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my mom fuck three police men part 7

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continue from part 6 i was shock when ky told me that he love me, I told him that im sorry but i consider him as my uncle. He said that he know that, i dont need to love him back, he told me to think about that, he will waiting, and let him know when i change my mind, he available anytime, he said that he going to discuss with my mom to move out of this village, to live in saigon. One of his friend is CEO of the big hotel in saigon, he might be find some good position for my mom, because my mom good looking and speak English. He said not good idea for both of us live in this small village, everybody know each other, and because of my father is american will be hard for me to find any job, the government will not let me go to college..., beside that he said that Mr Tu is very bad person, when he found some other woman that better than my mom, he will destroy my family....

after hearing him told all the things that he care about my mom and i, i had so much feeling for him, i said thank you with tears, i have him big long huge, he hug me back, he told me that i grove so fast and look handsome, i told him that my cock grove fast too and if he want to see, he said yes, i show him quicky.

he admired my cock, bigger than him, he ask me if i have girlfriend or any sex lately? i told him that i been fuck mr Tu's wife and daughter, and ask him keep secret for me. Officer Ky got so shock, he said that they are animal, than he told me his secret story:

Ky parent were killed during the war, Mr tu bring Ky home take care as he promissed with Ky father before die. Ky was 10 years old, Ky call Mr/Ms Tu mom and dad, and little sister Ha was 2 year old at that time. Four of them live in small studio in Ha Noi, there was any wall, they all sleep on the floor on the top of plasstic. Many times Ky was up in the middle of the night, because Ms Tu made so much noise during sex. One night when Ms Ky was not home, Mr Tu seduced Ky, (Ky was 15 at that time), he sucked Ky to cum and asked Ky suck him back, from there on, everytime Mr Tu got horny and his wife not home, he asked Ky do oral for him, after 1975 they move to the south vietnam, Mr Tu has big job in the gov of the small province in center of vietnam where i live, He have many young single mom for him to fuck every night, he dont need Ky anymore, instead he ask Ky joint him to fuck these single mom becasue Mr Tu sex drive start going down, he use sex drug almost everyday(same as viagra). Three years ago, Ms Tu start having with Ky also, it start one night when Ky was sleeping because had some drink, Ms Tu start unzip Ky, and touching his cock, he woke up and her that please dont that, because she is his mom, Ms Tu got mad, she said "why with dad but not mom?", she said that she saw Ky suck his step father couple times back when they were in Ha Noi, she beg Ky do for her, she said she will keep in secret....., while she talking her hand stroking Ky cock...... after that night, she came to his bed more often, Ky got sick and tired of her, he tried to hang around with Mr Tu more and come home when mr tu home. Mr Tu know that Ky have sex with his wife but he irnogre, because for a long time he did not fuck his wife since they move to this village.

Ky also fucked his adopt sister, Ha three times before he moved to Ha Noi. I got shock and said "but Ha told me that im her first cock", Ky smile "she lied to you, I fucked her three times on the night before I move", Ky said that two days before he move to HaNOi for new job, he took his sister out for nice dinner. after that they went to see the movie, in the theater when everybody was watching movie, she was fingering her pussy, first Ky did not know but when thesound of the wet in her pussy make him recognize that she masterbate, he feel so embarass, even dark but he still saw her face smile at him and she took his hand and put in her wet pussy. Ky stand up and said we need to go home, he walked out the theater. Ha following him when there were outside Ky look back and recognized that his sister did not wear underwear, she had short skirt, her legs look sexsy, at that moment he forget about he was mad at her. he told her that they can do some where in the fild but not in that theater because many people in there know him. then Ky took Ha to the old elementary school near their home, he fucked her three times that night, ...

after told me all his secret sex stories, i get horny, i told him that was interesting family, Ky told me should careful with the family. specially with Mr Tu, this guy harm many family in the village already. Ky said he knew that Mr Tu killed couple young men in the village couple years ago, throught their body in the river, because these guys jealous at their wife having sex with Mr Tu. Ky said that Mr Tu is King in the village, because he got money from all business owners in the village pay under table for him, than he use that money to pay for his higher suppervisors undertable so these people in gov take care for him. The only person that can control him is his wife, Ms Tu. I told Ky that good news, because Ms Tu listen to me alot, when she got horny she will do everything i told her to do. I told Ky that i wan to r*pe Mr Tu, i cant kill him but i want to make his life horrible. I told Ky come to mr Tu house next night to watch me r*pe him..

The next day i came to Mr Tu house, for a week i have not met Ms tu so i know she horny, she was preparing some breasfast, I walk in and said smile good make me hungry. she asked me if she want some, i said no,and i am hurgy for pussy. She said that i can have anytimes, she said why i did contact her for awhile, she asked if i fuck anyother woman. I told her nobody, only her and her daughter but im scared her husband that why im tried to stay away. She told me that dont worry about her husband, she can do everything she want, and he doesnt dare to said anyword ( just as Ky told me, make me feel more secure now). I told her that i want her to prove that. she asked me how, i told her "i want him to watching me fuck you, without jealous, if you can do that i will come and fuck you more often", she said "no, you are crazy boy", i said ok then, when i turn around, she said "wait, i think i can do that but just only you me and him, i dont want him to know that you fuck my daughter also", i told her im ok with that. she told me to come to her house at 9pm, and husband will be there shortly, she want him to see me fucking her than ask him to joint and will ask him for permition from there on i can fuck her anytime.

