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A Chance Meeting

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It was a nice warm summer’s day and Andrew was driving along the country road with not a care in the world. He was fancy free but at the same time was feeling just that little bit lonely. Why was it he wondered that the fates were against him all of the time? Nothing ever seemed to go right in his love life, a quick flirtation here and there but nothing serious. No one seemed to find him attractive after the first date or so, or was it the other way around? He found that the women that he dated just too ‘un-exciting’ and unsatisfying. Perhaps he was too demanding. He liked and enjoyed sex but his partners all seemed to him to be just doing it like robots – just because they wanted to be thought ‘with it’ and not because they really wanted to. He’d been married once and had two children but that had gone sour and there had been a messy divorce and the children, although grown up, were still living with his ex-wife and her partner.

Driving along he saw the figure of a girl standing by the side of the road and, as he approached, she moved forward and started to ‘thumb a lift’. On going closer he saw that she was not black but a very sunburnt brown and a real beauty at that. He did not hesitate but drew up alongside of her, wound down the passenger window and said, “Hi! Where are you going? I guess that you’re after a lift, aren’t you?”

“Thanks!” replied the girl. “Yes please! Are you going as far as Bristol? I think that I have lost my way. I’m very much a stranger to these parts. I only arrived just recently from Africa where I was born and brought up. My father was a Colonial Officer in the old days and stayed on after Independence!”

“Hop in!” said Andrew. “Somehow I did not think that you were a West Indian you are too light for that, although I must say you are very nicely sunburnt. We have a lot of them over here just now and to get someone from Africa is a pleasant change, especially someone as pretty as you and you looked so forlorn that I just had to stop and ask if you wanted a lift.”

“Thank you!” smiled the girl. “It’s not often I get compliments like that, you have really boosted my ego! I like you already, saying things like that.”

“Anything to oblige,” said Andrew, always the perfect gentleman, and went on to say, “Haven’t you got anyone with you? No boyfriend to show you the way? Even in this country it is not very safe for a beautiful young girl like you to be walking on a lonely road like this all alone. You never know what might happen especially if you try to hitch a lift”

“I’m all alone. I came over here because of a dream that I had.” The girl told him. “It came to me that the person who I really need is over here in the U.K. I know that he will be kind and considerate, someone who needs me and can love me in everyway – and I mean that physically too. I’m sorry! Am I embarrassing you?”

“No! Not at all. I like a person who can speak their mind and is not afraid to call a spade a spade.” Andrew laughed. “By the way. I’m Andy, short for Andrew but all my friends call me Andy. What’s your name?”

“Catherine” said the girl. “But I’m Cathy to my friends, so you can call me Cathy too, cos you have been my ‘friend in need’. Yours was the first car travelling in this direction in over half an hour and before that none of them bothered to stop.”

“Idiots!” exclaimed Andrew. “Anyway their stupidity is my good fortune. I’ve now got a very pretty girl for a companion for the next hour or so - until we reach Bristol at least. Whereabouts in Bristol are you going?”

“I don’t exactly know. I knew someone back home in Kenya – that’s where I come from – who studied at Bristol University and he was always saying how nice it was so I decided to see for myself. Plus my dream!”

“Hotels are a bit expensive in Bristol. If you are not too fussy and satisfied with less than ‘super accommodation’ perhaps I could let you have my spare room.” Andrews mind was now beginning to work overtime. Here was a beautiful, unattached girl with no place to stay and he WAS beginning to feel very attracted towards her. He was beginning to feel that he had known her all his life and there already seemed to be some sort of aura surrounding them. She was so free and easy and good to talk to. As they drove along they got more and more friendly. “You are a very nice person to know.” Andrew remarked. “I’m surprised that a girl like you was not whisked away and married long ago.”

“Haven’t found anyone who interests me. I’m a very fussy person.” laughed Cathy. “Men in my country think that women are nothing and only after their money. I must admit that that IS how many women there behave, but people are people and there are exceptions to every rule and I like to think that I am one of the exceptions. All that I want is love, love, LOVE, and a little bit of TLC (Tender loving care).”

