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1963 Mustang Convertible

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?Damn car!? parked outside the grocery store in my old Nissan Maxima, damn thing was embarrassing me again. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK ?aghhhhh why won?t you start?? ok deep breath you got to hold your mouth just right, try one more time. Holding her breath and making a funny face Sara tried again to start her car, ?VROOOM?, the engine roared to life, ?Thank goodness?, now straight to the mechanics, there was one around the corner. Sara had a meeting in the morning and could not be late she had worked hard to move up the company ladder, calling in due to car troubles would not spark confidence in her employers. It was almost five o?clock and the mechanic would be closing soon, so she tore out of the parking lot and headed up the street. The light to shop was still on, ?Oh my lucky day?. Pulling in she saw the lone mechanic cleaning up, he was getting ready to close.

?Hello? she called out. The mechanic turned and saw a women getting out of her car, she was dressed in a tattered old blue jean skirt and multi layered wife beaters, nice he thought. Everyone else had gone for the day, it was closing time and he had a cold beer in the fridge waiting for him, but her petite little frame prompted him to see what she wanted. ?My name?s Guy, what can I do for you?? ?It?s this damn car, I think the starter is going out could have a look it?? Her smile was inviting and what the hell she was a knock out. ?Sure pull it into the bay, but I have to finish closing up so I will be just a minute?.

Hopeful that he could take care of her she pulled in and the bay doors closed behind her. Turning off the car and getting out, she stood there watching him as he went about his business of closing the shop and locking the front door. Guy was young and lean his muscles barely constrained by his work shirt, nice looking she thought to her self. He was tall lean and had grease marks on his strong muscled arms a little rough around the edges. Looking around the shop she noticed that in the other bay there was an old Mustang convertible. Damn that brought back some memories of her wilder teenage days. Sara?s first boyfriend had a Mustang like that. On more than one occasion they had gone up to look at point and made out in the back seat of his car. The memories of her youth and how exciting it had been to go through the bases till she finally let him take her virginity was making her wet and horny, just like the old days she thought to herself.

His customer was staring at the Mustang that had just come in for repairs, and he was staring at her, long red hair, tight little ass she looked like she would be a handful in the sack. Walking over to her ?She is a beauty ain?t she?? startled and pulled from her thoughts she turned to find the mechanic standing right in front of her, so close she could smell the sweat and grease radiating from him, it was strong and yet somehow erotic, damn she must be hornier than she thought. ?Oh, yes it sure does bring some memories?, she said with a smile. Her thoughts were racing was she really going to act on them, ?Can we get in it? Just for a minute it has been so long since I have seen such a beautiful car it reminds me of the old days.?

He hadn?t expected her to turn around now he was staring right into her beautiful green eyes, not to mention her breasts had almost brushed across his uniform as she turned. She was not wearing a bra and her nipples were hard as a rock poking through her thin shirts. Her breasts were perky and thoughts of holding them in his hands and sucking on those nipples raced through his mind. ?Yeah, no harm in that? not sure what she had on her mind but sitting in a customers car would not be a problem, no sweat off his nose if it served to make her happy, maybe he could even ask her out.

Excited she went around to the passenger side and got in he got in the driver?s seat pushing it all the way back to accommodate his long legs. Closing the door she admired the smooth black leather interior, the rough texture of the seat felt good on her legs. Everything was just as she remembered even the stick shift in the middle was still there taunting her with its interference of giving her old boyfriend a blow job as they raced down the winding roads of her home town.

The mechanic noticed that her skirt had raised up to expose even more of her long tan legs he could just imagine her pussy just a few inches further up.

Sara saw the mechanic looking at her legs and made up her mind that she was going to relive and revive some of her youth. Running her hands along the seat she turned ever so slightly exposing her self to him. She saw him look down and knew that he was looking at her panties, as the bulge in his work pants was noticeably larger. Not wanting to reveal her intentions to soon she reached for the stick shift and began rubbing her hand in a circular motion around the handle. ?This thing used to always get in my way, reaching over she touched the outside of his leg, if you know what I mean?.

