may not have had a real audience, but we had just realized that we were in a room full of porcelain dolls. We had hundreds of eyes on us.

For the next half hour we enjoyed the next few exhibits with very few distractions. However, in the sled barn we began to get very turned on again, and on the second floor I had slipped his cock back out of his pants and was caressing it over and over again till it was rock hard. I had begun to lead him down the center of the exhibit, when we heard an exhibit supervisor clear her throat and tell us that we couldn’t be naughty in the exhibit, and that if we had to we needed to get in one of the enclosed sleds. Ken had gotten very quiet and just stood tight behind my skirt with his cock in my hand and blushed like hell. She walked by, smiled and winked. I simply smiled and she went on her way. We finally exhaled and laughed our heads off and moved on to the next building, however, we were still fired up and horny as hell.

The next building was the community/church building. It was equipped with pews, a pulpit and benches. At this point it was around 1:30pm and it was getting very hot out, so we decided to take a rest and take advantage of the cool air with in the building. As we sat there on the bench, I realized he was staring at me, so I turned and looked at him and pulled my leg up so he could see my hot wet pussy again and began to stroke it while I talked to him about various things. The poor boy couldn’t talk clearly, every other word came out of his mouth as a stammer. I knew I had his attention, so I laid my head back and began to rub my clit faster and faster, feeling a huge orgasm coming on, all of a sudden I stood up and dropped my skirt back down and said lets go.

Needless to say the rest of the day at the museum continued to be tons of teasing and caressing and fucking and licking. However, I was never allowed to have an orgasm. It wasn’t till we were back in the truck and heading to the closest city to have dinner that I was allowed to have my first orgasm.

As we were driving down the high way, I giggled and told him how wet my thong was. He laughed and told me to take it off and then it wouldn’t be so annoying. I was not sure if he was serious or not, but I took his advice. He just swallowed hard when he saw them coming off. Then I turned and lay back against the passenger door and pulled up my skirt and began to rub my clit with my legs spread in front of him. My pussy was glistening with wetness and this time I was going to cum, this time I needed to cum, this time I had to cum. So I kept rubbing hard right above my clit. And all of a sudden it happened, my back arched, and I announced to Ken that I was about to explode. He couldn’t just watch, he had to be a part of it, so he reached over quickly and slid his two fingers deep in my pussy while my cunt began to spasm. His fingers worked magic, especially when he hit my G-spot. I exploded all over his seat and his hand, as raking shutters went through my body.

After I finished cumming, he made me get up on my knees and suck his cock while we were going down the highway heading to the restaurant. He reached over and pulled my skirt up over my back bearing my lily white ass to the right lane of traffic going down the highway. His fingers began to finger my pussy, letting the truckers get a hot view. Knowing that total strangers might be watching me get my pussy fingered made me very, very hot.

He would not cum yet, but we did tease each other, till we got to the restaurant. After the waitress settled us in to a booth, he slipped his foot out of one of his sandals and slit his foot up under my skirt, and using his toes he began to massage my naked wet pussy. His big toe was rubbing against my clit, hard, and I was having a very hard time not coming unglued. He was smiling an evil smile because he knew he had complete control over my body at that point. It ended up being a very hot dinner, but I could not wait to get back to the truck for some desert.

