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“Wives don’t, but lovers do!” (exhibitionist,swinging,public sex,BJ)

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I saw my wife naked and quietly masturbating when I arrived home late the other night. She was using our electric massager which doubles up as her vibrator. As usual she had placed a few Kleenex tissues in her pussy to prevent heating up her pubic hair.

She had this glazed look but still had this special smile always reserved for me. Not a word was exchanged between us. I didn?t want to interrupt her as she was starting to moan.

I just kept watching her as her arousal level kept rising. Moans were becoming screams. One hand was on the vibrator and another on the headboard. Finally she had one big climax with her whole body shaking and her usual scream ?I?m coming out!?

I know my wife too well. I remained silent but aroused. I knew she was going to go for another climax after a brief rest. She is never satisfied with just one orgasm. As I expected, she quickly resumed masturbating with the vibrator. The build-up this time was much shorter and she came out rather fast with the accompanying moans and screams.

She motioned to me to go to her bedside. I realized that she was not going for her third orgasm. We had a big hug and I started fingering her very wet pussy. Thanks to the dexterity of my fingers. I was able to give her a mind-blowing orgasm better than those earlier stimulated by vibrator.

Despite the fact that I got also very horny, I decided not to fuck her immediately. Something was really intriguing me. She didn?t normally masturbate particularly if I was not on a long business trip .This particular day was just an ordinary work day with the same daily routine for us.

I gently asked her how she was.

My wife looked at me so tenderly and replied, ?Thanks for understanding and allowing me to finish off masturbating .I had to find a release quickly since I didn?t know what time you would arrive tonight. I had been very horny since this afternoon.?

I asked her, ?Why are you so aroused??

She replied with a naughty look in her face, ?Do you really want to know??

Without waiting for my reply, she said,? I did some very embarrassing things this lunchtime with Alex!?

She narrated what transpired earlier in the day:

She met Alex for a ?friendly? lunch date in an Italian pizzeria in the local mall. Alex was her ex-college boyfriend who became her lover after a very torrid lovemaking in the motel several months ago.

She said that they didn?t act ?lovey-dovey? at lunchtime since the place was packed with the typical office crowd and they wanted to be as discrete as possible.

My wife said romantic ?fireworks? erupted when they went back to Alex?s car.

Alex whispered to her ear,?Hey Sexy, let?s sit at the back of my car first.?

My wife asked,? Why? There are so many people here.?

In a conspiratorial voice, he said ?I want to kiss you! Come close to me.?

They were close enough to feel each other's breath on their faces. They got closer, and closer and closer until their lips touched.

My wife told him to stop because they just ate pizza and had not washed their mouths. Alex laughed out loud and said that he didn?t care since they ate the same thing.

Alex smiled and told her ?Anything inside your mouth is ok with me!?

This apparently convinced my wife to agree to what she claimed was the most erotic French kissing they have ever done as a couple. The highly charged atmosphere led to very intense petting and fingering in the car.

She said that Alex must have preplanned the whole thing .They felt so uninhibited in their amorous actions because he had earlier parked the car in a secluded corner of the parking floor in the mall. Also, his car windows were heavily tinted.

As they hugged, kissed and fondled, my wife felt his strong arms wrapped around her .He began to unbutton her blouse and then unfasten her bra. Her fat nipples felt nice on his chest.

Alex told her, ?I really missed your beautiful nipples. I still remember How I sucked them in the motel.?

She admitted she felt flattered when he was ogling her .His hands then lewdly grabbed her breasts and his fingers softly tweaked her nipples.

Alex then told her, ?Take out quickly your skirt.?

My wife was reluctant to undress completely in the car. He ignored her and proceeded to undress her himself, first taking out the skirt and then took off that miserable excuse for a thong which he found so cute.

Alex then quickly took his shirt and pants and boxers and sox and shoes, until he was there naked as she watched from her side of the car. Her mouth was hanging open as she saw his large dick again.

She was alarmed that they were both completely naked in his car in a very public place.

But she felt helpless .She was motionless like a soldier at attention because she felt confused at the fast pace of events. She was completely under the seductive spell of her lover.

When my wife melts, she becomes a completely different woman. My wife said that she suddenly grabbed him hard and pulled them together. His cock brushed her covered pussy.

They made out for a few minutes. A drop of pre-cum hit her foot and freaked her out a little, and it broke them apart. She laughed, and then looked at his cock, jutting towards the car?s roof. Her mouth and tongue hung open again. She hesitatingly reached her hand out and touched it.

She was nervous now. He tried to hold her and calm her down. Her heart was pounding. Alex laid her down on the car seat.

He asked her, ?Can I lick you down there??

My wife replied, ?Are you serious???

He nodded.

?Uh yes!!!? She answered.

She was dripping, and sweet, and opened like a flower, a long lipped pink flower, her clit pointing right at him He teased her all over down there

He was rewarded with a big orgasm on her part. She was everywhere, out of control, wild with this orgasm. Alex had a blast getting her to cum.

Finally she begged him, Please stop! It?s too much!?

He finally did. My wife rolled over and kissed him, tasting her juices. She couldn't seem to get enough of them and licked half his face and neck clean.

Alex then virtually ordered my wife, ?Give me a quick a BJ please!?

My wife was aghast at his request. In her experience with me, she always had trouble swallowing. My wife had tried several times, to let me cum in her mouth and to swallow, but she just couldn?t do it! She would gag and then throw up! Just couldn?t get it down.

But Alex was at his seductive best that afternoon.

He told her, ?Wives don?t, but lovers do!?

He further said,?You know, the best kissers give the best BJ s.?

As expected, my darling wife was seduced. She sucked and swallowed and swallowed Alex?s cum that afternoon!

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