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20 Years Later

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Chapter 1 Once upon a time, and only once, lived a young man and a young woman.  Their whole lives ahead of them; one day the young man and young woman woke up in their homes, went about their morning routines, then went to work.  Nothing would ever be the same. 

During that day, fate had her approach him down a hallway from the opposite direction.  He saw her, and literally stopped.  She was beautiful!  She wore a skirt and blouse, and walked briskly.  The speed and gait of stride caused her ample bosom to bobble just so.  Blonde and beautiful.  He had to meet her…and did.

They dated.  They were in love, but neither knew how to handle that love...especially him.  They were too young to see it.  To insecure to want it.  Too weak to fight for it.  He left.  And made the biggest mistake of his life.

Almost immediately, the man knew he erred….and did nothing about it.

Years passed….

Both married.  Children.  Separate lives with no connection outside of memories and a buried passion.  The man thought of her often during those years.  He looked for her as best he could; but believing he would never see her again.  He loved her, and he was sad.

Facebook.  He had a page, but never used it.  He had looked for her before.  Phone books.  Directories.  But could not find her.  After dinner one evening, he typed in her name.  Well, the name he knew her by so long ago.  So many.  So many.  He began looking at each one.  After an hour or so, he stopped.  It was pointless.  Even if he did find her, what then?

This repeated itself time and time again.  Random clicks.  Nope. Nope.  Nope.  She wasn’t there.

Again looking.  Not in a systematic way…just randomly clicking the links.  Wait….  His face is drawn to the screen.  It’s a mom and her daughter.  It could be.  Same beautiful hair, same gorgeous smile, and those eyes!  It is her!  It has to be!  With a daughter…a beautiful young girl.  Now what?  Clearly the woman was a mom.  Probably married.  Probably happy.  There is nothing here for the man.  He noted the “new” last name…and sadly closed the page.

Days passed…he looked at the picture over and over.  He searched her picture for some expression, some indication of unhappiness.  He saw none.  Each time he closed the page.

Checking her picture was a daily thing now.  He gleaned as much information from her page as he could to piece together her life.  She was married, she did have kids, and she seemed to have a very nice life.  Against his better judgment, he typed a message….then deleted it.  No, not today.  He didn’t know what to expect.  He couldn’t send it.

More days passed…. Each day he looked.  Each day he closed the page….except for one.  That day he typed a message, that day he sent it.  The next morning he anxiously looked for a response.  There was none.  Nor the next day.  Nor the next.  One more message, just in case.  No response.  Then a third.  Nothing.  He had done all he could do.  He closed the page.

Days passed.  He still thought of her.  He still looked at her picture and remembered what was…so long ago.  Yahoo mail, log-on and check email.  There it was.  A Facebook response….from her!  His chest pounded.  Every external sound shut off…he could only hear his heart pounding in his ears!  Quiet!  Everyone will hear!   What now?  How do I read it?!  Do I want to read it?  What will she say?  He clicked the link…

Yes, she was married.   Yes, she had children.  Yes, she had a nice life…all without him.  He was happy for her, but very sad.  As he read, it seemed like she was not angry with him.  That was good.  He smiled at some things she wrote, wondered about others, but stopped cold near the end.  “You better keep in touch!”    What did that mean?!  He noticed there was an exclamation point after it.  That meant something…didn’t it?  Now what?

One thing was for sure…he was going to keep in touch.

Things would truly never be the same…

They kept in touch.  And yes, nothing would ever be the same. 

Chapter 2 He had thousands of hours flying.  He had endured engine failures, lightning strikes, system losses, even landing in a sudden white out.  Never was he scared.  Today, cruising at 33,000 feet, he was petrified...and he wasn't the one doing the flying.

A short time later, made an eternity by anticipation.  The jet taxied to the gate.  He nervously fingered his phone.  Pecking out a text her.  Her.  He was going to see her.  Face to face!  They spoke often and knew each other to the extent possible, but this would be different.  They were committed to two and half days of each other..  What if she doesn't like me?

Pulling his suitcase, and trying to focus on finding his way, his mind raced.  He was sure he was going to throw up.  He stopped twice to pop mints.  

Down a short ramp...three doors.  Everyone was going through the left one...he went to the far right.  Halfway down the ramp someone opens a door.  He catches a glimpse.  It's her!  The door closes..and she is gone...but he is sure it’s her!  Pivoting slightly, he heads for the door on the right...she won't be looking there.  Through the door, head turned to the left.  Another glimpse through the crowd...yes!  It’s her! The beautiful hair.  Standing by a column.  Gone again...lost in the crowd.  He uses the other columns as a screen...he doesn't want to be seen yet...he has no idea why.  She must have seen him, because she takes a half step to see around the column.  Its time...he walks around the last obstacle....and there she is!  And she is an angel!

He is unaware of his the handle slipping from his hand.  They walk towards each other....arms raising.  Whatever awkwardness he was afraid of is nowhere near.  No words are spoken before their lips meet.  She is shaking...he holds her closer, as if she were cold.  Their mouths pull apart for a moment.  He hears her for the first time in 20 years..."Those lips.", she says...and they kiss again.