Once back in the truck he began to tell me what he wanted to do to me on the ferry as we traveled back to NY. I just sat there staring at him. I was thinking “I can never do anything on the ferry, with so many other people around.” He must have realized my fears and told me that if I wanted his big cock deep in my pussy for the rest of the night that I will do what he asks. So once our vehicle was settled on to the ferry, he pulled me over to him and began to caress my breast, undoing my bra and then making me take it off. His hands were pulling and pinching my tits as he kissed me deeply and passionately. I had begun to pant and moan and thrust my hips all over, as he whispered in my ear and asked me if I was ready to what he wanted. I just mumbled yes and nodded my head. He reached down and put his seat back in a sleeping position and then told me to take my skirt off and straddle his lap. He pulled out his huge rock hard cock and held it up so that it was aimed straight at my bald soaking wet pussy. I looked at it, then around, and decided that I had to have this beautiful cock in me again. I figured that it was dark out and that no one could see us unless they placed their face against the window. So I went for the gold, I slid down over his cock, feeling him fill me up clear to my cervix. I slowly began to pump his cock with my cunt muscles, rocking back and forth then up and down. I felt his fingers clasp on to my nipples and start to pinch and massage them. It sent shock waves through my body straight to my pussy. I continued to ride him faster and faster, till I heard him moan and say that he was going to cum, he then pushed me off him and pushed my head down to his hard cock and told me to drink all his cum again, which I did with out a question. I loved the taste of his sweet hot cum. And knowing that my hot mouth could make him lose control like that was a huge turn on and very hot. And then I felt it, all his cum slamming against the back of my throat as I swallowed it, but this time I kept some in my mouth, and when he was done cumming, I slide up and kissed him deeply, making him taste his own cum.

For the rest of the trip back to my car, I laid naked next to him while he played with my tits, or fingered my clit or pussy. He kept telling me what a beautiful little slut I am and that any man should be proud to have me as their woman. At my car, he informed me he didn’t want the night to end, and it was only 7pm. We decided that he would go home and let his dog out and I would go rent us a room, and he would meet me there shortly. He told me to be ready for the fucking of my life.

Approximately 45 minutes later I heard him slip in to the hotel room, as I lay soaking naked in the Jacuzzi. When I looked up he was walking through the bathroom door naked from his head to his toe. He had the most amazing body and cock. It was so dreamy looking, so I moved over to the edge of the tub and got on my knees and began to suck him and lick his shaved balls. After ten minutes of feeling my mouth around his cock, he slid in to the tub, and for the next half hour we touched and kissed and played till we had worked each other up to frenzy. He told me that he wanted me to do something to him that no woman had ever done, and told me that he would not take no for an answer. He then kneeled on the edge of the tub, so that his ass was bared to me and he told me to be a good little slut and rim his ass and play with his balls. He was completely shaved so I took and flicked my hot wet pink tongue over his tight little asshole, and began to massage his balls at the same time. He moaned and begged for more. So as I licked, sucked and fucked his ass with my tongue, I massaged and caressed his balls and cock with my hands. I kept this up till he yelled and told me to stop or else he was going to cum, and if he cum, he would spank me. So I stopped.

He then got out of the tub, and helped me out, toweling both of us off and then taking me by the hand and leading me to the bed. I looked up and realized that the curtains were open a bit, and asked him if he wanted them closed. He answered, NO! I want everyone to watch you be the hot slut you are. He then told me to get on my knees and spread my legs and he slid in to my pussy, driving his cock deep inside me. Just then I felt his hands reach under me and began to pull and tease and pinch my nipples. Then I felt them, he had brought with him two clothes pins. He placed both tits in the clothes pins and told me not to complain, because I was his slut for the night. And he began to pound my pussy, and ordered me to play with my clit. Every now and then I would feel him reach under and pull on my tits and pinch them hard. My cunt was quivering and I knew that I was going to cum soon. I begged him to finally dump his load deep in my cunt. He asked me if I really wanted and I begged saying…”YES.” He then said…”Ok babe, we are going to cum together, start rubbing that hot pink pussy of yours.” So I started rubbing it hard while he pounded his big rock hard cock in me, and all of a sudden I felt the world crash around me and I felt his cock quiver and explode all kinds of hot cum against my cervix. I collapsed and he slide down between my legs and began to lick and clean my pussy clean, at which time I had one more mind boggling orgasm.

After cleaning me up, we decided it was time to part for the evening. I had to get back home, and he needed to go back to his house to let his puppies out. The next day we emailed each other and discussed what happened, and agreed that it was a one time event and that we shouldn’t make it a habit. We did talk a few times after that, but we never did get together again. But that day will be one of my hottest sexual memories in my adult life and it gave a new meaning to visiting the Museum.

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