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my wife the exployer

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My wife of 10 years was about to experience her first woman to woman experience. As a result of watching some xxx videos she had decided she wanted to have that experience herself. She was very nervous, but excited. Lynn is a beautiful blond with a wonderful figure.

I had a couple friend of mine for many years, whom, I knew had played around some and the wife, Joyce had had one experience with another woman and had enjoyed it. She had told me that the two of them had gone down on each other and both had gotten off. So one day I called her and asked her if she would introduce my wife, Lynn to her first bi-sexual experience. Joyce checked with her husband George and called me back and said yes but George also wanted to do a swap between the four of us as well. I asked Lynn and she agreed. No intercourse was planned just BJ all around.

I had always wanted to get close to Joyce and was about to have my chance. Joyce and I had talked about her prior experiences that she and George had and I was excited about being with her. Joyce was tall with big boobs and very pretty. I had lusted over her for a number of years.

The plan was that the two girls would go first in private and than George and Lynn would stay downstairs and Joyce and I upstairs for the swap. Lynn brought her toys to play with, as Joyce, had never played with toys before.

We arrived at their house and they were in nightclothes and we changed into ours and joined them in the living room. We began with some truth and dare and kissing games to set the mood. I got to watch Lynn and Joyce kissing each other for the first time. Finally it was time and Joyce took Lynn by the hand and they went upstairs to play for the first time. .

As Lynn told me later:

We got upstairs and went into the bedroom and Joyce turned to me and kissed me and offered her tongue and so we stood together tongue kissing each other for a time. I got really hot. So did Joyce. I felt her hand on my butt and we started. I put my hand on her butt and next she took my nightgown off my shoulders and it fell to my feet and she stepped back and looked at me naked.

It felt very strange having another woman look at me that way. I could see the lust on her face. She removed her nightgown and we were both naked and I felt the same lust for her that I had seen on her face. We moved to the bed. We lay for a time kissing and than she sucked on my boobs and I sucked hers. I was very wet and I felt her hand slip down between my legs and I spread for her and she slipped a finger inside me and it became real. I followed her lead and we lay there kissing fingering each other. I was breathing hard and the feel of her finger inside of me and on my clit was terrific.

She whispered in my ear I want to lick you and I watched as she lowered her head down my body kissing as she went. She moved down and was poised in front of me and we made eye contact and I could see in her eyes what she wanted to do. She lowered her head and I felt her mouth and tongue on my pussy and I climaxed. She held on to me as I shook and shuttered and just kept licking and sucking as jerked against her face. I nearly passed out it was so intense. I looked down and she looked up and her face was all wet from me. She smiled and said enjoyed that Huh? I did too.

Than before I could do anything for her she said I want to play with the toys now. I pulled them out. She wanted me to use the plug in one with a ball at the end on her. It is very powerful and my favorite although I really like the long white one sometimes as it is liked being fucked.

I plugged it in and she stretched out in front o me and I used it on her. I knew the guys downstairs would be able to hear it vibrating. And that just added to the moment.

I pushed the head of the vibrator against her pussy and turned it on low power at first.

She gasped and said wow. I moved up and sucked on her boobs as I used the vibrator on her. She said I am so wet and at that moment I flipped the switch to full power and she yelled out I am going to cum and shook all over and grabbed the vibrator and road it through her climax.

We lay there for a time both having had a cum and both relaxing from our highs. She kissed me and said you are wonderful. I said you too. She said we would have more time later lets join the guys.

The guys were waiting and knew what Joyce and I had been doing and were both turned on from listening to us.

Joyce had told Lynn that George had 9 inches. George was tall and so a big guy. So it was time for the swap. George had agreed to no intercourse, but had mentioned that he did have a 6 inch middle finger he was going to use on Lynn.

He encouraged me to have fun with Joyce and could do whatever she would like to do.

I knew what I wanted to do to Joyce and she knew as well as we had talked about it in emails. George had also told me if Joyce wanted to go all the way he was ok with it. I said not Lynn.

Joyce and I went upstairs and as we were leaving I saw George move toward Lynn. I told Joyce I wanted to watch Lynn and George for a while, so we sat on the stairs in the dark to watch. Joyce moved her hand inside my PJ to my cock as I watched Lynn. I was very hard as she stroked me.

George moved over to Lynn. Her faced was flushed red as George pulled her top down and exposed her boobs. I heard him say nice. He pulled her night ware all the way off and it fell to the floor and she stood naked in front of him with her head down. He reached over and played with her boobs and I heard her gasp and say yes as he tweaked her nipples. He pressed down on her shoulders and she dropped down on her knees in front of him and looked up at him and smiled. I could see the lust on her face as she knew what she was about to do. George pulled down on his PJ and they fell to the floor and his cock sprung free. Lynn stared at for a moment and bent forward and took him in her mouth. I sat there for a moment watching my wife sucking George and felt a mouth on my cock and looked down watching Joyce sucking on me.