He is holding her.  Kissing her.  He feels it.  It IS right.  He knows.  They continuen kissing unaware of everything around them.

Chapter 3 Locked in a passionate embrace on a moving sidewalk at the airport; they can’t hold each other tightly enough.  The sidewalk ends and they begin walking, hand-in-hand.  His mind continues to be fuzzy. Is this really happening?  He turns and looks at her.  Her hair, her face, her smile, her touch…it all came back so easily.  She smells go good.  She feels even better.  Each time they find the chance, they kiss hard, tongues darting.  Breathless.  Moving sidewalks, elevators.  He didn’t care who saw.  He loved holding her.

They are in the back of the SUV now.  They have all the privacy they need.  His pants down, he has been hard since the first kiss.  Her skirt is up, she wears no underwear.  He is almost trembling as she straddles him, his hands on her hips.  They look into each other’s eyes and she slides his penis inside her, and lowers herself onto him.  They are making love for the first time in a long time.

The drive to the river cabin is a joy…lost in conversation, lost in each other.  The cabin is perfect.  She is perfect.  This is perfect.  On the plane, he wondered what it would be like.  Now, less than two hours later, he knows.  However, he wonders if she does.  Does she feel the same? 

The cabin has two bedrooms, a loft with a Jacuzzi, and living area with a sofa.  He sees it all, but can’t take his eyes off of her.  She works busily organizing the things she brought for them.  He feels so special that she did that.  Finally, everything is in.  They find themselves in a bedroom.  The bed is big and soft.  They begin kissing and touching.  They are naked and learning about each other again.  She makes many of the same sounds he recalls from before…but she is different.  She is more giving, more relaxed, more open.  She is on her back, and he works his mouth to her pussy.   As he works his tongue, she reaches down and helps open herself to him.  He is so turned on!  His only focus is her pleasure and she comes closer to coming.  He uses his tongue, his fingers, his lips.  Her breathing is rapid, her moaning almost breathless.  She asks if he wants her to wait.  He doesn’t…he wants her to come.  Come now.  Come hard.  He can feel her starting to reach orgasm.  Her body tenses and shudders as she comes.  This all transmits to him, as if they are one.  He watches her intently as she starts to come down.  Sliding back to the pillow, he rests his head…she is on his chest.  Rest.

Sitting on the couch now.  Naked and talking.  Utterly at peace and comfortable.  Warm.   Happy.  Touching.  Caressing.  He is suddenly aware of the silence.  They have not spoken a word for a while, yet they are both at peace.  Both comfortable with the silence.  Looking at her, he strokes her naked legs, and smiles.  She doesn’t see, but that is ok.  He loves her so.  She knows he says it, but does she know the depth to which that love dwells?  He does and it is deep.  He loves her like no other.  He wants to never leave her side.  Sadly, he will have to in two days.  But one day…..

The quiet night is punctuated by the odd sound from nature and the burble of the river flowing.  The blanket is on the ground, in a shadow of the cabin.  Although others occupy a nearby cabin, they are hidden from view.  They are touching and kissing.  It seems perfectly natural to be naked with her outside.  They have eaten, but not because they were hungry.  He finds it amazing that he can’t get his head around what is happening.  Feelings are welling up.  Old ones.  New ones.  She is the same person he knew so long ago, but different.  Better…amazing.  He hasn’t been able to take his eyes off her since they arrived.   Even when she was in the kitchen, he found he couldn’t stay away.  Now they were making love outside under the stars.  She feels so good to him.  There is no inhibition in him now.  He wants her to have all of him.  There lovemaking is a dance.  Each taking turns leading.  They are very in tune with the wants and desires of the other.  He finishes himself so she can feel his cum on her belly.  He has no idea how many times he has come this day, nor her.  But sex with her is awesome.

The room is dark.  Awakened from a sound sleep, he is disoriented for a moment.  He blinks, trying to adjust his eyes to the darkness.  He can hear her soft breathing.  She is asleep.  He rolls on his left side, and props his head on his hand.  After a bit, his eyes adjust, and he watches her sleep.  He studies her face, and remembers.  He loves the shape of her mouth.  Always has.  He watches for a moment or two, then reaches out and touches her face.  Very lightly, but it wakes her.  She smiles at him, and then closes her eyes again.  He feels warm and content.

During that chatting, talking, texting of the past weeks, he was racked with pain at times.  Frustrated!  But, was this frustration warranted?  Why was he so bent out of shape about her spending time with her husband?  For all he knew, they are not the same people they were years ago when he left.  Yes, the chats were erotic, and the talks friendly, but they had not talked face-to-face in two decades.  Things change.  People change.  In his mind, the river was a tryout. How would they react spending so much time together?  Would they bond?  Would they want to leave after a shorter stay?  All that thinking went away during the first kiss at the airport, for him anyway.  Now what?  He had no idea.  Lying next to her on that first night at the river, he knew.  He did love her, but that wasn’t enough.  He wanted to be with her forever.  No, he had to be with her forever.

