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Wifes massage has a happy ending

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My wife and I had been married for years. AS she got older and had some ackes and pains she started going to a massage guy and raved at how good he was. I felt funny about going to a massage guy since I was a guy but one Christmas my wife bought me gift certificates which I felt I might as well use.

After the first visit I was sold. The massage was so great and relaxing. Quiet music playing while you get a great rub down. No wonder my wife liked it so much.

the first time I went I left my underware on which didn't stop the guy from reaching into my shorts to massage my hips and abdoman.

At the second visit he suggested I take off the underware as it only got in the way. I thought "he is prob right" so i striped and got under the sheet. It was a period of months before I satrted suspecting that my massage guy may have an ulterior motive. He would have me lay on my stomach and would massage the inside of my legs. Everytime he did the back of his hand would be rubbing against my balls. It felt great but i was uncomfortable with it. I kept thinking "surely not" when i wondered if he did it on purpose.

after a few more weeks he commented that he noticed that my dick got hard. He said it casually and said that is the first time that has happened that I noticed. I was embarresed and just said yea I must be horney. After that the sessions always ended up with my dick hard, he commented "you have a really nice dick" to which i responded "thank you".

Next he got the nerve to jack me off and after a few sessions of that he began to suck my dick.

I sure didn't want my wife to know what was happening. the only indication i had heard from her several months back was when she came home and said "somtimes I wonder about Bill" talking about the guy.

Now that he was sucking my dick at ever massage, I wanted to ask if he ever did that with the women. But I thought, If he tells me about that he might tell her about me. I left well enough alone would continued to wonder what went on at my wife's sessions.

One day I went and had my usual happy ending. My wife was scheduled for the next morning. When he left the room for me to change into my clothes. I went to the window in the massage room and purposely folded the curtins to leave a very small crack so that I would be able to look in the window. I thought surely he would not notice it before the next morning.

I got up for work as usual said good bye and left. But instead of going to work I went to the massage place, parked down the street and walked to the back of the building. Before long i saw my wife's car pull into the parking lot. I made sure to stay hidden. I had already checked the curtin to insure i could peek in the window.

It was early and not many people out which was good. I saw him take her to the room, he left, as usualy so she would get her clothes off. One of my first questions was answered right away. She stripped entirely nude just as he had suggested that I do when he gives me a massage. I always wonder if she wore pantys but she didn't. She got on the table and covered up with the sheet. I watched as he came in the room and began to give her the massage. He seamed to use the same method with everyone starting at the head and sholders and working down. I watched for a long time as it was a one hour massage and was thinking "this is so silly I have no reason to think my wife would be doing something just because I have" But before long he told her to turn over on her stomach. Yes he had massaged her hips and her breasts but that was just part of the massage. Now she was on her back and he began to massage her stomach he kept getting lower and lower and now his hands were in the hair on her pussy. Then i saw his hand go down between her legs and he seemed to linger there. His hand was fingering her clit and i could she her beginging to respond by pushing her hips up to him. Then he stopped. Thank goodness I thought. He went to the foot of the table and reached under her body, as he had done with me to massage her hips while she was on her back. This is what he did the first time I felt his lips touch my dick. I watched as he massaged deeper and deeper with his face getting closer and closer to my wife's pussy. Then it happened. He lowered his face into her pussy and I watched my wife open her legs to receive him. I was watching him lick my wife's pussy. I thought "That son of a bitch is doing to my wife the same thing he is doing to me, having oral sex with her" But, suddenly, the situation changed. My wife looked very hot and bottered. He told her to get on her stomach which she did. As soon as she was on her stomach he grabbed her legs and pulled her body down the table until only her upper body was on the table and from her waist down she was standing up. He had her in doggie position and I could not believe it. His medical scrubs he wore doped the the floor and I saw his hand guiding his dick in my wifes pussy from behind. He then grabbed her sholders and began to pull her down on her dick. I could hear the grunting and breathing. My wife is always a screamer and I heard her scream loudly as she had an orgasm. He had not finished yet but in 2 minutes he fuck her so hard and fast that i heard him let out a loud grunt signing he just filled my wifes pussy with his cum.

They stood silent for a moment. He left his dick in her pussy. My dick was hard but I felt sick at the same time. He slowly pulled his dick out, slipped his uniform back on and calmly said. Well that finishes up this session, you can clean up and get dress now. Feel free to use the sheets as towels. He let the room as I watched my wife get up. His cum was running down both legs as she took the sheet and ran it up the pussy crack to clean his cum out.

I sat outside in the grass until I saw my wife drive away. I didn't know what to do but decided under the circumstances nothing was best. I had always fantisized about watching my wife get fucked by another guy but i never really thought it would ever happen. Not I knew it was wrong. This I thought "I wonder how long he has been fucking my wife, she comes here ever two weeks for the past 2 years?"

I finally left and got to work. About lunch I called my wife at home and asked her how she was doing. She said fine. Then I said did you get a massage today? She replied "yes, I went this morning". I asked, how was it? Did he do a good job?" She replied, yes he always does a wonderful job that is why I like to go so much". When she said that my dick got hard.

Next time I went for my massage when i took off my clothes I made sure the curtins were entirely closed. He went trought the process and sure enough my dick was hard as a rock thinking this guy was fucking my wife. He rubbed my hips while i was on my back working his face closer to my dick. Soon my dick was in his mouth as he sucked me. I was waiting for my happy ending when all of a sudden he said. "now I want you to get on your stomach" I thought what the hell is this but i rolled over. That is when he grabbed my legs and pulled my body to the end of the table so only my upper body was on the table and my feet were on the floor. Just like he did to my wife! There was a moment of panic when i felt him take the massage oil and pour it down the crack of my ass. To be continued....

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