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Two birds, One Stone

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I have a right-hand man, Alex, who trails around after me all day, keeping my notes and schedule, carrying my bags, filing my business contacts, answering my phone and keeping my day organized. He is utterly indispensable.

At the end of the day today, we retired to my office to wrap up and summarize the affairs of the day. Before he left for the day he's asked "Is there any other service I can do for you before I go, sir?"

I push back from my desk and lower my fly and Alex immediately, obediently kneels between my legs, withdraws my cock from my trousers, and takes it into his mouth. Once fully aroused, he asks "Shall I finish this, sir, or shall we move on?"

"I think we'll move on today, Alex." I say, whereupon he stands, unbuckles his own slacks, and just lowers them over his very slim hips. He opens the appropriate drawer on my desk, withdraws a jar of lubricant he knows to be there and prepares his asshole for me.

I stand and enter Alex’s smooth, welcoming anus with both of us still nearly dressed. After pounding his back door for five furious minutes I shoot my load inside him. When I've finished and my cock has shrunk from his ass, Alex mindfully cups behind him to ensure my hardwood floors aren't soiled, turns around and cleans me up prior to replacing my penis back into my trousers.

"That will be all. Do please make sure Xandra gets here for our 7:00 dinner reservations.” As he leaves, I turn back to my paperwork.

An hour later, Xandra enters my office in a tasteful but provocative evening gown. She is stunning, of course, heels, little make-up as she doesn't need it, a light hint of a subtle but spicy scent. She approaches my desk and kneels if front of me and puts her head on my lap contentedly and I gently stroke her short, black hair. She's such a good girl.

We dine with clients who are obviously impressed with both her beauty and her sophistication. She participates in discussions on many topics and is obviously intimately aware of how my industry works. She's a charmer, always, and that’s why I love having her on my arm.

After saying our goodbyes to my colleagues, the driver picks us up. “Straight home tonight, Roger, we’ve got some things to take care of.

On the drive home, I’ve got to catch up on the opening of the market in London, so my attention is torn. The privacy screen is up, though, so Xandra boldly takes my free hand and runs it up her thigh under her dress. Still on the phone and watching my computer screen, my fingers begin probing her wetness. She knows my call is important, and so she keeps her voice hushed, but she can’t control every whimper as my fingers roughly, forcefully bring her to orgasm.

We pull up to my building and appear absolutely proper as we pass William, the doorman. Once inside the penthouse, Xandra is immediately out of her dress and I take in the sight of her lithely-muscled back, the garter belt perched on her trim hips, the slight bubble of her butt, and down her silk-covered slender legs. She practically sprints to the bedroom and is on her back when I get there.

I stroll in and torturously and methodically remove my suit. Once I am completely naked and turn my attention back to her, her hands are working her glorious pussy, but it’s obvious she’s only biding her time waiting for the real thing. I snare her ankle and easily drag her whole body to where her ass is off the bed. Her ankles are placed onto my shoulders and she pushes her heels down to raise that delicious cunt of her into contact with my cock head.

She begs “Please, please shove it into me. I’ve been on fire all night.”

“Why is that, young lady? What’s gotten into you?”

“You know how much I love getting my ass fucked by you, sir, but it just gets me started, it doesn’t finish me off. God, I need your cock pounding my cunt right now. Right NOW!”

“Alex, Xandra, you are two of the best pieces of ass anyone could dream of.”

And with that, I grab her hips and plunge my dick deep into her pussy. Neither of us lasted long for the first round, but the night was young.

I always wondered how I, a bisexual man, could be monogamous with one person, but Alex is an amazing assistant, and his ass and mouth are always there for me at the end of the day. Xandra is the sexiest woman I’ve ever known, and she has an insatiable cunt that needs constant filling. When s/he came into my life, I knew there could be no other.

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