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A Camping Story

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It was blazing hot. Sweat was pouring down his face, and down his chest. He just wanted to get this damn tent together and then go relax in the shade with a cool drink and maybe do a little fishing.

"Easy-up tent my ass" he muttered for the third time. He straightened up from the pole he was trying to jam into the slot and ripped his sweat soaked t-shirt over his head. He shouldn't have assured his family that he could manage it on his own and sent them down to the beach. As he stood there wiping away sweat with the shirt, he looked across his campsite to the camper next door. A woman had just opened up the RV door and was paused in the doorway, one foot hovering over the first step. She stood frozen for a few seconds, and the two regarded each other quickly, but completely. He liked what he saw: a petite woman, not too young but not too old either, dark hair with blonde on top. It was pulled up in a sloppy ponytail as if she did it without looking or maybe just rolled out of bed. She had a colorful bikini top on, and he could tell she had small, but nice, taut breasts underneath. He imagined his hand sliding into the top to feel the soft mound underneath. Instead of a bikini bottom, she wore tiny little cotton shorts, that didn't cover much of anything. As his eyes slid down her, hers were doing the same to him. He was tall, and nicely built. He had a baseball cap over his short dark hair, and as he stood looking at her, he absently wiped the corners of his mouth and licked his lips. His other hand rubbed his stomach with his shirt, and she watched as he rubbed it down the hair on his belly and looked at his tight jean shorts and wished she could see exactly where the trail ended.

Someone yelled "Mom" and the spell was broken. They both blinked. She put her sunglasses on and continued down the steps and he went back to fighting with the tent. A child poked their head out the door and she spoke briefly to him and then the door slammed shut and she was alone outside the camper. He threw down his shirt and went back to struggling with the tent poles, but he found himself watching her out of the corner of his eye. She pulled a small, plastic child's pool out from under the camper and placed it in the grass between their sites. He got a good look at her legs and the way her shorts pulled tight across her ass as she climbed in to the back of a pickup truck, and threw out a hose. She swung her leg over the tailgate and jumped down into the grass, which caused her tits to jiggle. She pulled the top up and glanced his way. He pretended to be totally engrossed in the tent stakes. She dragged the hose the the water faucet and connected it and then began filling up the little pool with water. As she waited for the pool to fill, she watched him pound stakes into the ground. His muscles flexed and the sweat made him glisten. She wondered what he tasted like. Maybe he tasted salty. She loved the taste of salt.

He expected the water to be for her child, since it was a child's pool, so he was a little surprised when she turned off the water and stepped into the pool herself. She sat in the water, which he knew was probably ice cold, and didn't even flinch as she leaned back into the pool, and rested her head on the edge. Her legs were bent up and her feet were in the grass, since she was too big for the pool, and her knees were aimed straight at him. He looked at her laying there, and had the urge to lay on top of her. He felt his cock stiffen in his pants. He lifted his arm to pound the stake again and sucked in his breath. Her shorts were gaping around her thighs and he could clearly see she had no underwear on, and that she had a sweet, shaved pussy. His hammer came down and he missed the stake and struck his thumb instead. "Shit!" he muttered, and held his thumb. He glanced at the woman but she had no reaction. She was rubbing water across her stomach and in her other hand she held a book up to her face. He stood glaring at her in irritation. She had caused him a throbbing thumb and a throbbing cock and didn't care. Frustrated, he threw down his hammer, grabbed his fishing pole and a fold up chair and headed for the path in the woods that lead to the lake. If he had been paying closer attention to something other than her crotch, he would have noticed that her book was upside down.

She watched him go, and she resisted the urge to rub her clit with her free hand. He looked sexy as hell stomping away from her, his ass was tight and the front of his jeans was even tighter. She squirmed a little in the water and then tried to look at her book.

