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Wife has first lesbian encounter with sexy black lady

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My name is Susan. I'm a happily married 50 year old mother of 3 grown children, and this is a true story of my recent and first experience with another woman.

I work for a small company with about a hundred employees spread across the country, and every December they fly us all to our corporate offices in California for an annual staff meeting and Christmas party. Although a long trip for me, I've grown to look forward to this long weekend and the opportunity to spend time with my co-workers. Now that our 3 children are grown and out of the house, it's easier for me to schedule this time away from home and my husband of 30 years. The most exciting thing happened to me during my trip this year.

After our first day of meetings concluded, we changed for dinner and our Christmas party. Although dinner is always nice, the after dinner celebration is always a little disappointing and usually consists of us all just mingling and talking with some piped-in music in the background as the company owners are fairly old and past their partying prime. Most of the employees are 40-55 with families back home, and even though we're no longer in our 20's, we're not dead and we'd still like to enjoy some music and dancing.

Things wound down about 9:00, too early to turn in, so a small group of us left the restaurant on foot in hopes of finding some decent dancing music in one of the nearby bars. Some locals pointed us to an upscale bar with a couple small dance floors that usually has good music on weekends. When we arrived we noticed the bar was nicely appointed with dim lighting and good dance music, and although pretty packed, we managed to find a couple of tables in the back. I noticed that most of the patrons were the same age range as us, and most were women, similar to our small group of mainly women with just a couple of guys.

The dance floor was packed and it looked like most were dancing in groups rather than couples dancing, and as there were many more women in the room than men, most of the dancers were women, which was fine with me as I've found women usually like to dance more than men anyway. After settling in, we all joined the party on the dance floor, and soon we were all just dancing together. In between songs we struck up conversations with some of the other women that were dancing and found that many of them also worked together and were out after a company dinner same as we were. We seemed to bond with these other partiers as we talked about work, being away from home, and just having a good time.

It seemed we were all 40's to mid 50's with spouses and mostly fully grown children, but one difference was that our group was mostly Caucasian and they were mostly African American. We continued to drink, dance, and visit, and after about an hour we were all like one big happy group of friends. The dance floors weren't big, so when we all danced there was little room to move, causing us to make frequent body contact with other dancers. We were all bumping, swinging each other, and occasionally grinding to the music, and I was enjoying the slight friendly physical contact of these other women.

One of the ladies I had just met, Marsha, danced next to me for a few songs and we began to talk and get to know each other. We kind of hit it off as she was also married with 3 grown children. Marsha was a striking lady with rich deep chocolate skin, a full head of thick black hair that hung in ringlets around her exotic face and dark brown eyes. She had high cheekbones, large almond shaped eyes, and with her thick hair I imagined she had some Asian ancestry, although she was as dark as the night.

Marsha was lively with a warm engaging outgoing personality, but her most striking physical quality was her somewhat large mouth with thick full lips that spread into the most infectious laugh and smile displaying beautiful straight white teeth. She was actually captivating when she smiled and laughed, and we were enjoying dancing and getting to know each other.

We'd casually bump, grind, or swing each other to the music, and I was enjoying the contact and closeness of my new friend. Marsha also had the freshest scent from just a hint of vanilla from her perfume when I was close to her, layered with a slight muskiness, the combination was mildly intoxicating and I found myself wanting to be close enough to her so I could deeply inhale her fragrance.

When a slow song started, Marsha and I stood there uncertainly on the dance floor, as did most everyone else as most of us were women, until amidst some light laughter, everyone just seemed to pair up and dance together while slowing the pace and talking with each other.

Marsha looked at me and said, "shall we?"

I looked around a little nervously, and noticing others were also dancing, I said "why not," as we closed the short distance between us.

Her eyes seemed to grow bigger as she approached while looking in my eyes and lightly placing her hands on my hips.

Marsha was wearing a short tight skirt showing off her long muscular black legs and well rounded butt, and a low-cut sleeveless top that displayed her bountiful chest with modest cleavage showing. Her arms and shoulders were strong yet still feminine with the outline of her muscles softly visible beneath the smoothest silkiest dark brown skin. I felt a small jolt of electricity as my hands made first contact with her skin when placing them lightly on her bare shoulders as we began gently moving to the music. I couldn't help but notice the stark contrast of my lightly colored hand on her deep brown skin.

