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Two Days with Renee at Timberline Lodge

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It had been 30 years in the process, and a full year in the planning, but I arrived at the Timberland Lodge at just after noon on a warm Wednesday in May to meet with my very special friend Renee'.

Renee has been a friend since our college days back in the mid 1980's , and for several years we have talked about becoming lovers, and for a year have been trying to work out the logistics. But Finally in May of 2012, thirty years after our first kiss, we were getting together to spend two nights together at a place neither of us had been to called Timberline Lodge.

Thanks to Google maps, the four hour trip went off without a hitch and I found myself driving down a gravel road for about a half a mile through dense forest before it opened up to what could be described as a combination campground and summer camp. The hand painted sighs directed me past several travel trailers that clearly had become at least semi-permanently part of the landscape, to the office/lodge building that seemed to have the right air of both being properly maintained and being aged to fit the overall rustic atmosphere. Though billed as a lodge and resort, it would be more aptly described as lodge and camp, for it had the distinct feel of many a summer youth camp with the gravel roads, "A" frame cabins and shower house all nestled into the tall trees.

All seemed quiet, even deserted; however, this was not unexpected for a weekday in May. Exiting my car I scanned the pool area next to the lodge and made out the legs of a sole sunbather beyond a row of chase lounges.

The kindly clerk set me up in a room and then gave me a tour of the facility via a golf-cart. Indeed it was much like a campground except that there was an entire building billed as the Play House, that was, in effect, a swingers club, about 150 yards from the lodge. Having been in a number other swing clubs the layout was fairly standard. The main room sported five queen sized attractively arranged at three different heights all made up in black satin. The highest bed was at nearly shoulder level and two walls sported mirrors. Incongruously, in the sitting area were board games such as Yatzee and Trivia Pursuit; however, that only added to this very interesting juxtaposition of camp and swing club. I don't know it the games were actually used or were just a prop, but either way, it was a good touch to set this place apart for the average swing club.

Past the main room was a smaller play room with a love swing, three beds, a restraint cross and very interestingly, a real doctor's examining table and chair. One nice tough was that the love swing was electrically powered to rise and lower. A great touch as not all swingers can climb up into a swing of an appropriate height. Additionally there was a private play room, bathrooms and showers. All in all a very well laid out adult play faculty decorated in gray's and blacks.

With my tour done, I went back to my room, stripped off my clothes and went to the pool to read a book as I waited for Renee'. In the two hours I waited I had a nice conversation with what appeared to be a handyman doing maintenance and the sole other visitor.

Renee' called when she was driving down the gravel road, so I was able to meet her in the parking area, clad only in my shoes and hat.

Now, I should give a little background on Renee and I. We were very good friends in college back in the mid 1980's, and almost an item, but circumstances kept us from becoming more than just good friends. Over all these years, she has been the only college friend whom I have kept contact with over the decades. As time went on we began to first (phone then email) and in recent years we had decided we should have been, and should be lovers. For a year we have been working toward a meeting, but again circumstances (and distance) have kept us apart. As anyone who has read the story of my open marriage over the years will know, my wife has had many love affairs and playmates wile I have rarely even played with other women at parties and have never had a lover. Renee' on the other hand has been very sexually active since she and her husband broke up half a year before, but had never encountered nudist or swinger. As she told me the next day, her entire drive down to the resort was one of angst and fear of this new experience.

When she pulls up and there I am wearing only a hat and shoes, she swallows hard and wonder's what she had gotten into. Our welcome kiss on the parking lot lasted a good five minutes, and I was sporting a nice erection when I escorted her in for lodge registration and "membership".

Soon we were in the troughs of our first love making session. We never made it to intercourse because after I had been enjoying the flavors of her womanhood, she pulled me around and we transitioned into sixty-nine. Her fellatio was nothing short of amazing, and much to my surprise I brought me off with her mouth as I worked on her. She kept it up till I was spent and swallowed every drop. I sat up and caught her pushing the last drops from the corner of her mouth into her lips with her fingers. It was so very hot! If I hadn't just had a fabulous orgasm I would have gotten off on just watching that.

It was time now for her to find out if she was nudist material, she pulled a sheer lace cover-up over her naked body and we headed out to the pool. In the afterglow of sex she was clearly less intimidated by the thought of pulling off her cover-up and in just a few minutes we were lounging nude in the sun.

There is just nothing quite like relaxing in the sun sans clothing and soon Renee' was feeling it too. We swam in the pool and sampled the hot tub and got to know some of the locals until we decided we were really hungry and so we went into town for dinner (after getting dressed).

