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2nd Honeymoon (Part 2)

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We checked into our hotel on the South Beach in Miami. The art deco architecture, amazing pool and incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean were worth every penny we paid for the one night we would staying here before boarding the cruise ship bound for the Caribbean Sea. We open the door to the suite and were blown away. It had a private living area, separate bedroom and a bathroom that would rival most luxury spa.

I suggested that we take a shower together before getting into bed and she kidded me about her already getting ?showered? and then ?bathed? on the plane. The shower was a large, zero entry, walk-in type with exotic stone on two walls and glass forming the other two sides on the enclosure. Julie joined me and I marveled at how beautiful she looked in the buff. I began caressing her body with a soapy washcloth, paying extra attention to large tits, plump little ass cheeks and clean shaven pussy. As her body started to respond to the stimulation, I asked Julie to tell me every detail of what happened with the stranger in the lavatory on the plane.

She said ok, but made me promise not to get jealous. I agreed and thought I would let you read her story just as she told it to me.

Well Nick, here goes?

I got to the lavatory, but hesitate and almost back out. But then I thought of you and how much you wanted me to be a little more adventurous and besides I was really, really horny. I took a deep breath and push the door open. The stranger was sitting on the lavatory seat. Not only was he a big man, but in the well lit lavatory, I noticed that he was also ruggedly handsome. He had a deep voice and thanked me for coming. He asked me again if I wanted to see his cock and I said ?Yes?. He said that he wanted me to say it. And I swallowed and said, ?I want to see your big cock?. The stranger said well if I am going to show you my cock, I want to see your pussy first. Please take off your dress for me, but do it slowly so I can savor it inch of your glorious body. I knew exactly want he wanted. He wanted me to do a seductive striptease for him. I closed my eyes and began to slowly sway my hips to the beat of a slow jazz song playing in my head and let my hands lighting roam over my silk dress covered body, caressing my breasts slightly causing my nipples to poke out against the thin fabric. I slowly spun around as my hips gently swayed back and forth. I felt his eyes focusing on ass as I slowly pulled the silky black dress up over my head revealing my plump white ass to a complete stranger. The dress cleared my head and I felt a chill as I realized I was completely naked in an airplane restroom with a man who I had just met less than 30-minutes ago. My courage returned and I slowly spun around. I notice the hungry look in the stranger?s eye and large bulge in his shorts as my hands now began roaming freely over my nude body. The handsome stranger watched intently for several minutes as my pussy became hotter and wetter with the thought of seeing his long, thick cock completely exposed. The stranger asked me again if I wanted to see his cock and I whisper ?Yes, I want to see your big cock?. He stood up and asked me to sit where had been sitting. When I squeezed past him, I felt his hardness rub against my tummy. As I sat down he removed his tee shirt exposing a broad and hairy chest. He was very strong, but not one of those pretty boys you see at the gym. He moved closer to me and asked me to remove his shorts. My hands where trembling as I reached for the waistband. I pulled his shorts down very slowly revealing his swollen cock, inch by inch. It was very long and when I got to the end it popped forward grazing my cheek. I let his short drop to the floor and lifted my head again, not taking my eyes off his beautiful specimen. I studied his cock; it was thick Nick, very thick and appeared to be throbbing just a few inches from my face. The stranger asked me if I liked what I saw and I said ?Yes?. He asked me if I would like to touch it and I said ?Yes?. I slowly reached out and wrapped my tiny hand around his big, thick cock Nick, it was even hotter and thicker than when we seated together in the back row. I slowly began stroking his cock back and forth coaxing it to grow even longer and stiffer in my hand. The stranger told me what a good little wife I was and how good my hand felt on his cock. I couldn?t help myself Nick; I slipped my left hand between my thighs and began rubbing my hot, wet pussy imaging what it would be like to be fucked with such a big cock. The stranger asked me if I wanted to suck his cock and I nodded. He said he wanted to hear me said it and I said ?Yes, I want to suck your cock, your long, thick, beautiful cock?. He let out a low moan as I leaned forward and began licking the large mushroom shaped head of his cock with my tongue. I teased him for a minute or two until he demanded ?suck it, suck my cock?. I leaned forward a little more and took the entire head into my little mouth. The stranger moaned more loudly now as I took more and more of this cock into my mouth as I continued to play with my dripping wet pussy. The stranger was moving his hips back and forth, slowly fucking my mouth and telling what a ?good little slut I was and how beautiful I looked with his cock in my mouth. I reached up and began playing with his balls Nick and they were huge. They felt like a large gr*pefruit in my hands. His body started to shake and I felt his massive cock twitching in my mouth and I knew that he was close to cumming. Between moans He asked me if I wanted him to cum in my mouth of pull out and as cum on my tits. To answer him I gripped his thick cock even tighter and started sucking the head even harder and deeper in my mouth. He was moaning louder and louder and I knew his cock would explode any second. He grunted ?Oh Fuckkkk? and his cock began to spurt in my mouth Nick. I was acting like such a little slut Nick. I let this stranger cum in my mouth. Three big spurts of cum and my mouth was full I pull his cock out and pointed it down at my tits. His cock continued to spurt as I rubbed the head all over my left nipple and then the right. Nick I know you must have tasted his cum in my mouth when you kissed me and lick my tits in the airplane lavatory. Did it turn you on to know your horny wife was acting like such a slut?

