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~lisa's fantasy part 1

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The following is a compilation of three entries in ~lisa?s blog.


Entry for May 16, 2006

She walked into the hotel bar with a feeling of unexpected ease as the crowd moved around her. She was given complete instructions, and knew what was expected of her. A smile came upon her face, noticing the stares as she moved slowly across the crowded floor.

She wanted to do exactly as he wished even if it meant feeling uncomfortable at first. She felt so sexy dressed in her black stockings; the pink silk garter belt underneath her short black skirt could be seen with every step. With no panties on, she could feel her behind jiggling as the heels of the strappy high heeled shoes she wore clicked on the hard wood floor.

The half cup corset pushed her aching exposed nipples against the tight white silk of her blouse. This gave her a feeling that everyone might be watching her every move and causing her cheeks and neck to blush rosy red. The feeling of the tops of her breasts spilling over the top of her white silk blouse caused her nipples to stiffen nicely against the cold fabric.

He was waiting for her in the room and she didn't want to be too long luring in her prey.

To be continued

~Lisa?s fantasy part 2 Entry for June 25, 2006

Lisa saw a young lady looking to be around the age of 35 sitting at the bar. She noticed the pretty lady had a look of anticipation as if she felt like this would be her night for something new and unexpected. You could tell she was turning sex hungry men down left and right. She wore a silky low cut red dress exposing her delicate neck & much of her sexy breasts barely contained. The clinging dress had a short hem line and high slit exposing the toned flesh and soft hips above her stocking tops. The young lady was definitely on the prowl as well. She was sipping on a little glass of wine, held in a beautifully manicured hand. This scene captured her attention and intrigued her as she moved toward the bar.

Sitting at an adjacent stool to the sexy young woman, she ordered a glass of wine as well. Introducing herself, she started some small talk. The young woman smiled at her softly, and offered her hand as she said ?Hi I?m Joyce. It is quite refreshing to see another woman here at the bar after all these men?, she said with a hint of laughter. Lisa said to her with a smile, ?I noticed you across this crowded room, you looked like you might need to be rescued from all this?.

After a short while of some light banter, they began to play a little game of ?who is that person? where they described to each other what they thought someone else in the bar might be, & what they might be like. As the game progressed they began to get more intimate with the imagined details of each person picked out. Giggling a little & touching each others hands as one would point out a new person to be ?it?; sparks between them began to fly.

Lisa couldn?t help but notice by the woman?s posture, & the way she would close & squeeze her legs, then allow them to open trembling that this girl was getting very aroused. The thick bumps of her nipples pressed at the material of her flimsy dress, arousing Lisa as well.

Mustering up some courage, Lisa decided to take it to the next level. She explained to her that her husband was waiting for her upstairs in their room, in a very aroused state, which had her quite excited. The woman giggled and asked her what had made him that way. Without missing a beat, she said to Joyce in a trembling voice; ?Well you see I?m submissive to him, & very interested in finding another woman to join us both. I guess you could say I?m very, very bi-curious although we have had threesome?s with women before.? The words just seemed to tumble out of her mouth in a jumble and surprised Lisa to hear them come out so easily to this stranger she had never met or spoken with before. This also made Lisa so very nervous yet excited. Joyce exhaled a breath that sounded almost like a moan. Noticing the attractive woman?s eyes were closed, Lisa asked; ?have I shocked you??

With her lower lip trembling slightly the younger woman opened her eyes & answered with another soft smile; ?No not at all. I must say I am quite intrigued at the idea of seeing just how excited your husband might be especially after he watched two sexy women together?.

To be continued?

Lisa?s fantasy part 3 Entry for September 02, 2006

Preamble Sorry it?s been so long since my last entry. I?ve been real busy.

For some reason I have been horny all weekend because I sucked Alan?s cock last night, after chatting with one of our submissive friends for hours! Then he made me go to bed without playing with myself. He?s making me add more to the story. Because it?s been so long since my last entry, He has me sitting on a towel naked with a small plug in my ass. (Mmm) Hope you enjoy more of the story. I?m certainly enjoying writing it?.hehehe.

This was all lisa needed to let her know this was the woman she would present to her husband. Joyce then decided to show all of these drooling men what she was really interested in. She leaned over & took lisa?s soft chin in her hand and planted a warm wet kiss on her waiting lips. Lisa gasped softly & could feel her cheeks blush as she reciprocated the kiss with all these people watching them.

Lisa stood up and then took Joyce by the hand and led her upstairs to the room. The anticipation was becoming almost too much for both of them to bear.

Lisa had been instructed to have the woman kneel on the floor in front of him so she explained to Joyce on the way there. Joyce was licking her lips getting ready to suck his hard throbbing cock. She knew this would be expected of her. She knew what it was like to be a slut used for ones pleasure. It had been a long time since she was lucky enough to engage in this type of activity. Her boyfriend didn?t get into things like this and she had been aching since the last couple she was with about 5 years ago.

Lisa had also explained to her that Alan will command to use her ass as he wishes and she should always present her ass for him to use. She became wetter just thinking of how much she has craved having her ass fucked and fisted or used for pleasure. She was used each and every night for at least 3 weeks once. Her Master had a stranger come over and fuck her ass every single night. Some had small cocks and some had very large cocks but she had to take it and that thrilled her to please him in that way. She was allowed to cum several times each night.

Just a little note: Alan said since it was taking me so long to get through the first half of the story, he said it was time to replace the smaller plug for a larger plug. A much larger plug! It?s pulsing inside me so good?mmm.

Lisa opened the door and it was very dark in the room. Joyce thought to herself, this could be a sinister plan made up to lure her in but she took her chances and walked slowly in. She immediately heard his voice sternly command her to kneel down. She did so as commanded. Much to her surprise, there was a soft little pillow that had been placed right where she knelt. He walked up to her and presented his long hard cock and commanded her to suck. Lisa came up behind her to bind her arms together. She could only open her mouth for his pleasure. She began sucking it and felt it hit the back of her throat quickly gagging her slightly. She became even wetter seeing how delicious it was and knowing she was pleasing him with her mouth.

Lisa was commanded to get between her legs and lap up her pussy juices. Joyce knew she would come as soon as lisa began sucking on her swollen excited clit so she asked Sir Alan if she could. He said NO. He was going to have her ass first before He would allow her such a pleasure. She had to fight back SO hard to keep herself from coming especially the way lisa was pleasuring her using her tongue swirling it around her clit and lapping up her juices. Watching lisa in the mirror on the wall do this to her almost caused her to go over the edge. Joyce kept hearing loud grunting moaning noises and then realized they were coming from her own mouth. He told lisa to penetrate Joyce?s cunt. Lisa began fucking her with 2 fingers sliding them in and out of her wet heated pussy, but then Alan told her to stop.

Alan and lisa both left joyce for the king-sized bed, Sir Alan commanded joyce to watch them. He commanded lisa to disrobe and kneel at the edge of the bed. With nothing but the spittle still shining on his purple cock head he began fucking lisa in her ass. His cock was so swollen and hard as it slid up deep inside her waiting ass, joyce gasped. Lisa moaned loudly as she felt her husband?s cock fucking her so hard and deep while this stranger watched it all.

To be continued??..

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