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A Company Affair

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A Company Affair byLorri4you©

I met Jake Adams about two years ago. Monty, my husband and I were attending a company function that evening and Jake was introduced to me as a company supervisor by my husband. My first impressions were that Jake was very attractive and suave. He had an air of confidence about him that was hard to miss. As the evening wore on, I became a little bored by all the business talk and retreated to a quiet corner and sipped at my third glass of wine, content to watch the other guests chatting happily in small groups.

Several times, I noticed Jake watching me. Instead of mingling with the other guests, he was standing just on the fringes and it seemed that each time I looked at him, he would be looking at me, smiling, as if he knew something about me that others did not know.

I could see Monty, his back to me, swinging his hands about as he talked to his friends. I knew that my Husband was in his element and I was just about forgotten to him. Just his wife of several years and easily forgotten at a time like this. I sensed someone moving up beside me and turned to see Jake, smiling broadly, as he stood beside me.

"Goodness, Ms. Lorri, You are much too beautiful to be standing here alone. Surely, you are not bored with all this business talk going on?"

"Well, Just a bit," I replied, smiling back at him. "But I do need to support my husband at meetings like this."

"Oh, Yes! Very important to have wives that support their husbands!" He grinned, looking out toward the group that included Monty. "Monty is an asset to the company and we are glad to have him with us."

"I'm sure that Monty is glad to be a part of this company as well." I said, smiling up at him. "Monty told me that you were a supervisor, but just exactly what do you supervise?"

"Well, Ms Lorri, I am the Personnel Director. I guess you could say that I tell people where to go." I couldn't help smiling at his obvious attempt at humor.

"And what do you do, Ms Lorri?" He asked, "I know from the company records that you are married to Monty and have two daughters. Is that right?"

"Yes, we have been married 17 years." I replied.

"Hmm, and May I ask how old they are?" He asked.

"Sara is 17 and Melissa is 15, now. I responded.

Jake hesitated momentarily as if recalling a vital fact. I was sure, as a personnel supervisor he had already read Monty's file and was aware that the date of our marriage was just slightly more than Sara's date of birth. I never gave it much thought as pregnant brides were not at all uncommon.

"What do you do besides supporting your Husband at boring company events like this?" That mischievous smile flashed across his face again.

"Well, I guess I will have to say I'm a stay at home wife and Mother. Not a very glamorous title I'm sure, but someone has to do It." trying to match his humor.

"Very good!" Jake replied, "Monty and your daughters must be very proud of you!"

Jake and I made small talk for several more minutes and I felt a flush creep over me as I noticed him letting his gaze fall on my breasts. Monty had always praised my breast size as being just right, not too large and not to small. Monty had always encouraged me to "Show them off more" and it appeared that Jake was getting a good look at my cleavage. Perhaps leaving the top two buttons undone and my ¾ cup lace bra was showing them off too much.

Jake offered to get me a fresh drink but I politely refused the drink but remarked that a breath of fresh air was what I needed more than a fresh drink. After three glasses of wine in a warm room I was feeling a little giddy and moved toward the exit sign nearby. I wobbled a little and Jake put a stabilizing

Around my waist and guided me to the door.

Holding the door open for me, I walked past him, feeling the cool evening air on my cheeks and feeling better already. Jake resumed his position at my side and slipped an arm about my waist and guided me to a small alcove. As we stood there, silently, I was very much aware of Jake's presence so close to me.

"You are even more beautiful in the moonlight." He breathed, and his arm tightened around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I knew I should push him away, but I was feeling the wine and his closeness. I turned toward him and put my arms between us, pushing on his chest slightly. "No, Please!" I murmured. "I can't?." His lips crushed down on mine as his arms tightened around me, holding me against him. I struggle briefly, then yielded to the erotic feelings that he was stirring up in me. I just kind of went limp in his arms and opened my lips to his searching tongue.

For long moments we kissed passionately, my arms going around his waist, pulling him to me. I felt his hands pulling at my blouse, and then the coolness of his hands against my warm flesh as his fingers fumbled at the clasp of my bra. The sudden release seemed to excite me more and I arched my breasts out to his searching hands. Jake squeezed and molded my breasts, his fingers pinching and pulling at the erect nipples, all the while his tongue danced against mine.

Breathlessly, we broke from the deep kisses and Jake took a step back, his fingers working on the buttons of my blouse. Seconds later, the blouse and bra was dropped to the floor and Jake gazed down at my full breasts and erect nipples. "Beautiful!!" he whispered and bent his head down to lavish kisses on each of them in turn. As he sucked vigorously on my sensitive nipples, I felt his hand running up the inside of my thighs, reaching the warm wetness of my panties. With all resistance gone, I allowed him to guide my hand to the swollen bulge in his pants.

"Take it out!" he hissed, "You know you want it!" His fingers rubbed steadily against my swollen pussy lips as my own fingers searched and found the zipper to his pants. It made a hissing noise that seemed so loud in the quiet space we occupied. Slowly, my fingers wrapped around the swollen cock, feeling it throbbing as I pulled it into the open. Jake groaned huskily and stepped back, allowing me to get my first look at his raging cock.

Even in the dim light, I could see that it was somewhat larger than Monty's prick. Jakes hands now came up to rest on my shoulders and I felt him pushing me downward. Still holding his cock, I bent over at the waist, the rigid flesh pointing up at me. Slowly, I stuck out my tongue and licked at the bulbous head, tasting the thin, pre-cum juice that was oozing from the tip.

As my lips closed over the swollen head, Jake leaned forward over me, his hand coming under to grasp and squeeze my hanging tits. Slowly, he worked his hips back and forth, driving his cock into my mouth. I could feel him throb against my tongue as he struggled to resist the urge to cum.

All at once, Jake pulled out of my mouth, His cock throbbing violently just beneath my nose. Quickly, he spun me around, bending me over the metal rail of the alcove. He pulled my skirt up around my waist and my panties down around my ankles. He stepped close and his huge cock bumped against my ass-hole. I pulled away slightly and raised my ass upwards and backed up. Jake quickly gasped his cock and slammed it deep into my pussy.

