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Tina and I had had an incredible sensual relationship, but after five years together, the pressures of graduate student life in a large southern university had taken their toll. We both longed to bring back the passions we had previously enjoyed but neither of us knew exactly what would work.

Kate was a 20-year-old summer student who was working as a technician in the laboratory next to ours. She was very pretty, always smiling, and full of life. One evening, Tina and I were walking hand-in-hand across the campus when I ventured to ask her what she thought of Kate.

“She’s very nice and any very attractive, I like her”. Tina replied.

“Yes I think so too…but would you like to take out and fuck her?” I whispered hotly.

Tina smiled turning to me and kissed me passionately.

“I thought you’d never ask”, she breathed.

She slid her had down for the bulge in my jeans and was not disappointed. Our tongues danced as I pulled her hard against me.

“Do you think we can…I mean…seduce her?”

“I think we can try”, I replied.

A wave of sexual desire rolled over us. Moments later we found an empty classroom and closed the door. Tina unzipped my jeans and sank to her knees. She freed my rod from its denim confines and took it into the warm wetness of her mouth. I undid the neck straps of her skimpy red halter-dress to expose her tits. I fondled and pinched her nipples to hardness while watching her head bobbing on my cock in an earnest attempt to make me cum. Tina raised her head, her green eyes smiling as she licked the underside of my prick. A sudden image of that same lovely face buried between Kate’s thighs enflamed my desire. I pulled Tina to her feet and pushed her over a large wooden desk. Grasped the hem of her dress, I pulled it over her luscious ass, and ripping her panty aside I plunged my raging cock into her molten depths. Cupping a hand over her mouth to muffle her cries, I pounded into her until she came and then emptied my balls inside of her.

We would ask Kate out the next evening, a Friday. We planned to take her for drinks and dinner to a pub near the campus and see what would happen.

“What are you doing Friday night, Kate”, I asked, as I walked into her lab.

“Not much of anything. How about you all?”

“Well, Tina and I were wondering if you would like to come out to dinner with us”. “It would be just the three of us”.

“Okay, that would be fun”, Kate answered.

“Great! I’ll pick you up at the side door and we’ll meet Tina over there”, I said.

I left her with a little peck on the cheek.

Friday evening finally came and I dropped Tina off at home to get ready. I wondered what she would be wearing the next time I saw her. I watched her long shapely legs and tight jean-encased ass until she disappeared into our apartment. Then, I went back to the University to pick up Kate.

“Hi there, right on time as always”, she said as I drove up. This time I greeted her with a kiss planted firmly on her lips and felt her lips soften kissing me back.

“This is so nice of you two, I haven’t been out to eat, for it seems like forever”.

We learned that Kate had left her boyfriend back in Texas and had not been dating since she arrived three months earlier, not that she hadn’t been asked more than a few times by fellow students and at least one faculty member. We drove the short distance to the pub while she told me about the work she was doing and how much she enjoyed the University. Kate was dressed in a thin white T-shirt that revealed a lacy white bra beneath. Her blue denim cut-offs were short and tight accenting her slender legs and small round ass. She was only about 5’ 3”, cute and petite with lovely small well-shaped tits.

We saw that Tina had already found us a table when we walked in. She was dressed in a navy-blue mini-dress that outlined the firm body of an athletic woman of thirty years. Her long tanned legs were bare but accented with tall, high-trapped-scandals, also in dark blue, that wound up her sexy calves. I wondered what she was wearing underneath.

“Hi, Kate”, Tina said. Standing to greet her she gave Kate a hug and kissed her on the cheek.

“I think we need some cold beers over here”, Tina called. “Make that a pitcher”, Kate added.

We drank and laughed talking about the department, the professors, and grad student life in general. Kate was a bright student and wanted to return to the University for a Ph.D. herself. We had the specialty of the house, cheeseburgers and fries with more beer. We all began to relax and fully enjoy each other. Kate told us about her boyfriend in Texas, admitting that he really didn’t share her desire to continue studying after her bachelor’s degree.

“He really doesn’t understand me, but I do miss him…physically, if you know what I mean”, Kate laughed blushing.

“Well, we’re all in this together, Kate”, “All for one and one for all”. We piled out hands one on top of each other in mock solidarity. I smiled at Kay and she smiled back her dark brown eyes sparkling.

“Don’t go away, I’ll be back”, Kate said, excusing herself to go to the restroom. Tina and I laughed as we caught each other blatantly staring at our young friend’s ass as she walked across the room. I leaned across the table and kissed Tina slipping my tongue into her mouth.

“I think we should all go out for a drive in the night air”, I said. “Let her get in front with me and then slide in next to her”. “We can go to ‘our’ place by the river”.

Our place was a small clearing of Bahia grass surrounded on three sides by palmetto palms and facing a narrow tea-colored river lined with mangrove trees.

“If you want me to start something, just reach behind the seat and touch my neck”. I leaned to kiss Tina again just as Kate returned to the table.

“You two are making me jealous”.

“Kate, we’d like to drive around for some air, please come with us”, I said.

“Well…okay, it is such a nice evening…almost as nice as you two have been to me”, Kate replied.

We paid the check and walked out into the warm Florida evening.

As we had planned, Kate sat in the middle of the front bench seat of our old white sedan. It didn’t look like much but it made it to the beach and back on weekends. I opened the windows and let the fragrant night air wash over us.

The city quickly disappeared as the road lead into the Florida backcountry past shaggy palm trees and live oaks thickly hung with Spanish moss.

After only a few miles, I felt Tina’s fingers creep behind me and gently but insistently caress the back of my neck.

“We really enjoy being with you, Kate” I said, playfully rubbing her leg.

“I like you both very much”, she said. “Thank you for spending this lovely evening with me”.

Kate had pulled both feet up onto the seat and sat with her knees together. I continued to rub her knee and she put her hand on mine as though she meant to push it away but instead pressed my hand harder into her skin. Then, Tina placed her hand on Kate’s other knee.

“Kate…we want to make love with you tonight”, Judy whispered, beginning to softly caress Kate’s right knee.

Kate sat straight up as if she had had an electric shock.

“I, I’ve never done…”

“That’s okay, Kate”, I said gently. “Would you like to make love with us?”

Kate sighed and paused slightly before she replied.

“Yes…” she whispered. Kate leaned her head back against the seat back and I kissed her mouth gently.

“You two are so wonderful”.

Tina placed her hand on Kate’s left cheek rolling her head toward her own mouth. They kissed deeply. When they broke their first Sapphic kiss, Kate’s breathing became heavier. Then she seemed to whimper softly to herself and her legs fell open.

I had a few more miles to drive but took her invitation and allowed my hand to descend slowly to the humid heat of her mound. I caressed her gently through her jeans while Tina and Kate resumed their kissing. Tina’s mounting excitement made Tina become even bolder and she tugged Kate’s T-shirt out of the waistband of her cut-offs. I heard Kate gasp as Tina’s moved her hand under Kate’s shirt to cup and fondle her breasts though the lacy bra.

”I want to…to touch you too,” Kate pleaded.

“Your turn will come soon, Kate, but right now is just for you”.

We reached the park at last and I pulled the car off the gravel road and parked in the small clearing by the river. It was still twilight and the world was bathed in last golden rays of the setting sun. I turned off the ignition and pushed the seat back as far as it would go. Kate spread her legs wider and thrust her still jean-covered pussy mound into my hand. Tina and I leaned over Kate to share a kiss while Kate hugged us to her.

“Don’t you think we should finish what we’ve started here?” Judy asked. And with that she pulled Kay’s T-shirt over her head. We peeled the bra straps off Kate’s shoulders and kissed and caressed her heaving tits our fingers rolling over her now rock hard nipples. I reached for the clasp on Kay’s back and the lacy fabric fell free.

Kay leaned back, moaning softly, as Tina and I shared her rose-colored nipples. As I suckled Kate, I felt Tina’s hand descend to loosen Kate’s cut-offs. Tina unsnapped them and I heard them unzip as Kate raised her hips to permit Tina slide them from Kate’s smooth legs. Kate clothing was reduced to tiny white bikini panties, now completely soaked with her juices. I did the honors this time stripping her naked.

My cock was straining against my jeans as I remembered the thick blanket we kept in the backseat. For the moment, I turned my attention back to kissing Kate and rolling and pinching her nipples. Kate’s pussy was shaven except for a patch of fine brown hair on her mound. As I kissed Kate, I heard the slick sucking sounds of Tina’s fingers gathering Kate’s wetness for lubrication as she massaged her young friend’s clit. Judy’s skillful fingers began to work their magic as Kate spread her legs wider. Kate’s cries and moans grew louder as two and then three of Tina’s slippery fingers entered her. The Tinas’ finger fucking combined with the pressure of her soft palm on Kate’s clit became more than she could take. The sounds of Tina’s fingers in Kate’s sopping cunt mounted as Kate clutched my arm, pressed her head into my shoulder -- and came.

“Oh…Oh…Oh my GOD…oh…Oh…OH”.

Kate thrashed and bucked as Tina’s fingers finished her.

When the intensity of Kate’s orgasm had subsided, Tina lifted her finger, dripping with cunt juice, to Kate’s soft mouth. Tina and I smiled as we watched her suck and lick them clean. We held Kate and caressed her as she thanked us with kisses and hugs.

“I’ll get the blanket, ” I said opening the door. I spread the large blanket out as Tina helped Kate from the car. Now we would see if Kate could reciprocate. We guided the nude twenty year-old still weak from her powerful orgasm to center of the blanket.

I then decided that it was time to test Kate’s submissiveness.

“Kate, strip Tina.”

Kate’s fingers trembled as she obediently unhooked the top hook and then unzipped Tina’s dress the length of her back. As the back of the dress opened it revealed a pink bra and a matching thong. Kate carefully pushed the sleeves of Tina’s dress from her arms and the garment fell to her feet. The sight of Tina’s sudden nakedness made my jean-constricted cock throb almost painfully.