The time passed quickly after that as they talked about this and that. She told him what Kenya was like and he told her as much as he could about England and Bristol in particular. Before he realised it they were pulling up in front of his house.

“Welcome to my humble abode!” said Andrew.

“Asante! As we say in Kenya.” Cathy smiled. “It certainly looks cosy. Do you live here alone or with somebody else?”

“Alone.” sighed Andrew. He suddenly had a nasty thought that perhaps now that she knew that he lived alone she would not risk entering the house without some sort of chaperone, but no! She got out of the car and stood as he got her small suitcase out of the boot. Together they walked down the small path to the front door. Andrew got out his keys, unlocked the door and in they went.

“What is it to be?” asked Andrew. “Tea or coffee? Hungry?”

“Coffee please! And if you’ve got something small to eat I won’t say ‘no’.” said Cathy. “I must admit I feel a little hungry as I haven’t eaten since breakfast.”

“Right. How about an omelette? Onion and tomato filling do you?”

“Sounds fine. Anything you say is OK by me!”

“Sit down, take your shoes off, put your legs up on the settee and watch the telly or, if you like, you can watch some video. There are some tapes in the wall cabinet that you can watch. Help yourself whilst I do the cooking.” Andrew finally said as he moved off into the kitchen to cook.

It didn’t take long for the kettle to boil and soon eggs, onions and tomatoes were sizzling in the pan. Andrew rather prided himself on his omelettes and proudly placed two plates with the omelettes on a tray, together with two cups of coffee, and strode into the living room.

As he went through the door into the living room he stopped in amazement. There on the video was one of his ‘blue movies’ with the girl on the screen being well and truly screwed.

“Hope that you don’t mind me watching one of these.” said Cathy, without taking her eyes off the screen. “This is the first time that I’ve seen a film like this. I’ve heard about them but never actually seen one. They are fantastic!”

Whilst she was watching Andrew could see that Cathy had one hand on her breast and the other was being held tightly between her legs as all the while she was licking her lips.

“If you want to watch that’s OK by me.” Andrew told her. “But I think just now that it would be best if you ate this while it is still hot and then you can watch it later. There’s plenty of time. You’ll be here tomorrow won’t you?

“I guess so.” Cathy sighed switching off the video. Together they sat on the settee eating their omelettes and drinking their coffees.

Cathy was sitting at one end of the settee and Andrew at the other watching her. What a lovely figure she’s got he thought. Slim, just as he liked his women and tits that filled the dress that she was wearing to perfection. I wonder what she’s like underneath he thought. “Behave yourself Charlie!” he said to himself as he felt himself beginning to get uncomfortable in his trousers. “It’s not time to get up yet!!”

“Do you think that I might have a bath or shower? – Which ever you have!” asked Cathy getting up from the settee.

“Which would you prefer? Bath or shower? In the bath you can lay back and soak, but you can have a shower if you prefer. Bathroom and toilet are at the top of the stairs.”

“I think that a bath and a soak is a good idea.” Cathy replied.

“OK! I’ll just go and turn the water on and get it ready for you and if you decide to shower before you soak that’s OK too. All you have to do when the water is running is to push the knob between the taps and the shower will come on.” Andrew said. “I’ve put your suitcase in the front room where you can sort yourself out. I sleep in the backroom”. With that he went up to the bathroom and got the water running whilst Cathy went into the bedroom to get her things.

The bath was soon ready and Andrew got out a nice big bath towel and handed it to Cathy as she went into the bathroom. He then went down to the kitchen to wash up the dirty dishes – he hated to leave it all until the morning like some people, to be greeted first thing in the morning with a pile of dirty dishes.

After he had finished he went upstairs to his room and as he passed the bathroom door he could hear Cathy singing to herself one of the latest ‘pop’ songs. She must have heard him coming up the stairs – they creak – and she must have discovered that there was no lock on the bathroom door and that was why she was singing he thought. As he entered his room he heard her stop singing and shout out, “Hey Andy! Aren’t you going to scrub my back for me?”

Andrew could hardly believe his ears – or his luck – and before you can say ‘Abracadabra’ he was opening the door to the bathroom and was gazing at what, to him, was the most beautiful sight that he seen for a long time.