On the morning of the second day they awoke.  One whole day!  They can spend time with each other for one whole day!  They spent the day being together being a normal couple.  Shopping, Eating. Making love.


He was giddy in the store.  Frankly, she shopped, and we watched her.  They went to a small restaurant.  They conversation was smooth and easy.  Silences were natural.  He thought about her hands.  He loved her nails and the feeling on his back as she scratched.  The feeling of her palm in his.  He loved holding her hand.  He felt very strongly about her.  There was a sense he was getting, that she did care for him very much.  But despite the happiness of the moment, his personal torments were close to the surface.  He confided in her, told her everything.  She listened and understood.  She loved him.

One of the fantasies they spoke about before the trip was making love by the river.  Gathering the blanket, they headed out.  Walking and talking.  This was so easy…he loved being with her.  After a short while, they came upon a path leading to the water.  Walking down they spot a small depression, with high grass on either side.  This will do!  Unfurling the blanket, they sit.  They are not completely hidden or safe from discovery, but neither cares.  The kisses become more passionate as they remove each other’s clothes.  He is again lost in her.  On his back, she straddles him.  Her hips moving in time with his.  He arches his back slightly and deepens the penetration as she comes down on him.  Her eyes are close.  Her head goes back.  His hands are on her hips as she moves harder on him.  He watches her breasts move freely, hard nipples pointing in the air.  One hand moves to her tit, cups it, then to the erect nipple, and pinches her firmly.  The orgasm for him is long and hard.  He abdominals squeeze tight as he holds back as long as he can.  Able to do so no longer, he releases all he has.  He is spent as she leans forward and lies on his chest.  He loves her.  Everything about her.  She is winded and panting, but very much loved by the man she is laying on whom she rests.  He wonders…does she feel the same?

The cabin has a Jacuzzi.  The second night they use it.  Wine, candles, hot water, soooooo relaxing.  The water intermingles with sweat.  Music plays.  They are drinking wine and just enjoying one another.  This is the last night.  He listens to the music.  A song plays reminding him of the next day, when they must leave each other.  Tears pool in his eyes.  He tries to play it off like sweat, but she knows.  He doesn’t cry.  He hasn’t cried.  He never cries.  But he is now.  She asks him what the matter is…but he can’t talk.  If he tries to talk, he knows, no words will come.  She moves closer and holds him.  He is very vulnerable now.  So much in love, but helpless to act on it. His mind thinks about her going home and being with her spouse.  The thought is killing him.  So many things run through his head.  He wants to be the one!  Him!  He wants her!  The thought of anything less is almost too much to bear.  The boiling emotion subsides a little.  The water and wine relaxes.  He is with her now, and that is what matters.  Unsure of when the next time might be, he clings to her, touching.  They enjoy each other’s company again. Multiple times this night.  He doesn’t want it to end, but falls asleep touching her.

The last morning is the definition of bittersweet.  Tears come and go for both of them.  Through it all though, he is sure she is the one he was meant to be with for the rest of his life.  As they pack and prepare to go, he watches her constantly.  Never has she seen a woman with so much sexuality.  Never.  Despite the pain of the pending separation, they come together again.  After so much lovemaking he is worried.  After all, he’s 46!  He learns that with her, there is no need to worry.  She will get him where he needs to be.  They finish on the bed.  She is pleasing him with her mouth.  The feeling on his cock is indescribable!   Her mouth is so warm, her tongue so fluid on him.  At one point, he takes her hand and moves it to his ass.  Understanding, she inserts her finger into his asshole.  With his penis in her mouth, the finger takes him higher.  They move about a bit now.  She is lying on his legs.  He looks down to see that she his playing with herself as she blows him.  The excitement builds as she moans because of her own hand.  He feels this on his dick.  As the orgasm begins to build for him, he opens his eyes and watches her face.  She is feeling the effect of her own fingers, and he loves it. He loves watching the pleasure on her face!  Seeing her so ready releases him.  Rising up through is cock, the come stops as he holds back.  Her tongue slides around his shaft, he can’t believe the feeling!  He begins coming freely, his dick pulsating hard.  She keeps working him with her tongue and hand, his now shooting cock buried in her mouth. The orgasm is again hard and intense.  He loves coming in her mouth….this was the best orgasm he has ever experienced.  He can hardly breathe.  It felt so damn good!  His cock slides from her mouth, across her lips.  He looks at her knowing that was the last time for a while.  He is very sad, but feeling so blessed that she wanted to be with him.

The ride to the airport is nothing short of awful.  His head is going to explode.  They arrive.  Get out.  The parting will have to be quick, or he simply won’t make it.  The embrace, the kisses….they are far too short and not lingering nearly enough.  But he has to go…it hurts too badly.  He has a hard time looking at her now.  Afraid he will break down; they embrace and kiss one last time.  Then he goes inside.  He walks a few steps then stops.  As she drives away, he follows with his eyes as long as he can see her.  Then he sits on a window ledge, buries his face into his hands and begins sobbing not so quietly, his shuddering shoulders giving him away to anyone looking.  He loves her so much…now she was gone again.  He is alone.

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