Kate unfastened Judy’s bra, and lovingly kissed Tina’s skin where she slid the straps one by one over the older woman’s shoulders. The bra fell away to join her dress on the blanket.

“Kate, kiss Tina, now”.

Tina turned to her and they embraced kissing passionately. I stripped quickly while I watched them explored each other with hands, fingers, and tongues.

“Make her naked, Kate”.

Kate knelt and looked up into Tina’s eyes as she slowly lowered the tiny thong the length her tanned legs. Kate gasped at the sight of Tina’s smooth pussy, which we had shaved bare in preparation the night before. Tina’s nude body now contrasted lewdly with the high-strapped scandals she still was wearing. Contemplating what surely would be demanded of her, Kate’s gaze fixed on Tina’s pouting nether lips, which now glistened now her sexual excitement.

I approached the two nude women and kissed Tina long and passionately making Kate watch. Tina then grasped my pulsing erection and guided it toward the kneeling twenty year-old’s face. Kate raised her hands to assist but Tina stopped her.

“Just your mouth, Kate”

“Put your hands behind you”

Tina and I were pleased as Kate obeyed, crossing her hands submissively above the silky smoothness of her ass. Tina took Kate by her thick brown hair and firmly pushed the young sub’s parted lips over my waiting cock.

“Mmm…mmmf”, Kate moaned as together Judy and I fucked the horny sub-slut’s mouth. Tina released Kate’s hair and watched as she continued to tongue and suck me with abandon. Judy could see that I was getting very close to flooding Kate’s mouth with my cum but had made other plans.

“I want a some of that hot tongue now”, Tina whispered to me.

I pulled my cock from Kate’s mouth and Tina knelt in front of her to kiss her.

“Lie down on your back, Tina”, I said.

Tina lay back onto the blanket placing the kneeling young woman between her sexy strapped calves.

“Eat Tina’s pussy now Kate, make her cum”

Kate slowly lowered her head between her bisexual lover’s thighs. I watched as her tongue made its first contact with Tina’s slick pussy lips. Kate licked tentatively at first but quickly became adept at pleasuring woman-flesh hearing the sighs and pants she was producing from Tina’s lips. Tina writhed and moaned as Kate’s skills as a pussy-licker increased. I watched as Kate’s mouth and chin become slick with the fuck-juices of her bisexual friend.

“She’s…ah…Ah…going to make me cum”, Tina panted, amazed that the inexperience Kate could be bring her off so quickly. I saw in Tina’s face that her orgasm was indeed close and I leaned to kiss her though it. I grasped her now fully hardened nipples and pinched them firmly as Kate lapped at her liquid sex. The sudden pressure on her nipples combined with Kate’s velvet tongue on her engorged clit sent Tina over the edge. Her back arched as a powerful orgasm coursed through her. Despite Tina’s cries and writhing, Kate stayed with her until she had delivered the last spasms of passion from Tina’s hot-sopping cunt. Kate lifted her cum-soaked face from Tina’s thighs and smiled at me, pleased with her first bi-sexual accomplishment. Kate and I then kissed Tina her until she had recovered enough to speak.

“Now you”, Tina said. “I want to watch you fuck Kate”

Kate smiled at me in agreement and rose to melt into my arms. I kissed and fondled her as my nude lover watched from below. Soon, I placed Kate on her hands and knees and knelt behind her. Then, Tina took my turgid cock in her hand and inserted it between her young friend’s dripping pussy lips.

“Fuck her!”

With that I took Kate in a single motion and ploughed her in long slow strokes under Tina’s excited gaze. Kate’s sighs turned to moans as I rhythmically fucked her tight warmth-flooded tunnel. Tina realized that I could not last long considering the torrid girl-fuck I had just witnessed so she used both hands to play with Kate’s nipples and clit to speed her orgasm. Kate came seconds later, impaling her sloppy-wet cunt on my rigid shaft and sobbing in ecstasy.

My orgasm was all that remained to complete the consummation of our trio’s sexual union and Tina had already decided how and where that was to occur. Kate was still quivering from her orgasm as Tina lifted her to her knees at my feet. The young submissive instinctively crossed her wrists behind her lifting her face let her mouth fall open for my cock now spilling pre-cum. Tina took my shaft still coated with Kate’s pussy juice and pumped it inches from Kate’s lovely face. Tina’s practiced hand quickly granted my long-awaited release and I bellowed as stream after stream of white-hot fuck shot into Kate’s upturned face and waiting mouth. Kate’s lovely cum-drenched face smiled up at us. ”I love you both”, she said. “We love you too, Kate”.

Soon after our threesome by the river, Kate broke up with her boyfriend back in Texas and we began to see more and more of her. As Tina and I had hoped, the sexual fire had returned to our relationship as we opened it to include Kate. Tina and I would meet her either alone or together and nearly always would end up in a sexual situation. On evenings we spent alone, Tina and I would often masturbate each other relating that day’s encounter with Kate. Tina told me that one day that she and Kate had gone lingerie shopping and the two of them had shared the same dressing room. Kate had knelt to help Tina fasten her black stockings to her garters.

“I pulled her into me and fucked her face until she made me come”, Tina revealed. “You would have loved how soaking wet her face was”.

Another night I told Tina how earlier in the evening I had taken Kate out to a restaurant and afterward had made love to her in the parking lot. Tina’s pussy juices began to flow, soaking my fingers, as I described the scene.

“I pulled her T-shirt and bra up to expose her tits, pushed her jeans and panty down and then finger-fucked her to orgasm there in the parking lot”.

“After she came, I lifted my fingers to her mouth and she licked them clean”.

“Kate is showing her submissive side more and more”, Tina observed.

“I think it is time we to begin train her in S&M”.

I kissed Tina and caressed her tits and hardening nipples..

“Tina, I think she should assist me placing you in restraints and then be made to watch me whipping you”, I ventured.

“Ummm, that sounds very hot, I think we would all enjoy that”, Tina said as she continued stroking my cock with her hand. When she felt me start to cum she leaned over to me and I emptied my balls into her mouth.

The next day we invited Kate over for dinner and discussed our plans with her while sitting together on the sofa over drinks.

“Kate we have really been enjoying being with you”. I told her.

“ I am enjoying it too, very much”, she replied.

“You two have been teaching me so much about sex and about myself”, she added.

“Well, that is what we wanted to talk to you about”, Tina said. “We would like to start to teach you and at a little higher level to explore the submissive side we see in you”. “Would you like to do that?”

“Oh yes very much, I am so submissive in my fantasies”, Kate said.

“Tell us about them,” Tina said stroking Kate’s flushing cheeks.

“I’ve never talked about them before, but I want to with you”.

Kate was sitting between Tina and I on the couch and I leaned to kiss Kate gently on the mouth while Tina fondled her breasts through her white blouse and bra.

“Well, in my fantasies I am naked and bound by my hands and sometimes even my feet”. “I am spread open to be taken by anyone and everyone in the room”, Kate said. The erotic effect this talk was having on our new sub was evident by her quickened breathing and her hard nipples that seemed to be trying to poke through her bra. She moaned as Tina firmly pinched them and then continued to speak.

“In my fantasies, sometimes I...I am spanked or even whipped”.

“Your fantasies and mine are very much alike, Kate.” Tina said.

“And very compatible with mine,” I added.

“I am sexually dominant and Tina is submissive to me”. “She has a dominant side as well though, particularly with other women”. “We want to teach you to be sexually submissive to us”. “Would you like that?”, I asked.

“Yes, I would like that very much”, Kate breathed.

“You would be asked to perform sexual acts in many ways and places, sometimes involving other people”, Tina said. “You will be asked to both give and receive sexual pleasure when we ask it of you”. “We will express our pleasure and sometimes displeasure at your ability to perform what is asked of you”, Tina instructed her.

“And sometimes you will be punished”, I added.

Kate listened intently to what we were telling her. “Does this still sound appealing to you, Kate? Tina asked again.

“I want to do anything you ask me to, I trust you completely and want to give myself to you”, Kate assured us.

We kissed her again and told her that we would take her as our submissive.

“Kate, before we start we have two things for you”, I told her.

“First, you will need a safeword that you can use to stop a scene for any reason if you need to. What word will you chose?” I asked.

“Rose”, Kate replied without hesitation.

“And second, we have this gift for you”, said Tina.

Tina opened her purse and showed Kate with a collar made out of soft leather. It about two centimeters in width and had a small chrome ring in front.

“Oh, thank you both! It is beautiful. Can I put it on?”

“We’ll do that, Tina and from now on you will address us only as Master and Mistress”.

“Yes, Master”, Kate replied.

“Now please strip to accept your collar”, Tina requested.

“Yes, Mistress”, Kate replied.

Kate rose and we watched as her fingers, trembling with sexual excitement, began to unbutton her blouse. As we watched Kate make herself naked, I lowered the zipper at the back of Tina’s black dress and she stood to let it fall from her body. She was wearing black stockings with a black leather garter belt and a matching leather bra. She looked the part of a dominatrix in her black pumps with four-inch heels. The garters beautifully framed her hairless mound and pouting nether lips that were already moistening. When Kate was naked she crossed her wrists behind her.

“Please kneel”, I gently requested.

She knelt in front of us keeping her hands at her back. Tina kissed her and then attached the leather collar around her neck. As I undressed, Tina took two black leather cuffs and a small padlock from her purse. She buckled them to Kate’s wrists and locked the cuffs together behind her.

“Kate, you must now thank your Mistress”, I said. Tina moved to stand over the kneeling sub, spread her legs slightly and taking a handful of Kate’s hair and pushed the sub’s mouth into her now dripping sex. My cock stiffened as I listened to the wet sounds of Kate’s and tongue and lips as she lapped at her new Mistress’s pussy and clit.

