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i was driving along county line road thinking to myself, i hate this town when i heard it, well, felt the sound more than actually heard it. the shudder of steel bending and breaking close behind me.

the sight in the rear view mirror was not a good one and car had not yet finished its sickening course across the lanes.

the first thought in my head was, 'damme i thought the center dividers were to prevent this stuff from happening anymore?'

then i took the tacoma up over the curb into the shopping center parking lot and rushed back to the wreck. both windshields of the 2 cars near me had the nasty spiderweb pattern that screamed there were no seat belts in use by the passengers at least.

the first car i came to i felt all my emotion leave me as i saw the shape of the head on the passenger and said 'toast' to myself callously.

i know i went to the driver and got her to talk to me because the police report had that in it, but i really don't recall.

it is a quiet place i was in, going from car to car seeing if there was anyone i could help. the second car i remember talking the driver into staying in the car and not trying to walk yet since adrenalin lets us silly monkeys do things we really shouldn't sometimes, like walk using bones that are broken.

the passenger in the car was a mess after meeting the windshield & door frame but was breathing and thankfully still unconcious.

when i got to the last car the driver was in a ridiculously small space between the steering wheel and the seat. i was checking his pulse right under his ear and putting my ear to his mouth listening for breathing when i heard a command voice call out, 'he's dead come over here & help me get the girl out she just stopped breathing!' when i made my way over the uprooted plantings of the new median i saw a lithe woman with short bobbed brown hair dressed in scrubs trying to get the door open on the passenger side. it was crumples shut so we got the back door open leaned down the seat and took the girl out the back onto the median.

the woman in scrubs tilted the girls head back after pinching her nose closed and breathed into her mouth twice listening for a returning breath each time. she looked at the girl with an angry face and said 'oh no you don't , nobody dies on me!' as she straigtened the girls head and was moving over to do the chest compressions, i told her she could stay on the breaths and i will do the compressions, then i pumped down on the girls chest right between her breasts 30 times in rapid succession and the lady in scrubs tilted the girls head back and after the first breath she gave the girl, she was rewarded with the awful gagging sound of the girl coming back to life and pain.

the lady kept a hold of her head and started talking to her in a low voice while keeping her from trying to sit up until she was answering coherently, by that time the girl no longer wanted to sit up since the rest of her bumps and bruises were chiming in with messages of how that getting vertical would be a bad idea right now .

i left the rescuer with the girl and went back to the second car to check on the unconcious passenger when the fire department paramedics pulled up first on the scene as usual. i pointed one of them over to the girl who had stopped breathing eariler and the other one took over checking the vital signs of the still unconscious passenger i was with.

an ambulance came up on the other side of the median next and the wailing police sirens were fast approaching. after giving what info i had to the police about the wreck i made my way though all the backed up traffic to my truck.

it was parked at a crazy angle in the roadway of the shopping center, door still open, purse on the floorboards, at least i remembered to turn off the engine & throw the keys under the seat , i muttered to myself.

as i started the engine and started to pull forward to face the right way in the malls roadway, the fact that i am alive and 2 people less than 50 feet from me were dead hit me with full force. i pulled into a parking spot and turned off the radio as my emotions came back into my body in a wave.

as i lay there with my head on my arms a familiar voice, but this time without the ring of command, spoke to me.

'oh it is you, the sargent said you went this way, how are you doing?' i looked up and started to smile & say 'fine' but when the warm human concern in her eyes washed over me, and i hung my head as i shook it negatively. 'that's a good choice you made not to drive anywhere yet, come on get your stuff ,come with me.'

as i got my keys and purse and followed her over to her 4 runner, she opened the passenger door and waved me into the seat. she reached across & got her cell phone out of the dash holder . as she leaned across my lap the scent of her warm alive skin gave me an erotic jolt right down my spine.

i blushed with the strength of my involuntary reaction to her nearness. she opened up the glove compartment and pointed to a box of hand wipes and then started to dial the phone. 'hey you rampaging hoyden you', i berated myself, ' isn't this a bit fast for even your happy , horny self to get the hots for a girl?!'

as i was cleaning off the blood that i had not even seen on my hands, i could hear her talking on the phone telling briefly about the wreck and how it had delayed her getting home and that she was bringing a guest.

when she closed the phone i tried to assure her i was just- fine -thank you for being so kind and i'm quite- all-right now in a blur of words, she just stood there with a mona lisa smile on her face and one eyebrow lifted up. she then asked me to hold out my hand.

i did with a puzzled look on my face . as we both looked at my hand ,we could see it was shaking, the more i tried to hold it still the more it shook.