Cathy was laying full length in the bath. The swell of her stomach and her pubic area, which he was happy to see was recently shaven and smooth, were just above the waterline and her full breasts had nipples sticking out like the small knob handles on a desk drawer. “Magnificent” he thought.

As he entered the girl sat up, looked at him watching her and said, “Don’t just stand there gawping, get a cloth and soap and start washing my back please!”

Andy didn’t need any second telling and quickly got a flannel and started to slowly wash her back. But, somehow or other, as he systematically rubbed the cloth over her back and shoulders it slowly, slowly got so that the cloth was no longer rubbing her back but had moved to the front of her body and onto her breasts and he was gently rubbing and massaging them. First with the soapy cloth and then with his hands until he began to roll her nipples between his finger and thumb until they were completely stiff and erect.

“Oh Andy!” moaned Cathy. “What are you doing to me? That’s lovely. I feel so good. Irs been a long time since l felt like this. I think you are very good for me. Kiss me! I feel I want to be kissed.”

Andrew leant forward over the bath and gently placed his lips on the soft wet lips of Cathy. As he did so he let his tongue search for hers between her lips and teeth until they met and moved together.

As they kissed his hand continued to caress and fondle her breasts when suddenly he felt her twist towards him and he could feel her hands smoothing the flies of his trousers and her fingers searching for the zip. She found it and opened his flies and put her hand inside the front of his trousers, over the top of his underpants until he felt her warm hand start to fondle his penis and start to slowly rub the foreskin backwards and forwards, up and down until what had been a slightly hard rubbery piece of meat now stood strong and erect. “Wow!” said Cathy. “All my own work!”

“I’m sure you must want a bath too.” breathed Cathy huskily. “Take your clothes off and get in. You know what they say – SAVE WATER! HAVE A BATH WITH A FRIEND!!”

Without further ado Andrew took off his clothes and got into the bath behind Cathy so that she was sitting in the bath between his legs, leaning back against his chest whilst he had his arms and hands around her holding and massaging her breasts and tweaking her nipples to make sure that they stood erect.

As he caressed and held her from behind he could feel her moving her hands between her legs which were now partly open with her knees slightly bent as she lay on his chest and in his arms.

She closed her eyes and her fingers found her little love bud – her clitoris – which she started to rub and massage slowly at first and then more quickly. Slowly, slowly, quicker now, quicker still. Rub, rub, rub, until she cried out, “I’m coming, I’m coming!” and her whole body shook and jerked as she lay in his arms and orgasmed. “God! That was good!” she sighed as she relaxed in his arms.

After a few minutes, whilst he held her in his arms and gently kissed her neck, she sat up suddenly and said, “Oh my darling! I’m so sorry. I was completely selfish and forgot all about you!” and, as she said this she got up, turned around, knelt between his legs and bent down her head and took into her mouth his now half hard cock. She sucked and massaged and ran her tongue around the pink end of his knob and tried to put her tongue into the hole at the top where they both knew that his spunk with the seed of life would eventually spurt. As she was doing this she once again put her hand between her legs and started to rub herself. Once again slowly at first and then faster and all the time sucking and licking at his cock. She seemed to be insatiable.

Suddenly she stopped. “Darling!” she gasped. “I need you! I want to feel you deep inside of me. I need you now. I don’t know what has come over me, I only know that although I have only known you a few hours I feel that I have known you all of my life and that I am yours. I feel that I belong to you and that you belong to me, and now I want my rights. I want that which is rightfully mine and at this moment that is want your cock is. Mine, mine, mine. Darling I know now that I love you and need you. I love you.”

As she was speaking she got out of the bath and started to dry herself and he watched her he saw drops of water dripping off the tips of her nipples and the lips of her cunt. Andrew got himself out of the bath feeling a bit weak at the knees and as he did so Cathy bent over to dry her legs and feet. She had her back towards him and she knelt forward so that he could clearly see her sex pouting from between and below the cheeks of her bums, just like she pouted her lips when she wanted to be kissed.