I groaned loudly as I felt it surge into my slick sheath, sliding deeper than anything had ever been before. I felt my cunt lips stretching around the swollen shaft and his balls bouncing against my clit. Jake bent over me and grasped my tit with one hand and manipulated my clit with the other as he drove his cock rapidly in and out of my cunt. I was so close to cumming. The pure lust of the moment caused my insides to tingle and I felt the orgasmic spasm ripple through my belly as my cunt spasms around his throbbing cock. I pushed back against his bucking hips, knowing that his cum was filling my womb.

We stood there for several long moments, enjoying the sensations as each of us breathed heavily from our exertions and thrilled to the lingering sensations of orgasm.

A momentary pang of guilt flashed through me, as I felt Jake slowly withdraw his softening cock. It was followed by a moment of fright as I realized that I was so very exposed to anyone who might be watching. The thought of how I would look to Monty, should he come looking for me, bare to the waist, followed by just my skirt bunched up around my waist and panties hanging around my left ankle. The thick cum from Jake was just beginning to ooze between my swollen pussy lips.

Quickly, I bent over and retrieved my panties, intending to stop the flow of cum from my wet pussy. Before I could act, Jake pressed a handkerchief against my pussy, saying, "Here, Use this! I want your panties for myself!" Somewhat embarrassed, I handed them to him as I clasped the handkerchief to my cunt and closed my legs tightly to hold it in place. As I stood up and moved to retrieve my blouse and bra, I saw Jake using my panties to wipe his cock of our combined juices.

My movements caused my breasts to giggle and swing and the cool night air caused my nipples to harden. I quickly fastened my bra into place, lifting my tits up to nestle them into the bra, followed by my blouse.

Tucking my blouse into my skirt and straightening my hair gave me a sense of security as I turned to face Jake. His eyes were looking deeply into mine and he smiled at me, asking, "How do you feel, now?" I did not answer him, but he grabbed me and kissed me, saying, "You liked it, didn't you?" I tried to turn away, but he held me, waiting for my reply.

"It is obvious that I did enjoy it!" I replied, "But, It can't happen again! We were just carried away at the moment."

"Why, can't it happen again?" He grinned, "You have a hot little cunt and I want more of it."

"No!" I said sternly. "You know that I am a married woman and you even know my husband. We can't do this anymore. I'm sorry that it went this far."

"Don't be so sure! You may change your mind!" He grinned as he kissed me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I broke away and headed for the door. Looking back at him as he stuffed my panties into his pocket and waved to me. Feeling slightly used and embarrassed, I made my way back inside. I could see Monty was still talking to the same group of people and figured that no one had noticed my absence. Quickly glancing at my watch, I saw that we might have been gone thirty minutes.

I needed to find a bathroom soon as the handkerchief was saturated with our cum and was trying to slip from between my thighs. Spying the sign that said ladies, I headed that way. Pushing the door open and the sign "LADIES" right before my eyes, made me wonder if I fit that category anymore. I guess the unexpectedness of it all was what was bothering me.

Finding the room empty, I found a stall and quickly lifted my skirt taking the handkerchief from my pussy. Sitting down and relieving myself, I contemplated the fate of the handkerchief. Flushing it seemed to be a good option, but I thought it might plug something up. As I blotted at my pussy, I realized that the cum would still be oozing out of me for some time to come. Tucking a wad of toilet paper there would only be a temporary fix, so I settled on keeping the handkerchief.

I went to the wash basin and rinsed out the handkerchief and returned to the stall. I lifted my foot onto the stool, spreading my knees and pushed the handkerchief up inside my cunt, much like a tampon, leaving a small tip out so I could remove it when I got home. Returning to the main room, I looked about and saw Monty coming toward me. "Hi Honey! I was wondering where you had gone." He kissed me on the cheek.

"I had to use the ladies room." I replied. Somewhat ashamed of my reason. Oh, well, No one was hurt, so I decided to forget it. Monty took me by the arm and we mingled with the other people for awhile, then he said we should thank our host and hostess. We said our thanks and goodbyes to Monty's boss and his wife.

My breath caught in my throat as Monty held my coat for me, for standing at the door was Jake, a knowing smile on his face. I felt a flush rush to my cheeks as we passed him. "Have a pleasant evening, Monty and Lorri, We will see you again."

I was silent on the way home, prompting Monty to ask, "What's the matter, honey? Didn't you enjoy yourself?" "Oh, Yes!" I replied. Leaning over to kiss his cheek. "Nothing like getting to know the people you spend most of your time with!"

"Yeah, they are a great company to work for!" He responded, "But, I am happier that I have a beautiful wife such as you!"

"Well, thank you, dear!" I said, nuzzling my head against his shoulder.

A Company Affair Ch. 02 byLorri4you©

As Monty drive us toward home, His hand came down to rest on my right breast. It was not unusual for him to do this just that my nipple was kind of sensitive from the sucking and pinching done to it, by Jake. He noticed my movements and was getting excited himself. "Mmmm, Honey, your breasts are so soft and full. How about us doing a little lovemaking when we get home?"

'Oh, Honey! It's kind of late and I'm a bit tired. Why not wait until tomorrow night?" That was just what I needed for my husband to find a man's handkerchief stuffed up my cunt and possibly the reason it was there.

"Damn, sweetheart! You know how I get turned on after a few drinks like we had tonight. It can be a quickie, if you want it to be." He begged. I panicked as he tried to run his hand up to my crotch. Pushing his hand down, I said. "Ok, but just a quickie. You promise?"

"Yeah, I promise!" H e grinned. A few minutes later we pulled into our driveway and Monty hit the remote and the garage door swung up. Exiting the car, I lead the way into the house. Everything was quiet, telling me that the girls were sound asleep. My mind was busy trying to think of some way that I could gracefully get out of fucking Monty, tonight. Not that I minded, but I know that there was more of Jake's cum inside me.

