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Wild Saturday Night

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It is a Saturday night, and you and I have plans to attend a concert at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. As we leave your house, I am wearing a pair of jeans and a Breaking Benjamin t shirt with a gray long sleeved shirt open over it. You are wearing the tinkerbell t shirt that I got you, and a pair of jeans.

After we leave your house, you almost immediately begin to change because I have asked you to wear clothes that I specifically bought for this trip. I told you that this will be more than a concert but will not give you more details. You strip in the car, and then I hand you the bag with the clothes in it.

You first put on a pair of black and teal thongs that really have criss cross strings for a front. The bra, you see as you pull it out of the bag, is a push up bra, but has no front, leaving your nipples open to view. You pull out a pair of thigh high fish nets, and slide them smoothly over your legs.

You look at me and smile that naughty little smile, and I smile back. You do not know that I am smiling because I have had you in plain view of the pick up truck driving beside us for the past 5 minutes, and a truck load of guys has been watching your every move. When I nod my head in that direction, and you see them, you are a little shocked, but turned on as well. You turn to them, giving them an unobstructed view of your boobs, while you massage them and cup them in your hands, giving the nipples a playful tweak. They nod and smile their approval.

You reach into the bag and pull out the next item. You slide the grey and red plaid school girl skirt over your legs and lift your ass to slide it into place. After a few minutes of adjustment, you have it on properly. Then you pull the black, long-sleeved see through mesh top out of the bag and pull it over your head.

You are pleased with the way you look, although maybe a bit embarrassed by the erectness of your nipples, which you notice pleases me to no end. You notice my erect cock, and smile as you ask me, ?Is my baby turned on??

I reply, ?Maybe? with a shy little smile to which you smack my cock hard enough that you see me wince in pain.

?Don?t give me any fucking maybe?s, bitch?, you say sternly with an evil grin on your lips.

?Yes?, I mutter in reply. Once again drawing your wrath.

?Speak up when you address me?. The sting of your hand hitting my cock is felt once again. This time, I answer in full voice, and you look pleased.

We drive the rest of the way to Philly with little more than normal conversation. You notice that I cannot take my eyes off of you, and that my cock is straining against the front of my pant, creating a bulge that is as hard as a rock.

You grin.

We arrive at the Electric Factory and park. As we walk to the doors, you are getting every type of reaction possible. Guys stare, and walk into each other as they lose focus on such mundane activities as taking steps and lose themselves. Girls look at you. Some admire you. Some turn away in embarrassment. Some, obviously jealous, immediately begin to whisper words like slut under their breath, to which you just smile.

Inside we make our way to the front of the room and take up a position about 5 feet from the stage. It seems comfortable at first, but as the concert nears and the room fills up, the crowd presses close. The room is becoming very crowded and personal space is at a minimum. To move, you have to bump into someone else, and you notice that an inordinate amount of moving involves other peoples touching you. It doesn?t seem like an accident.

You lean forward, and whisper in my ear.

?I have had every part of me touched in the last five minutes. You like it too, don?t you bitch? You want to see me get touched. That?s why you wanted these clothes on me, isn?t it? You want to see me get fucked, don?t you??

Before I can get an answer out, you once again smack my cock backhand, and I feel the sting of your knuckle as it hits the soft spot right beneath and behind the head, where the shaft is most sensitive.

?Answer me? you say sternly.


?Yes what??

?Yes mistress?, I say to the amazement of the people near us, who have obviously heard every word.

?Well, I guess I am going to have to have some help to keep you under control.?, you say as you reach into your purse and pull out a leather choker with a single silver ring on it. You turn to the guy standing next to you, a cute boy in his early twenties, with long black hair that is slightly unkempt, and a nervous smile that is full of anxiety.

?Do you want to fuck me?? you ask him point blank to which he shakes his head in agreement, but can say nothing. ?Then put this on him.

He takes the collar and puts it on my neck, leaving you free to attach the leather leash.

?Now, get on your knees, bitch? you order me.

I hesitate.

Immediately, I feel the sharp sting of the end of the leather leash as it smacks against my cock hard enough that the smack is audible. It causes me to wince. The pain is incredible, burning and stinging all at once, but sending shivers up my spine. I immediately assume the position on my knees however.

You pull me in close to you with the leash, and tell me to warm your pussy up, and finish pressing my head into your groin roughly, as you begin to kiss the black haired boy.

I pull the panties out of the way, exposing your smooth, freshly shaven, and glistening pussy. It is obvious you are turned on, because you are already covered. I run my tongue gently along the edge of your lips, and before I have finished tracing the length the first time, you slam the back of my head, driving me into you, and telling me you said to suck it.