“Make me cum, little sub slut!” Tina demanded. In minutes Kate’s skillful lips and tongue had done just that. Tina’s orgasm overtook her as she pressed Kate’s face harder into her wet pussy.

“Very good little sub, you pleased me well”, Tina said and then kissed Kate. “Now you must also please your new Master”.

I took Tina’s place in front of Kate and brought my stiff cock dripping with pre-cum to her soaked and well fucked faced. As I fucked Kate’s mouth Tina had moved behind her and was putting on a large black strap-on cock. It jutted lewdly from her smooth pussy mound as she pumped it coating the dildo with lube. Tina moved behind Kate and I reclined onto the sofa to give Tina better access to Kate’s dripping cunt. Kate sucked and licked my cock with abandon, wanting to feel my cum in her mouth. Tina knelt behind Kate and pushed the fake cock-head between Kate’s sopping pussy lips. I felt Kate’s moans on my cock as Tina began to fuck her. Tina grasped Kate’s cuffed hands pulling the cock-sucking sub hard onto the black dildo inside her. I looked into Tina’s lust-filled eyes as she fucked Kate.

“Cum now”, Tina whispered to me. She reached under Kate to frig the young sub’s clit to trigger her orgasm.

Kate came hard and moaned on my cock just as my hot semen flooded her mouth and spilled onto her heaving tits. Tina kept fucking her until her orgasm had finally subsided. Tina then withdrew the strap-on cock from Kate’s well-used cunt and unfastened the wrist cuffs. I then took the exhausted new sub in my arms and laid her on the sofa. We then covered her with a soft blanket and kissed and caressed her until she drifted off to sleep.

We decided to perform the S&M scene in charming old hotel near where we lived. It had large rooms with thick walls so the sounds wouldn’t “distract” our neighbors. I set up a portable Saint Andrew’s cross that I leaned against the wall and connected short chains with black leather cuffs to the four ends of the frame to which Tina would be restrained for her whipping. Tina put on black lace thigh-high stockings, four-inch black heels, and a black sleeveless sheath dress that could be removed even after she was cuffed and bound.

We lit several candles and placed them around the room so that no artificial lighting would be needed. Kate arrived exactly on time and we invited her into our candlelit suite. As she had been instructed, she was dressed in a white T-shirt and skirt with a lacy thong and bra as well as her leather collar.

“We are going to introduce you to dominance and submission this evening, specifically S&M”, I told Kate.

“Tina, tell Kate what we are going to do”. Tina lowered her eyes submissively and said, “Master is going to whip me”, Tina said.

“Have you ever watched a woman being whipped Kate? “No Master, I have not”, Kate replied. “Does the thought excite you?”

“Yes, Master it does”.

“Very well Kate, please remove your clothing”.

I took Tina’s beautiful and sexy body in my arms and kissed her deeply. I felt her melt at my touch and I knew how aroused she was becoming both by the thought of what would be done to her as well as by watching Kate strip. When Kate was naked, I placed the black leather cuffs on her wrists but I did not secure them behind her since I wanted her to help me restrain Tina for her whipping. I led Tina to the St. Andrew’s cross and positioned her facing it. “Help me with her, Kate”, I ordered. Kate gently took Tina’s left wrist and raised it over Tina’s head and then attached it to the leather cuff. I did the same to Tina’s right wrist. I then opened my leather bag and removed the black elk hide flogger that I would use to redden Tina’s creamy skin.

“Expose her skin for the whip, Kate”, I said. Kate grasped the top of Tina’s sheath dress and slowly slid it down her body. The sight of Tinas’s naked and bound body in the candlelight made Kate gasp with sexual excitement.

“Attach her legs now, Kate”, I said. Kate gently spread Tina’s legs and attached the ankle cuffs.

“Tina is becoming quite excited now, touch her to see how wet she is”. Kate reached between Tina’s legs and easily slid two fingers into Tina’s pussy.

“She is very wet, Master”, Kate replied. I took her wrist and raised her hand to her lips to lick Tina’s juices from her glistening fingers.

“Kate, kneel on the bed and place your hands behind you”, I ordered. When she was in position, I attached the lock to the rings in her wrist cuffs so that she would be able to watch but not touch herself during the scene. I kissed the kneeling sub while fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples to hardness. I reached into her soaked pussy to gather some of her wetness, which I then smeared over Tina’s upper lip.

I raised the blue and black leather handle of the flogger to Tina’s lips for her to kiss as indication that she was prepared for the whipping. She not only kissed but also flicked her tongue over the handle, which had become a signal between us that she wanted to be whipped hard with no warm-up. With that I stripped to the waist, took the whip in hand and began.

Tina’s back arched as the first lash of the flogger crossed it. She responded with a sharp inspiration of breath, which evolved into a low moan and as I continued whipping her. I looked at Kate and saw that her lips were parted and her eyes hooded in sexual rapture as she watched Tina’s skin becoming crisscrossed with reddening stripes. Her body jerked in synchrony with Tina’s each time the whip found its mark. Kate’s pussy juices where literally dripping as she spread her thighs as far as she could trying to make enough contact with the bed to masturbate but she could not. I alternated between whipping Tina and finger-fucking her sopping cunt to provide the exquisite mixture of pleasure and pain she craved. I stopped fingering her when she began to meet my thrusts in an effort to cum. I held the whip handle to her lips and again and she kissed it. At that, I stepped back and began to more severely flog her ass and upper thighs, which my whip quickly warmed, reddened, and striped.

After twenty-five stokes I saw that Tina was tiring as her head had fallen forward and much of her weight was being supported by the wrist restraints. I decided to finish her so that I could let Kate and Tina tend to each other. I pulled my hard cock from its confines, and rubbed it between Tina’s soaking cunt lips and against her swollen clit. I then removed a short leather paddle from my bag and spanked Tina’s ass hard with it several times in rapid succession. She cried out with the intensity of the spanking. When I had finished spanking her, I thrust my cock into her cunt pushing her over the edge. Her body shook as a powerful orgasm ripped through her and I fucked her hard until I came, shooting my load deep inside her.

When Tina had finally come down from her sexual high released Kate’s wrists so that she could help me unchain Tina and carry her to the bed.

“That was fantastic”, Tina whispered.

I watched as Kate gently stripped Tina of her remaining bits of clothing and tenderly kissed and caressed the reddened and welted flesh of Tina’s back, ass, and thighs. I then put Kate to bed with Tina, kissed them goodnight, and left them alone together. Minutes later I heard Kate’s cries as Tina had somehow found the strength to bring the young sub to orgasm just before they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Tina and I continued to develop Kate’s submissive side after making Kate watch when I had whipped Tina. After that, Tina and I began to educate Kate in many other aspects of sexuality. We watched pornographic videos with her and discussed with her the parts that she found exciting in them. We also had her read erotica and books on advanced sexual techniques.

We “practiced” many of these techniques with her whenever she was with us. We often photographed her and exhibited her to both males and females. We also invited her to have sex with our “special” friends to acquaint her with the pleasures of group sex. On several occasions we made her have sex with women while we observed and photographed her to further test and stretch the limits of her bisexuality.

Our young “student” was always ready and eager to learn all that we could teach her. She had also fallen as deeply in love with Tina and me as we had with her. Kate became an extension of our sexual union and neither Tina nor I felt the slightest jealousy sharing her as a couple, individually, or with other of our sexual friends.

Tina taught Kate how to use a strap-on dildo, showing her how to fasten it tightly around herself and how to lubricate it. She let Kate practice with it on her until Kate had become quite adept at fucking her both vaginally and anally.

Tina then tested Kate’s “cocksmanship” abilities by requesting that Kate fuck to orgasm our friend Marc’s wife, Sophie, while he watched. (Actually, when Kate was fucking Sophie, Tina sucked Marc off with Sophie’s head buried between her thighs). Tina had found this “exam” to be a particularly exciting one. She later related to me that she had cum from the motion of Sophie’s face rubbing against her pussy while Kate was pounding the strap-on cock into Sophie’s body.

Kate and I had just finished a couple of glasses of red wine and were starting to “play” when Tina walked into the apartment. I was seated in an easy chair and Kate had just settled between my legs as I had instructed her to “practice” her cock sucking. As Tina approached us, Kate unbuttoned my fly allowing my hardening cock to spring free from its confines.

“You two look comfortable”, Tina laughed. “I’d think I could use a little like some of that too”.

“I think that could be arranged”, I returned.

Tina was wearing a red cotton sundress and quickly pulled it over her head leaving her in a thin black thong and her black high-strapped sandals. Kate was barefoot and wearing nothing but short jean cutoffs and a red and white tube top. Tina knelt next to her, lifted Kate’s head toward her, kissed the twenty year old hard on the lips. I watched them as they held their kiss; their dancing tongues fueling their Sapphic sexual desire.

Tina grasped Kate’s tube top and playfully pulled it down to expose the younger woman’s breasts.

“Kate, remember that a proper blowjob is ‘lovemaking from the waist up’, not just sucking cock”, Tina admonished Kate.

“You should make love to the man with your chest and tits as well as your lips, tongue, and mouth when you give head”.

“I’ll remember that”, Kate laughed, as she sucked the head of my prick into her mouth.

Tina knelt next to us and fondled Kate’s breasts, rubbing the nipples, until they stiffened as Kate’s head bobbed up and down over my cock. I lifted Kate further onto my lap so that I could rub my then saliva-slicked rod between her breasts.

Tina moved behind Kate and reaching around her, pressing Kate’s soft mounds together so that the warm flesh surrounded my cock.

“Yes, that’s good, fuck her tits”, Tina coaxed as she unfastened Kate’s shorts and let them fall down the young girl’s slender thighs.

My cock slid easily in Kate’s warm cleavage, which was now lubricated as well with my pre-cum. Kate used her own fingers to press her tits around my cock as she moved on me.

