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My wife's name is Joan. She is 27 yrs old and has dish water blonde hair. She has a kick ass body and suffice it to say, she is a hottie. A couple of times a month she has several girlfriends that go for a girls night out. Her best friend is a girl named Lisa. Lisa's a hot little number herself, brunette and a bit of a party animal. Well this particular weekend they're dressed to the T's to go out clubbing. About 1:00 I get a phone call from Joan asking me to come get them because they've had way to much to drink. It only takes me about 20 minutes to get to the club and I slip in to find the girls. I see them both on the dance floor still going strong. The girls are gyrating sexually in the middle of 3 or 4 dudes. The girls are looking hot in their low cut mid thigh disco dresses and they are the center of attention. I just watch for a while and when they come off the dance floor some dude immediately hands them some shots. No wonder they so sloshed. The lights soon come on and I gather them up and home we go.

It takes a bit to get them to the car. Although they're not staggering they definitely needed some help. I always look forward to these girl's nights out because Joan usually gets horny dancing all night and being a little inebriated which leads to her being a lot less inhibited thus great sex when she gets home. But tonight both of them were really loaded. Lisa was passed out in the back on the way home and Joan was started to doze also. We arrived home and I had to help Lisa out of the car. Once inside she muttered some thing about needing to use the bathroom and when we got there Joan was already using it. She left a trail of clothing right up to the bathroom door. While I was trying to tell Joan to hurry I didn't notice Lisa had already started pulling her panties down outside of the door. It was almost comical with me trying to hold Lisa upright and her trying to pull her thong down around her ankles. Joan suddenly burst out of the loo bare ass naked and immediately fall onto the bed. I sat Lisa down on the toilet and went to get Joan some water and aspirin. It helps her if she's had to much to drink the next morning. After she had taken it I started kissing one of her breast and she told me to give her a few minutes until the room quit spinning. It's not a problem with Joan passing out because once I start any type of foreplay she starts getting aroused and wakes up ready for some hot sex. I went to get some pillows and covers for Lisa to sleep on the couch but when I returned she was already in bed passed out next to Joan. Great, I thought, now I have to get her out of the bed before I can have sex with my wife.

