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18 and learning

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Here goes:

I am a now-single 37 y/o guy living in Cumming. I would love to tell you my story. It is straight out of Penthouse Forum, but really happened.

My name is Mike. I was 18 and worked for a Holiday Inn while in school. I was a late bloomer and stayed a virgin through high school. I was working at the front desk and worked closely with the 16 year old maintenance kid (he mainly ran things to rooms when needed or verified we had to move rooms due to certain things). Kenny and I became good buds and I started going over to his house and hanging out. It was there where I met his mom, Pam. When I first saw Pam she was not overly pretty or overly sexy, but she had a quality about her that gave me a 2 hour chubby.

Every time I had a spare minute I was over at Kenny's hoping to get a moment with his mom. Over the next couple of months I found out that Pam did not like her job and was about to get fired. I also found out she was only 34. Do the math, she was 17 when she got pregnant and 18 when she had Kenny. She was a goer from the start.

At about that time she was fired from her job and needed a job quickly. She lived paycheck to paycheck and needed the money. I heard this from Kenny one day at work and knew that we had a job opening at the front desk. I gave her a quick call thinking I could get a referral bonus out of it and help out a friend. I called her and told her i would put in a good word for her if she wanted to apply for the job. Her response surprised me. She said, "If you can get me this job I'll give you a little." I did not know for sure what she was going to give me, but I had a good idea. I immediately went to the General Manager and told him about her. She came in for the interview and was hired to start the next day. She stopped by the desk and said thank you.

The next day I was told that I was in charge of training her to do her job. The shit lasted from 3:30 to 11:00 PM. It was a Friday, so the hotel was real busy. Things were crazy all night and the only thing I thought about was Pam in that polyester skirt and jacket uniform. She made it look hot. Her hair was up and she looked professional, not the lady I remembered around her apartment. I was surprised I could think because all of the blood flow was going south to the little head.

We survived the night and as we were clocking out, she said, "What are you doing tonight?" I replied, "Nothing. Is Kenny home tonight? Maybe we can hang out."

"No, Kenny is with his Dad this weekend", she said with a grin. "But do you want to come over anyway; I owe you a ?little thank you?."

I almost choked. I knew exactly what she meant by that. I wish I could say I had a smooth comeback line, but I just looked at her tits and said, "OK."

She told me to give her about 15 minutes and then come on over. I did just that. I stopped by the gas station and got a condom just in case...

When I got to Pam?s she let me in and she was wearing a tank top and a pair of shorts. She asked if I was tired and I said no. She then told me that if I was tired I could spend the night. I changed my mind and told her I might be tired. She said a shower would revive me and told me to take a shower. At this point, I am not arguing and I start the shower. I washed up and was about to step out of the shower when the door opened. The bathroom was small and I take hot showers, so I could not see clearly though the glass, but I could see she was naked.

"Pam?" I asked.

"Yes, Mike." she said.

"I?m in the shower."

"I know. Can I come in with you?", she asked. I mean really, what was I going to say? No. I was 18 and my dick was about to explode.

She stepped into the shower and looked stunning. Her body was nice and her tits were firm. Her nipples rock hard. I looked down her body and her bush was neatly trimmed. I was hard immediately. She looked down and smiled. Then she said, "Now I remember why I liked 18 year old boys!" My dick could have cut glass. I have a normal prick. It is a little under 7 inches and moderately thick. I asked her if she liked it. She said, "It's not the biggest cock I've ever seen, but it looks like it can go all night. I think I'll be highly rewarded for this."

Pam said, "Mike, I want to thank you for what you did for me. I needed that job and you helped me out. I told you I?d thank you in a special way." As she said this, she got down on her knees, grabbed my cock and started stroking it.

She looked me in the eyes and said that she knew I was a virgin and was OK if I came real fast. I told her not to worry that I would do just that. Then, she put her mouth on my dick and started to suck me. Real shallow at first just taking the head in and licking it like a lollipop. Then she started taking me deep. She had one hand squeezing my ass and one hand cupping my balls. The water was on and it was running showering down on her head and my chest. I put my hand on her wet hair and guided her as she pumped mouth over my cock. This lasted about 5 minutes and I said, "Pam. I am about to cum. Pull off." She shook her head no.

I said, "Oh, God. Pam. I?m cumming! Holy shit I?m cumming!"

Her whorish response to this was to go all the way down on my cock. I felt it go into her throat.

I shot the load of my life, literally. I must have came for 20 seconds straight. It felt like a fire hose going off. Pam pulled off my cock and I was still coming. I shot some cum on her lips and face. She looked up in surprise and said, "I knew it would be a lot, but damn. You came a lot!!"

I quickly apologized and, as she wiped the cum off her face, she laughed. "Don?t make excuses for being young and full of cum. I am glad we got the first one out the way. Now we can get down to business and I can enjoy that hard cock all night."

She then lead me to her bed and fucked me all night.

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