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It was a hot summer day, a perfect day for the lake. Out of the blue a friend, Mike, called to come over to his lake house to swim and he later would cook some steaks on the grill. An offer we couldn't refuse. We got our stuff together jumped in the hot car and took off. The lake is about an hours drive away. Miriam my girlfriend from Germany looked great as always she wore a lacey white shirt that barely covered her breasts and a white sheer skirt that could be seen through. When she stood you could clearly see her camel toe between her legs, she wore no under garments. The cars air conditioner wasn't working and we had to keep the windows down to stay cool. The air felt great and it also blew Miriams skirt up. I had all I could do from watching the road. Miriam is a blond headed, blue eyed girl. She is tall and quite sexy. Her breast are small but they have large nipples that are always hard and stand straight up. Her pussy is beautiful she keeps it bald, smooth and is always wet. She has big pouty lips and a long gash topped with a huge clit that sticks out, I love to put my mouth on it but at that moment I couldn't. Instead I reached over and played with her with my fingers as to give us something to do for the ride. I would grab one of her lips and gently pull on it, then switch to the other lip, running my fingers through her gash and brushing her clit she was leaking juice down her thigh and we were both getting extremely horny. She was so wet when we did finally arrive she had a huge wet mark on the back of her skirt.

Mike our friend met us in the driveway. Noticing right off Miriams see through skirt and top. His eyes were transfixed on her body. He pointed us off in the direction of the water and stayed at his house for the other guests and to prepare for the meal. Miriam and I headed for the dock. She slipped on just her bikini bottoms and took her shirt off and jumped in. I put my swim suite on and followed. Soon we could hear voices comming down towards the dock, it was Mike and the other guest. He had invited another couple and two other guy friends. He introduced us and Miriam stood out of the water her small tits pointing right at the group. Europeans not being shy with their bodies, the guys enjoying the view. The couple was Mandy and Bill and Bill talked Mandy going topless. One of the guys decided to drop his shorts in front of everyone. His cock was big and swung from side to side when he walked. It hung about halfway down his thigh. Mirian silently compared it to her forearm and I laughed. Jim was proud of his endowment and I was a bit jelous. Everyone was in the water cooling off except Mike who was preparring the food.

