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Working For The Mouse

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We were doing well in Orlando and Jenna was wanting to get a job using her degree. She had a B.A. in Business and a minor in Advertising and felt it wasted sitting around doing nothing. I recommended she try to get a job at Disney World and then we could both go in together (most of the time) and plus the extra money would help by the condo we wanted. She put her resume together and it even impressed me. I told her, maybe you should include a picture Hun, yu know, just a regular pic in a business type outfit. She said it sounded good and we got out the camera and she got in her most business looking suit, black pants and a blouse that was a little more like a suit coat and medium black heels. Her hair was pulled back but it was obvious that her mid back length hair was chestnut brown. We sent the resume in and a couple weeks later she got a call from the Admin section of the Mouse House and spoke to D.J. That is Diane Johnson, the VP over Admin. I came home and Jenna told me the news. Great I told her. I will wear a black wrap and the low heels she said. Sounds good to me I told her. The wrap she spoke of is the black wrap around dress that wraps around and ties at the waist. It over laps and can be very conservative or very provocative at least the way I had seen Jenna wear them. She had 5 or 6 of different colors and she loved them becuase they were so versitle. The day of the interview came and she wore the dark blue wrap and low almost sandal shoes. She put her hair to let if fall over her shoulders which was really very attractive at it still looked business. She took the car and went and that afternoon around 5 she came home, looking a bit flushed and smiling and she hugged me kissing me saying she got the job as VP Assistant. I kiised her again and the distinct taste and smell of pussy was on her face. Maybe you should tell me about the interview I told her. She turned red and blushed a lot. She kicked off her shoes and put up her feet and I got a couple glasses of wine. She sipped the wine and then said, WEll, it may take a while she said. I am all ears I told her. Okay. Well, I was there on time and was waiting in the lobby when a very stricking tall blonde came through the lobby. She had short hair and was wearing a pastel outfit, very form fitting. The thing I noticed was that she was so tall and so slim. She had to be athletic and her hips were almost like a man, you know, no butt. What really was wierd was that she had the biggest breastss I have ever seen on a woman with that slim of a figure and I wondered who she was. She smiled at me as she stopped at the receptionist desk and asked if the were any messages and was her interview here yet. The woman at the desk gave her a couple slips and pointed to me as the interview and said I had gotten there early. She smiled, walked over and put her hand out. I stood and shook it and she said I am DJ which is short for Diane Johnson, call me DJ. I am Jenna I told her and she motioned for me to walk ahead into her office. Hold my calls she said as we went in and she closed the door behind us. She motioned me to a chair which when I sat down had the affect of sitting me very low, my legs were so that my knees were actually higher than my butt when I sat dwon and she sat a t her desk which was across from it and looiking right straight at me. I turned my legs to the side because the way I was sitting it was hard to keep them together and not show off my privates. I sat and listened as Jenna got red faced again and then she sipped more wine and went on. Well, Dj went through my information and saw as references Bob and Jmaes and that you wokred here too and she smiled some. I know Bob, James and their wives very well she said and have been over to their places before. Really? I said and I was getting nervous. She came around and sat on the edge of the desk and looked down at me. Well, she stood there and kept talking about things that were not related to the interview at all and finally she said. Come on, lets go for a walk. I got up and followed her. We went to some elevators and she opened them for me to go in first. When we were in she did not press any buttons and she stood there across from me looking at me smiling a lot. Do you thihk I have an odd figure she asked me out of no where? Well, no not really I said. What do you mean not really she asked me. Well, you are so slim to have so much up top. Yeh, that is how I see it too she said. I wish I could gain some weight and get some hips but I have had a boys ass all my life. She laughed and I did with her not knowing what was going on really. Then she pused the buttons and we moved. We went up and got out in a room that led out to a balcony and we were high up looking out over the Disney property. There was a nice breeze blowing and she showed me out a door to a wonderful view. We were facing each other and she looked at me again. Do they look odd to you? I looked at her, Do what look odd? She opened her blouse and said, My tits of course, do they look out of place on my body. She had on a lace bra and it was all but see through, her nipples were very dark thru the material. Your figure is lovely she told me and asked me if I were happy with it. Yes I am I told her, I could loose a little weight but I like it and so does my husband. I bet he does she said now as she stepped towards me. She brushed the hair from my face and carressed my cheek. You are very beautiful she said and kissed me lightly on the lips and then she walked back inside. She stopped as I stood there looking at her. Come on, the interview is over, you have the job. I smiled and walked over to her but made sure to let her make any moves that were going to be made. Thank you I told her. But why are we up here? I wanted to see you alone and this is the most private place in Disney she said. The door is locked and I have one of the only keys. Then she stepped into a small room and pulled a curtain back. There was a couch, chairs and a nice arrangement as if it was a small apartment. She put her hands on my hips right at the tie to my dress and kissed me gently again, my lips parted and I kissed her back. I like these type dresses she said. Do you know why? No why I told her and her hands took the tie and opened it and my dress fell open. That is why she said. I let it fall from my shoulders and she moved her hands to my titties, opening my bra and as they came loose she fell to her knees in front of me and began sucking my nipples so good, they were hard in a second and I was moaning loud. She pulled my pantie4s off and sat me on the couch and then stood up and undressed in front of me, she was so beautiful and her titties are all natural. They still looked odd on her body but she was really beautiful. Then she was on her knees again and sucking and kissing my titties and kissing my neck. I was so hot and then she got between my knees and sread my legs and gave me the best pussy eating I have ever had. Oh my god, I had orgasm after orgasm and she kept taking me higher and getting he hotter than I have ever been. Finally I grabbed her and put her on the couch and dove between her legs and ate her making her cum in my face over and over again. We laid there kissing and eating and kissing for hours. Finally she said, I do have work to do today Love, so we need to get going. Well, you are the boss I told her. Yes I am, and don't ever fotget that she said with a smile like she had some devious plans ahead. Then as we left she kissed me again, Tomorrow, no panties, understand. Yes mame I told her. Anything else I asked her. Oh, I am sure I will think of something she told me. We walked back and in her lobby she whispered something to the recsptionist and they both smiled. She gave me some paper work to fill out and then told me to be back at *Am tomorrow. Well, Jenna told me all this and as she did it was obvious she was getting hotter and hotter and sure enough we had to go put out the fire between her legs.

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