Tina caressed Kate’s ass and then rubbed her tits along Kate’s back making her own nipples hard. She kissed the nape of Kate’s neck and then stripped off Kate’s shorts followed by her own thong.

Tina caught my gaze while I was tit-fucking Kate and smiled at me as she raised her arm and then spanked Kate’s ass hard with her hand. Kate’s body lurched with the sudden stimulation.

“Oooh, yes!” Kate cried, “Oh,spank me harder, Tina!”

Tina spanked her again, and then again and again until Kate’s ass-cheeks reddened with Kate thrusting her shapely buttocks back to meet each blow.

“Oh yes, yes, yes”. “It makes me so hot when I am spanked”, Kate said.

When Tina finally stopped spanking her Kate was panting with excitement. She leant forward spreading her thighs to offer her sex to Tina. When Tina dipped her fingers into her folds, Kate’s juices ran down her thighs soaking Tina’s hand. Tina pumped her fingers into Kate’s sopping pussy while rolling her clitoris with her other hand. The effect of Tina’s dual stimulation of her cunt and clit finished Kate quickly and she cried out as her orgasm coursed through her. Tina and I held her tightly until she had come down from her sexual high.

“It’s Tina’s turn now, Kate”, I said. “I want to watch you make her come”.

I stood up and pulled off Kate’s tube so that she would be completely naked. Then I lifted the twenty year old and placed her on her back on the soft carpet in front of the chair.

Tina knelt over Kate’s head and gently lowered her shaved pussy lips, then humid and swollen with excitement, to Kate’s waiting mouth. Kate wrapped her arms around Tina’s thighs and hungrily tongued and lapped at Tina’s dripping cunt. Tina was positioned facing Kate’s feet and leant forward to part Kate’s thighs so that she could resume finger-fucking her. The wet sounds of the two women’s lovemaking soon excited me too much to merely watch, so straddling Kate’s splayed legs, I cupped Tina’s chin in my hand and guided my cock between her open lips.

As I fucked her in the mouth, the lust in Tina’s eyes and her flushed cheeks told me that Kate’s well-practiced tongue was doing its work and that Tina would cum soon.

Tina felt her orgasm beginning to well up in her and began to rapidly pump Kate’s dripping pussy with three fingers to try to make Kate cum for a second time. I watched as Tina’s fingers pounding into her made Kate’s thighs tighten, her body bucking in rhythm with Tina’s hand. Kate’s back arched and she moaned into Tina’s sopping cunt as she came first, followed immediately by Tina. I withdrew my cock from Tina’s lips to watch her lovely face as she orgasmed, and then splattered it with my hot cum.

When their orgasms had subsided, Tina turned and placed her naked body over Kate’s. Tina’s pussy juices mixed with tears of joy flowing down Kate’s cheeks as she kissed and licked my cum from Tina’s face.

When Tina was satisfied with Kate's training with the strap-on cock, she proposed that we test Kate on its proper use. To make the "test" more challenging, we decided that we would have Kate fuck an attractive woman whom she had not previously met and that we would video the testing session. I suggested to Tina that Sophie, the wife of our friend Marc, would be great as the test subject.

Before we started Kate's training we had experienced several memorable sexual adventures with Marc and Sophie. Sophie is a striking redhead with milky white skin and long shapely legs. Her tits are small and firm like Kate's and adorned with lovely pink nipples. I had enjoyed sucking Sophie's tits on several occasions and once, with Tina stoking me, I had the pleasure of shooting my cum all over them. I knew Sophie to be quite bisexual and always ready to try anything and everything sexually. Marc complements Sophie well. He is a handsome blond with a good body and a large cock, which I had on several occasions watched him use to fuck both Sophie and Tina senseless.

Tina telephoned Sophie and explained our ideas for Kate's test to her.

"Have you seen us with our friend Kate?" Tina asked Sophie.

"I have seen you two with her a lot," Sophie replied. "Are you two "doing" that pretty young thing?"

"Well, let's just say that we have been training her in the 'finer arts' of sexuality," Tina replied smiling at me. "We would like her to take a little test with you and Marc," Tina explained.

"I guess that answers my question," Sophie laughed. "This is sounding hot, what is her test going to be?"

"Part of Kate's training has been the use and care of a strap-on dildo," Tina explained.

"Has she fucked you with it?" Sophie asked.

"Both of us actually, but only after I had used it on her to shown her how it was done," Tina answered.

"I'm sure you were an excellent teacher, Tina," Sophie replied with awakening lust becoming apparent in her voice.

"She has become quite a good little fuck with it, if I do say so myself," Tina replied.

"We would love for you and Marc to come over for dinner Saturday night and afterwards Kate will fuck you to orgasm while we take video", Tina said. "Of course the rest of us will be playing too", she added.

"Kate's little test sounds interesting and talking about it is already gotten me soaked," Sophie admitted. "Kate is so cute, I can't wait to see her naked wearing just that dildo." "Will she do me in the ass, too?" Sophie asked.

"Yes, we had planned that anal sex would be part of her test it will be alright with you," Tina replied. "I have taught her to be very gentle with it and of course we'll use lots of lube".

"Remember Sophie, whichever one of your hot little holes she is fucking when you cum is up to you, but to pass the test she has to bring you to orgasm with the strap-on," Tina instructed.

"Tina, I don't think I'll have any problem in "cumming" or in convincing Marc to join in," Sophie replied. "Do you want Marc to bring his new video camera?"

"That would be great, Sophie". "Dinner at eight on Saturday then?" "If you can convince Marc," Tina laughed.

A week before the dinner with Sophie and Marc Tina explained the rules of "the test" to Kate, and described Sophie and Marc to her. Kate was excited and happy about being tested by her mistress.

Tina and Kate "practiced" with the strap-on during the week of the test until Tina was sure that Kate was ready for Sophie. Tina had Kate fuck her pussy with various types of strap-on cocks. Tina tested Kate in nearly every position imaginable and Kate was always able to fuck Tina to at least one if not several orgasms.

One evening the three of us were in our living room enjoying some wine and discussing Kate's upcoming test with her. Tina excused herself and in a few minutes and returned wearing black heels and stockings and a calf-length black dress that zipped to the small of her back. The dress had a full skirt but its tight bodice that revealed that she had removed her bra. Tina's nipples had already hardened in anticipation of what she had apparently planned for Kate.

"Kate, this is your "dress rehearsal" before Saturday's test," Tina said. Then she said to Kate, "Strip for us little sub-slut."

I poured us three more glasses of wine and watched as Kate obediently rose from her chair grasped the hem of her white t-shirt and lifted it over her head. Tina moved to Kate and kissed her lips while her right hand found for clasp at the back of Kate's thin white lace bra. I watched the device sag slightly as Tina deftly unfastened it freeing Kate's tits. Tina brushed the straps off of Kate's shoulders and the bra fell to the floor. Then she picked up her wine glass and joined me again on the couch to continue to watch Kate strip. Kate stepped out of her shoes and then faced us while slowly undoing the buttons of her jeans. Her nipples began to harden as she began to imagine what was going to happen next. Tina fixed her gaze into Kate's eyes as she sipped her wine while gently fondling the growing bulge in my pants.

When Kate had completed unbuttoning her jeans she pushed them down over her slender hips revealing the matching white lace cotton thong she and Tina had bought at their favorite lingerie store earlier in the week.

"Take everything off," Tina said to Kate. "I want you completely naked."

Kate stood with her back to me and motioned to the long zipper at the back of her dress.

"Would you mind?"

"Not at all my dear," I returned.

With that, Kate lowered her eyes from her mistresses' gaze, hooked her thumbs into the sides of her thong and slid it down to expose her newly shaved mound. I then unzipped Tina's dress and pushed the sleeves off her shoulders revealing the smooth tanned skin of her back. When Kate had stepped out of he thong I pealed Tina's dress down exposing her breasts to Kate's gaze and let it fall to the floor.

Kate gasped when she saw the Tina's tops of Tina's thigh-high stockings framing the black leather harness and long thick double strap-on dildo between Tina's parted thighs. The harness held the dildo in place by straps looped through a ring around its middle. One half of it penetrated Tina's vagina while the rest of the shaft with its thick cockhead swung lewdly between her stocking-covered thighs.

Tina grasped Kate's lovely chin and kissed her long and full on the lips.

Tina breathed to Kate, "I am going to fuck you in the ass."

Then Tina said to me, "Put her on the footstool."

Kate was trembling with excitement as I took her in my arms and guided her to a large well-cushioned black leather Ottoman. I gently helped the nude 20 year old kneel onto it and positioned her so that Tina could fuck her from behind.

"Get the little slut ready for me", Tina ordered as she stepped out of the crumpled dress at her feet. "She is probably already dripping wet just thinking about it."

I took Kate's face in my hands and raised it to mine. I whispered to her that I loved her and then kissed her deeply. Her lips melted into mine and our tongues caressed. I knew that the ass-fucking she was about to receive would be easier for her the more excited she was so I strove to heighten her sexual arousal by fondling her breasts and rolling and pinching her nipples until they had hardened under my touch. Then I licked and sucked both of them in turn while stroking the other with my palms. After several minutes I moved behind her and placing my left hand on her shoulder I used my right hand other to spread her thighs apart. I then pressed two fingers to her pussy and her lust-swollen cunt lips offered no resistance as my fingers sank deep into her liquid warmth.

"She's soaked," I responded showing Tina my fingers glistening with Kate's juices.

As was our custom with our little slut-slave, I then wiped them over Kate's upper lip to further inflame her passion with the scent of her own fragrance.

I watched Tina pumping the fake cock with her hand as she coated it with lube. Then I stepped into Kate's view to strip. She watched as my cock sprang free inches from her face.

"Lube her tight little asshole for me," Kate said as she handed me the bottle of the slippery liquid.

I took it from Tina and then knelt behind Kate to prepare her for what I knew would be a serious ass fucking.