“Don’t move Cathy” he murmured moving towards her with his cock in his hand and as she stayed bending over he grasped her waist and slowly ran the tip of his cock up and down the length of her soft warm cunt, which she had already dried but was now once again glistening and wet with the moisture of her love juices. Slowly he started to open the lips of her love box with his prick, but she jerked away from him. “No darling!” she said. “Not here. Take me to your bed. Take me and use as me as you will. I’m yours now my dearest. Fuck me and fuck me until you are satisfied. I’m all yours now to do with as you will.”

Reluctant as he was to leave off what he had already started Andrew nevertheless quickly dried himself and led Cathy out of the bathroom into his bedroom where she jumped onto the bed, switched on the bedside light, and then lay with her legs open, smiling at him and, as he approached her, held up her arms to him and said, “Come to me my darling. Come and make love to me.”

Andrew got onto the bed and lay down beside her and she slid her arms around him and pulled him close so that he breasts were tight up against his chest. As she released the pressure he moved his hands up to her tits and began to squeeze and caress them before taking one of the nipples into his mouth and began running his tongue gently around its aureole before sucking it and nipping it gently between his teeth. “Suck my tits darling! Suck them!” cried Cathy. “Suck them they’re all yours Andrew my love.”

Andrew was sucking and enjoying the beauty of her young tits which were standing firm. He could feel her warm hand on his cock, gently massaging and rolling the tip between her finger and thumb, sending the most wonderful sensations running up and down the length of his cock and he thought to himself – “She certainly knows how to finger a man’s cock”. He in his turn moved his hand down to between her legs and began to smooth her lovely soft pubes.

As he did so she opened up her legs to give him full access to what he wanted, and as her parted the lips of her cunt with his fingers she sighed with pleasure. Carefully he sought the little bud that was the seat of her pleasure. Her clitoris. And as he found it, full and swollen like a tiny penis, he gently rubbed it.

That was not enough. He moved down her body, licking it with his tongue until finally he found himself between her legs kissing and licking the very lips of her hole until he slipped his tongue between the lips and into her cunt, searching and finding her clit which he then started to lick and suck. As he did so he could smell the sweet musky smell of her love juices.

“Kiss it, kiss it.” sobbed Cathy. “But darling I want to suck your cock, to taste the salty spunk out of the tip of your cock, but don’t come I want all of your spunk deep up inside of my cunt”

Quickly Andrew got up and moved into the well known 69 position where he lay between her legs eating her pussy and at the same time Cathy was busily sucking happily at his cock which was just in front of her face and mouth.

They lay like this for a while, sucking, licking and nibbling at each others sex until at last Andrew turned around and lay next to her and started to play with the lips of her cunt and to finger fuck her and as he did so he suddenly stopped. “Surely not.” he thought. He had felt resistance as he had put his finger inside her. Something seemed to be in the way. “Are you a virgin?” he whispered. “Yes darling.” Cathy breathed. “But don’t stop! I know now why I came to England. It’s you that I’ve been looking for. I know now that you are the one that I have been seeing in my dreams. Take me dearest, make me a woman. I am yours now and yours alone as long as you want me. Take me, I’m yours Andrew.”

“I don’t want to hurt you darling. I have never ever slept with, or rather made love to, a virgin before. I’ll be as gentle and careful as I can. Come! Move to the edge of the bed.”

Andrew took her and made her lie across the bed with her bums on the edge and her legs hanging down to the floor. He got between her legs and raised them high so that his cock was in line with her hole. Gently he opened the lips of her cunt with one hand and with the other grasped his cock and slowly moved forward, rubbing and massaging his cock at the same time to make sure that it was as strong and as stiff as possible. It had a job to do.

First of all he moved the tip of his cock up and down the length of her crack to make her want him and so moisten her passage and then slowly, slowly he eased his cock into her cunt until he felt the resistance from her hymen. As he felt that he had come to the end of her passage he moved his cock just a little way in and out until he whispered to her, “Are you ready my darling?” and then without waiting for her to reply he gave a final lunge – and he was right in. Cathy gave a shriek, breathed deeply and said, “Thank you sweetheart! Now you are mine, all mine!”