Monty went straight to our bedroom and I walked down the hall to peek into the girl's bedroom. Both were sleeping soundly and I closed their door, then turning out all the lights as I went. I stepped into our bedroom and saw Monty lying there on his back, his erection pointing upwards. I started to undress, but remembered something... The handkerchief!!!

"Please turn out the light, Monty!"

"Gee, Babe! You know how I like to see you naked! Go ahead and I'll just watch." He grinned at me. By this time my blouse was open and my bra showing.

No! Not tonight! You promised a quickie and if you get too excited you will try to make it last all night." I scolded him.

"Oh, Alright!" he groaned and turned out the light. The room was plunged into darkness and I quickly undressed, letting my clothes fall where they may. Usually I slipped my nightie on but I knew I would get up and shower after Monty was through, just before I slid into bed, I pulled the handkerchief from my pussy and dropped it on my clothes. I stretched out on my back and spread my legs as Monty rolled over cupping my breasts and dipping a finger between my legs. I tensed up, but he mistook the motion as desire on my part, saying, "Wow, Honey! You sure are wet! I bet you were teasing me about not being in the mood."

"I just want to be a good wife for you, dear! You know that I love you so." Accepting this as a go-ahead sign, Monty rolled on top of me as I spread my legs for him. After a little adjusting, he was inside me all the way. I know it sounds a little perverse, but knowing that his cock was fucking me with Jakes cum still there caused me to respond to Monty's love making. Humping my ass up to meet his thrusts caused me to think of how Jakes larger cock had felt inside me. When I felt Monty's cock throb inside me, I hunched my ass up and let go with my own orgasm. As we relaxed, savoring the feelings of contentment, I wrapped my legs around Monty's ass holding him deep inside me. Feeling him slowly shrink and then slip out of my cunt. Monty rolled off me with a satisfied sigh.

Wishing that I could just lie there, I squeezed my thighs together, but still felt the cum oozing out of my cunt and over my ass-hole. Not wishing to sleep in the wet spot, I roused myself up, picked up my clothes and padded to the bathroom. I tossed the clothes into the hamper and sit for a moment on the toilet. The tinkle of urine filled the room and I blotted my pussy with toilet paper.

Next, I adjusted the shower and stepped into the stream of warm water. It was hot and soothing at the same time. I soaped up good rubbing my tits and working the suds between my pussy lips. As I rinsed off the suds, I took the hand held shower head and directed the forceful spray between my legs, letting it penetrate between my lips and into my cunt. This was a part of my secret weapon against boredom, Masturbation!

The stream of water had caused my clit to enlarge and I rubbed it as it protruded slightly from between my cunt lips. No, I thought, twice in one night was enough, so I turned off the water and stepped from the shower. Grabbing my fluffy towel, I dried my body, relaxing after the hot shower. I stepped to the mirror, running my fingers through my hair, fluffing it up.

As I started to turn away, I noticed a blemish on the right side of my neck. On closer inspection, I determined it to be a hickey, put there by none other than Jake! Remembering what had happened, I turn about, looking to see if there were any more. Sure enough, there was a larger one just below my left nipple and a smaller one on the side of my right breast! Damn, that Jake! He had left his mark on me. Thank God! That I had insisted that Monty turn out the light.

The hickeys on my breasts were not a big concern as no one could see them, but the one on my neck was in plain sight, so I selected a granny gown for sleeping and a high neck sweater for the next day or so. It would fade away quicker than the ones on my tits. I slipped my gown over my head and went back to our bedroom. Monty was sound asleep. I slipped into bed and lay there for long minutes, trying to sort out my feelings about the events of that evening. I just couldn't believe my behavior with Jake. It would have been so easy to scream or yell for help, but instead I just stood there and let him do as he pleased to me. I smiled to myself, thinking no one would know and there was no harm done. But a small guilty feeling kept coming back to me as I remembered Jake's words, "You want it! You know you do!" Yes, He was right! I did want it!

The following Monday, after Monty was at work and the girls on their way to school, I went into the laundry room to find the clothes hamper overflowing. With myself and two girls to care for it was a usual occurrence. Bending to my task. I sorted out the delicate fabrics, mainly lingerie, Bras; slips and panties. About half way down, I picked up the slip that I had worn that night of the company event.

Rolled up inside the slip was my bra. As I dropped them onto the pile, the bra opened, revealing a small rumpled piece of cloth. I recognized it immediately, the handkerchief that Jake had given me to stop the flow of his cum out of my cunt! I picked it up, holding it delicately between thumb and forefinger. It had dried to stiff, crinkly stage and I turned to drop it in the trash, but I noticed two small letters on one corner. J.A.! No! I couldn't toss it away, Monty or the girls might find it. I would hide it and get rid of it later. Where to hide it, though? I carried it into my bedroom and opened the top drawer of my chest-of-drawers.

Folding panties and slips back in the far right corner I uncovered my silver vibrater and the flesh colored dildo. I smiled to myself as I marveled how realistic it was. Well, it had come in handy several times and I just figured it was another secret that wives kept form their husbands. Placing the handkerchief along side the dildo, I carefully folded my lingerie over the top of my "secrets" and returned to my laundry room.

A week passed and the hickeys on my tits faded faster than the memory of Jake's cock sliding in and out of my cunt. A blush would tinge my cheeks when Monty would be making love to me and the fleeting memory of Jake, fucking my mouth and pussy would cause me to moan in ecstasy as my cunt convulsed around my husbands prick. I dared not tell Monty that my increased libido for sex was indirectly connected to that evening with Jake.

The following week, Monty came home all excited, telling me that he had received a promotion, within the company. A step up the corporate ladder as he called it and a handsome raise in salary. I was happy, of course. The raise would go far in buying the girls new wardrobes for the coming school year. Then, Monty said that there was a downside to the good news. I couldn't think of anything that would make a promotion and a raise in pay, unacceptable. Monty looked at me and continued. "The job requires a bit of traveling! Now, don't get excited, honey!! It's not that bad, just a couple of days a week and I will be home for the week-ends. In most cases, I'll just be gone overnight and be home the following day." I did the math and concluded that I would have to sleep alone one night each week, which wasn't bad, because Monty was a little slow on getting it up if I wanted to be balled every day. Figuring that with masturbation I could make that one night easily.