"You may be asked to fuck Sophie anally on Saturday," Tina told Kate. "I want you to remember what it should feel like how to do it well."

Kate moaned softly as I began to prepare her for Tina's strap-on cock. I licked her clit and sucking her cunt until her pussy juice literally began to drip from her excited quim. Gathering some of it, I rubbed it over her rosebud as she spread her thighs to give me better access to her sweet nether-hole. Then I rimmed her until I felt the sphincter begin to relax and loosen. I then penetrated her, first with my tongue and then with one and finally two fingers. I squeezed some lube between my fingers and she moaned again as I spread open her tiny hole letting the lube seep between them to lubricate her deeply.

"Are you ready for me?" Tina asked as she took my place behind Kate and lovingly stroked Kate ass-cheeks.

"Yes, Mistress," Kate replied.

"Yes, Mistress you are ready for what, Kate?" Tina returned.

"I am ready for you to fuck me, Mistress," Kate said. "I am ready for you to fuck my ass."

"Very well, Kate," Tina replied. Then Tina said to me, "Since I will be fucking our little sub-slut in the ass, you will use her mouth."

I moved in front of the kneeling sub and stroked my cock, which was by then dripping with pre-cum. I wiped it against her cheek. Kate raised her face to me and I looked into her sweet blue eyes that were half-hooded with lust.

She whispered to me, "I want you."

Kate then rolled her eyes and moaned loudly as the pressure of Tina's fat fake cockhead began to stretch her open. Her tight pink ring resisted Tina's onslaught briefly then gave in as the strap-on cock forced its way inside of her. At that moment Kate's lips also parted to accept my cock into the velvet warmth of her mouth.

Tina fucked Kate with slow short strokes at first until she was sure that Kate could accommodate the full length of the dildo. Her strokes soon became more insistent due to the effect she saw she was having on Kate and to the stimulation she was receiving from the other end of the dildo that was prodding her own cunt. I watched Kate's passionate expressions as she looked up at me while she lapped and sucked my throbbing prick. Tina reached between Kate's legs to find the hard slippery nubbin of her clitoris and began rolling it with her fingers while forcefully pumping the dildo into the twenty-year old's ass.

It soon became obvious from the increasing intensity of Kate's moans that she soon was going to cum from Tina's ass fucking. However, Kate's training dictated that she was to please others before she was permitted her own release so Kate tried valiantly to hold off her orgasm until she could bring me off with her mouth. Kate increased the intensity of her fellatio, taking the full length of my shaft into her mouth and throat. However, when Tina sensed what Kate was trying to do, she decided to deny Kate control of her orgasm and spanked her hard six times in rapid succession. The sudden stimulation caused Kate's expression to flash from determination to surrender as she realized that she could no longer resist, and a powerful orgasm ripped through her.

"Oooohhh! Ahhhhhh! Unhhhhhhhhhhhh...Ooooooh!" Kate cried as she involuntarily let my cock slip from her mouth.

Tina's own cries soon echoed Kate's as the double-fuck stick brought her to her own orgasm. I watched as Tina rode it out, mercilessly pounding the strap-on into Kate's rudely stretched asshole. When they finally came down, Tina hugged and kissed Kate's back and gently withdrew the slippery rod from Kate's well-used ass.

I then lifted the panting Kate into my arms, kissed her cheek and carried her to the couch and placed her on her back to recover from the ass fucking. Still wearing her black heels, thigh-highs and the glistening strap-on, Tina knelt next to Kate, stroked her young friend's hair and softy kissed her lips.

"Kate that is how it should feel to be fucked in the ass, but remember that you must be the last to cum on Saturday night," Tina gently chided her.

Tina then got up to remove the strap-on and use the bathroom and I took her place beside the still winded Kate.

Kate whispered to me "I'm sorry that I didn't make you cum...but Tina spanked me and I came."

Placing a finger to her lips I said, "You were wonderful, Kate." "We are both very pleased with you progress so far."

Kate smiled at me and grasped my flagging prick. Using her thumb she spread the leaked pre-cum over my cock-head. Then she stroked my cock with her soft fingers until I was fully hard again.

"Master, please pick one of my fuck holes to fill with your cum," Kate implored.

Without waiting for me to reply, she rolled onto her belly, placed her left leg on the floor and raised herself up onto her right knee to give me access to her from behind. I eyed her still gaping asshole but chose her cunt instead, which Tina had not yet penetrated that evening.

Kate's pussy was sopping wet from the excitement of her ass fucking and with a single thrust I plunged balls-deep into her. I reached for the young sub's nipples to twist and pinch as I fucked her. Tina reentered the room and moved in front of Kate. Tina then spread her thighs and pressed Kate's face into her snatch so that Kate could lick her pussy clean. Kate obliged with abandon, lapping and tonguing Tina's pussy as I continued to fuck her. With my cock in her cunt, the pressure of my fingers on her nipples, and the taste of her Mistress, Kate's body was soon shaking from the force of another strong orgasm. Then with a loud groan, I granted Kate's request and emptied my balls inside of her.

When Saturday evening final arrived, Tina picked out short black dresses that she and Kate would wear to be accompanied with black thigh-high stockings and heels. Neither Tina nor Kate would wear either a bra or panties. Tina's dress zipped up the back while Kate's was a halter dress that displayed her beautiful bare back. It had the additional advantage that by loosing a single button on the collar we could quickly make Kate naked to the waist. Tina and Kate bathed together to get ready for the evening and carefully shaved each other's pussy lips before doing their hair and makeup.

We heard the doorbell at eight o'clock sharp on Saturday evening. We had decorated apartment for the occasion with many candles that we had lit just before our guests arrived. Tina and I met our friends at the door with hugs and warm kisses. Marc and I watched Tina and Sophie as they caressed each other while exchanging a long kiss.

"Marc and Sophie, this is our friend Kate," Tina said. "Kate, come and greet Marc and Sophie properly."

Kate approached Marc and they embraced and kissed. Marc let his hands feel their way down her back and roam over her ass.

"Pleased to meet you Marc," Kate smiled as they broke their kiss.

"The pleasure is all mine," her returned gallantly.

"I sure there will be plenty of that to go around this evening," Kate returned and we all laughed.

Sophie and Kate then approached each other and smiled. Sophie was wearing a diaphanous dress over a black lace body stocking and looked stunningly beautiful in the candlelight with her auburn hair put up revealing her sexy long neck. Her high black heels made her slightly taller than Kate. The two women hugged pressing their breasts together.

"I hope you will enjoy being with me tonight," Kate whispered to Sophie.

"I am going to make sure you pass your test, Kate," Sophie returned. Then they kissed deeply for a long while, enjoying the newness of each other's touch.

"Well, now that we have broken the ice, lets eat," Tina laughed.

Sophie joined Tina and Kate in bring out the dishes that we had prepared earlier while Marc and I set up the video equipment. We had placed a queen-sized mattress on the floor in the living room, with divans on either side of it. We directed the track lighting so that the mattress would be well illuminated for the video. For contrast we had covered it with a burgundy-colored satin sheet. We set the video camera on a tripod and connected it to the television to use as a monitor.

"That looks pretty professional," Marc said.

"Yeah, I think we should go into the business," I grinned. "Can one of you come over here," I called to the women who were chatting while they prepared the table. "We need to test the equipment".

Tina walked over to see what we were doing and I asked her to kneel on the mattress so that we could adjust the lighting and camera angle. Marc focused the video camera while I watched the monitor. Tina raised her dress so that she could kneel onto the mattress.

"Like this?" Tina asked, spreading her thighs.

"Yes, like that Tina, only lift up your dress a little higher to give Marc something to focus on".

Tina looked at straight at Marc through the camera lens and gently swayed her hips while slowly raising the hem of her dress. She exposed her thighs, the tops of her stockings, and finally her freshly shaved pubic mound. Marc zoomed in and I could see that her excitement had already made her pussy lips begin to glisten with her juices.

When we had finished adjusting the equipment I lifted Tina to her feet, took her in my arms and kissed her. My hand slid up her thigh to cup her heated mound.

"Wait for dessert!" she chided me. Her eyes were smiling as she brushed her hem down and returned to the dinning room to finish putting dinner on.

We feasted on a scrumptious dinner of roast quail and wild rice that Tina and I had prepared. The meal was accompanied with a green salad, a nice Sauvignon Blanc and finished with a great mousse au chocolat that Sophie had made. After dinner we sampled some very old and remarkably smooth Cuban rum while Marc and I each enjoyed a fine Cohiba.

"Is it time for the music?" I queried.

"I think so," Tina returned. "And it's time for Kate's test."

When we had played with Marc and Sophie before we started training Kate we would slow dance together to loosen up and get us all in the mood. Then Tina and Sophie would help each other remove their dresses signaling the start of the sexual part of the evening.

I got up and put on some soft dance music and dimmed the lights. Then I caught Tina in my arms and held her close to me. As we danced I played with her beautifully shaped ass and eventually pulled her dress over it exposing her to the others. Tina cooed she pressed her tits into me as we swayed to the music.

Sophie and Kate held hands as they walked over from the table to where we were dancing as Marc prepared the camera to video the couples dancing.

Tina and I watched as Kate and Sophie fell into each other arms with Sophie's head resting on Kate's shoulder. Kate was whispering to her and embracing Sophie tightly.

"Well, here goes," I said. I kissed Tina and reached for the zipper at the back of her dress.

The soft dance music was joined by the sexy whisper of Tina's zipper opening to the small of her back. I helped free her of her dress. Kate and Sophie stopped dancing to admire Tinas naked breasts, long sexy legs, and her bare pussy accented by her black thigh highs and heels.

