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Wild night with Bo

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Let me first start by saying that i have had several girlfriends, and I enjoy pussy. I have had some wild sexual experiences, some that are crazy. Im a 23 year old male, 185 lbs, 5'10, and I have an average body. I have red hair, and my cock is about 7 inches hard. I also have plenty of red pubic hair, and a hairy body. Now I had never thought about being with a guy, but something happened that I would like to share with you now.

It all started when I was a teenager. Growing up in southwest VA, was boring. I lived in a trailer park, and never had much money, so there wasn't much to do for a 15 year old boy. I would sneak and get drunk, smokepot, and party with my friends that were my age. That was pretty much what I did for fun. I had a friend named Marsha, she was about 24 at the time, older than me, and she like to party as well. I would go to Marsha's house all the time to get high and hang out. I knew she was wild and liked to fuck, that was no secret. She started fucking this guy named Bo up in the trailer park. I actually introduced them because Bo was a friend of mine as well. We all used to play football on Saturdays together. Now Bo was older than me as well. He was about 28 at the time. He is also the only guy I ever fooled around with. Bo was good looking, he was about 6'3, 200 lbs, and also red hair like me. He had a good body, I mean his arms were big and cut, and his legs were broad and hairy. He had a nice chest and his stomach was average, I mean he didnt have 6-pack but he looked good in shape. I had never thought about another guy like that, but one night I caught him taking a piss over the porch, in nothing but this pair of red shorts. Thats when I first noticed his body, and how good he looked. He had a hairy chest, hairy legs, and nice tall figure. Like I said before he also was a redhead like myself. Now back to the story, Bo and Marsha met and fucked on the first night. I remember going over there and they would be all over each other. He would kiss her and play with her tits and ass. She would rub his dick, and all of this took place right in front of me. Its like they didnt care for me to watch. I would go home every night and jack off thinking about her fucking him, sucking his big dick, and him blowing his load.

The night it happened we were all at Marsha's house and were getting drunk. We had smoked some pot and were feeling pretty good. I was about 15 at the time, and I remeber it was summer because he complained about being hot and took of his shirt. She started rubbing his hairy chest and soon they were making out on the couch. Later somehow we got on the subject of sex, and we started talking about porn. I had a porno at home, so I suggested we all watch it together. They agreed and I ran home to get it. After I got back, we turned it on. The scene was 2 guys fucking this girl. I could tell it was making them hot. By this time, he had taken his pants off and she was just in her bra, he was wearing those sex red shorts, and that was it. They were groping each other on the couch, and I could see he was hard as a rock. After a few more beers, I got brave enough to ask them if I could watch. At first Marsha was reluctant, but Bo pulled me to the side, and asked me why. I told him I was really horny and that I just wanted to watch him fuck her. He was very ok with this, and told me he would get her to do it. He even said that he would try and see if she would fuck me too. So he whispered a few things in her ear, I dont know what, and they motioned for me to come back to her bedroom. As soon as they laid down on the bed, he pulled his shorts off, and I could see his big dick. His dick was about 8 inches hard, his balls were big and hairy. He had bright red pubic hair like me. She hopped on top of him. took off her bra, and they started fucking. I went back into the kitchen to get a beer and when I went back they were both fucking hard, both of them moaning and saying things like fuck me and oh yeah. I sat on the chair beside the bed and just watched. I could see Bo's face, and I could tell he was watching me, he even winked at me. I just took my shirt and pants and socks off right then. I pulled my dick out and started jacking hard. I could see Bo watching me jack off, he was looking at me more than her. After jacking off a few minutes, I told her to get off of him, and start sucking his cock. She did and was taking it all the way in his mouth. He was moaning and rubbing his nipples. I was at the point of cumming, when asked me to join them. I didnt say a word, I just took my boxers off and climbed in bed with them. I started eating her pussy, while she was still sucking his dick. He was moaning louder than ever. Then she climbed back on top of him and they started fucking them once again. I just laid there beside of them and jacked off. She grabbed my dick and was giving me a handjob. I started moaning. After about 5 minutes of this, Bo looked over at me and grabbed my dick. I think both me and Marsha were both suprised, but I just let him. He kept stoking my cock with his big hands, while she rode him. We had been fucking for a good hour, because all of us were sweaty as hell, the sheets were soaked. I started sucking on his hairy nipples, while he jacked me off. I remeber even sticking my tounge in his hairy armpit. It was sweaty and I loved the smell. Then he said he was about to come. She climed off of him, and he climed over me. He took my dick in his hard, while jacking himself off. Then he let out a loud moan, and a shot cum all over my dick. He shot about 5 or 6 big spurts all over me, and was using his cum to lube my dick. His cum was warm and felt great, I couldn't take it any longer, I came. I shot cum everywhere, all over his hand, my stomach, the bed. He just looked at me and smiled. Bo fed the cum on his hand to Marsha, she licked all up. He then asked me and Marsha if we had fun, and both of us said yes. We got some towells to clean up because we were all sweaty and covered in cum, and got dressed. Then Me and Bo left, we walked outside and I asked him if we could do it again. He said sure, but next time we didnt need Marsha. I just looked at him and said great.

Now unfortunately the three of us never did that again, however there is more about me and Bo.

If you like what you just heard let me know, I promise there will be a part 2.

hit me up its jsutherland88 on this site, and is my email and also yahoo IM name

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