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Wild night leads to wilder morning

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We'd spent the night with a couple in their home. We'd had a lot of alcohol and lots of sex during the night and about the only thing that hadn't been done was a 1-1 with the guys. Not that I wouldn't have been up for it, but just didn't think that Tom was fully BI. Well that morning I learned different.

I was in bed and my wife had gotten up. I was sound asleep when I felt my cock being sucked. At first is was soft and gentle, but then the sucking got to be more and more intense and then I felt my ass being played with. So far, this is something that my wife has done to me in the past so I went with it. I spread my legs open giving the sucker, who I assumed was my wife, better access to my ass and cock. I'm starting to wake up and moan telling my wife that it feels good but there is no sound from her as of course I'm being sucked.

Now I knew that we'd brought many toys with us to play with the other gal that weekend so when I started to feel some lube being applied, I just figured that it was the wife getting her kink on as she knows that I like to have my ass fucked by her as it gets me super hard. Well I then started to feel what I though was one of her toys pushing into me. I started to reach up and feel for my wife and I couldn't. See we'd slept in their "bondage bed" that night. I just figured that wife wanted to get her Control side a ride and once again didn't think anything about it but now opened my eyes. I saw Tom between my legs starting to push what was a good 7" cock into me. I started to protest as while Tom wasn't thick, he was long and his cock curved. Tom finally spoke and said that my wife had given him her blessing and that he wanted to play with me all night long. Plus the sight of me sleeping naked was too much for him. You could see it in his eyes, that I was going to take him deep either willingly or not.

Tom worked himself into me, lubing me some, till he finally got himself all up into me. I was enjoying the ride as he would fuck slow and gentle, then mix it up with a good hard deep fuck. During this time, Tom was telling me how good my ass felt to him, how he loved fucking me as normally it was his ass being assaulted like I was getting from him. I told him that he was doing me good but I wanted him next. With that he started to fuck me hard so he'd cum in me. With one more final lunge, Tom exploded in my ass. Now during the night, we'd all worn condoms when playing with the girls, so being taken bareback was a suprise. However, I was ok with that. Tom undid my restraints and got onto the bed panting. He tossed me the lube and said I'd need this as I too am 7" but thick headed.

Now after the fucking I just got, my cock was ready to explode. So I started to lube my cock and his ass up when I surprised him by telling him to get on all 4's. Tom slowly got into position and I started applying the lube to his asshole. Rubbing my head up and down on his crack, I was also lubing my own cock up better. Then I found his hole and started to push in. Applying lube as I pushed in. I had only gotten in about a third when I knew that I might not be able to put it all in him as despite Tom telling me that he'd had his ass fucked before and could take me, knew different. However, I was determined to return the favor. Well I got in half way and wanted more when Tom didn't think he could take it all. I agreed and started to pull out and lube more so I could fuck his ass as far as I had already. I was doing him slow and deep when I mentioned to him that when I'd done his wife's ass earlier, she'd taken me all after taking some deep breaths. Tom joked that she must have not taken deep enough ones as when I filled her up, she let out a gasp. I laughed and then said you are going to gasp also, driving my last 3" into him. Tom let out a moan as I held my cock all the way in letting him adjust to me. Tom mixed his words by "oh shit you are deep", " you didn't", "I've never been so full" to "WOW!" I grinned to myself and starts slowly pumping him deep. In and out. Tom said that he was cumming, and I told him that I hoped that he wouldn't as I like this feeling and position myself but that it was my turn to cum.

I started to fuck him. Deep and hard. Slapping his ass until it felt like he was allowing me into his ass easier, but in fact I guess his ass was stretched now very well and accepting my cock. I had fucked Tom during his orgasm and barely didn't cum myself. But I was at a point that I was ready and lunged into him exploding into his ass. But I didn't stop lunging. I fucked him till I knew I was going soft.

We finally cleaned up and went to get something to eat. When we got into the kitchen, both wives knew not only what we had been doing but that we'd enjoyed it.

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