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A Blackmail Tale Ch 02

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A Blackmail Tale Ch. 02 By Tx Tall TalesĀ©

Krista looked at me in horror. "I can't believe you did this!"

"I told you I wanted to fuck you. Now I will." I shrugged. I thought I'd feel a little guilty, but all I felt was lust.

"There's not a chance in hell," she told me through clenched teeth.

"Be reasonable, Krista. You know what's on that movie. What would Rich think? What would your parents think; or your fellow church members; or the parents of your kid's classmates? Really, it's best if this video stays between you and me."

"You would do that!"

"Only if I had to."

"But it would ruin your marriage too." She insisted, still looking for an out.

"Oh, I don't think so. I'm better at editing than that. You would never see much of me, except below the waist. And clearly, you couldn't mistake me for Rich there." I laughed.

"So what's it going to take this time. You have your way with me and I get the movies?" She was angry, almost shaking.

"Nothing that easy I'm afraid. You'll be making payments on this one." I let my statement hang in the air between us. When it seemed she was about to say something, I completed my demand. "Weekly. Whatever I want. For a year."

Krista looked stunned. "You've got to be kidding."

"Actually, I think you're getting off quite easy. Now come to Papa, we've got to get you out of those uncomfortable things." I reached for her but she pulled away.

"Wait. Let me think about this."

"There's no thinking here, Krista darling. You are mine. You will do what I want. Or you will watch your life fall to pieces. You know you want to; now you have to. Why fight it?" I reached for her again and she let me grab her arm and draw her to me.

She stood, shaking, tears welling in her eyes, one lonely volunteer running down her cheek. It should have bothered me. All I could think about was burying my cock inside her tight little gash, and knowing that the hesitation she was feeling now would give way to the hot and horny Krista I'd witnessed once before.

I slowly stripped her, and she stood waiting, naked before me. I removed my own clothing and she could see that there was no need for foreplay; I was definitely very ready.

"Let's watch that movie, in it's entirety." I told her. I hit the button on the remote, and saw my home made title, "Krista's first BJ".

I moved to the edge of the couch, turned her to face the TV, and sat her on my lap. My stiff rod was between her legs, rubbing against the outside of her smooth slit.

My hands explored her body, while she watched herself perform for me on the TV. I whispered into her ear while I played with her tits. "Here, when you lowered your shorts for me, my heart almost stopped. Look how beautiful your ass is. I wanted to eat you then and there."

She was squirming in my lap while I rocked my hips, sliding my cock across her moistening lips. Abruptly I felt her hand, cool against my burning rod, pressing, pulling my prick against her. Her hand rubbed up and down my length.

"And here, you offered me your tits so sweetly. You know I've always loved your tits."

"I know," she whispered. The first words she's said since we'd started the movie.

I nibbled on her neck, and grasped her big boobs in my hands, squeezing them and fondling them. "And now they're mine."

"They're yours."

"Look at you. Look at how you rubbed against me that day. I wanted so bad to pull you an inch or two higher, and slip that fat dick up inside you." On the screen she was humping me madly, desperately. Now, watching the action, her hips started to move, a faint echo of the show on TV.

"What were you thinking?" I asked her, sliding my hand down to her quim, squeezing around the edge of my cock to slide a fingertip into her.

"I wanted it. I wanted your big thing in me. I wanted to feel what it was like." She whispered, eyes glued to the screen.

"You still want to know, don't you?" I whispered back into her ear.


I grabbed her ass on the sides, and lifted her hips up off my lap.

"Do it. Put me inside you." I urged her.

She settled her weight onto her feet, and lifted her ass off my lap. Her hand positioned my pole directly below her moist opening, and as she lowered herslf back down, she gave the extra wiggle needed to let my cock slide deep inside her. She stopped about halfway, lifted up again, and then pushed down hard on my pole, taking it to the root. On the screen she was going wild rubbing herself against me.

"So now it's in you. All of it. More cock than you've ever had. What's it like?" I pushed her shoulders forward, making her lift up off of my cock most of the way, and then I pulled her back hard, sinking to the hilt inside her again.

"Oooh." She gasped, then whispered. "Full."


"I feel so full, so complete, stretched and filled."

"Look at the screen." I told her.

As I spoke the TV-Krista was obviously coming, while the TV-me clenched her in my arms. The real Krista just sat there eyes riveted, my cock inside of her, while we watched the girl on the TV slowly come down from her peak, and stare down at where her sex pressed against his, connected, but not quite joined.