"Oh, Honey! I'm so proud of you! I know that you have worked hard for this and I will do whatever it takes to help in any way I can." I kissed him passionately.

I thought it was very nice that the company let Monty pick the days that required him to travel. Monty asked me to pick the night that he would spend away from home. Logic told me that Wednesday night was a good choice because Monty would leave home Wednesday morning, and return Thursday night. It seemed too good to be true.

Quickly we started planning his trip. He would need a small suit case with a change of clothes. He would have to leave about an hour earlier and get home about a hour later on the two days away from home. I would have plenty of time to get the girls off to school as usual. With the girls being in school all day, they would hardly miss him at all.

Tuesday, after Monty left for work and the girls were off to school, I went down to the basement and found our overnight bag. Returning to the kitchen, I dusted it off and began putting things that Monty would need for the overnight stay, Shaving gear, clean change of underwear, pressed shirt, tie and pants. I felt sure that he could get by on just the one coat.

I felt good about my preparations and kept myself busy the rest of the day with house cleaning and even did my shopping for the coming week. By the time the girls came home, I was all through with the exception of putting dinner on the table. When Monty came home, He told me that his boss had approved of his work schedule and he would start tomorrow visiting the different company offices around the State.

That night when Monty and I went to bed, I was determined to give him the best sex he could ask for. I undressed him, and played with his prick, stroking it as I kissed and licked the head. When he was so hard and rigid, he begged me to fuck him. I held off a little longer as I did a strip-tease for him, bouncing my ass and shaking my tits right in front of his face.

Knowing that he was very excited sexually, I positioned him on his back with his legs off the bed. I bent over him, dragging my hanging tits across his cock. Next, I knelt between his legs, spreading them as far apart as I could and took his shaft in my hand. I started licking him from tip to ass -hole, even sucking each of his balls into my mouth. By the time I was through, my hand and his cock was slick with the thin pre-cum dribbling from the tiny slit.

I could feel his cock throbbing violently and I knew he was going to come. Quickly I pulled his cock toward me and wrapped my lips tightly around the throbbing head. I felt the first heavy squirt hit the roof of my mouth. I was not sure if I could do it or not, but I was determined to try. Taking a deep breath, I plunged down on his prick, driving it to the very back of my throat. I could feel the underside throbbing against my tongue as he pumped squirt after squirt of hot cum into my throat.

Resisting the urge to gag, I buried my nose in his pubic hair, shaking my head from side to side as his cock shot the remaining cum deep into my throat. Unable to breathe, I had to come up for air. Gasping loudly, I took a deep breath and swallowed the cum that had collected in my mouth. Without hesitation, I returned his prick to my mouth and sucked forcefully working my hand in a milking motion to drain all of his cum into my mouth. I raised my eyes to see Monty with a happy smile on his face.

I continued to suck and play with his limp cock, trying to get it to regain enough stiffness that I might get off. But, alas, it was no use. Monty apologized, offering to eat my pussy to orgasm, but I declined saying that I would wait for his return and I crawled into bed beside him and within minutes he was sound asleep. I thought of masturbating but didn't follow through. Soon, I was asleep also.

The next morning, Monty hit the shower and I went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. It was an easy fix, just coffee and toast for us, but I would fix orange juice and cereal for the girls. Monty and I made small talk as we sipped our coffee and he scanned the paper. I always waited until after the girls were gone to school, then I would have my cup of coffee while reading the paper.

As Monty prepared to leave, I brought the over-night bag and set it beside the door into the garage. Monty paused at the door, kissed me on the cheek and said "Good Bye" Then, almost as a second thought he opened my robe and gazed at my naked body. "I love it" he mumbled, as he picked up his bag and closed the door behind him. I trembled slightly, as the thought of men still finding me attractive after two children and 17 years of marriage,

As the sound of the garage door closing and the whine of our car heading out of our driveway died away, I realized that it was time to wake the girls. There was not too much to do for them. They were old enough to get ready by themselves. All that was necessary was to check them over and prepare their breakfast. Soon, they were out the door, laughing or bickering with each other as their moods moved them.


Aaahh, Time to relax. I poured myself another cup of coffee and picked up the paper. I went into the living room as usual, and sat in my favorite chair. For about an hour I sat there, enjoying the peaceful setting. My coffee cup was empty and the paper was read and sections of it littered the floor. Stretching my arms above my head, I twisted and turned, moving my body to tense and relax all of my muscles. Gee, it felt so good to be at ease with myself.

Thinking about what I must do today was on my mind as I sat there. I looked down at my body, seeing my naked flesh where it was exposed beneath my robe. Thinking about what Monty had said this morning, I untied the belt and opened my robe. I suppose it was a vanity thought, but I was proud of my body. It certainly took a lot of effort on my part to keep active and fit. But diet and exercise had done wonders in helping me keep an attractive body. Heredity had done it's part as well as my skin was soft and smooth, not the creamy white skin, but darker, almost as if I had a natural tan. I was able to tan quickly without usual redness that could accompany the more fair-skinned ladies.

Looking down at myself, I let my fingertips circle the darker areolas of my breasts, feeling them pucker as the nipples hardened, creating a slight tingle in the pit of my stomach. Gee, why were they so sensitive? Many times in my younger years A few guys had discovered that touching and caressing my breasts along with a few hot, deep kisses would cause my resistance to crumble. And it seemed that trait had continued to follow me into adulthood.

Letting my right hand slide across my tummy and down into the dark brown patch of pubic hair. It was not as thick as some of the women I had seen, but bushy enough that I kept it trimmed, especially along the edges that might be exposed when wearing bikini panties or swim suits. I curled my fingers into the furry triangle and pulled upward, producing another tingle as my clit felt the pressure of arousal. It responded even more as my fingertip slid over it and between my pussy lips. My God!! I thought! I'm getting wet already. My thought returned to last night with Monty and remembered that I had given up my chance for a climax. But now was not the time to masturbate, maybe later!