Sophie and Kate then turned to each other and kissed deeply again. Kate took charge of the situation and unbuttoned the front of Sophie's dress. The see-thru dress fell free leaving her in her black lace body stocking. It was open at the crotch revealing the finely trimmed red tendrils that adorned her pussy mound. Since the opening in the body stocking gave ample sexual access to her nether regions, Tina imagined how lovely Sophie would look in it while Kate was fucking her.

"Leave it on Sophie," Tina said. "You look so sexy in your bodystocking."

"Just one little thing, makes it look even better," Marc interjected.

He walked over to Sophie and kissed her. Then grasped the top of the top of the body stocking pulled the black lace down to expose his wife's tits.

"There", Marc said and kissed his wife's lips again while caressing her nipples.

"Yes that's much better," Kate agreed.

She then covered one of Sophie's soft pick nipples with her mouth to lick and suck it to hardness. Marc followed Kate's cue and licked Sophie's other nipple. Sophie whimpered as her two lovers began to ignite her sexual arousal.

Tina moved behind Kate and unfastened the button at neck of her black halter dress. She quickly peeled the material down to quickly expose Kate's breasts to Sophie and Marc.

They both reached for Kate and gently stroked her nipples. Tina moved behind Kate and cupped Kate's breasts from beneath offering them Sophie and Marc. They each licked and suckled Kate her until her nipples stood out as hard and pink as Sophie's.

"We should get ready for the test now," Tina said.

"You two get Sophie ready and I will prepare Kate," Tina said to Marc and me.

Marc then moved behind Sophie and presented her breasts to me, cupping them as Tina had done to Kate. I kissed her lips and then sucked her nipples until her whimpers became moans of lust. Marc then took his position at the video camera and focused in on Sophie's exposed derriere while I positioned Sophie on her hands and knees on the leather Ottoman. Marc attached the camera to a tripod and then opened his pants to feed his hardening prick into his sexy wife's mouth. I took my place behind Sophie and fondled her ass and pussy while she sucked Marc. Then I slowly worked my fingers between her moist folds and to finger fuck her. She pushed her ass back at me urging me to finger her harder.

At that moment Tina and Kate returned to the room with Kate. Kate was nude except for a black leather cock harness fastened tightly about her. Protruding from it was the same double strap-on that Tina had fucked her with earlier in the week. Tina led Kate by the monster cock into position behind Sophie. Marc adjusted the position of the video camera to the best angle to capture the first penetration.

Tina had previously instructed Kate that she should fuck Sophie's pussy first but she would finish the test in the redhead's ass. Marc continued to fuck his wife's mouth as I fondled her tits. From the excited sounds Sophie was making it was evident that she would be more than ready when Kate started to fuck her.

"The testing will now begin," Tina announced. "Kate, you have one hour to make Sophie cum using only the strap-on or until she tells you to stop, which will end the test. We may change dildos and your positions during the test as often as we see fit", Tina instructed. "Kate and Sophie, do you under stand the rules?" Both women responded that they did.

"Sophie, are you ready for me", Kate asked while rubbing the sexy redhead's ass. Marc withdrew his shaft from Sophie's mouth long enough for her to answer.

"Yes, Kate you may fuck me now," Sophie said in a feigned serious voice.

"," Tina said. Kate wrapped her tiny fist around the fat double dong that hung between her thighs and raised it to Sophie's pussy. She eased the head of the strap-on up and down Sophie's sopping slit moistening it until the fake-cock found the opening of Sophie's vagina. Then Kate applied gentle but firm pressure making Sophie moan again as the fat cockhead of the double-dong penetrated her.

Kate gently worked the strap-on into Sophie's pussy until it could fully accommodate the length and girth of the fake cock. Then Kate firmly grasped Sophie's black lace-covered hips to fuck her. Kate glanced at her mistress and smiled with pride while Tina looked on admiring the work of her protégée.

I videoed Kate from behind as the black leather harness strained against her creamy white ass as she withdrew the cock after each thrust into Sophie's cunt.

Tina came over to stand next to me as I helped Marc with the video camera and whispered to me, "I want in on some of that too."

She moved next to Marc who was stroking his hardening cock he watched the mounting passion on his wife's face as Kate fucked her. Tina replaced his hand with hers and stroked Marc's manhood as they turned to each other to kiss. Tina pumped his dick for several minutes while he lowered his head into her breasts to suck her nipples.

Then Tina straddled the Ottoman facing Sophie and sat down with her black stocking-clad legs spread wide on either side of it. Tina leaned back on her arms exposing her open and dripping wet quim to Sophie. Sophie leaned down and buried her face between her friend's ludely spread thighs.

I focused the camera on Tina's face as Marc turned her head to the side and fed his cock dripping with pre-cum into Tina's mouth. I focused the camera and watched Tina through the lens intently blowing Marc while his wife was sucking her pussy. At that moment a wave of love for Tina swept over me as I realized how fortunate I was to be loved by such an incredibly hot, beautiful, and sexually liberated woman.

Sophie began to moan into Tina's cunt-lips under the intensity of Kate's thrusts. Tina knew that Kate was about to make Sophie cum, so despite of the intense cunt lapping she was receiving from Sophie, she decided to stop them and replace Kate's dildo. Tina let Marc's cock slide out of her mouth but continued pumping his dick with her hand to keep him hard.

"Pull the little sub-slut off of Sophie and put on the other fake dick," Tina said.

I gently helped Kate withdraw the double fuck stick from Sophie's pussy to both women's displeasure.

"Don't worry, Sophie," Tina said stroking her friend's head. "I know you'll love what coming next."

I unfastened the leather harness of Kate's double strap-on and slid the thick rod out of her sopping wet pussy. Then I attached a smaller flesh-colored cock into its harness and fastened it around Kate. The new strap-on did not enter Kate so it would be harder for Kate to pleasure herself with it. I coated it well with lube and then handed the bottle to Kate.

"Prepare her ass now, Kate," I said.

Kate moved behind Sophie and sank to her knees. I adjusted the opening of Sophie's bodystocking and to give Kate and the video camera better access to her sexy derrière. Kate gathered some of Sophie's pussy juice that was flowing from her gaping quim and rubbed it all over Sophie's pretty pink nether hole. Then I videoed Kate as she licked, rimmed and tongued Sophie until the redhead was panting with pleasure and her tight hole gave way easily to the insistence of Kate's tongue. Kate then applied some lube to her fingers and to Sophie's softened rosebud. Sophie gasped slightly as she felt two of Kate's lubed fingers and slip into her ass. Kate worked them in and out of her while Marc fondled and pinched his wife's nipples. To excite all of Sophie's senses, Tina kept spread her legs wide fingering and rolling her sopping clit under Sophie's lustful gaze.

When Kate was sure that Sophie was ready, she rose, grasped the strap-on cock and began to push it into Sophie's puckered tiny fuck-hole. Sophie sighed loudly as Kate's fake-cock split her open and forced its way inside of her. Then her face fell back onto Tina's pussy and she resumed her cunnilingus as Kate began to ass-fuck her.

Kate realized that Sophie was not a virgin to anal sex by the ease she took longer and more forceful strokes of the strap-on. Kate decided then to finish Sophie in order to pass her "test" quickly.

Marc had returned to Tina and had reinserted cock into he hungry mouth. She licked and sucked him fervently wanting to taste his hot cum. I videoed the scene as he placed his hand at the back of her head and began fucking her mouth while he watched his wife lapping and sucking Tina's lust-swollen clit.

Kate began to fuck Sophie harder and faster desiring to bring the sexy redhead to orgasm. Suddenly, Sophie moaned and looked up at Tina who was then taking the full length of her husband's prick into her throat as he faced-fucked her.

"Make Kate work for it, Sophie," I coaxed her.

"I...I can't," Sophie admitted as her face fell again onto Tina's pussy.

Seconds later Kate's pounding cock ignited a powerful anal orgasm that left Sophie helpless to do other than ride out as the intense pleasure that coursed through her body. As Kate pumped the strap-on into Sophie, she saw that her thrusts were causing Sophie's face and lips slick with Tina's pussy juice to pummel Tina's clit. Kate smiled with pride as the movement of Sophie's face on Tina's clit and her orgasmic moans combined with Marc's cock in her mouth pushed Tina over the edge. Marc withdrew his cock and watched as Tina ground out her orgasm against his wife's face.

"Aahhh...fuck...ohhhhhhh...ohhhh.....unghhhh", Tina cried.

When Tina's orgasm had finally subsided I focused the cam on her face as she raised it to Marc gaze and parted her lips to receive his sperm. He gripped his engorged cock, plunged between her lips twice, and then shot stream after stream of hot cum into her mouth and over her upturned face.

Tina then lifted Sophie's head to kiss her and share her husband's semen with her. Sophie licked, sucked and kissed Marc's spunk from Tina's face and then deeply kissed her cum-filled mouth.

Kate withdrew the strap-on from Sophie's cunt and I helped her undo and remove the harness. She was exhausted and happy as I led her to the mattress and placed he on her back to fuck her.

"You passed with flying colors, little one," I said as I entered the warmth of her tight sopping wet cunt.

"I love to know that I please you and Mistress Tina, Master," Kate whispered. Then she gasped and arched her back in pleasure as my cock penetrated her more deeply.

"Ohhhhhh...yes, fill me up. Take me and fuck me," Kate cried.

Marc videoed the final scene as Tina and Sophie knelt beside Kate and fondled and sucked her hard pink nipples as I raised myself up on my arms to fuck the sweet sub-slut to orgasm.

"Mmmmnn...unghhhhhh...AAAHHHH," Kate screamed throwing her head back as her long awaited orgasm hit her.

I fucked her hard while Tina and Sophie pinched her nipples sending waves of orgasmic bliss washing over her. Then I groaned with my own pleasure and pumped Kate's throbbing pussy full of my white hot cum.

After our evening with Sophie and Marc, Tina and I decided to extend Kate's training to include activities outside our circle of swinger friends. One evening Kate came to dinner and confided to us that Sabine, a coworker of hers was coming on to her at work and had asked her if she would like to "party" one evening with her and her husband. Sabine had showed Kate some pictures of herself and her husband, Luc, in sexy positions in various states of undress.