I took Joyce by the hand and led her upstairs to the bedroom. I looked back I saw George and Lynn in a 69 and George was licking and fingering her as she sucked on his cock.

Joyce got naked for me and went to her knees and was giving me the blowjob we had talked about on line. I pulled her up and made eye contact and said that George had given me permission to fuck her if she wanted. She said George had told her he had told me it was ok. I said well? She turned around and got on her hands and knees, looked over her shoulder at me and said yes. I moved behind her and we fucked. I had wanted to do her for years and now I had my chance. We fucked slow and easy, as I wanted it to last. She was very wet.

I could hear sounds coming from down stairs and could tell Lynn was having fun. I think I heard her cum at least once. I heard George say oh yes suck that thing and heard him grunt and knew he had cum in her mouth, which she really likes. It got quiet.

I fucked Joyce harder and she was gasping and pushing back against me and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock as she climaxed. I grunted and said cum and she turned around and finished the blowjob she had started and I exploded in her mouth and down her throat. Joyce stretched out on the bed and fell asleep.

I decided to see what Lynn and George were doing. I moved down to the dark staircase and looked into the living room. Lynn was sitting on his lap stroking his 9 inches and he was sucking on her boobs. She was really into what she was doing. She was moaning as she sucked him, taking him deep as she could handle.

George slipped his hand down and put that six inch finger in her pussy and fucked her hard and fast. I heard her grunt and knew she had cum again and than he jerked and exploded in her mouth pulling out still squirting on her face and boobs. She kept sucking him until he went limp. She was covered with his cum. I felt Joyce sit down next to me and she whispered quite a scene huh? You should let George fuck her at least once.

Later the four of us were sitting together talking and I went outside for a smoke and Lynn joined me. I asked having fun? She smiled and said yes they are both fun. George and I had a lot of fun. I asked do you want to do George? She looked at me and said do you want me too? I said well you could do whatever you want. She said oh, so you fucked Joyce, right? I said yes, George had told me it was ok with him, and he wanted me to do it. So if you want to do George, go for it. She said only in front of you and Joyce.

Lynn had been married before and had boyfriends along the way. We had no secrets about our past. She had been sexual for a long time. She had told me about her history and I had told her about mine. I actually wanted her to do George since I had fucked Joyce it was only fair if she wanted. We went back inside.

Lynn walked over to George and whispered in his ear. He looked surprised and looked over to me and I nodded a yes. He smiled. Lynn came back to me and asked are you sure? I said well I think you want to right? She looked at me and said I think you want me to, right? I said I guess we agree and laughed.

Lynn went over to Joyce and kissed her and said I really enjoyed you, Joyce laughed and said you can have George it is ok with me and me anytime you want.

Lynn moved over to George and kissed him and I went to the corner of the room with Joyce to watch the show. Joyce said to me, Lynn would really enjoy him and his 9 inches as he is very good.

George wasted no time and had Lynn naked and his hands all over her. She was very willing. They moved to the floor and she went down on him once again and I could see the lust on her face as she sucked on him. I felt Joyce put her hand inside my PJ and she stroked me as we watched. She whispered to me, by the way, I really enjoyed you.

George pulled away and swung Lynn around and slipped his cock into her pussy and went deep. Lynn gasped and her legs went up in the air as he pushed in and out. I hear her grunt and she climaxed instantly panting and growning as she came. I heard her say, you are so big, you, fill me up. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him deeper and road his cock as he road her thrusting against him and gasping and grunting. George fucked her hard.

George pulled out and turned her over and she rose up and he was fucking her doggie facing us. Lynn and I made eye contact and I could see the lust on her face and in her eyes as George fucked her. Joyce said, give it to her George, as she jerked up and downed on my cock.

Lynn and Joyce made eye contact and Lynn motioned for her to join her and George.

I heard Lynn say I want to lick you. Joyce lay down in front of her and pulled her gown up and exposed her pussy and scooted up in front of Lynn. Lynn lowered her head and tasted another woman for the first time. As she licked Joyce George banged away on her, watching Lynn licking and sucking on Joyce.

Lynn grunted and with a muffled sound cried out and jerked back against George and climaxed again sucking hard on Joyce. Joyce shuttered thrusting and came on her face. Lynn rose up her face all wet from Joyce. George grunted and thrusting deep exploded pulling out jerking all over Lynn. Lynn had cum all over her butt and back.

I stood there with my hard cock in my hand and jerked myself off.

The room became quiet. Joyce and Lynn were kissing and holding each other.

The evening was over.


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