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beyond your wildest dreams part 2

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Beyond your Wildest Dreams Part 2 by ion3340

I was still tied up on the bench , they had gone to take a shower , I was just laying there unable to do anything , just waiting to see what would happen to me next , I could hear them laughing in the bathroom , knowing that I still had a couple more days of pain and pleasure.

Then the door of the bathroom opened and she walked in , walking circles around me , she did not say anything , standing over me , with a evil grin on her face and a naughty look in her eyes , she then walked over to the bed , she sits on the edge of the bed , spreading her legs , she starts running her finger across her pussy , she was only a few feet from me , she reaches over to her toy bag pulling out a large black dildo about ten inches long with a handle on it , she places it at her pussy lips and slowly starts rubbing up and down on her pussy , allowing it to enter her she slowly fucks her pussy , after about four strokes , she has in fully in her pussy , working it with one hand , playing with her 38DD tits with the other hand both nipples pierced , as she fucks her self with the big cock , she pulls on her pierced rings in her nipples , she starts shaking having a hard orgasm , she fucks herself till she goes limp , then she sits up looks at me , She says I see you like you are so hard my little bitch , she pulls the rubber cock from her pussy , and places it at my nose , you like to smell my juice do you , I nod yes , and then she tells me to lick the cock clean , and I do this as told , it taste so sweet , she then stands up walks behind me , I feel her run her hand down my back , across my ass , she says you have such a sexy ass , I just love it , Lol , then next thing I feel is the sting of a leather strap across my ass , she does not hold back , she enjoys giving pain to me and as I jump each time she hits me , she says you might as well get use to it bitch , I count the slaps across my ass , 5 times , 10 times , she says your as is getting red , 15 slaps , 20 slaps , I thought she would stop at 20 but does not , 30 slaps , 4o slaps across my now very sore ass , she then hits me 10 times on my back , I do not know what to expect next , she the takes it and hits my ball sack 5 times without stopping , and then 5 more times , she stops.

She says I love whipping naughty boys and men , and laughs loud, then I feel her rubbing my ass hole with her fingers , she then inserts two fingers and then three , she says you are way to tight , for my satisfaction , I feel her pour lube down my crack and work it in my ass hole , then I feel her rub the 10 inch cock at the entrance of my ass hole , she says relax and it want hurt as much , she works the monster cock into me and starts slowly fucking me , she gets it in deeper each time , and fucks me harder and harder , faster and faster , at this point her Husband comes out of the bathroom , he stands in front of me watching her , smiling , she barks out orders at me to suck his cock and he puts in my mouth , I am now sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass at same time , as I suck him he pulls my hair , I roll my tongue around his hard cock , she fucks me hard and fast , I can tell he is close , ready to fill my mouth with hot cum , he tenses up and shoots load after load in my mouth , as she fucks my ass , she slaps me at same time , then his cock goes soft , he pulls out of my mouth , and goes and sat on the bed , I am licking his leftover cum off my lips , she then rams the cock deep in my ass and leaves it there.

She joins him on the bed , he starts eating her wet pussy and playing with her tits , while I watch , she has another orgasm , he keeps eating her till 10 minutes later she has another orgasm, she lays back wasted , he rolls her over she gets on all fours and he mounts her with his hard cock , they fuck for another 15 minutes and she tells him she is going to cum , he keeps on fucking her wet hot pussy , till they both have a orgasm together , he fills her with is hot cum , he pulls out so I can see his cum dripping from her well fucked pussy , he stands up walks to me and I suck his cum and her juice off his semi hard cock , but once he is clean , she tells me to suck till its hard , and I keep sucking , she walks around behind me and starts spanking me again , after 20 more licks , she starts fucking me with the cock that was still in my ass , he tells her he is hard again , she tells him his ass is ready so he walks around be hind me , she pulls out the big cock from my ass and he mounts me again , he starts fucking me again , he says his ass feels better since she opened me up , he keeps fucking me as she takes pictures , he fucks me for at least 20 minutes till he cums in me , once he has gone limp he pulls out , and sits down , she then comes up behind me , kneeled down and licks his cum from my ass , she says he really must like it look how hard he is , He is a naughty boy , she stands up un ties me , leads me over to a straight back chair , she makes me sat down , ties my hand and feet , with my legs spread open , then walks back picks up a riding crop , walks back to me , starts hitting my nipples and abs , and the she starts spanking my cock with it till I am red and very sore , she then goes back to her back and gets rope and some nipple clamps out , she returns and puts on the nipple clamps on my nipples , very tight and puts weights on them stretching them , she then wraps the small rope around my cock head and ties a 1 pound weight on it , she says I am going to make your cock longer , pain is intense , then she does the same around my balls and puts ¾ weight on them , she then gags me , they get dressed and leave to go get them something to eat , and walks out the door, leaving me in pain.