"The pictures she showed me were very sexy - they excited me", Kate said.

"Then, when I was finished looking at the photos in her office, she kissed me", Kate added.

"I kissed her back and I'm sure we were both wet in no time, at least I know I was", Kate admitted. "I'm sure she is bi."

Tina and I discussed Kate's revelation and decided that we would ask Kate to take Sabine up on the offer of a threesome with her husband Luc.

Sabine's invitation intrigued us since it presented an opportunity for Kate to initiate a sexual scene with a couple and to further explore her bisexuality, which to this point had been entirely "social" since she had not seduced another woman except while participating in group sex. We wanted Kate to continue to seduce Sabine at work through some teasing and light sex play before the evening itself took place.

Sabine was a friend of Sophie's so Tina and I called Sophie to tell her about Sabine's proposition to Kate and to ask her about Sabine and Luc. We told Sophie that we thought that sending Kate alone to spend an evening with Sabine and her husband would be a good way to push her limits and to increase her self-confidence as a "libertine".

"Sabine is a very sexy woman with short brown hair and Luc is a good looking guy, I think she'll have fun", Sophie mused. "I didn't know they were interesting in swinging."

"Actually, I would like to fuck both of them myself", Sophie laughed. "I hope Kate converts them completely, and I'm sure she will."

We thanked Sophie and began to plan how to prepare Kate for an evening with a novice but motivated couple.

One evening that week we invited Kate to our apartment for dinner to insist that she accept the invitation that Sabine had proposed and also to continue seducing Sabine at work. Over a bottle of nice red wine, we instructed her how to proceed, first with Sabine alone and then with Sabine and Luc together.

We wanted Kate to take the initiative since through Sophie we also had discovered that Sabine was quite submissive to Luc. So, we wanted Kate to take the upper hand in actively seducing Sabine. Tina and I thought that the trio would be very hot if sexual tension had already been allowed to build up between Kate and Sabine.

"Kate we want you to say yes to the threesome and also to continue seducing Sabine at work", Tina told Kate.

"I'm not sure I can", Kate replied hesitantly.

"Of course you can, and you will", Tina insisted.

Kate pondered Tina's double demand for a moment, and then said that she would do it and would tell Sabine the next day she saw her.

Kate met with Sabine the following Monday and after their talk Kate bounced into our apartment contented with her acceptance of Sabine's trio and happy with Sabine's reaction.

"I told her I would do it!" Kate exclaimed. "Sabine was in her office and I closed the door behind me as I walked in."

"Sabine was pleased with my decision and got up to give me a little hug and then I pushed her against the wall and kissed her."

"She whimpered as our lips touched and then I felt her lips soften as she accepted and returned my kiss." "Our tongues touched - it was so erotic," Kate added.

Tina and I were glad for Kate and almost wished that we could be there to watch Kate, Sabine, and Luc fucking. We both knew well how excited Sabine must have been by Kate's Sapphic kisses and caresses. Kate continued her bisexual foreplay with Sabine for several days and from her explicit reports back to us, she was making Sabine almost crazy with desire - exactly as we had planned.

Dressing Kate

The evening of Kate's trio finally arrived and we asked her to come over to our apartment beforehand so that we could get her ready to go. First Kate and Tina took a long shower together and Tina washed and dried Kate's silky brown hair as Kate knelt in front of her. Next Tina lathered and carefully shaved Kate's labia leaving only a patch of closely cropped hair on her pussy mound. Tina licked Kate's pussy several times and then dabbed some perfume on her little patch of pubic hair.

Tina dressed Kate a black lace corset that had garters attached followed by a black lace bra and matching thong panty to complete the ensemble. Next Tina rolled on and fastened Kate's black stockings. They had wide lace bands at their tops, which we knew would be clearly visible under the vaporous black skirt that Tina had thoughtfully selected for the evening.

Kate then put on a sleeveless black halter top that nicely showed Kate's cleavage followed by a black knit cache-coeur sweater that Kate wore low over her shoulders. Tina finished dressing Kate with a pair of black-strapped high-heeled shoes. Finally Tina helped Kate apply her make-up and perfume.

I came into the bedroom to look at Tina's creation and was once again stunned by the sheer beauty of our 21 year-old friend. Tina smiled at me knowingly as my expression told her that I wanted to fuck Kate myself there and then.

When it was time to go we handed Kate the keys to our BMW and chilled bottle of nice champagne that we had chosen for the evening and kissed her goodbye.

"You'll have fun tonight," Tina said encouraging Kate.

"I hope so, I am a little nervous," Kate admitted. "Everything will go fine." Tina said.

"We'll wait up," Tina called after her as though she was sending her teen-aged daughter off on her first date.

Kate's Return

It was about one o'clock in the morning and Tina and I were in bed when Kate returned from her evening with Luc and Sabine. She climbed the stairs and came into our bedroom to tell us about her evening. Tina got up and kissed Kate at the door. Kate was beaming with pride at how well she thought the trio had gone.

I was nude and could feel my cock begin to stir as Tina helped Kate strip to join us in bed. When she was naked, Kate lifted Tina's black negligee over her head and the two of them embraced.

"How did it go?" Tina asked. "Super - just super", Kate replied excitedly.

Then Tina and Kate joined me in our king-sized bed with Kate between us, so that she could tell us her story.

As Kate began to tell us her story she stoked my hardening cock while she caressed Tina's pussy. We kissed and fondled her as well as we knew her storytelling would get all three of us hot.

The Trio - Kate's Story

When I arrived, Luc and Sabine greeted me at the door and with a kiss on each cheek and I handed Luc the bottle of champagne. Sabine ushered me into their home and through a small hallway into the living room. I sat down in a comfortable chair at the edge of a glass coffee table that faced a couch covered in a soft beige fabric. The couch, chair and table were on a large plush carpet that gave the room a warm comfortable feeling. The room was glowing with lots of candles and there was a fire in the fireplace on the wall facing the couch.

The coffee table was laid out with several types of hors d'oeuvres that Sabine had prepared for the occasion. Luc quickly returned with three glasses and then opened the bottle of champagne. He poured us champagne and we toasted to the three of us and for finally arranging our evening together.

Luc was dressed casually in blue jeans and boat shoes and a blue checked shirt. Sabine was wearing a black mini-skirt with a sheer black long-sleeved blouse. Her blouse was unbuttoned enough to give me a glimpse of the chocolate and red bra she wore underneath. She had on a pair of black leather boots over dark-brown thigh-length stockings. She had put on perfume and make-up so that her dark brown eyes sparkled as much as the champagne. She looked so hot - I wanted her right then.

I was still a little nervous but they put me at ease with a tour of their apartment, which they had just finished renovating. When we returned to the living room I sat in the chair and they next to each other on the couch. We talked for at least two hours and finished off the champagne and a bottle and a half of good red wine. The warm wine made me all the more horny and I wanted to touch them and them to touch me.

The discussion moved from the renovation, to work, and finally to the topic of swinging. Luc mentioned that he had visited a mixed sauna before he and Sabine had met and Sabine confessed that they had tried to have a trio with another woman before they moved into town but that it had fallen through.

They both said that they were attracted to me physically, which helped put me more at ease. Then Sabine sat back on the couch and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as her skirt rode up to reveal the tops of her stockings, she did nothing to cover herself. I knew by the way they were looking at me that they could see past the hem of my skirt to my stocking tops and garters too. It made me excited to know that they both wanted to fuck me.

I got up to use the bathroom and when I returned I decided to sit between them on the couch.

Then Sabine asked me, "How do these things usually start?"

I took her hand and answered, "Well, usually something happens."

Then I kissed her. I could feel the heat of her pent-up sexual hunger in her as she responded immediately by kissing me deeply. Our tongues danced as we stroked each other's back. Luc moved back a little so he could watch us.

Sabine moaned as my hand brushed her breasts. She began to touch my tits too and I could feel myself getting wet. I was relaxed then and relieved to know that the "something" had finally happened.

Then I slipped my hand into her blouse to find her nipples. They were already so hard. She moaned again when I caressed the left one with my palm. Then Sabine undid the single button of my black sweater and pushed it off my shoulders. I grasped the hem of my black tank top and it joined my sweater on the floor. I was still wearing my black lace bra. She was panting with excitement when I moved closer to her and knelt between her thighs. Luc kissed Sabine's mouth as I pushed her little black skirt up her thighs.

Sabine inched toward me on the couch and then spread her thighs wide for me. It excited me to know that this was the first time she had opened her legs for another woman. I teased her by kissing her thighs through her stockings first on one side and then the other moving higher and higher until I finally reached the creamy soft skin of her thighs. I could hear her moaning into Luc's mouth as he kissed her and played with her tits.

She spread her legs wider beckoning me to touch her so I pulled her black thong to the side to expose her pussy. She was so hot - so wet. Her pussy wasn't shaved like mine but it was closely trimmed in a bikini cut. I kissed all around her pussy lips and then began to lick the sweet cream from her slit. She tasted so good.

When I started to lick Sabine's pussy, Luc came down beside me and lifted the back of my skirt so that he could caress my ass. Then he stretched out on his back on the carpet with his head between my legs and pulled my pussy to his face. Then he pulled my thong aside like I had done with Sabine's and then he ate me. With Luc licking me at the same time it was hard to concentrate on making Sabine cum and after a few minutes we changed positions.

By that time, Luc's cock was hard and straining against his jeans. He stood up so that Sabine could undo his pants. Sabine made quick work of his belt and the buttons on his jeans pushed his pants and underwear down to just above his knees so that she could suck his cock.

Sabine and I knelt together in front of Luc to share him. She sucked him while she licked his balls and then we switched. Luc watched us as we kissed each other in between. I could see how much it excited Sabine watching me licking her husband's prick and watching him as he fucked my mouth.