' you really shouldn't drive yet,' she told me with a bit of the brooks -no -nonsense voice she could pull out ,' look i live right over on orchard road, let me take you there & we can call someone to pick you up right away, or you can wait until the shakes are over and i'll take you back to your truck, ok?'

still feeling the heat from my body's reaction to her leaning across my lap and wanting to hear more of her warm voice plus the simple fact that i did not want to be the cause of another wreck with my shaking made me see the wisdom of her words.

so i nodded agreement and let her shut the 4 runners door. as she walked around the front i found i missed her warmth already and gave her a sincere smile in return for the one she gave me as she climbed into the drivers seat.

true to her word she lived close by in a brick house set back from the street and shaded by big pecan trees.

we went into the house and she was enveloped in a big bear hug by a man with short dark hair and at least a mustache, maybe a goatee, but i could not tell since he had buried his face in her hair so quickly.

after hugging him back she turned in his arms and said 'jay meet the lady who saved a girls life today, oh, i never asked your name! i'm sorry!'

i quickly answered my name is maddy ,and that it was all right since i never asked her name either . she shook her head and looked back up at me 'well we did have a lot going on at the time, my name is susan.'

by this time jay had closed the door and i found myself enveloped in his arms as he said 'thank you maddy, susan said the girl would have stayed dead if you were not so cool under pressure.' with jays arms around me and susans hand on my shoulder i suddenly found myself starting to snuffle. 'oh jay, she needs to sit down & rest a bit, she is still in a bit of shock, there were two that died before i got there and she was the first responder.'

jay winced at that news , nodded and then guided me over to a couch where susan sat down beside me. there was a classical guitar solo playing in the room, susan handed me a tissue box as jay went out to the kitchen.

i apologised for my tears and she said 'it is nothing to apologise for, two people died, tears should fall. just keep in mind your actions saved one that would have been lost. ' i nodded and leaned back on the couch a bit.

she asked 'where did you get your training ?' and i held up my hand in the two finger salute and answered her that i'm a girl scout, uh, well, was a girl scout when i was a kid.

she smiled and said 'ah that's good, they do more than push cookies then?!' i chuckled at her joke and she took my saluting hand into her own & began to massage it. ' maddy, are your hands normally cold?'

i answered no, not really they tend to run to warm actually. she called out to the other room, 'jay? could you warm up some tomato soup for maddy & i?' he called back 'your wish is my command!'

she rolled her eyes at this proclamation and answered, 'oh, if only it was actually true!' all of their banter passed over my head barely noticed because i was lost in the simple feel of her fingers on my hand and my hand laying across her thighs as she rubbed and kneaded my fingers and palm .

she patted the rubbed hand on her lap, turned to face my side more and reached for my other hand while one not letting the finished one escape from her lap.

i rolled in a bit on my side towards her and was thankful i was wearing jeans since i was sure she would have smelled my body's musky response to her touch if i had been in a skirt.

jay brought in cups of soup and went back out of the room again.

susan said 'drink up!' . after i had finished half the cup and chatted with susan a bit, i saw that i could hold the cup one handed without shaking but i was not ready to leave her side yet so i said nothing.

'do you have anyone you want to call to pick you up maddy?' susan asked. ' no,' i answered, ' i actually just moved here from columbus this weekend, i have not even met my neighbors in the apartment yet! '

' well let's see how the soup agrees with you and i will run you back up to your truck anytime ,ok?'