I immediately take your clitoris into my mouth, and begin to knead it between my lips as I apply gentle suction. I hear you moan.

With your tongue buried deeply in black haired boys mouth, you reach down for his cock, which is hard and bulging already. You slide your hand inside his pants, and touch his throbbing, shaven cock. It is large, but not overly so, with a thick shaft that you love immediately.

You pull it out, to his amazement, and begin to stroke it.

?Do you want to fuck me?? you ask him fort the second time.

?Yes? he answers this time, with an airy voice that belies his excitement.

?Suck it?, you say sternly to me as you hold it out. ?Get it ready for me. Make sure it is clean enough for my pussy?

He starts to pull back.

?If you want to fuck me, you will let him? you whisper to black haired boy as you pull his cock hard in my direction.

I take his hard cock in my mouth and immediately go down on it as far as I can. I gag a little as it hits the back of my throat, but I control that. I close my lips around it and begin to suck deeply as I slide back off the large unit. You push the back of my head and force my mouth down on his cock again before I was ready or had taken another breath, causing me to feel a little starved for oxygen. I feel it go past the point where I can control the gag reflex as it begins to enter that strange area known as ?deep throat?

?Keep your fucking head there till I tell you can come up? you say holding me in that position as I fight for air and against gagging uncontrollably. Finally, the gagging subside, and I am feeling a little giddy from lack of air, and you let go of my head, allowing me to breathe.

I begin to stroke his cock with my mouth, as you notice the watchers.

A tall, muscular guy with a t shirt and a shaved head is touching your boobs. You didn?t notice, but now you do. You smack his hand away with the end of my leash, and ask what the hell he thinks he is doing.

?Did I give you permission to touch me?? you ask.

?I didn?t ask?, he says which draws the swift response of the leash. Hard across his forearm leaving a red welt from the force.

?If you want to fuck me, get on your knees and suck my pussy. But first, take off your shirt bitch?

He does, and you almost moan as you see the beautiful abs this boy has. You reach out to touch them. Your fingers touch them lightly, then caress them up and down, following the ridges between the well developed muscles.

?Pretty?, you say coyly as you yank his pants and push him towards the ground, directing him to your pussy which is dripping already.

You immediately feel his deft tongue start to explore the swelling of your clit. He explores the length of your slit, stopping momentarily to tease your clit, and then his lips clamp on it and he begins to bite it lightly between his teeth, alternated by a gentle massage between his lips.

I am furiously sucking black haired boys cock, moving my head back and forth like a piston, taking it deeper than you ever thought I would be able to. My hand is massaging his balls, and as I pull his cock out of my mouth, strands of saliva trail the space between, and I suck them back in and swallow them furiously as I take the large shaft all the way to the base. With my face pressed against his groin, and his cock fully in my throat, you reach down and push the back of my head again, holding it in place, leaving me no way off. I want to breathe, but you are holding me there, with a thick cock blocking my airway. I try not to move until you give me permission, but I cannot. I push back against your firm hand, and pull off to breathe.

?Stand up and drop your pants, bitch. I didn?t tell you to get off.?

I stand up and drop them, and you immediately slap my ass hard with the leash. An immediate welt forms, tracing a red line across my ass cheeks. You caress it momentarily, and then apply four more hard lashes, leaving corresponding welts on my ass.

Then, you spit in your hand. A large portion of saliva pools in your hand, and you reach down to grab black haired boy?s cock. After applying a generous mount of spit, you order him ?Fuck my bitch?s ass.?

He hesitates.

You smack his cock with the leash.

He moans.

You raise the leash again, and he grabs me from behind and jams his thick cock roughly into my asshole. I moan loudly from the pain, and pull away only slightly, as the shaft slides into my waiting ass. He starts to fuck me hard, and you smile in pleasure as you enjoy seeing me fucked as you nearly reach orgasm from the expert on your pussy.

You look around long enough to notice that you are the absolute center of attention. Of course, some are appalled, but you see that spark in the eyes of most. One gorl in particular catches your eye. She is slightly taller than you, with long curling blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. She has thick lips that are parted slightly as she seems to be breathing hard in excitement over what she sees. Your eyes meet hers, and no words need be said.

She comes to you, and presses her full lips against yours. They part slightly and her tongue enters your mouth. Your tongue meets hers, and the tips start to dance. Her tongue moves deftly, touching every part of yours seemingly at once. Her lips engulf yours, and the saliva begins to flow, filling your mouth and dripping out the edge. As she gently explores your mouth with her tongue, her hands cup the sides of your face, moving your head to different angles, allowing her better access to your mouth.