Here I am tied to this chair, in pain and wondering what is next. Then I heard someone outside of the door , I heard the lock turn , they both entered the room , she looked at her husband told him to strip , and he did right in front of me , his cock was hard , he walked up to the side of the chair , she removed my mouth gag , she walked beside her husband and took his cock and told to suck it , I took it in my mouth , and started sucking his raging hard cock , I run my tongue around the head and over his mushroom part of the cock head , I could taste his precum , she then walked straight in front of me with a yard stick , as I sucked his cock she started striking my cockhead with the yard stick , the more she hit me the harder I sucked him , she would strike him across the ass from time to time , he let her know he was about to cum , and then he filled me with his sweet cum again , he went limp and I cleaned him up , he left and went to the shower again , she the started pulling at my nipple clamps to see how hard she could get my nipples , shortly he came out of the bathroom dressed , he walked over and tongue kissed her on the lips , he said he had to go back to work , and he left out the door , she looked at me and said now it time to get serious now , she untied me from the chair and led me to another room , she had a padded bench about eight ft long , and three ft wide , she had me lay on it she tied my hands above my head , and then took rope and tied my left leg back towards my chest and then my right leg the same , my ass was at the edge of the bench , I was so fully exposed , she had great access to my ass hole and cock , the bench was made so my ass was inline with her pussy , she then untied the rope off my cock and balls , she stripped in front of me , she pulled the black dildo from my ass , oh that felt good when she pulled it out , she then put on another strap on , it was red , and was quite large , with a smaller dildo that went into her pussy , to give her pleasure at the same time , she lubed it up and slipped it into me , it was more rough feeling , she then poured mint smelling cream on my cock , as she stated fucking my ass , she started jacking me off and pulling on the nipple clamps , she was fucking me fast and hard , and stroking my cock hard , as the mint cream , made me harder , this lasted for about five minutes , I could tell the dildo in her pussy was doing her a lot of good , she knew I was close to exploding , she kept it up till I shot a stream of cum into the air landing on her big tits , she kept jacking and fucking me after I quite Cumming , I was still hard , she pulled out of me , she removed her strap on , then she untied my legs , pulled me up on the bench till I was fully in the center of it, she then went and got a steel rod about 8 inches long and ¼ inch in diameter with a ball on the end of it , she then put more lube on my cock and the rod , and started to slid it into my cock hole . slowly , then she worked it in and out , till she had it deep into my cock , she said it was a vibrating rod , she would tap it with a smaller rod and it would send vibration into my cock , he hurt and then felt better , to the point I needed to cum but with the rod in me I could not cum , I begged her to let me cum but refused to , she did this for about 20 minutes , I was so needed to relieve myself , she said this was orgasm denial , she said she was ready to see me cum , so she reached down and grabbed the rod and pulled it out fast , it burned as she pulled it out , then I exploded all over me and her , I kept Cumming and Cumming , she said I bet you never came that good before, she then climbed on top of me , she said I am going to give the best pussy you ever had , she climbed above me and took my cock rubbing it on her pussy slowly lowering herself on me , then she started fucking my cock with her pussy , I could feel her pussy tight around my cock , she had great muscle control , I said I never seen a woman that could squeeze a cock like that , she said you aint seen anything yet as she rode me she would tighten her pussy , she rode me for about 45 minutes , she had cum at least 4 times , I said I Cumming , she tighten her pussy more , and I came hard , filling her pussy with a big load of cum , she rode me till my cock was used up , she then turned around putting her cum filled pussy on my face , telling to eat her clean and make her cum , she was facing my cock , every few seconds , I could feel her slap my cock with her whip , I eat her , licking our juices from her pussy , sucking on her engorged clit , I could fill her pussy spasming , as I eat her , I could feel her hand on my nipples twisting and pulling them , she continued hitting my cock , I felt her body tense up as she had a orgasm from me eating her , she got up and stood there looking at me tied down with my cock hard again , she leaned over taking my cock in her hot mouth , she started sucking me , and then with her hand she started twisting my balls squeezing them as she sucked on my cock , I knew I was not going last long , she kept on , I could feel her slip two fingers in my ass hole as she sucked my cock and then she found my prostrate and started milking it , I was about to explode in her mouth , I arched my back , stiffed up and came in her mouth , filling her sexy mouth with hot cum , when I quite Cumming , she turned to me , putting her lips to my lips , I felt her tongue go in my mouth , and then she let my cum she held in her mouth , flow into my mouth as our tongues entangled with each others , and she was still working my prostrate , she loved fingering my ass , once we licked each other clean , she untied me and told me to take a shower and get dressed , when I returned to the room , she said for me two meet her again in two weeks for more training , she said she could not wait. And we left going our separate ways, another story to cum soon

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