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Todd and Carli

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Because of a medical problem that my sister, Carli had we lived apart from the time I was seven and she was four until I was fifteen and Carli was twelve.

I'd overheard enough to know that the problem had something to do with reproduction organs and a decision that Carli would have to make as an adult.

Mom had explained to me that she needed to live with our Aunt Flo for a few years to be close to special doctors.

Maybe it was being apart from her for so long, I'm not sure, I only know that when my beautiful sister moved back with us, I fell deeply in love with her.

Carli had the thickest blonde hair and blue eyes that I just wanted to drift off in. Her mouth was so sensual that I would get an erection just looking at her.

She had grown to be a proper young lady with Aunt Flo. Her budding body was always modestly dressed, and she was very careful to sit like a lady with her legs together. Carli always wore pretty dresses and never came downstairs in night clothes. Her modest ways only enflamed my lust for her more.

My hobby was photography and I had hundreds of pictures of Carli. I would sit in my room and jack off over and over looking at them. I knew it was wrong to lust after my own sister, but rational thought was impossible where she was concerned.

A boy from across the street said something dirty about Carli to me one day.

I leaped on him and began to beat him, wanting to kill him. I would have if Carli hadn't pulled me off. She finally got me to go in the house and she took me to her bedroom. Mom and Dad were not home.

She made me tell her why I had been fighting that boy.

"Oh Todd," she said when I told her. "That's his problem, not ours."

I couldn't help wondering where her wisdom came from at such a young age.

As she spoke, she looked down and noticed that she'd smudged her dress. I suppose without really thinking, she took the dress off as she turned toward her closet. There was only a few seconds when I saw only that back of her pink panties encasing her beautiful ass before she got her robe on and turned around. It was all that I needed. She looked first at my red face, then down at the erection trying to tear itself from my pants. "Todd, I'm sorry," she said. "I never should have undressed in front of you. That was mean of me.

Please forgive me."

I just stared in awe before speaking. "There's nothing to forgive, Carli." I tried to push my cock out of sight. It was no use. Then, I don't know why, but I blurted out my feelings all at once. "Carli, I know we're brother and sister, but I don't care. I love you. I want to see you undressed. I want to touch you, and kiss you, and take off all of your clothes." I couldn't believe what I'd just said. Moreover I couldn't believe what Carli did next.

My gorgeous little sister came to me, knelt before me and began to unfasten my pants. She pulled my rock hard cock out without a word and took it deep into her mouth.

"Carli. . ." That was all I could get out before I spewed gush after gush of hot cum down her throat. I'd tried to warn her, but I just couldn't hold back.

I just knew she'd be furious with me.

Her blonde head came up slowly. Her eyes were unreadable. Some of my thick spew was dripping over her chin. She smiled. "That should be better, big brother," she said.

Damn! She actually liked it. My beautiful baby sister sucked my cock until I came down her throat and she liked it. "Carli, that was wonderful," I told her. "I want to return the favor. I want to licke you, and make you cum too."

Carli frowned. "Todd, if you knew everything, you might not say that. I have to tell you something first." She waited for me to nod my head telling her to go ahead. Then she just came out with it. "Todd, I'm a hermaphrodite. I was born with parts from both sexes. That's the reason I had to go away for so long. The doctors were doing tests, trying to decide if I should be a boy or a girl." Tears slipped down her cheeks. "I have many feminine traits, so I have lived as a girl all these years. When I'm eighteen, the doctors say I can decide to have an operation or not." She waited to see if I would respond. I didn't. I was too stunned by what she was saying.

"I have a vagina like all girls, Todd, but where most girls have a clitoris, I have what is nearly a penis. If I were to decide to live as a man, I could have the doctors operate and complete it as a penis and close my vagina. If I decide to live as a woman, they will make my penis into a clitoris." Carli swiped tears from her face with the sleeve of her robe. "My problem is one that I haven't mentioned to anyone. You are the first to hear it."

I reached out and touched Carli's shoulder. "You can trust me, Carli." I thought she needed to hear that.

"I want both. I want to continue to go through life just the way I am. I know that no man would have anything to do with me this way, but I've never had a man before and won't ever know what I'm missing. What I just did is the closest thing to having sex with another person I've ever done." She smiled again. "It was wonderful, Todd."

Now she looked down at the floor. "I'm ashamed to say that I've been spying on you, Todd. I watch you masturbate when you think you're alone. I watch you undress. I dream about touching you and having you touch me, and I masturbate thinking about it. I suppose a normal relationship is useless anyhow. My reproductive organs will never develop enough for me to have children. I have no testicles, nor ovaries. I suppose the only good thing is that if I ever get the chance to be fucked by a boy, or a man, I've never grown a hymen either.

No cherry to break." Again she wiped tears away. "Now you know, Todd. I'm sure you no longer have a desire for me as a freak, do you?"

