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A Company Retreat

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She took his hand as they walked through the open double doors of the hotel conference room. "Hmmmm," she thought, "so this is what his hands feel like. At least he files his nails." Leading him out onto the patio, she wondered if similar thoughts were racing through his mind. He'd always been a bit of a flirt, though never too explicit, so it was hard to say if the look in his eyes a few minutes ago and deep breath that made him arch his back just so was serious, or just playful. That look had, at the same time, made her skeptical and filled her with butterflies. For the first time, she actually wondered what he felt like up close. It was time to find out.

The night air was neither cool nor warm, but there was a breeze that caught the back of her neck and sent a shiver down her spine. Or was the shiver from his other hand, placed on her hip, just so, gently guiding her to the left, to the gazebo in the distance, beyond the watchful eye of the house lights. "Oh, my..." anticipation dancing in her head. She took a few deep breaths and bit into her bottom lip. His touch had sent a sensation to more places than her spine.

The night was dim, but the stars seemed to wink at her, as they walked towards the gazebo. She anticipated every step, trying to keep a steady pace, but wanting to get there NOW. He caught up to her side; she looked at him and smiled. He let out a little chuckle, kind of a knowing, satisfied laugh, as if he could tell exactly what she was thinking. "I want him. I?ve never really thought about it before, but now that we?re here, walking alone on this big lawn, if he through me down right now, I'd let him." Thinking about it made her even more excited, but she did her best to contain it as they walked up the steps and to the far side, where the lights of the city below cast a glow all around her.

He put his hands on her hips and moved close behind her. She felt his breath on her neck and shivered. "I've wondered for the last year what you smell like. I should have found out a long time ago," his deep, gentle voice echoed in her ear.

A wordless "mmm." Was all she could muster. A wanting note that grew even more heated as his hands slid off her hips and around her waist. His entire body pressed up against hers, she could feel that he, too, was excited.

He kissed her neck. Twice. She exhaled with an "oh!" and turned her neck to meet him. He kissed her with soft lips and the taste of cosmopolitans. The sweetness of his lips brought out her tongue. This was the most intense feeling of desire she'd felt in years. Completely forgetting that they had just left a work retreat, she fell into her own thoughts, her tongue, his, his stiff cock pressed up against the top of her behind, his hands on her hips...

"YES!" she thought as his right hand snuck its way underneath the waistline of her skirt. "Don?t stop... GOD I hope you don't stop" she wished so hard that she swore the words were spoken.

"I can?t believe how good you feel." His voice filled her head as he nibbled on her earlobe. "Yummy"

She thrust her hips forward and spread her legs as his hand ventured further south, exploring her freshly trimmed hair, finding her lips and parting them. "Oh, MY!" his voice heaved as he discovered the flow of her excitement. He wasn?t really wasting any time.

His soft hands found it quickly, not that the target was difficult. She'd been feeling hot for the last 20 minutes and her clit was very ready to be touched. He stroked it like a man who knew what he was doing. Gentle but firm, not too fast, and right on target. She arched her head back and let out an audible gasp. "OH!" trying to catch her breath as he worked her like she did when she masturbated after seeing him get out of the hotel pool the day before, his arms toned, and dripping with water, his swim suit hanging on his hips, inviting her to look...

Back in the now, his pace began to quicken and she could feel it coming. His dick now felt considerably harder than just a minute ago, and she thought "I've GOT to get that thing inside me."

Right now, though, it didn't matter. The wave was coming. She told him as much. He let out the exact same knowing chuckle as before, and his confidence only took her farther. Now with his index and middle finger working her clit and wet, velvety lips to a culmination, she closed her eyes. A white flash took her vision, as it was and she arched her head back into the crook of his neck. Reaching behind her with both hands, she grabbed the back of his head and arched her back "YES!" she screamed. "oh, FUCK YES!"

She clamped her legs together as her entire body shook. She was coming like she hadn't in at least 2 years, maybe ever. Her breath was hard to find, her knees were weak and her hart was racing. Holding her close and tight, so she wouldn?t fall, she heard his voice, breaking her back to reality. "Wow" he sighed. "I want to make you do that again." He said with a voice that meant business.

"I want you." She said. "again. Right now." She bent over the bench and lifted her skirt. "Take me. Right here."

He chuckled again, but this time it lasted a bit longer than before. "My dear, beautiful're going to have to WAIT." he said "You DO realize that we're only about 150 feet from where the rest of our co-workers are, right?" He smelled, then licked the two fingers that had done such an excellent job on her pussy, then said "Don't worry, I have no intention of letting you go to sleep tonight without giving you a VERY thorough fucking."

With that, she sighed, releasing the rest of the tension that was left in her body and said "you're right. Here, take these." She stepped out of her panties that had fallen to the ground and held them up to him.

He placed the moist fabric just under his nose, took another deep breath, then folded them neatly and put them in his back pocket. "I hope they didn't miss us in there. I certainly didn't miss them."

They laughed and headed back to the party. In the back of her mind, though she could not wait for what was to come...

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