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two boys then a girl

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This is a story about my first time, with a boy and a girl

I had just turned 18 and was in my last year of high school, it was Friday and I had gym for the last period. At the end of the class the coach ask Ken and I if we could clean pack up the equipment before we went home. We said that we could Ken lived two houses up from me and we had been best of buds all are lives. When we finished the clean up we went into the showers to take a shower before going home. Now I had not ever though of Ken in a sex way but I did think he had a nice body. He was the same height as I was 6' ans about 165, all hard body. We striped down and went into the shower and started to wash down when I dropped the soap. Now mind you I did not do it to be sexy it just happened, when I bent over to pick it up Ken gave me a goose in the ass. He said that I should watch how I bent over he just might poke his cock up my ass. Well we both laughed about that because we always joked about fucking and getting fucked. The truth was that at that time we had never fucked a girl or a boy. When I looked over at him he had the biggest hard on that I ever saw on him. Yes we did jack off with each other now and then but we only did our self not touching the others dick. Both of us had about a 7.5" cock and a good thickness at that. I don?t know why we never did anything in the way of touching the others pecker, just didn?t do it. When I saw how hard he was I got a big woody and we just went on with the soap till we both had a good lather on. We kept watching the other and it was not to long till we started to pump our meat at the same time matching stroke for stroke. The shower was not that big and we are close together, I had my cock in my right hand and got close enough that the heads of the two cock?s are now touching and we just stood there jacking off. Like I said we are the same size, I moved in some and we moved to the side some and my cock went past his and between his legs. Well at the same time his cock went around my balls and between my legs. We just moved enough so that we were crotch fucking each other at the same time. That was the first time that both of us got the feeling that we were fucking a pussy. I tell you that felt so damn good that I was about to pop a nut and I told him I was going to cum. He told me to go ahead and cum because he was about to cum too. That is what happened we both came at the same time and damn near fell on the shower floor. We never said a word but washed the soap and cum off got dressed and walked out of the school. On the way home we talked about what we had just done, the more we talked about it the hotter we got. By the time we got to my place we both had a hard on that was like an iron bar. We went into my house because my mom and dad both worked and were not home at that time and would not be home for about three hours. Ken called his mom and told her that he was going to stay with me and study, and may just sleep over, we had done that a lot of times. We went to my room and Ken said to me ?if I give you a blow job would you let me fuck you in the ass? im thinking well fuck why not. I said ?ok but you have to go first?, I was thinking that if he wanted to put my dick in his mouth I would let him put his up my ass this time. Then just maybe if I liked the blow job and the ass fuck I would turn it around the next time. And if not we could just go on doing it this way for now. We then took off all out clothes and I sat on the side of my bed and he got down on his knees between my legs. Ken started to play with my cock and balls, I was already hard and he just looked at it for a short time then he lowered his head, opened his mouth and sucked my pecker into his mouth. I was surprised that he could take almost all of me into his mouth. He was sucking like a pro and I am getting hotter by the minute, he would take my cock in as deep as he could and then suck hard as he pulled back. When he got out to were just the head was still in his mouth he would roll his tongue around the head. Well needless to say it was not long till I said ?Ken I am going to cum, I will tell you just before I cum and you can pull back and finish this with your hand.? I could feel the cum start to come up in my balls and I said ?Ken you have about five more sucks and I will cum?, he gave me 1 2 3 4 5 and I said? here I cum.? Well cum I did and I though that he was going to pull back but instead he rammed his head down on my dick till it was deep in his throat. Well I was not about to stop now so I shot about three or four shots down his throat and I could feel the muscles opening and closing on my meat the whole time as he swallowed all of my cum. I fell back on the bed and about passed out, that was the first time that I had a blow job and I told myself that it would not be the last one. I told Ken how great that it was and that I though that he was going to pull back, he said that he was just to far into it to pull back but we liked it so all was cool. I saw that his cock was not to hard and that it looked like he had cum, I ask him about it and he said that he had cum at the same time I did. We went down stairs and got some milk and cookies, I took out one of my dad?s porno flicks that I knew he had hidden. I put it on the VCR and turned it on, well low and behold it was about a man ass fucking a girl. Just about the time he was about to cum an older man came into the room and started to yell and stopped them. Then the older guy told them if they did not let him in on the action he was going to tell their mother. That was when we found out that the boy and girl are brother and sister and the older man was the dad. It was not long till the three of them are all naked and the boy was on the floor on his back and the father was on his hands and knees sucking him off. The girl got behind the father and was working her tongue into the old man?s ass. Each time she would