Julie grabbed my dick and started jacking me off in the shower as she finished the telling what happened. The stranger?s cock stared to soften a little and he grabbed me and pulled me to his feet. He grabbed me by the hips, lifted me off the ground and sat my butt up on the lavatory counter. He spread my legs and told me that I had ?the prettiest little pink pussy he ever seen?. I watch as his head moved between my thighs and groan as he started to flick his tongue over my clit. For a big man, he was surprisingly gently. He gently caressed my clit with his tongue coaxing me to yet another orgasm. I began talking dirty Nick, telling the stranger to ?lick my pussy? and ?suck my clit?, I was out of my mind with lust. I felt the stranger?s large hand slide under my buttocks, lifting me off the counter as he licked my engorged clit between his lips. He stuck his long thick tongue deep in my soaked pussy pushing me closer and closer to another orgasm. The stranger used the juice that was leaking from my hot little pussy Nick to coat his ring finger and he toyed with my puckered little asshole. He pushed his finger into my tight little ass Nick. This total stranger was fucking your little slut wife in the ass with his finger Nick as he fucked my tight wet pussy with his tongue. I couldn?t hold back any longer Nick. I came like a volcano, bucking my hot wet pussy against the stranger?s face, grinding my hard little clit against his lips as his tongue and finger continued to violate deep inside my ass.

Julie was tugging my cock even harder now and I couldn?t hold back any longer. My balls exploded shooting a load of cum onto the glass shower. Julie giggled and said it looks like you are enjoying the hearing my story. Why don?t we get dried out and I?ll finish telling you the rest in bed.

We quickly dried off and Julie hopped up on the bed. She told me to ?eat your wife?s horny little pussy while I tell you what a little slut I have been. I crawled between Julie?s thighs and began licking her pussy. Even though she had just got out of the shower her pussy was still juicy and smelled a little musky. As I licked her clit she continued?

When my orgasm subsided, the Stranger set me down on my feet. He sat back down on the lavatory seat and asked me to suck his cock. I knelt down and began sucking his cock into my mouth and stroking it until he was fully hard again. The stranger asked me if I wanted to fuck his cock and I nodded. He said he wanted to hear me say it. I paused and then said ?Yes, I want to fuck your big hard cock?. He smiled and pulled me to my feet. I climbed up with one foot on either side of him and slowly lowered my pussy down towards his cock. I rubbed the head back and forth, coating it with my pussy juice before moving the head of his cock to the entrance to my tight little pussy. I slowly moved lower trying to force the big mushroom head into my hot little cunt, but it wouldn?t seem to fit. I felt the stranger?s hands move to my shoulders pressing them down, forcing my pussy to swallow the head of his cock. I gasped in pain as the huge head entered my tight little pussy.