Marsha was a little taller than my 5' 9", and she was curvaceous and full bodied with wide hips, a round full butt, and breasts perhaps a little larger than my full chest. We both still showed that we were mature mothers with a little more body than we had in our 20's, but we were also both in good shape. I have long legs, narrower hips, and a small tight ass that my husband just loves to grip when making love. I wear lots of skin tight workout wear while home and my husband says he loves to watch my long strong legs and tight ass, men! I have light brown hair, blue eyes, and full sensitive breasts that my husband never neglects. Marsha and I must have been quite a contrasting sight dancing together.

Marsha smiled at me, leaned to whisper in my ear, and purred, "mmmm, this could be nice," as we then closed our bodies and began softly, slowly dancing as I would with my husband.

I had never danced with a woman in this way, but her right leg naturally pressed between my legs and my leg between hers, and our breasts came together as our heads slid next to each other. Her hair lightly brushed my face, and as I took a breath her fragrance flooded my senses, still fresh and crisp but with a stronger hint of muskiness as if I was literally breathing her skin and hair. It seemed as though neither was leading, neither was following, but we were just moving as one.

Whether from the drinks, the closeness to Marsha, or a combination of both, I began to get a little lightheaded, and a warmth began to spread thru me as her fingers on my hips began to softly move to my back and then lightly stroke my upper buttocks while pulling me nearer, gently pressuring my pubic mound with her thigh. My hands on the naked silken dark chocolate skin of her shoulders began to warm. It seemed so natural to lightly stroke her shoulders, and then wrap my arms further around her full body as my hands traced up her back, beneath her hair to her neck, and I began to lightly run the ringlets of her hair thru the fingers of one hand as the fingers of my other hand lightly traced the dark skin of her long graceful neck.

Marsha slowly turned her head to my ear, so close that I could sense her full beautiful mouth but couldn't quite feel it's touch, and then whispered, "so nice." Her breath on my ear sent shivers radiating from my ear to my toes, and I felt a slight twitch in my pussy. Her mouth was so close to my ear that I could feel the warmth of her lips and my ear so wanted her to take it into her wonderful mouth.

The song ended too soon, and as we slowly and reluctantly separated, both looking into each other's eyes while still lightly holding each other, we both said, "wow" at the same time, which made us laugh as we held hands to leave the dance floor.

Before getting to our tables, Marsha stopped and flashed me her beautiful smile and said, "hey, come with me," and before I could respond she began leading me as we held hands to the far end of the bar and around the corner to the adjoining restaurant section that was now closed.

We found a series of small private dining areas now dark and deserted by the wait staff, so we entered one of the private dining areas and stopped by the wall as she turned toward me. "I hope you don't mind," she said, "but after that dance, I just didn't want to be around the others."

"Me neither," I said as we stood closely, looking in each other's eyes.

As my husband and I have aged together, we've opened up more sexually to each other. We've spoken of our fantasies, watched porn, read sexy stories, and explored a variety of toys. As I suppose with most men, my husband's biggest turn on is to imagine 2 women together, with me being one of the women. I've never experienced another woman, but I have wondered what it would be like, tasting another women with my mouth, licking her clit and parting the lips of her pussy with my tongue. My husband is a great pussy licker and I love him to make me cum with his mouth and fingers, so I've wondered what it would be like from his perspective, with me making a woman cum with my mouth and fingers.

My husband tells me that watching women kiss turns him on more than nearly anything, so soft and sensual, and I've also wondered what it might be like to kiss the soft lips of another woman. We've fantasized together when making love about sharing another, sometimes a man and sometimes a woman. Although we've never actually included another in our love making, I knew if my husband were here he'd be encouraging me now.

My back was against the wall as my hands found Marsha's hips and hers went to my shoulders and our bodies closed like magnets, not quite touching as we barely held ourselves apart, as though our auras were joining. Our heads went alongside each other and we traced each other's faces lightly with our cheeks, noses, and lips, breathing in each other, until we finally could wait no longer and our lips quivered, barely touching. We began to lightly kiss, so amazing, her lips were so different than my husband's.