push another inch of tongue in to the old man he would go forward and take another inch of his son?s cock in his mouth. About the time they got his cock all the way in I looked over at Ken and he had a raging hard on. I got up and went into the bathroom ken was so into the tape that he never knew that I was gone. I came back with a jar of Vaseline and filled my ass hole up with it, then got in my knees front of Ken so we could both still see the Tv. He saw that I had vaseline all up in and on my ass and got the idea and got on his knees behind me. He put the head of his dick up against my ass hole and started to ease forward till he had the head in, then inch by inch he pushed till he had about half in and I told him to stop. We just held that till the little pain went away and I told him to give me some more. We did that abut three times till he was all in 7.5" of hot man meat up my ass. Then he started to pump in and pull out slow till it started to feel good for me. Each time he would go all the way in till his balls would hit mine and his cock was rubbing on my prostate. I was getting hotter by the stroke and so was he, my dick was rock hard and I felt like I was about to cum. About that time Ken yelled out fuck I am going to cum do you want me to pull out. I told him that if he did I would cut his cock off, I wanted to feel what it was like to have a load of hot cum up my ass. That is just what he did but to my surprise when I felt that hot cum go into my ass, cum shot out of my dick just like his had gone straight up my ass and out my cock. I fell to the floor and took Ken with me by squeezing my ass so tight his pecker could not come out. We just lay there for some time till his cock got to soft for me to hold it in and he pulled out. We went up stairs and into the shower to wash off and we played some but it was getting to close time for mon and dad to come home to play. The only thing we did is I ask him to stick two fingers up my ass and help to dig his cum out of me. After he did that four or five times I had to stop him because I was getting turned on and I didn?t want to have a big woody when mom and dad got home. When they did get home we all pitched in and got dinner ready and sat down to eat. We had just finished when Ken?s sister came in for the weekend, she ask if she could stay here for the night because her mom and dad was going to visit there ant in the next town and she didn?t want to go with them. So mom got her a plate fixed and she went up to the spare room and changed into a tee shirt and shorts. When she came down it was plain to see that she had not put any under pants or bra on. She had a set of tits that should be sucked on 24,7 and her ass was to kiss on. Ken and I went up to my room and was talking about his sister, I ask him if he ever though of fucking her, when he was jacking off. He did admit he would like to and I told him I would like to lick her pussy at the time he was fucking her. He ask if I would suck on his balls at the same time, all I could say was you fucking bet I would. Then he reminded me that I said I would suck him off and fuck his ass later tonight. Well we played on the computer and got some porn on the WWW by the time it was bed time we both had hot stiff meat. We showered and got in bed naked, I had gone down on him and he was about to cum when his sister came busting in without knocking. I was so intent on sucking his cock that I didn?t know she was in the room, and Ken had his eyes closed so he didn?t know she was there. About that time I felt a hand on my dick and I just though it was Ken?s till I got to thinking and there was three hands on me at the same time. That is when I found out that Sandy had come in and found us having sex. I just knew that we got caught and would have one hell of a time explaining this to my mom and dad. About that time Sandy took hold of my hard cock and smiled at me and said ?nice dick, can I suck on it?. That was the first time I had a girl take my pecker in her mouth and give me a blow job. She was good and I know that I was not the first man meat she had eaten. Ken opened his eyes and about had a heart attach but I just kept on sucking on his dong and Sandy sucked on mine till Ken put a big load down my throat. About that same time I shot a hot load down Sandy?s throat, Ken was the only one that did not cum yet. I ask Sandy if she would like to watch me fuck Ken in the ass, boy her eyes got wide and she said yes she always wanted to see a man get the big meat up his ass. For that to be her brother was even hotter, so with her help and a lot of Vaseline I started to push my pecker into Ken?s ass. Sandy was paying with his balls as I was working my dick in his tight ass. Ken was on his hands and knees and I was behind him fucking his ass good. His sister worked her way around and got under him in a 69 and was sucking him and he started to lick her pussy. The way Sandy was she could look up and see my cock going in and out of Ken?s ass and it turned her on big time. She came first and then I said that I was going to cum up Ken?s ass, and shot three big shots up his ass and that set him off and he sent about the same amount down his sister?s throat. We all fell in a big heap on the bed and I ask Ken what it was like eating his sister?s pussy. Sandy piped up and said what the fuck are you asking him for just you get your tongue in my pussy and find out for yourself. I moved into a good old 69 and we started to get hot, Sandy was sucking me off for the second time and I had my face and tongue so deep in her that I didn?t think about her sucking me off till she came and that set me off to and I shot my load in her mouth again. Ken just had been lying watching us, we all fell a sleep and when we woke up Sandy was gone and Ken and I had cum all over us. That was the last time I fucked Sandy for about a month till the three of us went on a vacation to the family cabin. But that is another story that I will tell you at a later date.

Duke 33

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