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Wife plus ex-wife

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My ex-wife Merrian had called me to tell me that one of our four children Julie was pregnant with her 3rd child by her 3rd husband. Merrian and I had been married for 10 years before we parted. We had parted as friends because I was an alcoholic at the time. Since than, I had gotten sober now for many years. My current wife and I have been married for 9 years.

Merrian and I had done a little swinging when we were together with a friend of mine Dave and his girlfriend Sara. My current wife Lynn and I had decided we wanted to do the swing thing as well after me telling her about the times with Merrian and I.

Merrian and I had both been virgins when we got married, so we were both very nervous at the time, but were willing to experiment. Dave and Sara were also new. Merrian is a little thing at 5’ tall and under a hundred pounds. A beautiful red head. Dave and her knew each other and were friendly as Dave was a friend of mine and had been to our home a few times. We had met Sara only once and her and Merrian had got along very well. Sara was a very lovely girl with long hair and a terrific figure.

The plan for the evening was a progressive spin the bottle. On each spin the two people would be allowed time alone in another room. The first spin was to be 3 minutes, than 10 than 30 and if all were comfortable no time limit for a full swap with no limits.

What was surprising was that the girls elected to spend some time alone together as well, which was a new idea for both of them. As it turned out the 30 minute time limit set the stage. Merrian and Dave had returned obviously turned on by what they had been doing.

Merrian told me later that during the 30 minutes Dave and her had done a lot of kissing and he had his hands all over her. I could see she was turned on as her face was flushed and her hair out of place when they had returned.

Sara and I had done pretty much the same. She had terrific boobs that I had been able to feel during our 30 minutes alone. We were all still fully dressed up until now.

Merrian had also told me that she and Sara had become very friendly during their time together, and were both curious, both had only done some soft kissing.

We all sat in a circle ready or not for the no time limit no limit period. We all decided to move forward knowing that what was next was fucking. Merrian wanted us to all stay in the same room in near dark, so we could hear each other. Dave turned the lights off and we swapped women. I was a little anxious about Merrian having sex with Dave. He would be her second man in her life. Sara would be my second woman.

Sara whispered to me lets listen to them and I agreed. All we could actually see was shadows as the room was very dark. We heard the rustle of clothes being removed and I heard Merrian gasp and knew Dave was doing something to her.

While we listened Sara and I got undressed, I was as hard as a rock. Sara was sitting in front if me and leaned back against my chest and could feel my hard cock pressed against her back. I reached around her and played with her boobs as we listened to Merrian and Dave across the room.

The sounds changed and I heard the sound of skin lightly slapping against skin and Merrian was gasping and breathing hard and I knew than that Dave was fucking her. I heard Dave grunt and say you are so tight.

I told Sara to lean forward and she raised her butt in the air and I slipped in and she sat back with my cock inside her. The sounds from across the room got louder as Dave was really giving it to Merrian. I could see in the shadows that Dave was doing her from behind doggie. The slapping sounds got louder. Dave was fucking my wife. I heard her cum and than cum again as he fucked her harder and harder.

I fucked Sara.

So time passed and we all fucked and fucked some more. I heard Dave grunting as he fucked Merrian and than he groaned and said cum and I knew he had just cum in Merrian. It got very quiet across the room except for the sounds of kissing and heavy breathing.

I was fucking Sara hard and she was gasping and to my surprise the said in a loud voice Dave I am Cumming and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she cried out and I squirted into her pussy grunting as I exploded.

The two girls moved back toward their partners and when they reached the center of the room I could hear them whispering something and than Merrian was with me.

I asked you ok? and she answered yes, Dave was very good.

Later we had a chance to talk about the evening and agreed we both had fun and would like to do it again, also Merrian told me that when she and Sara had met in the middle of the room they had given each other a long naked hug and kiss and she really enjoyed how that felt.

Now back to the present.

Lynn and Merrian had met before at family events and were friendly. Merrian was a very nice lady and Lynn liked her.

Lynn and I liked to watch adult videos and when she picked they always had a lot of videos with woman-to-woman scenes. I asked her you like those and she said yes. I asked her do you want to do woman to woman? She said yes I think so. I than had this crazy idea.

I thought she would never agree but told her anyway just in case. I knew that Merrian was still into the swing scene with her current boyfriend occasionally. I also knew she was still curious about other women, was still waiting for someone to come along.

I told Lynn.

Lynn laughed, and said, me and your ex-wife? I said well maybe better than a total stranger. Finally Lynn said oh, I get it, you want to renew an old acquaintance with you ex-wife. I laughed and said, not thought about that, but it probably would be likely if we swing with them.

Lynn said wow, wild idea. I will have to think about that.

A couple of days later Lynn said to me, well I am ok with your crazy idea, as like you said, probably better than with strangers, if we are going to do this. I asked so you really want to try the swing thing and she said well I know you want to and it does sound exciting, so yes. I said I would call Merrian and ask.