Marsha held still as I lightly kissed her large thick upper lip, tracing it with my mouth from one side to the other, very lightly drawing that thick beautiful lip into my thinner, smaller mouth, and letting it travel along her upper mouth. She began to lightly moan as I then moved to her fuller lower lip, again lightly mouthing it as my smaller lips lightly engulfed her heavy yet silky smooth lower lip, moving from one side to the other across her full mouth.

She could be still no longer as her moan increased and I then felt her full mouth start to move into a soft full partially spread lip pucker and then completely engulf my smaller mouth. My mouth was completely held between the soft slightly moist warmth of her larger fuller lips. I was motionless with my lips relaxed and very slightly parted as she began to perform magic on my mouth, lightly sucking my mouth into hers, moving her lips, softly devouring my upper lip, my lower lip, my full mouth, until I responded in turn and our mouths were working together on each other, moving in unison while time froze and all our senses were concentrated on our joined mouths.

We kissed like this for what seemed an eternity, though I'm sure it was just a few minutes, still not using our tongues, but I could wait no longer. Her big full lips tasted so marvelous that I had to discover what treasure and flavors the depths of her mouth held for me. As I drew her upper lip into my mouth, I used the tip of my tongue to lightly trace its soft spongy fullness. Marsha moaned again as I then transitioned to licking her thick upper lip back and forth with the full flat of my tongue.

I then inserted my tongue more fully beneath her upper lip, parting my lips and reaching to tongue her beautiful upper teeth and gums. I knew then that I wanted to taste every corner and depth of her mouth, and this was the beginning. My tongue travelled back and forth across her upper teeth, her gums, and the inside of her upper lip. Our breathing increased as occasional moans escaped from us both.

I needed more. I lightly held her face with my hands and tilted her head as I moved mine opposite and we now hungrily mashed our lips together, our kiss growing in wetness as our mouths parted, allowing Marsha to fully accept my tongue into her sweet fresh tasting mouth. She drew my tongue into her mouth and welcomed it with her own full thick tongue. Our tongues began dancing together in her mouth, rolling around each other. I buried my tongue beneath hers, feeling the smooth underside of her tongue and probing the bottom of her mouth, pumping and massaging her salivary glands as they opened and filled her mouth, then licking the rougher top of her tongue, savoring the textured sensation of her taste buds.

My mouth was now fully buried within hers. Marsha alternated between sucking my tongue as though she was trying to swallow it, to sucking my full mouth between her massive lips. I have never kissed anyone this way, anyone with a mouth like hers. My small mouth fit so fully within her large mouth with its large soft lips, it felt like nothing I've ever experienced. I love kissing, and my husband and I love to kiss while making love, while cuming, but this was a very different experience. Kissing another woman was so different. A woman's lips are much softer, and the sheer naughtiness of it made it far more erotic and sensual than kissing a man.

My tongue had been extended so long that I now had to withdraw it back into my own mouth, and Marsha's large thick and very long tongue followed like they were connected. I felt the tip of her sweet tongue entering between my lips and then slowly filling my mouth to overflowing. She inserted her tongue as deeply as possible, nearly going down my throat as my lips wrapped around and clung to it. It felt wonderful as she swirled it within my mouth and then began a slow in and out motion, and I began sucking her thick full moist tongue as though it was a small cock.

My husband sucks my tongue in the same way when he's buried in my pussy. I fuck his mouth with my tongue as he fucks my pussy with his cock, and Marsha was now fucking my mouth with her delicious tongue. Our arms encircled each other and our bodies were now mashed together and our hands moved over our bodies. I felt her strong arms pull me tightly to her, her strong hands massaging and gripping my back, and then moving to my ass, gripping a cheek in each hand as my husband does, pulling my lower body into hers as we both began to subconsciously grind our pubic mounds together.

I did the same with her, loving the feel of her strong yet feminine back beneath my searching, moving fingers. We continued our now deep wet open mouth tongue kissing and I too moved my hands to her large glorious ass and began to squeeze and kneed her flesh and glutes with my hands and fingers, never had I felt anything like her ass.

Our bodies were now very visibly moving together with our hands roaming up and down each other's bodies and our pubic mounds grinding together. At one point we began to slide our breasts from side to side against each other's chests, our nipples engorging and growing sensitive as we mashed and rubbed our tits together. I would lovingly yet forcefully hold her head in both hands with her hair trailing between my fingers, turn my head slightly to the side with our mouths open fully so I could feed my tongue as far into the depths of her mouth as possible.