Clearing my mind of those sexual thoughts, I gathered up the scattered paper and picked up my empty coffee cup and headed for the kitchen. Throwing the paper into the trash and the cup into the sink, I headed to the bathroom. Now, for a nice hot shower to get me going this morning...

A Company Affair Ch. 03 byLorri4you©

Heading into the hallway with my robe billowing like a cape, I turned into my bedroom. I paused in front of the bathroom mirror, where I was afforded a full length view of my naked body as I stripped off the robe. I was just turning to the shower when the phone rang... It startled me and I wondered who would be calling me this early in the morning. I walked back into the bedroom, picking up the phone as it rang loudly the third time.

"Hello!" I said, easily.

"Well, you sound very happy today! Were you expecting me to call?" The deep voice of a man answered.

"Who is this?" I asked, completely puzzled.

"Well, well! Has my little cocksucker forgotten me already?" the voice asked. "Don't you remember the time we spent together on the patio during the company's event a couple of weeks ago. You were so bored and your husband was having a good time and you needed some fresh air, remember?"

"Jake?" My voice trembled, "What do you want? You shouldn't be calling here!"

"Why not? Don't you want to suck my cock, again? I think you want it more now, than you did that night, Isn't that right?" His voice still had that arrogant tone.

"Jake that was a mistake! I let it get out of control. It's my fault and I'm sorry that I let it happen. Can't we just let it be forgotten and each goes our own ways?" I know my voice had a pleading sound to it.

"Oh, No! Not at all, my little cocksucker. I can't forget how good your mouth felt on my prick, not to mention how you loved my hard cock slipping up your willing pussy. I think a slut like you should have another chance to really enjoy my cock in all of your holes." he said.

"Please, Jake! I'm married and have a family. I can't be doing this. I would just die if Monty or the girls found out!" This time I was sure that my voice had a begging tone to it. "What can I do to convince you that this is wrong?"

"I can't see where fucking a slut like you is wrong! I'm doing you a favor, because you need a steady diet of cock and cum to keep you happy. As for keeping it from Monty or your daughters, that is strictly up to you. You will have to figure that out!" His voice had a threatening tone to it.

Hoping to placate him, I replied, "Please, Jake! I admit that it was enjoyable and we both had orgasms from it, but it just can't continue."

"The hell, it can't!" he replied loudly, then in a quieter tone, added. "I am just down the street from your door. I will be there in two minutes and you better have the door open before the doorbell stops chiming. Do you understand, whore!"

"Jake, you can't do this! I'll call the police and you will be arrested! I don't want to, but you are forcing me."

"Go ahead and call the police if you want to accept the consequences. But, I promise you that Monty, your daughters and all of your neighbors will know what a slut and whore you are. Now, get your ass in gear and have the door open before the chimes stop ringing." And the phone went dead.

Panic ran through me as I grabbed my robe and slipped it on. I only had time to tie the belt around my waist and run to the front door as the chimes sounded. I pulled the door open to see Jake standing there as if he was head of the house. A smirk was on his lips as he took in my mode of dress.

"Well, well! I knew you would be reasonable when you fully understood the situation." He grinned, as he stepped through the doorway. I closed the door behind him and stood before him, meekly.

"Please, Jake! I... I.. We can't do this!" I stammered, "I'm married and if this got around, I'd be the laughing stock of the neighborhood. You can't just barge in here and demand sex from me. Yes, I admit that I got carried away that night on the patio and I also admit that I enjoyed it, but it was a fluke. Nobody was hurt by it and if you would just leave, I won't say anything about it."

"Leave?" He laughed, "You don't want me to leave! You want more of my cock, don't you? You remember the feeling you got with my cock buried in your pussy up to my balls? You weren't asking me to leave then, when your cunt was pulsing and quivering around my prick. Why don't you admit it?"

"Please, don't talk that way, Jake!" I pleaded. "I'm a married woman!"

"Sure, you are!" He smiled that arrogant smile again. "You are a married slut and whore. I bet this was not the first time that you offered that juicy pussy of yours to a strange cock, is it?"

"That is beside the point!" I replied, defensively. "A Lady can make a mistake and that is what happened. I said I was sorry that I lost control of my passions."

"Lady? Passions? My God, woman! How you go on! It was plain fucking and sucking that you were looking for. You wanted to get your tonsils pushed around and your married cunt lubricated with another man's cum." He paused, his large hands reaching for me. "Besides, I didn't come here to argue, I came here to fuck you."

"No! Please...!" My words died in my throat as he pulled me to him, his strong arms holding my trembling body close as his lips found mine in a rough kiss. I felt his hand slip inside my robe and squeezed my left tit. I resisted his probing tongue against my lips until he got my nipple between thumb and finger, pinching it hard. I opened my mouth to protest, but his tongue cut off any sound that I was capable of making. His arm around my waist was keeping me pressed tight against him and I could feel the tell-tale bulge of his cock pressing into my stomach.

For long, breathless minutes, Jakes lips and tongue danced and probed against my eyes, ears, neck and shoulders, always returning to my open mouth where our tongues darted and twisted in their dance of pagan love. Breathlessly, I tried vainly to push him away, but I was held fast to this man who was determined to have his way with me. With the sensation of his lips and hands on my breasts and the growing bulge in his pants, I felt myself growing less resistant. I felt weak and shaky as Jake released me. I put my hand on his shoulder to steady myself and offered no resistance as he reached for the belt to my robe.

With agile fingers he made the loosely tied knot disappear and with a brush of his hands my robe slipped off my shoulders, landing in a wrinkled pile around my ankles. His dark eyes swept over my naked body, taking in the rapid rise and fall of my breasts. He reached out to cup and caress my tits and pull at the hard, erect nipples.