I called Merrian and told her. There was a long pause. Finally she said so you and me again after all these years and me and your wife, wow what an idea. You are crazy you know? I laughed and said that is what Lynn said. Merrian said she would call me back in an hour.

An hour later she called back and simply said lets do it. I said ok we would.

I told Lynn. She just laughed and said ok, but you are crazy you know, and I said that is what Merrian said and laughed. I was crazy and excited. I turned Lynn around and bent her over pushed her skirt up and her panties down and fucked her in the kitchen.

It was good.

I asked Lynn if she was sure of what she was doing. She said no and laughed. Than she finally asked the question that I knew was on her mind. She asked if I still loved Merrian.

I said well we were married for 10 years and she is the mother of all my children and we are friends and that is all. She is no threat to you or us. Lynn said ok just needed to ask.

I said she is a very nice lady and you will have fun with her I am sure. Are you sure you want to go forward with the girl-girl thing? Lynn smiled and said yes it was her fantasy and she wanted to try it at least once. I said ok.

I made the date. Lynn understood it was a date to have sex with both Merrian and her friend Stan. Lynn had been married before and had dated after her divorce and had sex with a number of other men while she was single, so she was comfortable with having sex with Stan as long as I was involved and approved.

I approved and was excited and looking forward to doing Merrian again as it had been a number of years since our last time together. Merrian was terrific in bed and a fantastic fuck.

Stan and Merrian arrived at our house. Merrian gave both Lynn and I a hug hello and we met Stan. He was a tall guy and nice looking with a slim build and seemed to be very nice. Lynn was watching him knowing what was planned for the evening. I wondered what she was thinking. I am going to fuck him I imagine. Lynn had told me she was both excited and very nervous, but mostly excited. I could tell she was really going to do what was planned.

Dinner was started and Lynn sat across from Stan and they chatted through dinner. Lynn was smiling at Stan; I think flirting is the word. Stan also knew he would be fucking Lynn soon and he let her know with body language and subtle comments that he knew what was planned for her and him. I could see that, their talking was turning on Lynn. She was ready. I was too as Merrian was ready to do me again as she had whispered it in my ear when she hugged me.

I started by inviting Merrian out to the patio to see our covered deck or in other words, I invited her to go outside to give Stan the time to make his move on Lynn. Merrian and I chatted about the kids for a few minutes and I reached around her and put my hand on her butt and she moved closer to me. She said Lynn would be ok with Stan, he is a very kind guy, and laughed but he will still fuck her brains out. They will be a while, he can go on and on and on.

I said shall we? She looked up to me and said yes lets. I peeked into the living room and Stan was kissing Lynn and she was into it with him. His hand moved down to her butt and he pulled her in close. Merrian asked do you want to watch them therer will be time for us a little later? I said yes I would like to for a while if it was ok. She put her arms around me and kissed me and said ok I will watch too after all I am next right? By the way Lynn is very beautiful and I am looking forward to us getting together.

I watched as Stan slowly undressed Lynn. She just stood there and let him. Her head was lowered and I could see she was breathing hard. He put his hands all over her and she gasped as he played with her pussy. He slipped a finger in and she thrust forward and rode his finger. She was being a very bad girl. Merrian said she looks like fun, I will do that to her later and other things.

Merrian began to undress and when she was naked said fuck me while you watch Lynn and bent over in front of me. I pulled my hard cock out and slipped into her and went deep. She gasped and said oh I remember that.

It was dark on the patio and Lynn could not see me watching her. Stan pressed down on Lynn and she looked up at him and nodded and dropped to her knees. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock and pulled her head forward and she took him into her mouth. I stood watching my wife sucking another man. His cock moved in and out of her mouth and she took all she could handle.

Her hand moved down and she was playing with her pussy as she sucked on him. Stan pulled away and reached down and picked Lynn up and carried into the bedroom to fuck.

Merrian had pulled away and was down on me and my attention went from Lynn to her sucking on me, she had my full attention. I got naked and we moved to a lounge and she spread for me and I went in as deep as I could. She gasped and said oh yes fuck me. I did just that. I was so hard and she was so wet and we knew each other and how we liked to fuck. We fucked for a long time and she came a couple of times and when I was ready she could tell and pulled a way and I exploded in her mouth, squirting in her mouth and on her face.

We lay together for a time and finally got dressed and went back inside. Lynn was still in the bedroom with Stan. I could hear the sounds of fucking coming through the open door. Merrian said go and watch her I know you want to see what she is doing with Stan.

I walked over to the door and peeked in Stan was behind Lynn giving it to her hard and fast and she was grunting and saying oh yes, fuck me.

He was riding her hard. I watched her cum with him. I was a little jealous for a moment. Merrian stood next to me and said different huh? You ok? I said yes just surprised how much fun she is having. I thought she would have a problem. Merrian said he would be doing her for at least another 30 minutes before he cums. He is very good, but so are you.