Marsha's much larger mouth and thick lips would completely surround my smaller mouth and thinner lips, drawing my full mouth into her own succulent mouth as I extended my tongue as fully as possible, tasting her wet mouth and wanting to draw her saliva into my own. She would then bury her tongue in my mouth, my lips and tongue tasting and swallowing her thick tongue as far down my throat as possible. The texture of her tongue as it stroked between my lips and over my tongue was so tantalizing. My mouth was wet for her and she lapped my pooling saliva back into her own mouth. I've heard of wet kisses, but I've never had one like this, I wanted to drink her into me.

Our breathing and moaning had grown until we finally broke our kiss, looked at each other with wide "I want you now" eyes, and I asked her, "can you come to my room?"

"Oh yes," she answered.

We quickly gathered our things, told our friends it was getting late and we were leaving. It was dark as we left and began the walk to my hotel. Marsha reached to hold my hand and soon we were walking arm-in-arm to my hotel just a couple blocks away.

As we were walking, Marsha asked me, "have you ever done this?"

"No, I haven't," I replied, "have you?"

Marsha said, "no, but I want to with you!"

"Me too," I said as we entered the hotel and headed to my room.

As soon as we entered the room we both instantly grabbed each other and resumed our kissing frenzy. Her amazing mouth travelled to my ear as she consumed it and then wrapped her thick lips around my neck, licking, nibbling, and sucking my entire neck causing me to physically shiver. The electricity of her touch and her rich sensuous vanilla scent that flooded my nostrils combined to inflame my senses.

It was then my turn, I had to, was desperate to taste her skin. I licked the full length of her long jet black neck with my tongue, up and down, tasting her fully, preparing for what was to come, and then I opened my mouth fully to take as much of her dark neck into my mouth as possible and I hungrily licked and sucked at her chocolate skin and neck muscles until she broke away with a squeal.

I then took Marsha's hand and led my soon to become first female lover to the waiting bed.

Marsha lay on the bed as I straddled her, anxious to feel her body beneath mine. I ran my fingers through her strands, gripping hard and pulling her face to mine, tasting her soft lips, gently probing the inside of her mouth with my tongue. She sucked on it before reciprocating by pulling me close.

I sat up and Marsha took my hands and placed them over her breasts. I had never touched a woman's breast before, at least not in this manner. I could feel her warm and soft breasts moving under my palms. The now hard nipples almost burned a hole in my hands. I looked at Marsha, my eyes wide like a deer caught in the headlights and saw her smoldering eyes gaze back at me.

"Come here," Marsha whispered and pulled me close until I was leaning over her. "Kiss me."

As if in slow motion I leaned down until my lips were inches from Marsha's. I closed my eyes and moved down. "Mmmmm," I moaned when I felt Marsha's soft lips under mine. My tongue came out of my mouth.

Marsha moaned as my tongue once again touched her lips. She opened her mouth wide to take it inside, and we were again kissing passionately.

I was aware of my saliva draining from my mouth and into Marsha's. I felt Marsha swallowing, drinking it down. Then I felt the black woman's tongue pushing back on my own. I let it in and sucked her tongue hard. Our mouths continued exploring each other's faces and lips. I couldn't believe how soft Marsha felt under my lips and fingers and I found my hands wandering over her body. I slowly caressed Marsha's neck, my fingertips tracing her body down to her breasts.

I felt Marsha's breathing increase as I began to caress her nipples thru her clothing, feeling them harden even more under my touch. I gazed in her eyes as my fingers slowly undid the buttons of her blouse, baring her magnificent cocoa skin to my eyes and fingers. I unclasped her bra, freeing the soft globes of her full dark bosom and jet black of her aureoles and nipples. My hands went to her full mounds, filling each hand with an overflowing soft full female breast other than my own for the first time.

Running her fingers through my hair, Marsha guided my mouth towards her erect nipples. My tongue snaked out and began teasing, tickling, tasting those big beautiful chocolate globes and hardened ebony nipples, loving this first taste of a woman's nipple in my mouth. I squeezed and fondled them in amazement, then anxious to bare my own chest to Marsha, quickly rose to strip down to my panties as Marsha also removed her skirt. My C cups were slightly smaller than her larger chest, but she smiled at the sight of them.