"Was it nice to come, pressed up against my cock like that?" I asked her, reaching between her legs and teasing her. I grabbed the remote with my other hand and paused the show, as the Krista on the screen slid down between my legs.

"So nice. I almost never come. Not for years," she confessed.

"You'll come for me. You'll come all the time. I'll make you come so much you'll beg me to stop."

We ignored the screen for a bit, reveling in the sensation of penetration, that one and only time when you share sex for the first time. She was breathing heavily reacting to my every motion, the squeezing of her breasts, the rubbing of her clit, the nibbling of her neck and ears, the continuous plowing of her incredibly tight pussy.

I wrapped my arms around her torso and pulled her up a bit, so I could get more action down below, pulling further out, and driving back in, pulling her whole body up and down mine.

"You are a dream come true," I told her while her body arched back, her head thrust back over my shoulder. "I can feel the excitement building in you, like an electric charge, it's building, and building. If I don't let you come soon you'll be screaming for release."

I loosed my arms, settling her down firmly on my cock, and grabbed her breasts, squeezing the nipples, and twisting them forcefully, massaging them.

My words were working on her and she leaned over, breaking free of my arms, her hands gripping the edge of the couch seat. She brought her legs together between mine, and planted her feet firmly on the floor.

Without warning she was driving herself up and down on my cock. I grabbed her hips and helped her, thrusting mightily. The odor of our sex was intoxicating, and I could hear little grunts escaping her lips.

I let it continue quite a while, until I could hear her breathing becoming rough, and could feel her trembling. "Do you want to come now?" I asked her.

She remained quiet, struggling with herself.

"Do you?" I insisted.

"YES." She hissed between clenched teeth.

"Good, watch the screen." I pressed play on the remote, and Video-Krista started her incredible blow-job. I pulled her back against me, letting her catch her breath a second.

She watched her onscreen-self gobble me, mesmerized by her own wanton actions.

"You were incredible," I whispered, my hand back between her legs, as I massaged her clit. "Was that really your first blow-job?", I asked.



I put my hand behind her hair and grabbed a fist full of silky blond hair. I turned her head to me, and greedily enveloped her mouth with mine. My arm across her chest, tweaking her nipple, held her high on my body. My other hand rubbed her pussy hard.

She was reaching down to touch where my cock was driving in and out of her velvet tunnel, while her other hand was buried in my hair, clutching me. I used my hips to bang her hard, and she had her feet up on the couch and was getting some leverage of her own, slamming down onto me.

I wrenched my mouth off of hers and breathed into her ear. "Come for me."

She moaned and her hips ground into me.

"Come on my big cock."

She was almost crying.

"Come for me, Krista."

"Oh God," she hissed.


She threw her head back and screamed, pulling hard on my hair. I continued pumping her and massaging her clit while she shuddered in my grip. Her hand reached down and grabbed mine tightly, stopping the motion, and her entire body seem to lose it's shape as she collapsed against me, her head lolling back, her eyes disappearing back into her head.

I could still feel her tunnel pulsing around my shaft, and reveled in the thought that I could own this beautiful, hot, and desperately horny woman so completely.

On the screen she was sucking me fiercely, and it was only a few moments before I was going to come in the movie. I pushed her head up.

"Watch now. Watch me come for you. See what that pretty little mouth of yours did for me."

She watched, leaning forward, intent on seeing herself suck me to completion.

"You were so damn hot," I told her softly.

"I felt so nasty."

"Here. I come for you."

Krista pulled off my cock and crawled towards the screen, watching the finish. She looked so good on her hands and knees, her ass presented to me, her pussy pink and swollen, I wanted to leap up and fuck her wildly, but just enjoyed the view for a few moments. On the screen I came in her hair, then on her hands and forearms, and finally in her mouth.

"You came so much." She spoke softly. "I thought after the first two shots, you'd be done. But you kept coming and coming in my mouth. I could barely swallow it."

"It was a dream come true. I fantasized about that moment so many times. And now that sweet mouth of yours is mine."

She looked back at me over her shoulder, her eyes smoldering. "It's yours."

I leaned back holding my achingly hard dick up to her. "Show me."

I could see her hesitating before taking my sticky wet sword into her mouth, but she did it, licking me and sucking on me like a baby with a pacifier.

"I think that's the most beautiful sight I've ever seen. My cock disappearing between your lips, your big blue eyes looking up at me."

She locked her eyes on mine, and then thrust up and down on my pole, taking it deeply, while watching me.