We waited and I said to oh yes we would. How about the four of us in the the same bed later, and I said yep. We heard more slapping noises from the bedroom and I heard Lynn cum again and than Stan grunted and there was the sound of his cock going in and out of Lynn and he moaned and grunted again and Merrian said he just exploded inside Lynn.

A few minutes later they returned to the living room. Lynn looked like she had just been rode hard and put a way wet. Her face was flushed and she was still breathing a little fast, but she did have a smile. They had fucked for over an hour.

Break time. We fixed drinks and relaxed. After about a hour Merrian took Lynn by the hand and said time for girl talk and led her outside to the patio. It was dark out there and we lost sight of them.

I said you and Lynn have a good time? He said she is a wonderful woman and yes we had a great time. I said Merrian and I had a lot of fun, it had been a long time.

We would like to do four in the same bed later and Stan said ok sounds like fun.

Lynn told me later about her private time with Merrian.

We went and sat with our feet in the pool and talked. Merrian told me she thought I was beautiful and sexy. That she had some incidental contact with women during her swinging, but nothing heavy, but had always wanted to go further but never did, than she kissed me on the lips and said I really want you. I felt my face flush

I said have never done anything, but watch adult movies and decided I wanted to do what the women were doing on the screen. I kissed her and said I want you too. We sat by the pool with our feet wet kissing each other until we were wet in other places as well. I knew what I wanted to do and I wanted to it with Merrian.

We stayed for a while longer and decided we would play it by ear and go with whatever felt right at the moment.

We went back inside to the men. We were both more than ready. I had almost cum kissing her.

The room was low lit and they moved to the center of the room hand in hand. They both looked soft and beautiful. The two women of my life were standing together.

I sensed that what was about to happen would be beyond sex. Something had happened between Merrian and Lynn and they were about to transcend from having sex to making love. They would not withhold anything from each other. Us men were not to be a part of what was about to happen.

The kissing began. It was soft and loving. The passion began to build between them. The kissing went on for a long time as if they wanted it to go on forever. First kissing on the lips than down to the neck and than lower. Lower required their tops to be removed and soon they were both naked to the waist. They were both moaning softly as they licked and sucked on each other. Their nipples stood out as they were sucked and felt. They were lost in the moment and each other.

They moved together with no hesitation or doubt. They dropped to the floor kissing and pressing their boobs together. Merrian was the first to venture below the waist. Her hand moved down than up under the skirt Lynn was wearing. Lynn parted her legs giving Merrian free reign under her skirt. Merrian moved her hand up and down, rubbing and inched up slowly. Her hand dropped down and Lynn no longer had any panties on. Lynn did the same to Merrian.

The girls stretched out next to each other kissing and their hands moved under each others skirts. Lynn gasped as Merrian touched her pussy and Merrian jerked as Lynn touched her pussy. There hands began to move as they fingered each other. They held each other and Lynn shuttered and I heard her say cum and she started to jerk and moan and finally shuttered and climaxed on the hand inside her. She fell back and then pulled Merrian to her and slipped her hand back under her skirt and holding and kissing her fingered her until Merrian gasping and jerking had her cum. The two ladies lay their together kissing and holding each other as they came down from their high. .

They both removed their skirts and lay there naked together, their legs rapped around each other in a lovers embrace. They moved their legs so they were in full body contact pussy-to-pussy, boob-to-boob continuing to kiss each other. Their breathing slowed to normal.

Time passed and we heard Merrian whisper to Lynn I want to taste you. They made eye contact and Lynn said I want to taste you. So my two wives past and present slowly moved down each other kissing and licking as they went. Merrian went first and lowered her head and had her first taste of pussy other of her own. Lynn was next and lowered her head and had her first taste as well.

Holding each other tight they licked and sucked on each other, lost in the sensation, smells and wetness of the other. The sound of licking was distinct and they moaned as their passion rose. They had become lovers.

Lynn looked up for a moment and her face was all wet from Merrian and than returned to her licking and sucking Merrian. Both girls had their arms around the others butt pressing their mouths on each other. Lynn began to shake and shutter and Merrian knew she was about to cum and increased her sucking on her clit. Lynn began to jerk against her mouth and with a muffled moan lost all control and Merrian held her tight against her mouth and Lynn grunted and climaxed, flooding her face with her cum. Feeling Lynn cum on her face did it for Merrian and she cried out cum and shuttered and Lynn licked her through her climax.

The two ladies lay together for a time on their mutual high, softly licking and sucking on each other, until they cane down from their mutual pleasure. They moved around so they were facing each other again had a series of soft kisses and held each other for a time.

Reluctantly they parted and returned to the room with us two guys. I was amazed at what I had just witnessed, wordless.

We invited them to spend the night and eventually were four in the same bed. Stan with Lynn and, Merrian and I. The girls in the middle playing as us guys fucked them. We were up most of the night. And there was still tomorrow to go.

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