I lay back on her, the feel of her naked body causing me to tingle all over, and then picked up her flesh and buried my face in it, slurping her nipple into my mouth. She tasted sweet and her smell was a sensuous combination of vanilla and her own slightly musky fragrance.

But it wasn't enough. I needed more. I pulled off Marsha's panties, and then took in the sight of Marsha's perfectly trimmed black pussy, and breathed in the scent of another woman.

"Oh my," I gasped as I stared at Marsha's pussy. It was dripping, and looked beautiful. It looked like a dew soaked black orchid, delicate dark black outer pussy lips encasing inner lips that faded from black to hot pink, surrounding a center that opened to a bright wet red pink in color. I froze for a moment and just gazed at this lovely sight that I knew would soon be in my mouth for the first time.

I softly kissed Marsha's soft thighs, and watched as Marsha's clit became engorged, beckoning. Marsha shifted her legs, opening her pussy lips for my mouth. My body erupted in goosebumps. My husband and I fantacized about me with a woman, licking and sucking her pussy, and I was now wet and nearly quivering with anticipation.

It was all that was needed and I leaned forward and for the first time in my life, tasted another woman. First my tongue caressed her inner lips and then up the center of her vulva. I reached her clit and then probed lightly under its hood, stimulating her most sensitive area with my taste buds. I was at first unsure of how to eat pussy, however Marsha began to moan in response as I did what I know feels good to me. Marsha then opened her legs fully and wrapped her large dark thighs around my head while running her fingers through my hair. With Marsha now wide open, I allowed my tongue to enter into her waiting pussy. And loved it.

I heard her moan softly when I sucked her tiny nub into my eager mouth. I could smell the perfume she must have used but, even stronger, was her natural female odor. I breathed in deeply through my nose, her scent exciting me even more. My mouth was now open wide with the broad part of my tongue lapping at her wet open pussy and large engorged clit, kissing her pussy fully as I had just done to her mouth, her lips and mine wet with a combination of her pussy juice and my saliva.

Marsha's moans became louder and her clit became swollen under my touch. I reached one hand beneath her to grip and massage her wonderful ass, and Marsha's back arched while I slid one, then two fingers into her juicy womanhood, marveling at the contrast between my white fingers disappearing into Marsha's black vulva.

She was already perfectly lubricated and my fingers easily found the tiny bump inside her smoldering pussy. I pushed into it, as if trying to reach through to her belly button. Her head fell back and a guttural moan escaped her lips. I continued mouthing her clit and thrusting into her, causing her body to tremble all over and her pussy to spasm around my fingers.

Marsha responded by pulling my face into her throbbing pussy and I could feel her body begin to spasm and shudder. I realized that I was about to make a woman come on my first attempt and within seconds Marsha's moans became moans of, "I'm gonna cum baby, you're gonna make me cum in your mouth."

I then tasted a slight rush of pussy juice enter my mouth as Marsha released a scream and cry. Marsha rode her orgasm with my tongue working her clit and my fingers deep inside as her body shook in passion and ecstasy. Her bliss continued while I let my tongue and fingers continue to explore her velvet pussy.

As Marsha's quivering slowly subsided, she encouraged me back up her body. I then reluctantly and slowly withdrew my tongue and fingers, gently kissing the inside of her dark fleshy thighs, and feeling my lips moist with Marsha's love juice, moved back up to face my lover who was looking at me with lustful eyes. She radiated ecstasy. I tasted my fingers and smiled at the sight of her, a woman completely satisfied by me alone, my own desire now burning in my groin.

"Am I really your first?" Marsha asked in amazement. When I smiled and nodded, Marsha whispered, "Oh god, that was so good."

I responded by offering my cum soaked tongue to Marsha who hungrily tasted her own pussy on my mouth.

Again I marveled at the softness of a woman's kiss. Our mouths melded in unison and I reveled in giving myself fully to my first lesbian experience.

We rolled over as one with Marsha now above me, and I felt Marsha's tongue touch my lips. It ran back and forth, tickling my suddenly dry lips and leaving moisture behind. Then the tip moved to the center... wiggling gently but waiting patiently. It seemed like hours but was only seconds when, with a moan from deep within my throat, I opened my mouth.