"You can be a nasty little girl, can't you? You don't mind taking that slimy cock in your mouth. You know it's your own juices, and you're loving it."

She let me know her answer by stopping, taking her face off my knob for a moment, then taking a long slow lick, like an ice cream cone, before giving me a smile and taking me in her mouth again.

"That's so nice, Krista. You're making me feel so good. I'm going to come shortly. I'll let you choose where I finish. In your mouth, in your pussy, or in your ass?"

She pulled her head back and looked at me with disgust. "In my ass? That's gross. I don't do that."

"You don't suck cock either." I reminded her.

"That's different."

"Trust me Krista, I'll be coming in your ass, and often. But this first time, it's your choice."

"Come in me, then."

"I will, but where?"

"In me, here," she said shyly, gesturing between your legs.

"In where?" I asked her again.

"In my love hole."

"Your love hole?"

She blushed. Hard to believe. She'd sucked me, she'd fucked me, and she turned red as a beet when asked to talk about her pussy.

"You want me to finish in your love hole?" I said with a grin.


"So you want me to fuck you hard, and come in your pussy?" I asked her teasingly.

"YES!" She said loudly, "Just fuck me Alex."

I laughed, and picked her up and bent her over the arm of the couch. She looked so sexy as I spread her cheeks apart and plowed into her with my stiff meat, meeting little resistance.

The feeling was wonderful and yet it allowed me to screw her for an amazingly long time, considering how worked up I'd been. I massaged her ass cheeks and pounded my beautiful new sex toy with long full strokes.

Feeling wicked; I spread her cheeks wide, exposing her tiny little brown rosebud. I worked up a bit of spit, and let it fall from my lips targeting her virgin asshole. She moaned when it hit, and as I enjoyed her, I used my thumb to rub it around and into her back door. Eventually I was fucking her hard, while my thumb was completely buried in her ass.

"Do you like that?" I teased her, moving my thumb vigorously, stretching her.

"It's so nasty. So dirty." She gasped.

I pulled out of her and I spread her cheeks wide while I buried my tongue in her rear, pushing an inch or more of it up inside her.

"God, Alex. That's sick. That's so dirty." But even as she said it, she was reaching back and helping me hold her cheeks apart.

I let go of her cheeks and left the job to her. "Hold yourself for me."

She acquiesced, spreading herself wide.

I slid first one and then two fingers up inside her wet slit, and then worked them in her bunghole. She moaned continuously, and I couldn't resist the temptation.

I pulled my fingers out, and she whispered, "Are you going to do it?"


"Nooo," she whispered, but her actions made lie to her words as she continued to hold herself open for me.

"Yes, although I'll just tease you this time." I assured her.

I aimed my pole at her and pressed the fat purple head forward, against considerable resistance.

"Oww, don't, it won't fit," she moaned.

But even as the words escaped her, I popped past her opening, and suddenly had two thick inches of meat buried in her ass.

"Ah, but it does fit." I told her, pulling her hands back off her cheeks and observing the white and then red stripes her fingers left behind. I waited, letting her get accustomed to my insidious invader.

"This is so wrong, Alex. Stop now. My butt is burning, and this is so filthy, I can't believe you're making me do this."

"Hold still, baby. You can take some more," I encouraged her. I worked to slowly bury a couple more inches into that incredibly tight virgin hole. I peeked forward and I could see she was biting her own arm, just above the biceps.

With almost half my length inside her, I was happy to cornhole her gently, enjoying the tightness, and the view. Before long it was easier, and her ass-ring didn't cling to me so hard on each out-stroke.

"You're fucking my butt," she groaned, "you pig."

"Ask me to stop and I will." I told her.

"Right, you didn't earlier."

"Go ahead, try me, ask me to stop fucking your cherry asshole, and I'll pull out right now."

"Ok, stop." She laughed.

I pulled out, and rubbed her sweet cheeks. I left a small kiss right on her stretched hole, and stepped away from her.

"You really did it!" She exclaimed, turning over and sitting on the sofa arm, looking at me.

"Of course, I've never lied to you Krista. I've tricked you, deceived you, and hidden things from you, but I've never lied to you. You really can't trust me, but you can trust my word."

"You are warped, you know," she laughed, incredulously.

"Suck me," I told her.

"But you were just in my butt!" She sounded shocked.

"Yes, and it's not nice to go from ass to pussy, so suck me. Suck me clean."

"We can wash it clean. Then you can have me again."

"Oh, I know I'm going to have you again, I promise. Now suck me."