Soon we all cooled off enough and got dried off. Miriam couldn't take her eyes off off Jim she looked rather interested in that beast. We headed up towards the house everyone with the exception of myself and Mike had drinks. Soon we ate a delicious meal, we all pitched in on the clean up and Mike asked if we would like to play cards. It was getting dark out so we decided to play inside. It was Mikes house and his rules. Everyone was in a relaxed mood from the beverage until Mike mentioned poker, strip poker. I could see the excitement in Miriams eyes as she glanced towards Jims crouch. We set up in the dinning room over looking the lake. There was a beautiful sunset and Miriam was standing in front of the window, she didn't have many cloths on and we all could see right through what she was wearing. Mike went over the rules. There were six winners and one loser a hand. The loser had to put in one garmet, shoes didn't count in the pot. The play would continue until there was one winner left. The first loser would be tied to the beam with ropes standing up until the game was complete. Mike had a post and beam house. The second and after would be sat in chairs around the first loser. The winner would be the master at the end of the game, no one objected.No one could touch gentitals until the master said at the end of the game. We cut the cards for deal, Mandy won the first deal but she also lost her game and had to take off something she choose her shorts. She had underwear on. Miriam lost the next two games she sat at the table in her bikini bottoms and nothing else. The guys all lost in sequence and took there shirts off then Mandy lost. Miriam was hanging tough with only her thongs on. Mandy was down to two articles like me and Jim> I wasn't sure about the other two guys.The next hand Miriam lost, she was naked. Mike got up from the table and through the rope up and over the beam he tied Miriams hands snug, not to tight and pulled the rope up. She pouted a little and looked so helpless yet so sexy standing there naked. Her pussy was in full view of everyone, shaved, open a bit. I could tell she was excited. The next hand the other guy lost with no-name then Mandy lost, her big tite freed from her shirt- all she had left was her undies. Jim lost next, then Bill. Both were down to one article. Jim was the next out. He was seated next to Miriam away from the table everyone could see his massive cock. When he sat it hung down a little off the chair Miriam had a great view and he had a great view of her. Her pussy was close by and he would run his fingers up her leg over her bald pubic erea, down her ass cheeks. She was getting excited again. Mandy lost next and was placed next to Miriam on the other side. She was seated in the chair facing us. Her pussy trimmed neatly. She was a little chunky but in good shape. I lost next I was placed in back of Miriam. I could lean over and lick her ass crack. While I was behind her I spread her cheeks apart and put my tongue in her anus and tongue fucked her, but I wouldn't touch her pussy. She was getting real wet and Jim helped out to by rubbing her legs, thighs and hairless pubic mound. Mandy watched sipping her drink. Finally the game came to an end the master was Jim as exspected. He had Bill and the other guy clean off the table. He ade me kneel by th table on a pillow and the tension of sex was so strong my cock was hard leaking precuum. He tied my wrist to the leg of the table. Then he took Miriam down from the beam. He had her get up on the table face down and tied her wrist to the opposite side. He had her get in a kneeling position and placed pillows under her stomach, her head slightly hung over the other end. He spread her legs as far as they would go and tied her like that so she couldn't move. I was close I could smell her sweat pussy and look up her but-hole. Next he put a blind-fold on her and placed a stool the same height as the table in front of her. Miriam was totally exsposed and I couldn't help her. He told the guy wose name I don't know to reach uder and play with her nipples until he and the others came back. I watched her pussy react and would it pulse when her pinched her nipples it was getting wetter and wetter the more he pinched and rubbed her tits. Mike and the others came back. Mike had Mandy get into the stool at the end of the table he picked Miriams head up and placed it in Mandy'y pussy. Mandy's legs were straight out on the table. He tied Mandy arms so she couldn't move He had brought a bag back with him and he pulled out some lube. He got up on the table and spread her ass cheeks apart she moaned, her pussy was dripping. Next he took the lube and squirted it in her ass and spread her cheeks again. He slid a finger in her anus she moaned loadly, he worked that finger in and around her ass. Next he took out of the bag a inflattable dildo and he gently incerted it. She tried to squirm but was stopped by the restraints.he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so her mouth was on Mandy's pussy and he started pumping the anul dildo up. Miriam was gasping at each pump. I watched in amazement as her hole kept growing in size. I could hear Miriam slurping Mandy's pussy and could her Mandy moaning softly. I think this was the first time Miriam has eaten out another girl.Her face buried in Mandy's snatch Her ass-hole stretched, it opened her vaginal hole. Cum was litterly running out of her. Next he put clips on her pussy lips with strings and pulled her lips apart, Mandy was about cumming at this time. He tied them so her lips were stretched open. Next he incerted a steel gadget that opened her vaginal hole up. It slid in her with ease. He opened her pussy up wide I could almost put my fist in her. HE cut Mandy loose and she was getting banged hard from no-name. Mike took a long dildo from his bag and started to fuck Miriam with it, he slowly let down the anal plug. She came hard but her pussy couldn't contract and she screamed in pleasure. He took all the toys out of her. I watched her pussy as she kept cumming. She was so wet juice dripped onto the table. All the guys had rageing hard-ons. He had Jim get on the table remove the pillows and get under her. Jim has the largest cock I have ever seen. It did grow to the size of a forearm. Mike put more lube on her ass, he grabbed JIm's cock and teased Miriams hole with the large head. He shoved Bill over to me I was so horny and Bill was I took Bill in my mouth and imediately deep throatd him, I could taste his precum as I sucked on his cock, he started to fuck my mouth. This is when he let Jim go I could see her stretch wide accomadating his size, she moaned so load. I could also hear it go in slurping and squishing sounds she gasped and cried out as she burst. He filled her up so no juice could escape. Jim got up between her ass and plunged into her anus, she moaned again. Mandy and the other were finished she came over to Bill and finished him off with a hand job into my mouth. I drank his cum down for the first time ever drinking someones cum. Mike and Jim kept pounding Miriam ass and gash. She must have orgasmed ten timess. Finally Jim blew a nut and he pulled out I watched his cum being forced out of her by Jim's pussy slamming, finally Jim let it go deep inside her she knelt there with cum dripping out of her holes. Jim untied me and told me to clean her up with my tongue and I did. She was exhausted but sucked my dick and drank every drop of me. I can't wait to do this again.

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