Lisa was spread eagle on her back. By her breathing I could tell she was deeply asleep. I called her name and gentle nudged her shoulder several times, nothing. I shook her a little harder causing her milky white breast to jiggle underneath her low cut top. Again nothing. I had fantasized about fucking her from the times the three of us had been all out together but my wife would have castrated me if I so much as made a pass at her best friend. But both of them were in no position to notice anything that I could do to them. Fucking my wife while she was passed out until she would wake up was one thing but fucking Lisa without her permission, it was tantamount to r*pe. My 8 inch cock was starting to swell just thinking about it. My eyes looked up and down the entire length of her body. Her legs were slightly spread and her breast rose up and down with her every breath. Maybe I would just get a look at her lovely white breasts. I nudged her shoulder again and no response. I slowly slid the strap of her dress over her tan shoulder until it reached her elbow. She wasn't wearing a bra as her protruding tits probably didn't need the support. I pulled her top down to the point where I could see the top of her aureole. It was huge, not in size but the way they protruded out from her entire breast. You know not flat with a eraser like nipple, I mean her whole aureole was swollen like it had been stung by a bee. Her breast was very soft as I cupped it in my hand and her nipples stiffed as soon as I started squeezing then between my forefingers. There is nothing as soft as a women's breast. No other response from Lisa except for her hardening nipple so I kissed it. I flicked my tongues over it and begin to suck greedily. Her breathing remain constant. I couldn't believed I was sucking my wife's best friends tit. I dropped down to her nether regions. With her short skirt it wasn't very hard to get a look at her pussy. She had a pair of red thongs covering her cunt giving me a sweet beaver shot. I placed my hand on top and rubbed her pussy through the sheer thong material. She didn't stir and I proceeded to pull it aside. My cock was getting rock hard in anticipation. Her cunt was perfectly shaved. A small clit rose up at the top of her slit. I spread her legs apart to get a better view. I could have stared at her cunt all night as I crawled closer to her beautiful pussy. As I got closer I could smell a perfumed fragrance coming from her cunt. Not a douche smell but it must have been so type of body spray. She must have sprayed her pussy with it before she went out. How hot was that? This little slut was ready for action. I slid my middle finger down the length of her slit and it wasn't very wet. I pressed my finger inside her hole and it WAS wet. I slowly finger fucked her vagina and again no response. Her juices were starting to flow and I wanted to taste her sweet nectar. I licked her crack being careful to stay clear of her clit. Whenever I sucked my wife's clit that was the alarm clock that woke her up.The taste was intoxicating. I was eating out of someones refrigerator without their consent and my excitement grew as I continued to lap up this forbidden well. I plunged my tongue deep inside her cunt and started to tongue fuck her. The excitement from eating pussy without permission make the wet spot in front of my pants grow. I lathered up her sweet box. She never stirred. My cock was throbbing underneath my pants so I stood up and remove them. I spread her legs even farther apart and positioned my self in front of her defenseless cunt. I wanted to fuck this sweet tart in the worse way. My enlarged cock head was covered with pre cum as I slid it up her now juiced slit. I pressed forward and trespassed into her tight wet vagina. Damn, her cunt was tight. Even as wet as it was I was having to put a lot of force behind my initial stroke. I finally got about half of it into her. I let out a low moan as my cock was engulfed by this unknowing maiden's cunt. She never even flinched as I stroked half of my rod in and out of her. I glanced at my naked wife laying mere inches to our side. Baby don't worry you'll be receiving the same treatment before the night is over. Sitting up this way I could watch my cock being covered by her pussy lips on every back stoke. I continued to stroke my cock even deeper into this passed out vixen's vagina. I lifted her legs over mine to drive by hard cock ever deeper. But I could only get about six inches into her at my present angle. I withdrew and laid above her supporting my weight with my forearms. I reentered her and finally thrust the entire 8 inches into her sweet cunt. It was one of the tightest cunt I could ever remember fucking. I bent down and sucked her exposed breast as I fucked her. After I started pounding her a little harder she let out a little moan like my wife does as she starts to awaken. "Hhhmm." Lisa sighed. I stopped before she completely woke up. I could feel a huge load of cum building up down deep but I dare not cum in her sweet hole. It took every thing I had to pull out and not fill her womb with hot man juice.

I went right to my wife and started eating her cunt and as usual it was already pretty wet. As I was getting ready to mount her I looked at Lisa lying there spread eagle with her cunt all wet and juiced up. Oh how I wanted to cum in her. My mind started racing as I formulated a plan. They would have no idea how this all got started so I rolled my wife on her side and placed her head on a pillow level with and scant inches away from Lisa's exposed breast. I placed one of her legs across Lisa's and then placed her hand on Lisa's pussy. I inserted my wife's middle finger into Lisa's slick cunt. I then pulled Lisa's thong back over my wife's hand to hold it in place.I then positioned myself behind Joan's ass. I spread my wife's ass and pressed my raging hard on between her butt cheeks. As I pressed forward there was a lot of resistance and then I felt the bulbous head of my cock ever so slowly entering her hole. The head of my cock was almost in when Joan moved her ass away from me instictively. My mistake I must have been trying to shove my dick up her asshole. I dropped down a little and pressed again. Yes that was it my 8 inch cock slipped gently into her lubricated cunt. I got about half of my dick into her and started a slow gentle stroke. It wasn't long before I heard that low familiar moan that my wife puts out as her cunt starts responding to my cock's thrusting. I increased the speed and depth of my stroke as Joan started moaning even louder, "Aaahhh." I was fucking her at a good pace when her moaning stopped and I raised up to look over her shoulder and what do I see. My wife has her mouth on Lisa's tit and she sucking on it. Soon the moaning starts again except its not Joan but Lisa. Although I can't see my wife's hand I can tell that her arm is moving slightly. Fucking A, my wife must be frigging Lisa's pussy. "Yes rub my clit just like that," Lisa sighs. The moans start to fill the air as I start pounding my wife's cunt harder and harder. "Fuck me baby, fuck me good." my wife cries. My hands are grasping Joan's hips as I try to get as much of my 8 inches into her hole. "That's it, fuck me harder I'm close baby." Joan gasps. "Me too!" cries Lisa.I feel my loins boiling over as I slam her with all that I have. My wife takes her hand out of Lisa's pussy and reaches back to pull my ass towards her as I'm pile driving her juicy cunt. "Nooo, don't stop now!" Lisa screams. But my wife isn't listening as she starts to cum and shrieks out, "Aaarrghhh!" Her pussy convulsing is enough to set me off and my load jets up the length of my shaft and explodes into her cunt. "Take it, take it all!" I scream as I pour load after load of hot cum into her womb. It seemed like I came forever and only Lisa's complaining brought me back to reality. "Joan I need you to finish me, please" she begged. My wife got up on all fours pulling my cock out of her in the process. She pulled Lisa's ass around and ripped off her thong and dove down on Lisa's cunt. I moved directly behind my wife and watched everything unfold looking between her legs. My wife's tongue was giving Lisa the lapping she wanted, in fact she was devouring Lisa's pussy. Joan's tits were hanging straight down and her cunt was oozing gism down her thighs with a couple of long strands of white semen were dangling from her freshly fucked cunt. My semi soft cock was starting to come back to life as I watched my wife eating pussy. Lisa's moans started coming hard and fast as my wife ate her out. I saw Lisa squeezing the nipple of her one exposed breast. She reached up with her other hand and grabbed a handful of Joan's hair and said, "That's it, right there, suck my clit." As Lisa licked her lips she began to cry out, "Yes, make me cum, please make me cummmm!" Her hips lifted off the bed as my wife brought her to orgasm. Her whole body twitched and jerked involuntarily for almost a full minute as waves of orgasmic bliss washed over her body before a strange quiet came over the bedroom.