Marsha turned her head to the side and pressed her tongue forward, opening her mouth wide over mine. She grabbed the back of my head gently and I felt Marsha's long and wet tongue inside my mouth. My lips automatically closed around it, sucking the sweet saliva from the smooth surface and drinking it down. I felt Marsha's tongue moving inside my open mouth as if trying to touch every place it could reach. Then, when she pulled her tongue back, mine automatically followed until it was trapped in the exotic black woman's ravenous mouth. Marsha sucked my tongue with sexual abandon. The room filled with the loud sucking sound as the kiss continued and grew even more passionate by the second.

I don't know how long the kiss lasted. When I finally wrenched my lips away from Marsha's, we were both gasping for breath. My mouth and tongue were tingling and my lips felt swollen. I looked at Marsha and saw fire in her eyes.

"I want your breasts now," Marsha whispered as she slid down my body, exposing my heaving breasts. I felt my core becoming a furnace in anticipation of another woman touching my sensitive breasts. I moaned loudly and could feel Marsha's eyes staring at my nakedness.

I gasped when my nipples, already hard with excitement were exposed to the air, and moaned when the coolness was replaced with the heat of Marsha's mouth. Marsha's tongue swirled expertly over my aureole before her teeth gently nibbled my nipple, teasing as the tip of her tongue brought a pleasure I had not experienced previously, because it was from a woman, from my exotic dark skinned lover.

My body quivered as my pussy became a molten bed of desire. I couldn't take my eyes from the erotic sight of this beautiful woman tasting my tits, her tongue swirling and slurping around my nipples while she looked into my eyes. The contrast of her soft coal black hands cupping my pure white mounds and her large mouth with thick dark lips devouring nearly half of my large white breast excited me even further. Her dark black body atop my whiteness must have been quite a sight.

Marsha then began sliding down towards my mound and I felt her fingers trace patterns over my fluttering stomach, each time getting closer to my now throbbing pussy. Marsha's fingers slipped under the elastic of my panties and she smiled as she started to remove the last article of clothing from my body.

I watched my neatly trimmed pussy become exposed and heard Marsha whisper, "Beautiful."

As Marsha moved her face within inches of my mound, I opened my thighs further in invitation. Marsha then extended her tongue, seeking a sign from me.

Marsha whispered, "I want to fuck you so badly."

With that simple sentence any remaining uncertainties I may have held disappeared as I opened my legs further and pulled Marsha's face between my legs.

I felt Marsha's tongue at my opening, probing, testing, and my body reacted with a rush of emotions at the realization that one of my deepest fantasies was about to come true, I was about to be fucked by a woman.

Marsha then teased and lifting her tongue from my pussy asked, "Is this what you want baby?"

"Oh yes!", I whispered with intense anticipation.

I then watched Marsha plunge her tongue deep inside my pussy and felt the warmth of her breath against my clit and the glorious sensation of another woman eating me. My body, quivering with pent up tension quickly rose towards orgasm. Throwing my head back, moans escaped as my fingers clenched in Marsha's black hair, pulling and grinding my mound into my lovers face, my hips bucking.

I was only seconds from climax as I then felt Marsha's fingers entering into my soaking sex. My body exploded and an incredible well of intense tingling consumed me. Throwing my head back I moaned loudly as one of the most powerful orgasms of my life hit me, wave after wave of animal bliss causing my body to buck and convulse with my genitals mashed to her mouth.

Marsha's fingers slid easily in and out and she asked, "Do my fingers feel good baby, do you love being fucked by another girl?"

I responded by gasping, "Yes, oh god yes," as my body continued to quiver.

Marsha kept kissing my pussy for a long time after I stopped moving. With my eyes still closed and breathing deeply, Marsha moved up next to me, pulling me close. "Are you okay sweetie," she said as she took my head in her hands and looked at me.

I opened my eyes to Marsha's face and moist lips above me. "It looks like I'm all over your mouth," I whispered.

"I know," Marsha answered and licked her lips.

I then pulled Marsha's lips to mine for a very wet kiss, savoring the mixture of my wetness and her saliva.