They then started to move together, increasing the pace and pressing towards each other until at last Cathy gave a yell and cried, “I’m coming, I’m coming.” As she jerked under him she clutched tightly to his back. This made Andrew groan as he jerked his spunk up high into her cunt. They were as one. Exhausted they rolled apart and Andrew saw on the sheet where Cathy had been laying a quantity of bright red blood. Evidence of her lost maidenhood.

They climbed into bed between the blankets and as she lay in Andrew’s arms she felt him put his hand between her legs cupping and holding her now slightly sore cunt, but she was happy and felt a whole woman.

She knew that she had lost something that she could never regain, not that she thought she would ever want to, not now that she had found what she had been looking for. It had only been a few hours since she had met him but knew that he was THE ONE. That she had finally found what she had been looking for.

She kissed him fondly, a long lingering kiss. Not a sexy tongue searching kiss but a kiss of true love and affection. He was hers! Of that she was certain and, holding each other, they slept until morning.

Cathy was the first to wake next morning and she looked and found that she was not alone. No! It was not a dream. She really had become a woman. There was no doubt about it as the blood stains and the slight soreness between her legs told her. She ached and that ache started to become an ache of desire and so without further ado reached for her Andy’s cock knowing that now it was all hers. It was still soft and limp but as she started to hold it, stroke and caress it until both IT and Andrew began to wake up.

“Good morning darling Cathy. Did I remember to tell you last night that you were wonderful and that I love you? And what a wonderful way you have of waking me up.”

“Yes you did,” said Cathy. “But you can tell me again. I will never get tired of hearing it from you, because I love you too. As far as I’m concerned I’m now yours and yours alone. That’s if you want me. Do you?

“What do you think?” replied Andrew. “I can think of no one better. Taking you virginity was like making a pact between us.”

“Well, lets make sure the pact is well and truly sealed!” smiled Cathy and as she said it she rolled on top of him and sitting astride and guided his now erect prick into the sweet haven of love that she kept tucked away between her legs

As she sank down on him he reached up and took he tits in his hands and started to fondle them as she started to ride him, moving up and down as if she were riding a horse. He moved his hands from her tits and clasped her bums to assist her as she rose and fell on the whole length of his cock.

After a while she stopped, got off him and also the bed and then bent over. “There you are sweetheart!” she said. “That’s what you wanted last night in the bathroom.” and as she spoke she clasped the cheek of each of her bums and opened herself to give him full access to her love nest to which he took full advantage. Without further ado he plunged his dick into her now juicy hole. From there on it was a case of…in and out, in and out, in and out’.

“Do it to me Honey!” yelled Cathy. “Do it to me! I want it all. Do it, do it, do it,” and so always pleased to oblige, he carried on fucking her until he felt himself near to the point of ejaculation; but he didn’t want to come like that. He wanted to be on top of her, facing her so that he could kiss her as, hopefully, they came together. He turned her over an dmounted her in the traditional manner with her legs wide open

In and out went his cock as they strained against each other trying to get it in as far as it would go, with the sweat greasing their bodies as they slid together. Cathy caught hold of Andy’s bums and pulled him in close towards her so that she could feel his balls banging on her bums as every time he forced his cock into her right up to the end so that there was no space left between them. Ecstasy! They both released together and once again fell asleep in each others arms. There was no doubt that they were now one.

She knew that he was a good bit older than she was and had grown up children who lived with his ex-wife, but what did she care. All she wanted was his love and now she was sure that she had it and even after this very short period of time she was VERY certain.

That was how it all began. Two people meeting and just ‘clicking’ and they were together. Neither knew why. It just happened and now they are together. Of course they have their ‘ups and downs’ and an argument now and again but each knows in their heart of hearts that the other belongs to them. There is LOVE and they say LOVE CONQUERS ALL and rightly so.

Bath nights are generally Shower nights as they both get under the shower and share their love there.

There is always a goodnight kiss, even if they have been quarrelling and that invariably straightens things out and sometimes leads to short, and sometimes longer, tussles under the blankets as he mounts her and they enjoy their union together as she whispers, “Hold me tight Andy, I love you. Kiss me darling. GOODNIGHT”

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