We all quietly took a few minutes to catch our collective breaths. The silence was broken when Lisa said, "I need some cock!" I looked at my wife. Her face was slick with Lisa's juices. She smiled and told me, "Go ahead baby, give her some of that big cock of yours." I mounted Lisa and shoved all 8 inches into her tight wet pussy. " Uuuggghhh! Oh my God!" she cried. "You were so right Joan, I've never had such a thick cock in me before, his cock is making me feel so full." Apparently my wife had been telling Lisa about how good it was to has a 8 inch thick cock embedded in her cunt. Her tight little pussy adjusted fairly quickly around my thick shaft and I started fucking hard and fast. "Yes fuck me hard." she ordered. Joan was watching intently and already had her fingers rubbing her clit as I pounded Lisa. I leaned toward my wife and kissed her deeply tasting Lisa's cuntal fluids. I whispered in her ear. "I want to watch her eat your pussy as I fuck her." Joan climbed on top of Lisa's face and told her, "It's your turn to make me cum you little husband fucker." Lisa eagerly started eating out my wife's freshly fucked hole. Soon Lisa's chin was covered with slimy sex juices. "Fuck me" and "suck me" echoed through out the room. Watching Lisa's tongue lapping my wife's slit was such a hot sight that my cock seemed to grow even larger. I was pounding this slut's cunt as hard as I could. My wife turned around and told me, " That's it baby, fuck that little slut's cunt hard!" That old feeling reared it's head again and started burning at the base of my cock. Joan grabbed Lisa's head and pulled it up against her cunt and screamed, "I'm going to cum!" Her ass was humping Lisa's face as she came. "Aaaahhh! Drink it ,drink it all." Joan screamed. She then collapsed to the side of the bed. Lisa's face was covered with cum and her eyes were filled with prim evil lust as I slammed all 8 inches into this whore's cunt. "Fuck me, fuck me," she wailed. I continued to pound her and she only wanted more. I heard Lisa cry out, "I'm so close, fuck me harder!" Soon the wails of Lisa's cumming rocked the house as I started pumping another huge load into Lisa's waiting cunt, it was so tight. Lisa came as I filled her hole with hot male seed. "Yeesss, give me your hot cum." she shrieked. "I want it all." I grunted and could see the wanton lust filled satisfaction in Lisa's eyes as I dumped the last couple of spasms of male seed into her tight cunt. I fell off her to her side. She got up and took my now flaccid cock and completely swallowed it. She sucked on it like a straw trying to get the last few drops off the bottom of a Slurpee cup. She too finally collapsed after draining every bit of cum I had left. "Joan your husband's cock is incredible." Lisa mused. After wards as we all laid together in one big pile I began to wondered when was the next Girls Night Out?

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