He sat at the edge of the lake for almost an hour. He caught nothing since he had no bait with him, but he wasn't thinking about catfish anyway. He daydreamed about catching the sexy mermaid in the little blue pool. He could almost feel her arms around him, her fingers curling around the hair on his chest. With a start, he realized that he wasn't dreaming that part...he DID have fingers running along his chest. He looked down. He didn't recognize that ring.... A voice, soft and silky, purred into his ear "Catch anything yet?" His cock tightened immediately and he turned his face towards the sound, only to be stopped by her lips against his cheek, soft, wet, full lips, that worked their way across his cheek, and to his ear and then down his neck. He reached his hand up and put it in her hair, and pulled her against him. She ran both hands down his chest as she kissed his neck, and he could feel her breasts up against his back. He groaned softly and replied "I think I just did." She straightened up and moved around to kneel in front of him. She ran her fingers lightly across his cock, that was straining against his jeans. Slowly she unbuttoned him, and pulled down the zipper. His stiff cock sprang free and stood straight up. She inched his pants down until she could pull his balls out gently. She looked up into his face and asked "May I?" His heart was pounding and he just nodded yes, and then tipped his head back and closed his eyes. She ran her tongue lightly along his sack, before pulling one into her warm, wet mouth. She sucked and tugged on that one, and then moved onto the other one. After thoroughly washing them both, she grasped them in her hand and tugged gently as she began bathing his hot cock with her tongue. Cum glistened at the tip, and she hungrily tasted it before his entire cock disappeared into her mouth. She worked it slowly, and as she did, he pushed her bikini top off and put his hands around her soft, lush globes. He fingered her nipples, which were tight with her want of him. "Let me taste one" he begged and she raised up and placed a nipple in his mouth and he sucked hungrily at it. He slid her shorts down her legs and she kicked them away from her feet so she could stand with her legs apart. He slid two fingers up into her and she moaned and dug her fingers into his hair as he sucked at her tits and fucked her with his fingers at the same time. He slid in and out of her easily, she was so wet for him. "Put it inside me" she breathed, and he pulled out his fingers and positioned her across his lap, facing him. She lowered herself onto his rock hard staff, gasping as she slid down it. "You're so hot" he murmured into her tits. His hands wrapped around her and he grabbed her ass in both hands as he worked her up and down his shaft. "Mmmmm...." she said, as she pushed him as far as she could into her. "You feel so good inside me."

She pulled his face up by his chin and kissed him fully on the mouth, their tongues probing in and out as his cock did the same into her pussy. She held onto his neck and shoulders as he thrust into her, the only sound was their heavy breathing and the sloppy slap of his balls against her wet pussy. She was thrusting against him as hard as he was shoving into her and he knew she was about to cum on his cock even before she threw back her head, arched her back and groaned as her body convulsed against his cock over and over again. When she was through, she stilled, and looked at him through half opened eyes, sighed loudly, and smiled at him. He picked her up and turned around and placed her in the chair. He pushed her legs apart and looked at her wet, gaping pussy. "It's so beautiful" he said, before burying his face into her wet warmth. He licked up her wet juices and then pulled her to her feet. He turned her around and pulled her back up against his chest. He reached around and cupped her breasts with his hands, and kissed along her neck. His hands slid lower and he placed one hand against her pussy and one against her back. He bent her forward, grasped the sides of her hips and thrust himself deeply into her warm, wet hole. She groaned and wiggled her ass against him. "You feel so good" she said. She leaned forward and put her hands on the chair to support herself as he pumped into her harder and harder, and faster and faster. His breathing was rough and ragged and put his hands on her shoulders as he thrust deeply into her and gasped "Here it comes" The feel of his cock exploding inside her, pumping her full of his hot cum was enough to push her over the edge again and they came together, hot and hard and wet. The woods were full of the noises of them enjoying each other, and finally, he pulled himself out of her. She turned in his arms and kissed him, and said "I'll be thinking about that for a long time....thank you."

"The pleasure was all mine" he replied, kissing her back.

The sun was almost down when they put their clothes back on and made their way back to their campsites by different paths. As he walked into his campsite, his wife was there waiting for him. "Hi honey" she said. "Did you catch anything?"

He looked across the site and watched her enter her camper. She turned and winked at him before closing the door.

"Yes" he said, looking at his wife now. "But it got away."

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