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True stories are true and occurred over the past 25 years of my swing life.

I?ve had four different partners during that time. The first was my first wife and the last is my current wife, with two others in between.

This one is with my first wife.

The first time we ventured out we met with a friend of mind. A client and his girl friend. We played spin the bottle which allowed kisses between men and women and the women if they wanted too, with a second choice to leave the room together for one minute for a anything goes minute. It was fun as not much you can do in minute. There was probably 5 one minute sessions for each of us guys and gals during the evening and one with the two women, with longer and longer kisses on each succeeding minute.. It was a lot of fun and it is amazing how long a minute really is and what you can do in a minute.

What happened was that each succeeding minute you started where you left off the previous minute as the comfort level got better, so progressively more and more happened. The first time with her we kissed and felt her up and she wanted more kisses. By the time we got to the 5th minute we had our hands inside each others clothes. That was it for that evening. Afterwards I talked to Merrian about what happened for her and it was the same and she said she really had fun and good time. Liked the kissing and enjoyed my friend putting his hands on her.

So I talked to my friend and asked if he was into swinging all the way and he said he was as he had had a fun time with Merrian but his girl friend would not. His ex-wife was also a client of mine and they had remained friends for 10 years and apparently renewed old good times once in awhile. He said he would ask her if she was interested as she had been single for along time and had several men friends over the years. I said ok, I also need to talk to Merrian for we were talking about a far different experience. To say the least I was excited at the prospect of having sex with his ex-wife as she was really attractive inside and out. We had talked many times over the years and were friendly as being one of my clients. Well he did talk to her and we did get together and talk about the subject and the ladies went off by themselves to talk about it. We all decided to think about it and maybe at a later date talk about it again. So I thought probably no.

I talked with Merrian and asked her did she want to get together with my friend and do a threesome and she said that might be fun so I took that as a yes. So time went by and I had an chance to talk with my friend and told him that Merrian was willing to do a threesome if he was interested.

He said he would be but wanted to check with his ex-wife about what we had talked about sometime ago.(couple of months) He'd let me know.

His ex-wife told him as she new and liked me and was curious about what we had discussed that she would like to try it.

So we planned a get together. We went to his house and sat around awhile wonder who was going to make the first move and I suggested spin the bottle and that is where we started. We ageed that the first time would be 1 minute alone, the secong time 5 minutes and the third time with no time limit with a right of refusal anywhere along the way. So we spun the bottle and It landed on carol and i took her hand and we left for 1 minute, all we did was kiss several times and both got alittle turned on. The it took several spins to land on my friend and he and Merrian had their minute. Then came the 5 minute and Merrian landed on my friend and off they went, 5 minutes is a long time and when the came back they were obviously both turned on. Finally my spin landed on carol s. She stood took my hand and and I wondered if she would d go with me as this time would be longer with more possibilite we had our 5 minutes of heavy kissing and felling each other up. We came back and it was obvious that my friend and Merrian had not been sitting aroud waiting for us. I said break time and I pulled Merrian aside and asked her if she wanted to continue as the next spin would be for the real thing. She wanted to know if it was ok with me because she really wanted to see what it was like, but only if i was ok with it. I said well that is what we had talked about before and I certainly wanted to as well so we spun the bottle. Well Merrian spun the bottle and it landed on my Friend and he looked at me and I nodded and off they went. Carol and I sat and talked and she said she had never did anything like this although had had several sexual relationships over the years. So while we waited for my wife and friend to return we did a little kissing and feeling and I told her I was really looking forward to being with her. She said she was nervous but curious about what it would be like and wondered how Merrian felt about it. I said, ask her. Probably would mbe ok as she was probably having sex with Dan right now. She said yes probably, and I said lets go listen and we got closer to the bedroom door and could here them getting it on and I heard Merrian saying ?yes that?s ok? and than more love making noises and I was as hard as a rock and carol was obviously turned on as well.

They came back to the living room after about 30 minutes and sat down and we spun the bottle again and Carol landed on Merrian and offered her a hand and they left to another room, which really surprised me and Dan. So we Waited for them to returned wondering what they were doing. They came back in about 10 minutes and we kidded them on what were they doing and they said ?just talking?. Lol Are you sure I asked and they just smiled and said well you just never know.

So we spun the bottle and it landed on carol and it was our turn to go into the bedroom and play. She said that Merrian was ok with what we were doing as she had asked, so she was willing to have sex with me.

We moved over to the bed and I undressed her and myself. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and I walked up to her with my hard on and she took me in hand and than in mouth and we were in a 69 right away. It didn?t take long before we both came and laid there catching our breath. Wow. We both needed some recovery time as we were not done with what we ultimately both wanted to do which was fuck of course. So we laid there kissing and touching and suddenly heard noises from the living room and went over to listen and motioned Carol over and said lets peek.