Julie was rubbing her sloppy wet pussy against my face and moaning softly as she continued.

The pain quickly subsided and was replaced my intense pleasure. I started moving my pussy up and down his massive cock forcing it deeper and deeper in my womb. Oh fuck his big cock felt so fucking good stuffed inside my pussy Nick. I came over and over again as I fuck his magnificent cock. Nick as I said things to him, dirty, nasty things. I told him to fuck me. I told him to ram his big, hard dick into my tight married pussy. I fucked his cock Nick for what seemed like forever, coating every inch of it with my pussy juices. The Stranger began thrusting his hips upward and began groaning with extreme pleasure. He said he was getting close and wanted to know if he should pull or not.

Forgive me Nick for acting like such a little slut, but I was out of my mind with lust. Before I even thought I said ?Fuck my tight little pussy with the big hard cock, fill my married pussy with your cum, cum inside me, fill me with those big fucking balls of yours?. As I said this Nick, I reached between my legs and began fondling his huge set of balls. I felt them swelling in my hand Nick and I knew that he would fill me with a big load of cum. I began urging the stranger to ?FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER, FUCK ME, FILL MY TIGHT LITTLE MARRIED PUSSY WITH YOUR HOT CUM?.

I reached down an started stroking my erect cock as Julie was rubbing her sloppy wet pussy against my face even harder than before as she held my head tightly between her thighs. She was moaning loudly but still managed to tell me?

As I bounced up and down on his big dick, I heard him groan and he thrust upward, forcing the head of his cock deep inside my womb Nick. I felt his balls jump in my hand as they erupted, shooting his hot sticky cum inside me, filling your little slut wife?s hot little pussy Nick. As she finished telling what happened, she focused on our approaching orgasm. Julie was humping her pussy all over my face, telling me ?Oh God Nick I such a little slut. I gonna cum Nick, keep licking my clit Nick, Oh FUCK, make me cum Nick, suck my pussy, suck your little slut?s pussy, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh Fuck, Yes?. Julie was screaming now ?Oh FUCK, Oh FUCK Oh FUUCK Nick, I?m gonna CUM Nick, your little slut wife is going to CUMMMMMMMMMM?. Julie?s pussy erupted like never before. She started squirting her juices into my mouth, begging to ?KEEP SUCKING MY PUSSY, YES IT FEELS SOOOOO FUCKINNGGGGG GOOOOODDD, I still cumming Nick, oh FUCK, I?M still CUMMING, your little slut wife pussy is still cumming?. I stroked my dick harder and came in my hand.

When her orgasm subsided, I kissed my way up her body to her lips. She was still panting as I kissed her letting her taste her pussy on my lips. Usually she is a little hesistant to kiss me after oral sex, but today she freely kissed me back, enjoying the taste her own pussy on my lips. We soon fell into a deep sleep after a very exhausting, by unbelievable evening.

I awoke up from a deep sleep feeling a little groggy and wondered if everything I remembered had really happened or was just some sort of vivid dream. I noticed that Julie wasn?t in the bed and wasn?t in the shower either. I slipped on a robe and headed towards the balcony. As I approached the balcony door I could see Julie was sitting in a chair and engaged in a conversation with our neighbors to the right. Although Julie had the robe tied around her waist, she was showing plenty on cleavage up top and the robe had separated below waist exposing most of her beautiful legs. There was absolutely no doubt to me, or the neighbors, that she was totally nude under the robe and that she wasn?t too bashful about it. My normally conservative wife was definitely taking to this new freedom she was experiencing on our 2nd honeymoon.

When I opened the door, Julie stood up and gave me a kiss and then introduced me to her new friends and Antonio and Sofia.

More to come?.

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