I still had my pants down. I stood up and took Carli into my arms. "I will always desire you, Carli. I love you so much that if you chose to be a man, I would be gay. I want you more than ever. Please, let me undress you and love you!"

Carli just looked into my eyes and gave me that wonderful Carli smile again.

"Wait, Todd. Please -- let it be like my fantasy if we're going to do it. In my dreams I'm always my prettiest for you. Just go out and give me ten minutes, ok."

I couldn't believe it. My dreams were going to come true, and doing so, I would be making Carli's dreams come true. I pulled up my pants and went out, closing the door.

When I walked back in ten minutes later, Carli was sitting up agains the head board of her bed. She had brushed her hair until it shone and washed her face of tears. She had on a pink dress. One of my favorites with a pale pink sash tying the waist and the skirt and petticoats over her thighs to her knees. I was instantly hard.

"Todd, I know you've been trying hard to look up my dresses." She smiled.

"Aunt Flo taught me well to be a lady. Now I'm not going to be, though. Oh, I hope you still like me after this." Carli pulled her knees up and opened them enough so I could see the silky pink panties she wore over her crotch. Like she'd said, there was a penis sized buldge pressing the delicate material out in front. She was already erect."

In a flash I stripped naked allowing her to see my six inch cock sticking up straight, stiff and proud. "Doesn't this look like I like you, Carli," I said with a grin. Then naked, I climbed into bed beside my sister. I pulled her head to me and kissed her mouth, opening her lips and forcing my tongue inside.

For a long time we just kissed while I caressed her tiny, hard breasts. Her nipples stood out beneath the dress, pushing at my fingers as I pinched and kneaded them.

She broke the kiss to whisper breathlessly in my ear. "Oh, Todd this is so nice. I want to be yours, Todd, all yours."

I slid my hand from her knee up the inside of her thigh until I touched her silky panties, then I found the erect clit that was trying to tear it's way from my sister's panties. It was exactly like a cock. It was at least four inches long, throbbing with feeling, hot and alive in my hand. Through the material of her panties, I began to jack my sister off. I wrapped my fingers around her erect, cock sized clit and just pumped up and down as Carli arched her back and thrust her hips toward me.

"Todd, that makes me feel so good. I was afraid no boy would ever want to touch me there because I'm so different than other girls." She kissed me with her mouth open, our tongues touching, caressing each other. "I know I have more sensation there than other girls, and the doctor told me if I had it operated on either way, I would lose much of the feeling. It feels so nice when I masturbate. It feels much nicer with you doing it."

"I want to see, Carli," I said.

Carli gave me her wonderful smile and nodded.

Slowly I slid her pink panties down in front until her long clitoris was completely exposed. A lust overcame me that I cannot begin to describe. My cock lurched against Carli's warm, soft hip and I slid down, opening my mouth, engulfing her long girl cock in my hot mouth, sucking her into me.

Carli screeched with raw pleasure and fucked her hips up hard, shoving her clitoris deep down into my throat. I licked all around the stiff shaft, sucked it hard and pushed my fingers down deeper into her panties to find the hot, gushing vagina below. Carli had no hymen, but still her cunt was tight. My middle finger had to force its way inside her and I wriggled it once access was gained. "Oh shit yes, Todd," Carli cried. "Yesssss, you're finger fucking me and sucking me at the same time. Oh fuck, the sensations!" Her thin hips bucked wildly about the bed and a flood of hot girl cum gushed out over my finger and hand. "Todd, oh my wonderful, beautiful Todd, I'm cummingggggggg, I'm cummmingggggggggg soooo hard! Anghhhhhhhhh, unghhhhhhhhh!!!!"

Carli's clit was cock size, but it did not ejaculate like a boy's cock would.

It shuddered and swelled in my mouth and reached all the way to the entrance of my throat and she fucked hard with it just like a boy would with his cock. Her cum came from her vagina, a virtual flood of it, hot and gushing, it poured onto my fingers. I had to taste her. I slid my mouth off her huge clit and lifting it out of the way, buried my tongue deep inside her sweet pulsating cunt. She tasted so wonderful, musky and sweet at the same time. She was cumming so hard I could literally drink the fluids coming from her body.

"Oh, Todd, yesssssssss!!, Don't stop, Todd, ohhhhhh! I'm cumming soooo hard!"

Carli's tight little ass was bouncing on the bed. I followed her, keeping my tongue buried in her wonderful gushing pussy and jacking her girl cock with my hand. Carli reached down, pulled my face hard into her crotch, hips bucking wildly and finally exploded completely into my eager mouth with the final throes of her orgasm. "Anghhhhhhhhhhh, oh Toddddddddd!!!," she cried out and then went limp.

I was wild with desire now. My cock was raging, swollen to the point of pain.

I had turned on the bed so that my throbbing shaft was right near my baby sister's face.