We peeked around the corner and Dan had Merrian on her hands and knees screwing her from behind and we just watched and I was at the ready and moved behind Carol and slipped into her from behind and was a wild ride to say the least. We moved to the bed and fucked each other for the first time and it was great and then we both came We had taken a long time to finish and when we went back to the loving Merrian and my friend were there. She told me later that they were listening to us have sex and got turned on again and he had screwed her again in the living room knowing we might walk in on them which really turned her and him on. I said I know we were watching. She said well how do you feel about watching me with another man and I said strange but it really turned me on and Carol and I had really had a good time after watching her and Dan screwing and than asked her if she had a good time and she said yes that he had made her cum and was that ok with me. I said it didn't make much sense not to as that was the goal.

Merrian and I went outside to talk about what had happened.

I asked her if she had had a good time and she said yes very much.

Do you want to do it again and she said yes as long as I was ok with what had happened. I said looks like we are both ok. We had joined the swing life.

I asked her what happened between her and Carol while they were alone.

She said Carol just wanted to make sure it was ok with her if she had sex with me. I told her that was what we there for and that I had had sex with Dan and had a lot of fun and to go for it.

She also told me she had had sex with another woman a number of years ago and what did I think. I told her it never had occurred to me till this very moment and didn?t know what I thought about it. She said it was a one time thing but had had a good time although it was just kissing and using their hands on each other and hadn?t got undressed but she did climax and had thought about doing it again someday. She also said that Dan knew about it and had encouraged her if she wanted to do it again. I told her I wasn?t sure if I wanted to, but would talk to me about it. I said well what do you think. She said what do you think. I said I had seen it in some xxx movies and it turned me on, but she would have to decide that for herself. She said do you want me to? I said yes, but only if she wanted, we had come full circle. We sat quietly for a few minutes and she said ok, I want to see what it is like to have sex stuff with Carol if she wants to with me.

We went back inside and sat back in the circle and Merrian spun the bottle again and it landed on carol and she said lets talk again and whispered in my ear look in later and watch. After the left I told Dan what was happening and he was delighted with the idea. I asked how the evening had gone for him so far and he said he had really enjoyed Merrian and how did I feel about it all, I said we came here for what had happened and had both had a great time and Merrian had really enjoyed screwing him and what they had done and I had seen some of it as it was happening. I asked if she had gone down on him and he said no as they had been to busy doing other things. Lol Maybe later than. I said lets go see what the ladies are doing.

We walked to the doorway and Merrian and Carol were sitting close together talking and we just stood in the doorway quietly.

Carol than turned to Merrian leaned over to her and gave her a kiss on the lips. I could see Merrian was hesitant but allowed the moment and kissed Carol back.

They both glanced in our direction and smiled and than forgot The kissing in earnest began and you could tell the tongues became involved and the breathing increased. After awhile Carol?s hand moved to Merrians top and she unbuttoned a couple of buttons and slipped her hand in side and merrian moved in closer and obviously was enjoying the touching. This went on for quite awhile and than Merrian unbuttoned carol?s top and slipped her had inside and Carol became really turned on and her had slipped between her legs and she began to play with herself. She whisper in Merrian?s ear and her hand slipped down and she began to play with herself as well. What a sight, two women feeling each other up and playing with themselves and continuing the kissing. They still had their clothes on.

Somewhere along the way Merrian went from rubbing herself through her clothes to slipping her had under her skirt and you could tell she was skin to skin fingering herself. Carol noticed and lifted her skirt to do the same. More kissing and petting and fingering and hips moving back and forth approaching climax. Carol leaned forward and said something to Merrian and Merrian hesitated a moment and nodded yes. Than the scene changed as they had agreed to move toward each other in a new and exciting way as Carol moved Merrian?s hand and replaced it with hers and was fingering Merrian, playing with her boob and kissing her. Merrian by this time was so hot she couldn?t have stopped even if she wanted too. She reached over to Carol, replaced her hand with hers and began fingering her as well. Soon the ladies were totally into each other getting close to getting each other off. By this me and Dan are panting with hard on?s rubbing ourselves thru our clothes.

The ladies were by this time both lost in their passion for each other, intensely kissing each other intensely fingering each other, only aware of each other and their climax soon to cum. Than it happened, first Carol shuttered and said yes and lost control and her whole body gave in to the pleasure of the climax. She grabbed Merrian and intensified her fingering and it was Merrian?s turn to cum and than she lost it grabbed Carol?s hand and pressed herself against Carol?s hand lost control and Intensely climaxed. The ladies sat there panting and continued to kiss each other still turned on and I said Blow Job time ladies and Dan moved to Merrian and me to Carol and the BJ?s began. It didn?t take long for both of us to cum.

Later we talked about the experience and discovered it had been ok and she said she had had a really great time. I asked her if we were ok with each other and she said she really loved me and would do it again if I wanted. I said I wanted. Lol

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