Bending down, he kissed along my neck and shoulders, leaving a cool trail from his tongue downward to my breasts. Each one was kissed and molded as his lips sought the erect nipples, sucking each in turn, drawing my breasts out to a point as the nipple and areolas disappeared into his mouth. While continuing to suck my tits, I felt his hand slip across my stomach and down to my pubic hair. With his mouth still sucking forcefully on my breasts, his fingers curled through my hair and found my clitoris. My body trembled as he touched the sensitive button and I immediately felt it responding to his touch.

"Aaahh!" He whispered as he let my nipple slip from his mouth. "I think you are liking this, aren't you?"

I did not answer, but sighed inwardly as the tingle in my stomach started to build. I was drawn to the touch of his fingers and my legs opened of their own accord offering him access to my most intimate place. My hips hunched forward as his fingers rubbed along the swollen lips of my pussy. The long, thin inner lips were slick with my fluids and separated easily as two fingers slid deep into my cunt. I bit my lower lip to suppress a soft moan of pleasure as Jake held me tight against his body, my head laying lightly against his shoulder. His fingers curled like a hook and pressed even deeper into me, spreading my pussy lips even more, causing my swollen clit to rub against the palm of his hand as I move my hips slowly back and forth.

Jake's mouth sought mine as I stretched up on my toes, pressing my breasts against his chest as our tongues darted in and out, driving our passions higher. I let my hand slid off his hip and come around in front; searching for the large bulge that was between us. His pants was restricting his cock as my fingers traced the outline of its length through the tight fabric of his pants. My breathing was hot and rapid as I tried to squeeze the large cock and push my wet pussy deeper onto his probing fingers. I was sure that Jake sensed that I was nearing a sexual climax, because he quickly broke our kiss and pushed me back, withdrawing his fingers from my steaming cunt.

"Oh, No you don't, my little whore! Not so fast! We have all day for you to enjoy my prick and all the cum in my balls." he grinned, "So, there is no need to hurry!"

I stood silently in front of him, my breasts rising and falling as I breathed deeply, trying to regain some sense of understanding as to my feelings. There was no doubt in my mind at all that I had responded to his sexual overtures without even thinking of the consequences but, was deeply disturbed by the thought of discovery. I didn't have much time to think about it as Jake's voice lifted me out of my trance-like state.

"Well, Come on! Don't you want to see what I have for you?" He laughed, "But you have to work for it! Come, my little slut and undress me!"

Seeing no way out of my dilemma, I moved forward and began unbuttoning his shirt. Under normal circumstances this would be exciting, but it was very obvious that I was not in control. I saw that arrogant grin on his lips as I pushed the shirt off his shoulders and pull the shirt tail out of his pants. Jake quickly stripped the shirt off his arms as I gazed at his massive chest. I had to admit that he was a handsome hunk of man-flesh. I looked downward and the bulge looked even larger than it had felt. It made a tent-like effect in his pants leg as it pressed against the fabric. I felt Jake's hands on my shoulders as he pushed me downward, saying, "I think you can do the rest of it better on your knees." I sank down on my knees and reached out for the belt. My eyes looked up into his smiling face and my trembling hands removed the belt.

The loud hiss of the zipper filled the room as my fingers found the tab and pulled down. The snap at the waist-band clicked open and his pants were supported only by his hips and the growing bulge in front. As I reached for the waist-band, I realized that he was not wearing underwear and as the pants slipped off the cheeks of his ass, the weight dropped them to his ankles. I gasped in surprise as the enormous prick snapped upwards; brushing my cheek as it rose to eye level, then throbbed upwards until it reached the full erection stage. It was an awesome sight.

Remembering the night on the patio, I was surprised that I did not realize at that time how massive his cock was. But, seeing it for the first time in the light of day caused me to gasp in awe. It looked even bigger than it had felt through his pants fabric. The shaft stood up at a 45 degree angle from the bed of thick pubic hair. I noticed at that time that he had trimmed all the hair from around base of the shaft as well as his balls. The sac, although wrinkled, contained two large testicles about the size of small plums making the sac hang down well below the shaft. My shaking hand reached for them, cradling them gently and feeling the heaviness of them. Now, I understood the need for his handkerchief that night on the patio.

My eyes were drawn to the massive column of flesh rising out of the clearing, very much like a lone tree standing in a small clearing, surrounded by thick brush. My eyes took in the road map of swollen veins that circled the throbbing shaft, twisting upward and disappearing just below the large, deep-purple head. It looked so swollen and smooth, the flaring edges sloping upward to the blunt tip and the small slit that was leaking pre-cum.

"Come on! My little cocksucker! You have looked enough!" He laughed. As my eyes rolled upward to meet his mocking gaze. Knowing that I had no other choice, I decided to comply with his wishes and bent forward to kiss and lick his balls, taking each one into my mouth and rolling it around with my tongue. Letting them slip from my mouth, they hung wetly against his thighs as my tongue began the long journey upward. The tip of my tongue traced the swollen veins, leaving a shiny wetness as I neared the swollen, throbbing head. My hand reached for the shaft, my fingers circling it at the base and pulling the head downward to meet the tip of my tongue. I gathered up the oozing pre-cum and spread it lavishly all over the flaring head. My sensitive tongue could feel the tiny nubs that covered the lower edge of the flaring gland.

Opening my mouth as wide as I could, I guided the swollen, throbbing cock-head between my lips, being careful not to rake my teeth against the sensitive gland. God! I couldn't believe that I was able to take that much into my mouth. I felt Jakes hands clamp on each side of my head as I pressed my tongue tight against the thrusting head, making it rub gently between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. There was no doubt in my mind that Jake was in control of my sucking his cock. He would speed up his thrusts into my mouth, pressing the head right into the opening of my throat, causing me to gag several times as he fucked my mouth. Other times he would pull back, letting the head throb and jerk in my mouth as he tried to control his urge to cum.

The thin taste of his pre-cum coated my lips and tongue, the wetness on the shaft marking the depth of his strokes. Occasionally, he would allow me to swallow the fluids building up in my mouth, but a lot was dripping off my chin and falling on my tits. Even though I tried to suppress my passion, my erect nipples and seeping cunt gave me away. I couldn't deny that it was having the desired effect on me.