Marsha's excitement had rekindled as she ate me to orgasm and now grew further with our wet cum and saliva infused kiss. Marsha broke our kiss and leaned up revealing her full heavy dark breasts and large nipples hanging from her chest. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles and stuck out like pencil erasers. She grabbed one large pendulous breast with both hands and guided the nipple to my waiting own mouth. I suckled as she fed me one black breast and then the other. My husband loves when I feed him my breasts in this way, and now I know why.

Her breathing grew heavy and raspy as I gently rolled Marsha away from me, rose above to look down upon her, and with a moan dropped my head and continued to feast on her womanly dark flesh.

"Oh yes," Marsha gasped as she held my head to her heaving breast. I groped and ravished both large black breasts wantonly with both hands and my hungry wet mouth.

I left her saliva soaked heaving breasts and moved down her body while she spread her legs wide in the process. I could smell Marsha's excitement.

"Kiss my thighs," Marsha said.

With trembling hands, I spread Marsha's toned dark legs and began to kiss up her thighs. I felt her tremble as my lips drew across her soft black skin.

I kissed high up one thigh and then moved to the other side and began kissing back down. When I reached her knee, I switched again, using my tongue this time as I moved back up the warm flesh, loving the taste and softness of her ebony skin.

"Mmmm, so nice," Marsha whispered.

I worked on Marsha's thighs for a long time, enjoying the feeling of her soft flesh under my lips.

"Kiss my pussy like you kissed my mouth," Marsha implored me.

I hesitated, wanting Marsha's desire to grow.

"Kiss my pussy!" Marsha said again more emphatically this time, bouncing her hips and trying to force contact between her pussy and my mouth.

I closed my eyes and moved my head forward.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" Marsha gasped as my lips touched her pulsing sex. "Kiss me, kiss me, kiss my pussy!" she gasped.

I felt Marsha's juice on my lips and moaned. I licked my lips and brought the taste into my mouth. My heart began to beat faster and with a little whimper, I stuck my tongue into her wet pussy and felt it surrounded by her tight pulsing sphincter muscle. My head began to spin as more juice dribbled down my tongue and into my mouth. With a moan of excitement I pushed Marsha's legs wider and began to fully probe and suck on her open vulva.

"Oh yes, yes, you know how to eat pussy already," Marsha gasped and humped her hips into my sucking mouth.

I pulled away abruptly, teasingly. Then I felt Marsha's hands reach for my head and I heard her squeal, "No!" With a smile, I let her pull my face back to her sodden sex lips. I began to suck and kiss her lips like I was kissing her mouth. I worked my tongue in and out and then sucked her lips. I began to concentrate on licking her sweet clit as I eased 2 fingers into her. This sent her over the edge as I gently wiggled my fingers up and down and felt her pussy muscles begin to spasm and squeeze my probing fingers. Soon I felt Marsha's thighs tighten on my head.

"Oh God Susan!!" she screamed and began to climax. The sound of her voice echoed off the walls of the hotel room.

I held on to Marsha and kept sucking. I accumulated the juice from her throbbing pussy and held it in my mouth until it threatened to overflow. Then I drank it down, sucking for more.

After a long while, Marsha came down from her climax, and leaning up tried to push my head from between her legs. However, she felt me resisting and I heard her moan in protest. She stopped trying to push me away and lay back again, spreading her legs even wider. A moan of satisfaction escaped her lips as she allowed me free access to her sex, and it only took a few minutes before she felt her excitement building again.

I was now lost in a sea of sensual delight. I never knew how exciting it could be to please another woman with my mouth. It was so unlike oral sex with Steve.

"Oh Susan," Marsha gasped when she felt me using my fingers to again open her sex lips. Then she felt me teasing and tonguing her clit. "Oh God, oh God!" she gasped.

I sucked her clit into my mouth.

"Ahhhhhhheeeeee!!!" Marsha screamed and went over the top again.

Later when Marsha left my room, there was a smile on my face. I was happy that I had pleased Marsha, but I was also surprised at how much I liked it. I ate my beautiful black lover to three strong climaxes and would have continued had she not pushed me away. I could still taste Marsha's sweet juices on my lips... and she left me her panties as a souvenir, one which both my husband and I would use to masturbate with when I got home.

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