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What could I say?

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First off I have to say I have a fanstastic sex life with my wife....when she wants sex. We argue quite a bit about my over-the-top desires for sex with her and her being only in the mood two to three times a month, but when we have sex if it heart poundingly good.

I have always wanted to have a threesome, like most guys I wanted a MFF threesome but she didn't seem like she would want one, and a MMF was something I didn't even think to ask for even though the thought was a huge turn-on.

So I decided to do the unthinkable....Craigslist. I know, I know....

I placed an ad as a MWM looking for a fit couple my age for some NSA discrete fun. Well I got no replies and almost forgot about the ad when I got a reply about a week later. It was a couple that was very close to my work but far away from where I live, I have a 60 minute commute. We decided to meet for coffee the next day at a shop in the corporate center close by. I described myself: 5'10, 180lbs, fit/muscular, black hair, blue eyes, clean shaven, full head of hair, and very good looking. I also told them what I would be wearing. They came into the shop and looked around with apprehensive looks on their faces, then she spotted me in the back and her face lit up...she smacked Bill on the chest and pointed to me, he smiled with relief that I was truthful in my description and not one of the unattractive people in the shop. They sat down with me and we small talked a bit and then Bill just blurted out that I was perfect and Lauren and him wanted me to meet them at their house for lunch the next day. What could I say?

I arrived at their home a few mintues early. I knocked on the door and Bill answered. He greeted me and asked me in. Lauren came out and was dressed so hot with short cut off jeans and a top with no bra on. The both sat next to me on the couch and we started chatting about how they are new to this but both have a fantasy of having a MMF 3-some. I was nervous too until Lauren pulled on my chin and turned my head and kissed me. With that kiss all hell broke loose, she got very aggressive and was kissing me hard and rubbing her hands all over me...she opened my shirt and saw my tattos and went nuts licking them all over. The she stopped and got off of me all of a sudden. She stood up and announce she has to get out of the clothes and stripped. Then she ordered both of us to get naked immediately. I sat back down on the couch and she pushed me flat and crawled up and planted her sweet clean shaven pussy on my mouth and I caould not stop myself from eating her like it was the last clam on earth. Then I felt Bill put his head between her ass cheeks and start to eat her ass out. Then I got a surprise...I felt Bill shift his body on top of mine and kept eating her other words, he was naked on top of be, cock to cock, eating Laurens ass while I was eating her pussy. This is when I realized Lauren was reaching back and playing with Bills ass too.....I felt her shutter to her first orgasm.

Then she got up and turned around and shoved her twat back in my face, I felt Bill get off me too and I felt Laurens tounge start to lick down my belly. She grabbed my cock and started licking it like it was a lolipop. I am completely shaven and she commented on how smooth it was and started to take my balls in her mouth....she realesed them and felt her hold them in her hand as she plunged her head down on my cock and I felt he chin hit my pubic bone so I know all 7.5 inches went down she kept bobbing like all she wanted was for me to cum...I felt her tounging my balls again...but I realized that my cock was inside her mouth yet. It hit me then that Bill liked boys too...he kept licking my balls and I have to admit it felt great having two mouths on me. I felt them sharing my cock now, both taking turns sucking on me, I could hear her telling him how hot she was watching him. Then they both had their lips on my cock at the same time going up and down in unison, I started to feel myself cum and let them know I was about to shoot. Lauren said "I get the first one, remember?" and she started to stroke my cock hard and kept her lips on the head of my cock. At the same time I felt Bill squeezing my balls and licking my gooch and trying to lick my asshole (which actually I like) and I started to cum so hard. Lauren had a hard time keeping up swallowing my cum without drooling it out. She managed to keep it all in and kept slobbering all over my cock and sucking hard to get every drop out. She looked back at me and said now its time for round two.

She laid down on the floor and spread her legs and gave me that 'come hither' look...I crawled in between her legs and slide my hard cock into her soaking wet pussy and started to slowly fuck her, her pussy was so tight since I had at least an inch of girth on her husband. She was moaning like it was her first time feeling a cock in her. Bill crawled up to her head and put his dick in her mouth and she eagerly started to suck it. He was fingering her clit while he was face fucking his wife and i was still slowly fucking her. I felt her shutter to another orgasm but to tell you the truth, I think it happened more that twice now and wasnt really counting anymore. I watched her blowing him and his pace picking up and all of a sudden he pulled out of her mouth and started jerking off into her mouth, he shot a huge load on her face and the rest into her mouth, she was licking her lips trying to get every drop and Bill leaned over and cleaned the rest of his cum off her with his tounge.

I got really turned on by watching this and and felt myself getting close, Lauren felt me getting bigger and told Bill to lick her clit while i was fucking her which jumped at. I could feel his tougne rubbing against my cock as I was sliding in and out of her....finally I said I was about to cum and she said "this one is yours Bill" and she slid back and my cock popped out of her and he put his mouth in place of her pussy and i kept fucking his mouth. She came up behind me and pressed her body into mine and gripped my cock at the base like a cock-ring while i kept face fucking him, then i grumted and she tightened her grip to not allow mu cum out. She said "here baby...let me see you eat our friends cum" and released the grip and my spuck shot out into his mouth and face like a firehose. He gobbled up all he could and Lauren then helped Bill clean off my cock and licked his face clean.

I fell backwards and Lauren layed on top of me and kissed my lips and thanked me. We got up and dressed and they said they were sorry that they didnt tell me that I was gonna be shared. I said it was fine and actaully quite a turn on. They asked if I would want to make this a weekly lunch date. What could I say?

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