After dinner, it was back to naked and off to the hot tub. As it was a weeknight, we were all by ourselves in the cool evening air. Snuggling led to kissing and kissing led her to get in my lap and put my penis up inside her. We made slow relaxing love as she rocked her hips. It was about as wonderful as one could ever hope life to be. At some point we moved from slow relaxing lovemaking in the hot tub to hot passionate sex on the deck beside the hot tub. The hard and furious sex was all the more exciting in that we were in a public place and even here we were breaking the rules as public sex is not permitted. Timberline is a singer friendly nudist resort, not a swinger resort (this isn't Hedonism). But, no one was around I we figured it was the "spirit" of the rule to not offend others with public sex, and since no one was around we didn't offend anyone.

After some time we just slipped back into the tub, both of us worn out, neither of us having climaxed yet. More was yet to come.

Sometime later we stumbled down to the play house in the dark. Not surprising for a spring Wednesday night, it was empty. Renee' insisted that we would "play doctor" and she would be the doctor. So, up on the examining table I went and soon my feet were in the stirrups in a very vulnerable position. She wasted no time in beginning to examine me, with fingers and mouth. She loves giving head, and it showed. It was amazing when she licked not only shaft and balls, but perineum and anus as well before giving quite an energetic rectal exam with her finger while she suck hard and deep. Only the fact I was determined to fuck her silly kept me from giving her a second mouthful of my semen.

After a break for her to clean up her hands, we flopped down on one of the beds in the main room. I returned the favor or oral sex until my tongue was sore, then we began to fuck again. Slowly and steadily I ground into her building up to an orgasm so hard that left the muscles in my thighs in agony from their spasms. It took quite a while for us to gather the energy to make it back to our room, where I collapsed.

The next morning we got to know the owners of the Resort over breakfast. They made us feel so much part of their world, that it was like we were old friends. There were a lot of things I liked about Timberline, but it was owner Dianne that made the experience comfortable and complete. A pixie sized dynamo grandmother that made both Renee' and I feel like family.

After some great morning sex in our room, we finally made it out for some nude sunning by the pool after breakfast, and spent quite a while in the pool talking and just being silly, then back to the hot tub. After lunch at the lodge, Renee' showed Dianne some of my photos and now I'm looking to go back and shoot ad photos for her as soon as can be arranged. As we were finishing up a nice looking man came in to ask Dianne about the other couple who was in the lodge for the day (meaning Renee' and I) to find out if they would be interested in joining them in the playhouse. Rene' said she thought the man was good looking and she was game to try. I found Diane and told her we would be joining them, but I hadn't seen the condoms at the playhouse last night. Bowls of condoms are a staple at swing clubs. She told me that they were not allowed by Tennessee law to provide condoms! Forbidden to provide condoms!? It was the nuttiest thing I ever heard. How messed up is that? But she did point me in the right direction to procure some even if she couldn't provide them.

Condoms tucked in the band of my hat, Renee' and I met them by the pool about half an hour later. The man was indeed good looking and well endowed. We talked a while then headed down to the playhouse.

Renee wanted to try the swing, but the man (I'll call him Sam, though I don't remember his name), told her that it was better standing up and he lead Renee to lean over a chair and he began to work on her with mouth and fingers. I lay back on one of the beds, and Sam's girl stood at the doorway, we were both content to watch our partners enjoy themselves. Renee' clearly enjoyed herself greatly, though she repeatedly had to tell him to go slower with is finger fucking. When Renee and Sam's girl both began to give him head, I walked over and began to rub Renee's shoulders just to let her know I was there. She loves sucking dick and it showed. I was enjoying sharing the moment with her.

Sam told his girl to give me head. I began to feel slightly annoyed at what was looking like a pattern of command Sam was giving. The woman's blow job was energetic, but I could tell she was not into it. Renee' for her part, was completely into enjoying the man's thick penis. Later she told me how much of her pleasure was in knowing I was watching her. I was not unhappy to end my blowjob to go get the condoms for Sam, as he was guiding Renee' back to her feet with the obvious intention of fucking her. And, once condom was in place, he did so; hard and fast. I sat in the chair and held Renee' as she took his hammering. No complaints from her, only sounds of pleasure. I knew I could not equal his endurance or vigor, but I could let her know I was there with her as a part of her pleasure. Later we both agreed we very much liked this part.

After a short break, we moved to the main room. Renee' said he knees were hurting and she wanted to use a bed. She sprawled out with her head just hanging off one side. Same offered her his penis once again and once again she began to work on him with pleasure. I went down on Renee' until my mouth and tongue were sore so I began to use my fingers. Someone tossed me a dildo, a good sized dildo, so I began to fuck her with that while she continued to suck Sam.

Oddly through all this Sam's girl kept going out of the room. There was no question that she was not into this. When Sam went to look for her Renee' and I snuggled up on a bed and kissed softly. The difference in our interaction and what was going on with Sam was not lost on either of us. Looking back we should have just stayed together on the bed and let Sam and his girl do their own thing. But, this was our first experience with another couple and neither of us acted on what we were both thinking.