She leaned forward and took it in her hand. I don't know why she was suddenly so fastidious, you couldn't even tell where it'd been.

"Go ahead," I encouraged her.

She stroked my cock, and then she lowered her mouth over it, sucking me deep. She bobbed her head up and down several times, then pulled off, licked her lips and pulled back.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" I asked her.

"You taste nasty." She answered looking up at me. But then she took me back in her mouth, and sucked me long and hard.

"That's likely. But then you're really a nasty little girl, aren't you Krista."

Krista looked up at me, her eyes locked on mine, and slowly worked her mouth up and down my cock twice, before letting me slip out of that pleasure chamber. She gave my shaft another long lick, then leaned back and licked her lips.

"I think you're ready now." She said with a mischievous smile.

I got up and took her by the hand, leading her down the hall to the bedroom. I laid down on the bed, and waited for her.

She climbed between my legs, and stroked me with her hand, seeming to enjoy the stiffness awaiting her. After just a few seconds she climbed up and lowered herself onto me. I was again surprised at how tight she seemed, as she eased herself down my pole.

I can't describe the time that followed. Krista used me. She pleasured herself on my prick. Whether she was slowly rocking back and forth, grinding her hips onto me, crouching over me and slamming her fuck-hole down my swollen shaft, or just riding my entire length in long, leisurely, plunges, she kept herself in almost constant motion.

After what seemed an eternity, her hair wet and stringy about her face, her chest glistening with perspiration, she was bringing me to the finish-line, and the closer I got, the more excited she got.

As we neared the end she was thrusting back and forth on me in a steady motion. It was a firm, solid, fucking, and I was on the edge.

"Come for me, Alex. Come for me you blackmailing bastard," she hissed, driving herself up and down my shaft even faster and harder, "You come for me."

I pulled her upper body down to mine, and grabbed her ass with both hands, holding her just above me and slamming my cock in and out of her.

"I'm going to come in you now, Krista. I'm going to come in that hot little pussy of yours."

"No! You've got to pull out." She struggled half-heartedly.

"I'm going to come inside you, I'm going to paint your insides with more cum, and deeper, than you've ever felt before." I hissed, thrusting as hard as I could into her.

Krista tensed in my arms, then moaned "Oh, Fuck!" and as I emptied my balls inside of her, she bit me hard, screaming into my skin, and coming mightily on my cock. With each additional jab inside her, squirting my love-juice deep into her womb, she shivered in my arms, and her whole body spasmed.

As I lay there in the aftermath, my breath slowly returning, my pulse easing back, I recognized that I was still semi-hard, and I rolled my hips, working myself in and out, slowly hardening again. She lay there, spent.

When I felt I was fully hard, I rolled over with her beneath me. I lifted her legs up over my shoulders, and gave her another leisurely fuck, this time taking my time enjoying the amazing sensation of my prick slowly piercing her over and over.

I looked down and took in the view of my wet pole disappearing inside her. She was malleable and loose, almost semi-conscious, when I rolled her on her side, and continued in that position. Now I was doing the fucking, using her, and enjoying every stroke I laid to her.

She looked beautiful and disheveled, and the thought of being able to use her on demand, and some of the things I had in mind for her started to get my blood boiling again.

I turned her again, on her belly this time, and tucked her legs up under her, exposing her completely to my desires. I re-entered her from behind and pounded away, holding her by the hips and pulling her back against my forward thrusts.

I leaned forward, grabbing her shoulders and pulling her back against my thrusts, arching her back. My hands traveled down her shoulders, across her upper arms, down to her wrists. I pulled her wrists back behind her, forcing her upper body down against the mattress.

I could see the edge of her big tits splayed out to each side as they were crushed against the sheets. I took both her wrists in one of my hands at the small of her back, using it for leverage as I continued my pummelling of her previously unspoiled pussy.

I wanted to come, and I was close, but the end seemed just out of reach. I used my free hand to slap her butt cheek hard, and she cried out at the contact. I slapped her again, leaving a big red hand print.

"I could fuck you forever," I told her, spanking her again.

She mumbled something, and I smacked her again. Her right cheek was starting to show the effects of my spanking, and was much redder than her left cheek.

"Speak up," I told her.

"Do it," she told me, clearly.

"Do it?"

"Fuck me. Like this. Use me, however you want."

The words were electric, and I felt them to the base of my cock, which suddenly exploded again, once again bathing her inside with my cream.

God, I was going to enjoy owning this girl.

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