That was all it took he knew what she had in mind, his cock was already rock hard, reaching over he wound his fingers into her hair and pulled her closer to kiss her soft subtle lips. Her tongue found his way into his mouth and their kiss was one of pure lust and desire she wanted to fuck him. In response to her kiss he reached down to discover her panties were merely a small thong, pulling them aside he parted her lips and stuck his finger in her pussy. Moaning aloud Sara arched her back to allow him more freedom to finger fuck her, her breath was hot in his mouth as he made his way to her clit. Flicking that little love bud he could tell she was really getting into this whole thing her pussy was wet and waiting for him. Pulling away from her he reached down an unzipped his pants revealing his large erect cock, holding the base he shook it at her ?Want to go for a ride?? he sneered. Getting up on her knees Sara pulled off her shirts then slipped off her thong and placed it on the rear view mirror, leaning over the dreaded stick shift, she took his cock into her mouth wetting it on the first pass then pushing it further down her throat. Using her tongue as a pressure point she pushed it against him as she worked his cock in and out of her mouth savoring every inch.

?That?s it baby suck it.? He encouraged her to take it all gyrating ever so slightly in rhythm with her. He was just the right size she thought, she was able to take his entire cock down her throat the head of his dick cutting off her air, taking a breath as she pulled it out she continued to take him in, then holding her breath she took him into her throat and swallowed letting the muscles of her throat massage the head of his throbbing dick.

Afraid he was going to cum before feeling the inside of her wet waiting pussy he pulled her hair back slightly and brought her lips to his mouth. The kiss was hot and deep as he pulled her closer to him. Releasing her tongue from his moth he motioned for her to jump on. Positioning herself with both knees on his and her hands on his strong shoulders, she slowly began to lower herself onto his already wet cock.

The tight constraints of the front seat only allowed partial penetration the head of his dick was engulfed by her pussy but only a couple of inches of his shaft. Rocking back and forth the head of his dick popped in and out of her pussy exciting him to no end. With his hands free he started to massage her clit with his thumb allowing her to raise and lower herself onto him. With the other hand he cupped her breast finally getting that hard little pebble of a nipple in his mouth. Moving his tongue along the inside of her breast he savored the salty taste of her skin.

Her breathing quickened as she leaned back against the steering wheel, his cock was not all the way in, and the head of his swollen member was barely reaching the depths of her desire she wanted to feel him all the way in her. Twisting her hips she tried to lower herself further onto him. The warm tingling feeling in her toes, and the intense pleasure he was giving her clit, she knew she was going to cum soon.

Noticing her breathing increase he moved his thumb a little lower so as to only occasionally touch her clit. The head of his dick was swollen and the in and out motion she was doing only serving to tease him, he wanted to shove his dick all the way inside her hot pulsating pussy. Finding the seat control he reclined the seat all the way back.

With the additional space she was able to put her legs onto the seat beside him and allow his cock to fully penetrate her. She let out a sharp gasp as he was finally able to maneuver his dick all the way into her pussy he stuck his thumb in her mouth, not to silence her but to get it wet.

She sucked on the thumb in her mouth like it was a small cock encircling it with her tongue. Satisfied he found her clit again and began to bring her back to the brink of orgasm. ?Oh god that feels great, don?t stop.? She was starting to feel flushed again her moans were echoing out in the enclosed bay. Knowing that she was about to cum he began to concentrate on his own pleasure, her hot pussy was contracting against his shaft urging his release. Thumb in motion to her rocking she began to climax. Loudly she let out a guttural moan that filled the bay with ecstasy simultaneously he could not hold back his wad any more with one more viscous thrust he released his hot cum into her lovely pussy.

Leaning over onto his shoulders her breath hot on his neck they had stopped all movement, the sound of silence was defining when only moments before the bay had been filled with the sounds of their bodies in motion. Leaning back on the steering wheel her long red hair a tangled mess, she smiled at him ?Now how bout my car?? She giggled as she lifted herself off of his now flaccid penis. Careful not to mess up the cars interior she moved over to the passenger seat. ?Where is the bathroom?? she inquired, nodding to the back corner, ?Over there?. Sara got out of the car and went to the garages bathroom to clean up. Looking at herself in the dirty mirror she could not help but smile Mustangs always brought out the best in her.

Seeing her come out of the bathroom he gave her a sideways grin, ?Well your all taken care of?.

?Yes, I am but what about my car?? knowing he could not have fixed it in the few minutes she had been in the bathroom.

?The battery cables were loose, should not be any problem now, jump in and crank her over?. Getting into the car Sara fished out her keys and the car started right up. ?Fantastic, how much do I owe you??

?Not a thing, just remember me the next time you have any trouble?. Hitting the button the bay door lifted. ?I don?t think I will have any troubling remembering you and I will definitely be back?.

And with that she drove away leaving a very satisfied mechanic standing alone at the bay of his garage that cold beer was still going to be cold only now it was going to taste even better.

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