You moan.

You feel a shudder forming in your pussy.

You moan louder.

You groan in the back of your throat, but it is barely heard, but it is felt by the beautiful blonde with her tongue in your mouth. You begin to shudder, and the orgasm hits you hard, as you convulse and clamp you body tight. The wave consumes you.

?Fuck me, bitch? you scream at me yanking my hair hard and pulling me off the cock I am now greedily sucking.

I stand, and my hard cock is standing upright, hard and swollen. I push you to the floor with the help if Blondie. and lay you on your back on the floor, I get on my knees and lift your knees to my shoulders, lifting your pussy far enough into the air for me to easily insert my cock after I rip off your panties.

I thrust my cock inside you with little warning. You feel it as I ram you hard, over and over, as my balls crash against your asshole and my pelvis slams against your vagina. Harder and harder the thrusts come, and then Blondie lifts her skirt and lowers her pussy onto your face.

You begin to lick it with the ferocity of an animal. Sucking it, and tasting her flowing juice. You feel it as it runs down your face. She may be the only girl you have ever met who gets as wet as you do. Tasting it, feeling it on your face, knowing you did it, you now understand why guys like it when you do it. You suck it in selfishly.

?Get up? I say as I grab you by the shirt and start to flip you over on your knees.

?Get on the ground? I order Blondie, who immediately lays in front of you, spreading her legs allowing access. I tell you keep sucking her pussy.

As you dive into her pussy again, I order ab boy to slide under you, and I lift your leg, allowing him to slide between you and the floor, and when you see his face appear on Blondie?s left leg, which he uses as a pillow, you feel his long, thick cock slam into your pussy, where mine was.

It begins to thrust in and out, almost lifting you off the floor with each thrust. Then, you feel the tentative exploring of my cock on your ass. I wait at the entrance that says exit only, and start to push in slowly. You feel the reluctant parting of your ass as I enter, and the pain as it begins to approach it?s limits. I stop, allowing a moment of comfort as you get used to the invader in your ass. Then I force it in. You groan from the pain, but, are immediately enthralled by the sensation of my cock sliding in and out, in time with the large cock in your pussy. The sensation fills you, and you are excited by the thought of two cocks in such close proximity, separated only by a thin piece of your flesh.

Then you feel the hitch in my body, as I begin to feel a massive orgasm. You feel the momentary pulsing of my cock in you ass as I pump burst after burst of cum into your ass. Instead of collapsing, however, as soon as I am finished, I pull ab boy out of your pussy.

He is not cumming there, it is mine.

I take the large shaft in my mouth as black haired boy thrusts his cock in your suddenly empty pussy. I try to take ab boy deep, but can only make it halfway before I start to gag uncontrollably. So, I work on it with my hands and my mouth as you are fucked ferociously by the impatient boy.

Ab boy, who was close when he was in you, cums in my mouth in very short order. I greedily take it all in. it fills my mouth, and a little runs down to my chin. I come around you, to where you are still licking Blondie?s pussy, and pull your head up by your hair. I lock my lips with yours as our tongues meet, with our saliva, ab boys cum, Blondie?s goo all mixing in our mouths. The cum travels back and forth, as we suck each others mouths violently.

Then I am gone, having shoved your face back into Blondie, with ab boys cum dripping from your mouth onto her wet pussy. You begin to lap it up as you fuck her pussy with your tongue.

I pull black haired boy from you, and bring him around to you. I lift your head, and you dive at his cock. You suck his cock hard, and it?s not long before his cum fills your mouth.

I immediately roll you over, and pull blondie over your. She begins to lick your pussy, which is swollen, engorged, and sensitive. You start to orgasm almost immediately, and are once again overwhelmed by the massive feelings.

Then, I am over you. I look gently into your face. I see that familiar twinkle in your eyes. But, this time it is mixed with a sense of exhaustion and satisfaction. I kiss you tenderly on the lips.

?I love you? I say, as our lips meet again. I press my cheek against your and whisper again that I love you.

?I love you? you moan in a whisper.

Suddenly, from all around us, there is a cheer. The people around us don?t seem to be involved, however. Then, we hear something.

?Ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome back to the Electric Factory and Philadelhia Pennsylvania?..?comes the loud voice through the PA system.

As the band takes the stage, and I stand you up after having adjusted your clothes and redressing you, we notice that few people around us are even noticing the stage. They are all looking at us. WE were the show. The band had just become an afterthought.

Standing behind you, I encircle my waist with both my arms, and pull you back into me as I whisper over your shoulder into your ear.

?I love you? I say one more time.

You smile.

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