Sam donned the second condom, and it was evident he was ready to fuck again. Renee didn't object so I sat on another bed next to Sam's girl and we watched Sam do Renee' missionary style; but after only a few minutes the condom slipped off his dick. He loomed over her stoking, both Renee' and I knew full well what he wanted was to fuck her bareback. Renee' was new to this so I intervened and told them I'd go get another condom, which, was back in the lodge. So I put on my shoes and headed up to the lodge. On the way a saw Dianne and told her that Renee' was having such fun in her first swinger experience, that she needed another condom. Dianne said "I thought she would".

Upon returning to the playhouse the Renee was on yet another bed sucking on Sam's girls large breast as she leaned over to take her boyfriend from behind. I joined Renee on the other breast and together we suckled her for some time as she shook from each thrust. That was very fun.

When Sam finally stopped for a breather, his girl left the room, then came back and said in no uncertain terms that it was time for them to go. Neither Renee' or I were upset. It had been fun, but we were ready to be done with the pushy, good looking man.

They went into the shower and we went into the one "private" room to rest. Resting morphed into a very pleasant love making session with me on top of her stroking and grinding while we talked. She told me how much she enjoyed me watching her suck him and holding her while he'd fucked her. I told her how I'd enjoyed both very much as well.

Yet, the encounter with Sam was not done. Same came in the room and stood at the door. We were lost in our own bliss when she said quietly "Do you mind if I watch?". It was kind of odd, this was the first time he'd asked anything. I whispered "Do you want to suck him again while we do this?", referring to us having loving sex. She nodded yes so I told him to come over and let her suck him. It wasn't' till his big penis was laying on her lips, just inches from mine that I realized what I had invited him to do. As natural as could be she and I both put our lips on his shaft. It thick with a bulbous head. Together we gave him head, both doing the two sides of the shaft simultaneously and also taking turns putting him fully in our mouths and sucking. It was an amazing experience between Renee' and me. He was little more than a sex toy as we shared his penis. It was too much and I climaxed. As he was standing, and she was lying under me his shaft was pushed down her throat and he held it there. I could not see how she could breath, so I rolled to my side and pulled her toward me saying "OK, that's enough". The truth was, for that moment I was jealous and didn't want him there any longer.

I said I thought she was being smothered and she smiled and said that she liked it like that. We kissed slowly and rested holding one another tightly. It was a sweet and special moment.

We returned to the hot tub and relaxed. We saw Dianne's husband and told him we had made a mess in the play room and that between last night and this afternoon we'd messed up four beds. The pace that led to all the messy beds was beginning to wear on me.

We met another couple, horse breeders from Kentucky and spent several hours chatting before returning to our room to rest, which once again turned to short sexual romp.

We had dinner with the couple from Kentucky and a friend of theirs and then back to the pool and hot tub. Renee' was open to their invite to join them in the play house later in the evening, but I was quite sure I was spent for the day.

Around 7:00, Renee' began to get dressed. She wore an amazing Letherotics long-line corset I had bought for her ( , stockings and high heeled boots. Barefooted, Renee' stands a statuesque 5' 9", and in the boots she was pushing 6' and looked amazing. I so wished I had my camera! She commented she never felt pretty, I assured her she was more than just pretty. All she needed was a whip and mask to be the dominatrix queen. I only wished the resort was full of people to drop their jaws at her appearance.

Our new friends had already had "round one" of playhouse fun and were taking a naked smoke break outside the playhouse when Renee' and I arrived. In short order round two began. Renee' started in the swing with the husband doing the oral duty and I was on my way when I became stuck...well, my penis was stuck in the wife's mouth while her friend ate her out.

The swing didn't work out for Renee' so she flopped down on the bed in the center of the main room and for the next half hour or so the husband and his wife took turns going down on Renee'. I had stared in another bed watching, but she was so sweet and asked me to be with her and so I snuggled and kissed her while she writhed with pleasure though the husband, then the wife, then their friend's oral ministrations. While the wife and friend worked on her, the husband offered her penis to Renee's and I watched from a foot away as my special friend sucked him off. She whispered that she wanted me to be the last one to do her, so after the husband fucked her hard and climaxed into his condom, I went down on her for the final pleasure of the evening.

We talked and rested and agreed to get a shower back at the lodge, but once she was free from her corset, and we made love once again. She was primed and ready to go hollering and moaning loud enough for the entire Lodge to hear. The next morning, Dianne commented that she had plainly heard Renee' having a great time when we'd come back from the playhouse. We both had a great time.

Our new friends and Renee' went back in the pool, but I found it entirely too cold. By the end of the evening there were more people and for a while we shared the hot tub with a total of 8 people.

It finally just got too late. We and our new friends went to the outdoor shower and she washed her hair as people we did not know strolled by. It had been less than 36 hours since she arrived worried about showing her body to strangers, yet she was naked showering right along the campground road. She'd come a long way.

I ended up leaving early the next morning, while Renee' stayed till 2:00 PM without me sunning naked with an steady stream of new people arriving at the Lodge for the Friday night party. We both had a great time and will most defiantly be returning as soon as we can.


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