'i don't want to be any trouble,intrude or take up'...i started to protest but was stopped by her mona lisa smile and her finger to my lips. 'you, maddy, are no trouble at all, i would like to get to know you better.'

at those simple words she spoke, i blushed again, her eyebrows raised and her finger went to my flushed cheek, 'oh, well, i see, you agree too.' her other fingers joined the one on my cheek and she cupped her hand on my face as she leaned foward closing her eyes. she stopped a few inches short of my face and waited there.

i could not resist the curve of her dark lashes on her cheeks and leaned in the remaing inches to her offered mouth.

the pure heat i felt from the thin skin of her lips seemed to pull my lips in firmly to hers like a magnectic force. i opened my lips and let out a soft moan of hunger.

that was all the invitation she needed to dart in the tip of her tongue to the underside of my top lip and around over the curves of the bottom lip.

all the while she had not moved her left hand from my cheek. her other hand started to lazily draw the middle finger up & down my right arm still laying in her lap .

the sudden shiver sent by her finger drawing on the skin on my arm gave me the surprising shock that i had other body parts to explore her with than my lips, since i had been lost in our kiss.

i moved my left hand up susan's side and over her back and shoulder blade onto the top of her shoulder and neck where i began to sweep my fingers up the side of her neck into the short hair curling over her ear & back down over her shoulder.

she broke from the kiss to lean her head over and gave me a throaty 'mmmm' for my stroking along her neck.

with my lips freed i found my voice and asked 'what about jay?' susan, still with her eyes closed said, 'i am a very lucky woman maddy, he is happy when i'm happy, no matter who makes me happy.'

then she opened her eyes and i swear her previously hazel eyes now had gold flecks shining in them!

'it is perfectly human to want to celebrate life after seeing death, maddy, but if you are in any way uncomfortable here, i or jay will take you back to your truck, i promise, just give either one of us the word. but please tell me if you know you would like to stay the afternoon or all through the night, ok?' she said as she gave her small smile to me.

i answered as i leaned towards her bared neck, i would like to stay susan, with you and jay. she started to say something but as my lips started to press further down her neck, the words trailed off to an expelled breath.

her index finger gave up its sweeping motion and led the rest of the hand under the sleeve of my shirt and she cupped my right shoulder tightly as my left hand pulled the v neck of her top over ,exposing her shoulder to my exploring lips.

as i worked my way back up her neck i opened my mouth now and again to breathe in the warming smell of her skin, mixed with a crisp soap scent and as i got to the base of susan's neck right in the little hollow between the breast bones, i was rewarded with a hint of excited musk smell rising up from between her legs. that erotic stimulant caused my hand in her lap to come to life and motion again.

i ran it up under her top , to her back and then down under the drawstring waist of her pants to find she was going commando so i could reach right around one ass cheek and squeeze. then i leaned forward and scooped her up off the couch a bit and she wilingly slid her leg over my lap facing me.

i undid the draw string and pulled down the pants to the middle of her thigh letting me view the triangle of her wiry brown curls. i wanted to see more of her now, so i brought my hands to the hem of her shirt and pushed it up wards , where she took control of it and pulled it off.

i was getting drunk off of the sight of her nice & pointy breasts rising on her ribcage as she had her arms above her head pulling off her top, and when they bounced back down into place it was all i could do not to reach forward with my mouth and hands to devour them. but i wanted her to be as dizzy as i was before i touched the slightest curve of those jiggling toys.

so i began to firmly run my hands up and down on her ribcage and back as i leaned her back a bit and came foward to nibble on her stomach with the top of my head or my cheek brushing one of her breasts now and again.

when she started impatently wiggling i decided it was time to free her legs from the half pulled down pants hobbling her so i swung her off of my lap back onto the couch and pulled her legs upright, pressed across the front of my body as i rose to my knees in front of her on the couch.

with her feet up by me ear i began shucking her pants off. then susan reached her arms above her head and gave a little stretch and a writhe to her ass on the couch cushions when i had freed her from the last of her clothes.

i pushed her legs apart one on each side of my head as i turned my head to the left leg and began to nibble along the back of the knee heading down the thigh.

susan had gone still and her breathing was quite noisy. as i looked up at her face i saw her eyes were locked onto my mouth, i gave her a smile and a big lick with my toungue in the crease where the leg meets venus. she arced her back and reached up to grab her own breasts at that tantalising pressure so close yet so far away from the pressure point starting to boil away needing that touch.

i let her left leg back down and wrapped around her right leg and commenced to nip and nibble it thouroughly while leaning into her crotch with my hip. i knew she liked the feel of my jeans against her wet skin when she wrapped her free leg around me and rubbed up against me like a cat desperately in need of a good scratch. i told her 'oh i'll scratch that itch, pretty little cat, first i want to make sure you are really needy.'

at my first spoken words to her since i told her i wanted to stay, she gave me a mock 'meow' and 'oh maddy i want to feel your toungue . oh please..' she breathed out . 'oh, not yet susan', i replied as i nibbled down her thigh heading for the tantalising smell .