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"Now, that's a good little cocksucker! I told you that you wanted this hard cock in every hole you have and before the day is over, you will have your wish." He gloated.

I looked upward, seeing him smiling down at me. "Yes, My little slut. Suck my cock! Show me how much you enjoy it! Forget about your husband and your daughters, Think only about my cock and how much you love it, in your mouth! In your hot, wet pussy! In that tight little ass-hole of yours!"

His words caused my face to flush as I realized what I must look like, on my knees, sucking hungrily on a cock that was not my husband's. What would Monty say? And my Daughters? After all of our intimate conversations about sex, masturbation and love. How would they react to the knowledge of their Mother, on her knees, sucking and enjoying a stranger's cock? I shuddered, thinking that this nightmare would be over soon and I could once again be a respectable wife and mother. This episode with Jake had to be kept a secret from them at all costs.

"That's enough of that for now, my little cocksucker, I have other plans for you, but don't worry, and you will have ample time to suck it again." As he stepped back, there was an audible "PLOP" as his cock head was withdrawn from my mouth. Jake reached down and lifted me to my feet. Holding me to him, his lips crushing mine in a very wet, deep kiss. The warm wetness that I had left on his cock was quickly evaporating on my skin as I pressed inward.

When we broke apart from that very passionate kiss, Jake bent forward and with one arm behind my back and the other behind my knees, he swept me off my feet and into his arms. Holding me easily as my arms circled his neck; he kissed me again and whispered, "Now, show me your bedroom!" Without hesitating, I pointed the way.

Jake carried me down the hall and through the door of my bedroom, where he dumped me, unceremoniously, onto my and Monty's king-size bed. The movement caused my mind to swirl and realized that I was laying crossways of the bed with my legs hanging over the edge. A fleeting thought raced through my mind as I lay there, watching Jake peering lustfully at my naked body. It seemed to always be facts that when a woman is naked and on her back, she loses a sense of control over her emotions, as well her passion.

At that very moment, I wanted nothing more than to be fucked hard, to feel Jakes rigid cock go deeper in to my willing cunt, deeper than Monty's ever had, to stretch my cunt lips around the hard length of his throbbing prick. I held up my arms in a motion of surrender and invitation, needing the feel of his cock throbbing and squirting his hot, sticky cum deep into my pussy and flooding my cervix.

However, it seemed that I was going to be denied that pleasure, at least for a time, because Jake knelt on the floor and roughly spread my legs apart and pulled my ass to the edge of the bed. He pushed my legs up and I rested my heels on the bed as he splayed my crotch wide.

"My, My! So wet so early in the morning? Did Monty fuck you last night or are you enjoying your time with me that much?" He laughed as his thumbs gripped my pussy lips, spreading them as far as he could. "I wondered how you would look, spread out before me. But we may have to make a few changes before the day is over."

"What do you mean, changes, what changes?" I asked.

"You will find out, soon enough!" He grinned. "Right now I want to taste this juicy cunt of yours." It was like an electric shock as his tongue flicked rapidly across my swollen, sensitive clit. My legs jerked involuntarily, throwing my ass upwards as his tongue stabbed deep into my pussy. Jake sure knew how to eat pussy, I thought as I neared my first orgasm. His tongue was never still, stabbing deep inside then sucking like a vacuum cleaner, pulling my inner pussy lips into his mouth, sucking my juices off of them. It seemed as if he was trying to turn my cunt inside out.

With my hips bouncing Jake zeroed in on my clit, His tongue flicking against the swollen nub. His lips sucked it deeper into his mouth and I felt his teeth nipping at it. The tingle started in my stomach, then spread through my hips and ass, and ended up at my clit. With my hips bucking in orgasmic convulsions, Jake managed to ride out my climax, his mouth still at my swollen clit. I started to relax, but Jake was not through with me. Quickly, he brought me to another climax, then another! I had never had that many climaxes before. I was not aware that I could be multi-orgasmic like that.

Pushing at his head, I pleaded for him to stop. He looked up at me as I gasped for breath. His face was all wet with my juices and I could feel them dribbling out of my cunt and running down to my ass-hole. "Please?! No more!" I panted from my exertions. "It is too sensitive!" Jake smiled and nodded his head. "You rest a bit, my little slut! I have a bit of cleaning up to do." And with that he went back to my wet pussy and started lapping at the juices that flowed out, cautiously avoiding my sensitive clit.

For several long minutes he devoured my cunt, licking, sucking, tasting. He ran his tongue inside and out, even probing at my ass-hole. Jake seemed to enjoy flicking his tongue at times over my sensitive, swollen clit. He always laughed as I flinched and jerked.

"Well, My little fuck-hole! Did you enjoy that?" He grinned, flicking his tongue over my clit again.

"Yes!" I murmured as his tongue flicked again.

"You were very wet so early this morning, my little cunt! Didn't Monty fuck you last night?" He asked, still holding my legs wide.

"No, he didn't" I answered,

"Why not?" He asked, blowing a cool steam of air into the mouth of my cunt.

"Because I gave him a blow-job instead!" I replied.

"Oh I see! Then you knew that I would come around to fuck you again? To have you suck my cock!"

"No, I didn't! I was surprised to see you! I thought I was just a one time fling to you!"

"But, you hoped I would show up, didn't you?"


"And I bet you never thought about me, once in the past two weeks?"

"Please, Jake! Ok, I did think about you?. Several times, but I know it can't go on. I have to think about my family. They must never know about us!"

"That will depend on you, my little slut!" He grinned. "You don't mind me calling you "My little slut" do you? Because that is what you are, MY Slut! You may be a wife and a mother to others, but your ass belongs to me!"

"Jake, Please be reasonable!" I pleaded.