I told Ky take Ha out that night and try to bring her home around 9:30pm, i want her to see I fuck her parents, and want her to joint.

I came to mr tu house at 9PM, Ms Tu already prepaid some wine, food.... she look very sexsy on her dress. she told me to play with her a little bit until her husband come home to give me permit to fuck her. She took out a cucumber in the ice puckage and give to me, she said she like the way i used it last time. The weather was hot about 87 F, i told her to undress and lie on her back, one hand i use the ice to up and down her body another hand i move very slowly the cold cucumer into her pussy. when the ice close to her niple i move very slow she start moan while her eyes closed, she start get wet, at that time Mr Tu walk in. I said "Ms Tu, i must go your husband home", Ms Tu said" dont stop, continue" then she open her eyes turn to her husband and said " You need to give him big tip and give him permition from now to take care of me because you could not take care of me", Mr Tu got nervous, his face got red, he said "not with this boy, he just a kid, and he is.." than he stop, i guess either he want to said im the boy that half american or i am the boy that have a mom he fuc with, Ms Tu continue "he is a kid but his cock not a kid, and he know how to take care of me more than any guy that you found for me before," than she turn to me " Tim, show him your big cock", I smile and said " Mr Tu, you want to see ", he quiet did not said anything but look down to my short, Ms Tu said "show him, he want to see it", I pulldown my short, my cock get hard traight up. Ms Tu said "see, his bock a lot bigger than you, Tim let him watch you fuck me hard". I change my voice and said " you shut off, you cant tell me what to do bitch, you must do whatever i told", they both quiet and look at me, little nervous, I said " you, go a head, take off your husband clothes, and give him nice blow job, i want to see how well are you guy treat each other, and tell your husband eat your pussy too" they just do whatever i told, i was supprised that they did follow all my instruction. after 5 minutes, Mr tu cock still soft, Ms tu got fustrated, i never thought that he could not get up, i remember he fuck my mom very well just last week. I said "Mr tu, how did you fuck other women intown? why you could not get erection?" he told me that he must use sex drug, i ask him if he has with him, he said in his pocket, i told him to take it right away, he went to his pan pocket and take out two bil, i told him to take 4, and he did. i told him watch me eat his wife's pussy. when she was so wet, i saw he move close tome and take my cock to his mouth, I told him "stop, without my order dont do anything" he stop and look at me , little scared" i told them that i must punish him because he did not obey me, i turn around and saw couple handcuff on his uniform, i handcup him on the headboad, than i took his bell and slap on his but, he cried a little bit, i told him shut off, i told his wife come and let him suck her pussy while i slap him, his chit, ass,.. got red, i took the cucumber that was used in his wife pussy, i push it in his asswhole but his asswhole too small does not fit. i asked her to give me some eggs, i break two of them on his ass chit, i used two hand to masssage his bud,asshole, i played with his asshole,fuck him with one finger first then two then i put cucumber in, he cried a lot, i move very slowly so make him adust little bit. at that time their daugter, Ha walk in, I totally forget about her, I think Ky did good job he bring her back on time, she said "what do you do with my father?", i told her quiet, take off her clothes, come and suck my hard cock, she did.

after fell minutes, i heard Mr Tu dont cry anymore, instead he moaning and enjoy it, he stop eating his wife pussy, his eyes clothes, he moaning. he got erection alsot. im not sure if the sex bil effect him or the cucumber in his ass, maybe both. I told Ha stop suck me and move to suck her father cock, then took out the cucumber and move my cock inside him quickly, I was supprised because his asshole just as pussy, even tighter, i feel so tight, make me cum so quickly, he knew that i cum inside his asshole, he moan louder and cum in ha mouth, Ms Tu was fingering her pussy while watching us because her husband stoped eathing her pussy. we forgot her, but i saw she enjoy and she cum too, i told her to lick my cum on her husband ass, she did. i told them that too bad, i want to fuck ha and ms tu too but was late i dont want my mom got mad in the morning, they all begging me to stay overnight.Mr Tu, said that he will help me to talk with my mom in the morning, and i dont have to take care his cows tomorrow. I said "ok, how about permition to fuck your wife and your daughter from now on", he said "daughter", i said "yes, she is my girl friend, I fucked her many times already" they all look at each other, than he turn to me, and said "this fucking american boy want to fuck my whole family". than ha recognize that why her father cock does not soft, he just cum in her mouth, Mr tu said that cant get soft because that sex bil, keep him erection sometimes for an hour, and tonight he took double. i told him to lie down on his back and have ha ride on him, she really enjoyed fucking her father, while im eating her mom. it turn down Mr Tu help me to take turn to fuck Ms Tu and Ha all night continute we did not stop, these sex bil help a lot, i wish i can remember the name of it.

The next day, i met Ky, he told me that i was so good, he said that he did not know that im very aggressive. he said he got so turn on from watching outside. he said he strok his cock and cum many times too, he almost walk in, but tried not, he think that for my safe. Ky going to leave tomorrow and he said that as normal Mr Tu and him will visit my mom tonight, he ask if im ok that they maybe have sex with mom tonight, Ky know that i was watching him and Mr Tu fuck my mom before, i told him ok.

I got 17yo, been fucking all three people in Mr Tu family, turn out he enjoy my cock in his ass, he agree with me that stop come fucking my mom. I dont want him to use my mom like prostitue, i want her to date with nice guy maybe re married.....

be continues, i train my friend fucking mr tu family for money....

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