she pushed against my hip harder and began a slow rocking motion by arcing her back and letting it fall back to the cushions as she pressed her hands above her head on the armrest of the couch. the soft little pillows swaying this way and that was too much for me to just watch anymore so i reached up and began caresing the underside of the one on the left with just one finger ,then two as she twisted trying to get more of her breast in contact with my fingers .

resisting the urge to cup her breast in my hand i kept the touches feather light and slow. when i reached the crease between her now slick thigh,and wet, matted curls i stayed there breathing in the smell that was driving me mad, letting my toungue flick out to the skin of her thigh or over to a wet curl to taste the contrast.

susan had released my hips to let me slide my lips down her leg and now brought her leg up along my back pressing down with her heel as she tucked in her tailbone and arced her darkly couloured pussy lips up to my mouth.

i'm not superhuman and able to resist all , i mused to myself, as i gave her one big, slow, weaving, lick with my toungue spread as wide as it could go.

she started making a choked squealing noise as i reached the top of her cleft and pressed down firmly at the same time. i let my hand cup her breast and push it up into her chest as i brought my thumb up to hold the nipple and roll it in my fingers. she began to thrash wildly and reached down to my head with one hand as the wrapped the other hand around the arm toying with her breast as if clinging to a life bouy in the sea.

it would have been cruel to leave her at so high a pitch to go and suckle on her hard nipples like i wanted to, so i brought my toungue down off the top of her curls and went to freeing her wet lips from the curls by sucking them into my mouth and pressing them up together into my mouth. then i opened them up again with my toungue and fell to flicking her engorged clit that was sticking up like a shiny button asking to be pushed.

she reached down though my hair to my jaw and up over my lips into my mouth as i licked and then brought a finger aside her clit and began to rub in firmly. i took my toungue over to the other side and began to lick in time with her surprisingly slow strokes.

her hand on my arm started to tremble then moved to grab onto my back and make half hearted grabs at my skin. her moaning and breaths changed to gutteral deep throated sounds as she got lost in the warm ocean waves she was riding.

her hand left off rubing her clit and instead reached under her thigh and pulled open her legs as she drew up her knees. i have never been one to turn down an invitation like, that so i slid my arm off of her leg and slipped two fingers up in her, aiming to tickle and press against her roof to see if i could get her to orgasm so hard she would gush.

as i pulled her clit into my mouth and rocked my toungue in counter time to my fingers she started trying to talk about how good i felt inside of her so, i quickly added another finger and she seemed to lose her command of english and reached up to my neck with her hand with just mono-sylables left to speak.

she got stuck saying 'ahh,ahh,ahhh' in an ever rising pitch but did not change her rocking rhythm under my mouth so i fought the excitement rising in me and kept steady at the maddeningly slow pace and was rewarded with her hand grabbing up into my hair and a hight pitched 'ahhhhiiie' from her lips as her body clamped down on my fingers on their thrust up to her roof. her tangy, salty juices came out in a rush over my fingers and hand. she found the english language again a called 'ohhh maddy, oh my gawd!' with her face scrunched up tight as the ocean crashed inside of her .

i released her clit from my mouth and started to give it a few flicks with my tounge tip as i ran my fingers around the entrance feeling the muscles spasm under my fingers pressure. susan gave voice to a 'yip' and called down to me to come up with her and lay down.

as i ducked out from her ler leg and spooned around her pinning her naked and rapidly cooling body to the inside of the couch, she started in rapid fire to apologise that i was still dressed, that she had not spent any time on me at all, and that i was the best thing since sliced bread, i heard jays voice close behind me say 'well susan, looks like you two need a shower & a hot tub to recover from all that exercise!'

he leaned over my middle to nuzzle his lips on susan's neck with an arm braced at my back on the cushions and the other one holding the top of the couch he turned his face to me and asked 'well maddy, would you care for a soak?' my hand left susans side and reached up behind his ear and into is hair as i leaned up to kiss him on his smiling lips as the curls that had escaped my pony tail swept susans face.

'oh yes, jay i would really enjoy a soak in your hot tub right now, i would indeed.' i answered looking into his eyes as susan started unbuttoning my shirt from the top exposing my breasts to both their eyes.

i think i'm going to like this town after all, i thought to myself.

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