"I am being reasonable. I went to considerable trouble to get Monty that promotion and rise in salary, and I can get it taken away." He replied angrily." All you need is a little understanding on how things will be around here!" He got to his feet, still looming over me and thrust two fingers of his right hand deep into my exposed cunt. He curled the ends of his fingers in a hook shape and lifted my ass off the bed, shaking my ass and hips easily. I saw the glare in his eyes as he lifted my ass high in the air, my feet coming off the bed and plopping on the floor as he let my ass drop. At that moment, I truly felt that he was trying to tear my pussy out of my body.

"You hot cunted, stupid, cocksucking Bitch! All the lip I want from you is to be applied around my cock! Do you understand?" At that moment I fully understood his intentions.

"Yes?.!" I answered meekly, Unable to keep the fear out of my eyes.

"If you think I'm joking, just try me. Not only will Monty and your precious girls know what a whore you are, but the whole town will also know. How will you feel when Monty loses his job and everyone knows you are the cause of it?" He glared at me.

"I'm Sorry!" I said, cowering under his gaze.

"You better be sorry!" Then I saw him smile a little as he said, "Get your ass up here on the bed. All of your complaining has caused me to lose my hard-on, so now you can use your mouth to get it back."

Jake lay down on his back; his legs spread wide and guided me between them. I lay down on my stomach, balancing my upper body with my hands which were on each side of his hips. As I lowered myself to his crotch, my tits swung forward, dragging my nipples against his hairy thighs. I bent my head down and using my tongue, I scooped his soft cock up and sucked it into my mouth. It was still wet with precum that had seeped out during the time he was sucking my pussy.

Even with it soft, the head stretched to the very opening of my throat, I was able to have all of his cock in my mouth and lick his balls at the same time. It seemed to be having an immediate effect as I felt his cock growing longer and thicker, pressing farther into my mouth. Finally, I had to back off as the length of it was causing me to gag.

"Don't worry, Babe!' He grinned, "In time you will learn to swallow all of it and still lick my balls."

When he was completely erect, He pulled me up over his body, his cock dragging between my tit, across my tummy and through my bush. As my legs spread around his hips I felt the swollen head brushing against my pussy lips. Try as I might, I couldn't stop the tingle that flooded through me. The thought of where I was and who I was with, seemed so obscene, not only sucking a strange cock in my own home, but getting ready to be fucked in our own marriage bed. Strangely, the thought quickly faded away as I pushed backwards, feeling the hardness slip between my pussy lips and rub across my ass-hole.

Quickly, I leaned forward, tilted my hips to a better angle, and pushed backwards. This time the large purple head slid past my clit and into my pussy, splitting my lips easily. I rocked backward, drawing my knees forward and as I settled astride of his hips, his cock sank into the very depths of my soul. Crazy with lust, I worked my hips back and forth, swinging my hips in circles, causing his cock stir my pussy like a spoon in a bowl, all the while my clit was rubbing against his pubic bone. Jake reached up, grabbed both my nipples in each hand, and pulled hard, stretching the nipples down to his chest.

I screamed loudly as my cunt convulsed around his cock. Again and again, the spasm's rocketed through me; clinching my pussy muscles so tight around his throbbing cock I thought he would never be able to remove it. As the convulsions in my pussy began to lessen, I feel forward on top of him, my knees bent as I squatted on his prick. The full length of his cock was buried up to the hilt inside my quivering sheath. My mouth found his and our tongues danced and darted about wildly.

Jake put his arms around me, holding me tight to him. At that moment I didn't want to move, I just wanted to continue to feel the sexual bliss that I was feeling now. I felt so exhausted after the exquisite cum I had enjoyed. As my pussy stopped it's clinching, Jake decided to move. Still holding me tight against his chest, He rolled over, pinning me to the bed under him. His weight felt massive on my upper body, but his cock never moved an inch out of my cunt.

I wrapped my arms around his massive chest, as he moved his arms up, supporting his weight on his elbows as his hands gripped my shoulders, his hot breath in my ear, he whispered. "Now it is my turn, Bitch!"

What followed in the next few minutes was plain and simple, brutal fucking. I had never been fucked so hard and fast before. The rigid length of his prick was rammed into my soaking cunt so hard, my whole body was jolted. The bed was shaking and threatening move around on its own. About all I could do was hang on! I pulled my knees up to his waist and wrapped my feet over his pounding ass. In this position, I was spread so open his hips and cock had unrestricted access to my vagina. Had it not been for his hands on my shoulders, holding me to him, I am sure I would have been driven upward and out from under him. So furious was his fucking that I held on to him with all my strength in my arms and legs.

The room was filled with the sound of flesh on flesh, slapping wetly together, as sighs, moans and groans and the squeaking of the bed contributed to the lustful sounds. A thin film of sweat covered our bodies as Jake slammed into me, the length of his cock sawing back and forth across my swollen, sensitive clit. His lips and tongue was searching feverishly for my own, sinking into my mouth and ears. It seemed as if I could feel every swollen vein that circled the rigid shaft of his prick as my pussy lips fluttered about, wrapped tightly around the prick that was pounding my married cunt.

A loud moan escaped my lips, as I tilted my hips and thrust my pussy upwards, feeling the rush of my impending orgasm. It started as a tingle in my stomach, burst like a rocket in my clit and set off convulsive movements deep inside my cunt. The sound of my voice, loud and filled with lust, filled the room as I stiffened under him, "Yes! Jake! Yes! Fuck Me! Fuck my cunt! Fill me with your cum! I want your cum inside me! Oh, God! I'm cumming!" As I thrashed about, my orgasm so great that every muscle in my body tensed and strained, Jake thrust his cock to the very bottom of my sheath and held it there, my clit squeezed between the base of his cock and pubic bone as my steaming pussy sucked and clinched at the swollen shaft.

As my whole body shook with an indescribable wave of pleasure, Jake held me there, skewered with his huge organ throbbing violently against my cervix.

"See! My little slut! I told you that you wanted me to fuck you, to stretch your married cunt, making you climax and beg for more!" Unable to deny it, I lay quietly beneath him, feeling his cock throbbing inside my quivering pussy.

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