"Todd, that was so wonderful!" Carli's tongue shot out and licked the length of my shaft.

I bucked hard at the sudden hot, wet touch.

She licked gently around the head, beneath the crown where I was most sensative, then she licked pre-cum from my small slit. Before my eyes her clit went limp and laid gently down over her vulva. I tried to lick it, but she jumped and screeched and said it was too sensative right after she cums.

"Todd," she said between licks of my throbbing cock. "I'm scared because I don't want the operation either way and I'm afraid boys will run from me. Boys are so homophobic they will fear the implications of my male side, even though I feel mostly feminine inside. You just let me feel everything that I am. You stimulated both sides of me at the same time and you weren't afraid even for a split second. I came harder than I ever could have through masturbation, and for that I love you so much." Carli then opened her mouth and took me in, deep down until I felt her throat with the tip of my cock. Her lips closed down, her teeth gently scraped my sensative flesh. I jumped. Her tongue slid back and forth and around my shaft. I wanted to cum so fucking bad.

"Carli, I know it's all wrong according to society. You're my sister, and that means we're committing incest. I don't care. Ohhhhhh, fuck yes, Carli, suck me! I don't care that you're part girl and part boy. I must be gay, or bi-sexual, or something, because I so love both parts of you. Unghhhhhhhhh!" I groaned as Carli began to squeeze and massage my balls with her fingers. "I honestly hope no other boy wants you because I want you all to myself." Carli's mouth sucked hard just then and her fingers squeezed my balls until they hurt. "Anghhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkk!" I screamed as my load of cum shot straight down her throat and then another fired and Carli swallowed, hard, over and over, pumping me until I was dry and twitching in her mouth.

My face was against her pussy and I felt her clit stiffen against my cheek.

Lazily, as Carli gently let my shaft out of her mouth, I licked the slick, silky smooth hot flesh of her shaft and felt it jerk and slap at my lips. I slid my tongue down to the base and pressed hard licking around it and deeper, into her vagina that was steaming again. My cock never deflated. I was still rock hard and I wanted so bad to fuck my sister.

I slid around and then up between her legs. My chest came down against her small titties and I felt her long, hard nipples jab into my flesh. My cock found it's home beneath hers, just inside the hot wetness of her cunt. I opened my mouth and kissed her beautiful, cum covered sensuous lips and Carli opened her mouth and our tongues played together. Speaking straight into my opened mouth, Carli said, "Yes, please fuck me, Todd. Oh yessssss, I want to be fucked!" Her hips came up to meet mine and she drove herself onto my shaft.

It was the most exquisite feeling. The first time I'd ever felt myself inside the velvet sheath of a girl's vagina. Carli was tight and her cunt wrapped itself around my cock and moved. I wondered. Is every girl like this, or am I just fucking lucky as hell. Carli's vagina actually slid back and forth on my shaft as she squeezed with it. I was overcome with the pleasure and knew I couldn't last long.

Our mouths crushed together, tongues battling within, crushing Carli's small tits against my chest and suddenly my cock entered another, tighter opening.

Suddenly powerful muscles gripped just below the head of my cock and pulled hard then relaxed, pulled and relaxed. I was stunned by the raw pleasure of it and I lifted my head away and looked into my baby sister's beautiful eyes.

She read my mind. "It's my cervix, Todd. Most girls have only a small opening there until they give birth and it stretches to allow the baby to pass.

The doctor explained to me that mine was very unique. A lot like the rest of me," she said and giggled a little. "It's a condition with a long Latin name that I can't even remember. It simply means that I have unique muscle controls that allow me to move my vagina and my cervix in any direction with as much dexterity as I have in my fingers. Do you like it?" She smiled. "You're going to cum straight into my womb, darling big brother!" Her stiff clitoris pressed hard up into my stomach with a force that suprised me. Carli reached all the way over my ass and took my balls in her fingers and squeezed and she sucked my cock deeper into her womb.

"Anghhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Carliiiiiiiiiiiiii!" I screamed. "Carli, I'm cumminggggggggggg, oh shit it hurts, it feels so beautiful, Carli don't stop, Unghhhhhhhhhhhh!" I was pumping load after load of hot, thick cum into my baby sister's womb until I literally passed out on top of her.

I don't know how long it was before I woke up. When I did, I was lying on my side and I could feel Carli against my back, breathing softly, sleeping. Her clitoris was stiff. It pressed deep inside the crevice between my ass cheeks.

If I hadn't been able to feel her nipples pressing into my back, I'd have thought there was a boy in bed with me.

Wriggling back against her, pushing her girl cock deeper into my warm crevice, I thought, Carli could actually fuck me with that. I drifed peacefully back to sleep then.

If people enjoy Todd and Carli enough, I may continue it as a series. I have some more ideas for it, and I am beginning to like them myself. In any case, I hope you all enjoy this first story.

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