After only a few minutes Luc held my head in his hands and whispered to me that if I didn't stop that he was going to cum. So, I asked him what he wanted me to do and he said that he wanted me to continue. Luc sat back onto the couch and I sucked him with my palms pressing his rock hard cock him from either side. It didn't take long until his hips started to buck and knew he was ready. I let him slip out of my mouth and then jacked him off. He groaned as his pulsing cock splattered his belly and chest with his seed.

Sabine and I kissed some more while Luc recovered. Then, he led me over to the chair. He sat down in it and had me sit on the carpet between his knees facing Sabine. I spread my legs and she knelt between them to caress and kiss my tits. She whimpered as she freed my tits from my bra. Then she licked my nipples. Her tongue felt so good - I just wanted her to make me cum.

Sabine smiled up at me while she caressed my thighs and stocking tops and ran her fingertips over my garters. Then Luc helped me pull my skirt up so that I could spread my legs wider for Sabine to eat my pussy. Luc continued to fondle my breasts and to pinch my nipples as Sabine pulled my thong to the side to lick me. I could tell it was her first time with a woman. She licked me in long strokes like she was licking an ice cream cone. Her tongue found my clit though and I knew she was going to make me cum. I could hear her lapping and sucking me - I was so wet.

I could feel the warmth of my approaching orgasm starting to spread through my belly. I knew Sabine was determined to make me cum and I so wanted to cum for her. Then Luc pinched my nipples and I pulled her head hard against my sopping clit. In two seconds I came hard all over Sabine's face. She continued to lap my cunt as my orgasm finally faded then she stopped and smiled up at me. I leaned down to kiss her and lick my own cunt juice from her face.

Luc held me between his thighs and caressed me until I had recovered from my orgasm, then I switched places with Sabine. Luc played with her tits and kissed the back of her neck while I pushed her skirt up to her waist and pulled off her little black thong which by this time was soaked with her pussy juice. I pushed her thighs apart with my head kissing and licking my way up her thighs to her sweet quim.

I lapped her wet slit and then pointed my tongue to make circles around her clitoris - teasing her. At last I sucked her clit until it was hard and she begging for release. She was moaning and rocking in Luc's arms and I could feel how badly she wanted to cum.

Then, I slid one finger into her sopping cunt and curled it to find her g-spot while I continued to suck and lick her clit. The double stimulation was too much for her and in an instant her orgasm hit her like a lightening bolt. Sabine arched her back screamed with pleasure as she came. I felt her pussy muscles spasm as wave after wave of sexual pleasure washed over her.

When she finally finished cumming her weak smile told me how much I had pleased her, as she lay back limp against her husband's arms.

Sabine and Luc originally had planned that the sex would occur upstairs in their bedroom so Sabine took me by the hand and led me up the steps. Their room was softly lit with a table lamp with a rose-colored shade that gave the room a warm, inviting feeling. Sabine added to the effect by lighting several fragrant candles.

Then Luc kissed Sabine and she reached for me. We kissed and hugged each other finally breaking the embrace only to finish stripping.

Sabine helped me with the buttons on the side of my skirt while I reached behind her back to unfasten the clasp of her bra and pushed it off her shoulders and she let it slide off her arms onto the floor. Her breasts were beautiful, smaller than mine but adorned with firm brown areolas and prominent nipples that were still hard from the attention Luc and I had been giving them downstairs.

I sucked one of her tits and then the other, running my tongue around each nipple in turn. Then I kissed Sabine's mouth again and felt her desire returning. She held me close as her tongue slipped into my mouth.

In the meantime, Luc had stripped completely and began to unfasten Sabine's skirt, which soon fell to the floor. Sabine took off her boots and I removed my shoes as Luc turned down the covers of the bed.

Sabine was naked except for her black thigh-high stockings and I was wearing my corset, garters and stockings. Luc moved behind Sabine and as she bent at the waist he gently eased her onto the bed.

His cock was rock-hard again and he penetrated Sabine's sopping cunt in a single stroke. Sabine sighed and panted with pleasure as he began to fuck her. I moved underneath them with my head between Sabine's legs and watched as Luc's cock pounded into her cunt. Sabine's head fell between my legs and she lapped my pussy and found my clit with her tongue as I licked her juices from her husband's cock and balls as he fucked her.

Luc turned Sabine onto her side and lay down behind her. He lifted her leg so that he could continue to fuck her from behind. Then I moved in front of her to suck her clit and lick Luc's balls while his glistening cock pumped in and out of her body.

Luc realized that Sabine's hot wet tunnel and my warm tongue on his balls would soon push him over the edge. He pulled his cock out of Sabine and rolled her onto her back next to me and knelt between her thighs. She was so beautiful, so sexy. I wanted to touch her and I wanted her to touch me. I straddled Sabine's head and lowered my pussy to her waiting lips and tongue. I watched the shiny purple head of Luc's fat cock slowly split open Sabine's cunt lips as I felt her soft pink tongue slip between mine.

Luc leaned forward to kiss me while I caressed Sabine's tits, pinching her nipples to further excite her.

I could feel Sabine moaning into my pussy and I knew she was close to another orgasm, so moved beside her to lick and finger her clit to finish her. I felt Luc's balls slapping against my cheek as my tongue rolled her clit. Then I used my finger to press down on it increasing the pressure against the hardness of Luc's cock as it drove into her cunt. Instantly, Sabine threw her head back as her orgasm hit her.

As soon as Luc saw that his wife had finished cumming, he pulled his cock out of her and pumped stream after stream of his hot spunk all over belly and tits.

We rested a few moments and then Sabine sat up and took Luc's cock into her mouth to suck him hard again. Within minutes her expert mouth, lips and tongue had done their work and Luc opened and rolled a condom onto his newly stiffened rod.

I looked into Sabine's smiling eyes and lay down on my back. She used her soft hands to gently coax my thighs apart for her husband's waiting cock. Then Luc fucked me. His cock felt so good as it stretched me open and then plunged into my hot cunt. He pounded his hard dick into me and I felt it filling me completely.

Then, Sabine placed her thighs on each side of my head and lowered her well-fucked pussy to my waiting tongue. I licked her dripping cunt and tongued her clit while she watched her husband fuck me.

Sabine leaned forward to touch my tits and pussy. Her gentle touch contrasted with the hard fucking her husband was giving me. When her fingers found my clit I came hard, arching my back and moaning with Luc's hard cock pumping into me.

Sabine lay down beside me embracing and kissing me as my orgasm subsided. Then Luc lay on his back and I straddled him taking his stiff prick in my hand and placing the tip between my slippery cunt lips. Then, I sat down and took all of him inside of me. I fucked him while Sabine masturbated watching her husband's cock disappearing into my cunt.

Then Luc placed me on my knees so that he could fuck me from behind. Sabine spread her legs in front of me for me to eat her pussy again. I sucked and licked her, moaning into her cunt as her husband's thrusts pushed my face into her soft wet folds.

I could tell that Luc was ready to cum again but he stopped and then turned me onto my back to straddle my chest. Then he pulled off his condom and slid his slippery cock between my breasts. I pushed them together and he fucked my tits until he came, his hot cum flooding the tunnel his cock had burrowed between my breasts.

Luc was satiated and collapsed onto his back on the bed. Then Sabine took me into her arms and kissed me while gently fondling my breasts. We made love to each other while Luc watched. Sabine's touch was so soft and gentle, and her kisses so warm and loving.

She lay on top of me and I marveled at how much I loved the familiar softness of another woman's body. Soon our touching and kissing had us both fully inflamed with passion and Sabine turned around so that we could sixty-nine. I grasped her hips and pulled her pussy down to my mouth. I teased her for a while as I had before listening to her moan as she licked my cunt and clit. Finally I sucked her clit into my mouth and rolled it relentlessly with my tongue until her moans became a scream as she came grinding her wet cunt onto my lips and tongue.


When Kate had finished her story, Tina pulled our young friend into her arms. I watched as the two women melted together to maximize the contact of the warm softness of their nude flesh. As they embraced, Tina slipped her thigh between Kate's legs. Kate pressed her damp pussy into it to try to relieve some of the sexual tension that telling the story had engendered.

I caressed Kate's back and hips as the two Sapphic lovers moved in unison with mounting desire. I was drawn to Kate's ass as it undulated before me. When their movements exposed her lovely pink rosebud to me, I could no longer resist it and I moistened my finger with the women's combined pussy juices as they pressed and rubbed their clits tightly together. I rubbed their slippery juices onto Kate's tiny nether hole until it loosened and my finger slipped into her.

"Oh, yes", Kate sighed. "Please...please fuck my ass."

I found some lube in the nightstand drawer and applied some to my palm to warm it. Then I used it to coat Kate's asshole and my turgid rod. I fingered her until her rosebud had completely opened and then replaced my fingers with my slippery cock-head.

Kate turned on her side to kiss me deeply as Tina used her hand and fingertips to arouse Kate's breasts and nipples. Then Kate pushed back hard against me until my cock-head entered her and then she impaled herself onto my stiff rod.

Tina moved down Kate's body to lick Kate's hot clit and cunny while she lifted Kate's leg to give me better access to her young friend's nether hole.

"Oh...oh...oh...yes, fuck me, fuck my ass", Kate screamed.

Tina's experienced tongue on Kate's clit and my cock in her ass quickly brought Kate to the edge of another orgasm. Tina's fingers were pummeling her own sopping clit while she lapped Kate's pussy to bring her off.

Tina came first as she reached one hand up to pinch Kate's nipple, which triggered Kate's orgasm. The orgasmic cries of the two women were too much for me and with a loud groan I came, emptying my balls into the depths of Kate's ass.

We kissed and caressed each other in the warm afterglow of our shared sexual bliss. Then, wrapped in each other arms we drifted off to sleep.

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