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Their First Time Bi MMF

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I was always a straight shooter for almost all of my life, except for the time when I was 13, and played for one summer, with my best friend and next door neighbor. That was the only time that I had ever played with another guy, until a few years ago, when I rediscovered my bi side. Since then, I have enjoyed the pleasures of playing with both men and women, especially at the same time. The following is of one such adventure:

I had intitally met them through a site other than SLS, in fact it was AFF, one that I have had great luck with in the past. After about a month of chatting, and sharing emails back and forth, I received an email from them, asking me if I would be up for actually meeting up at their home. I was elated at the chance to finally meet this couple, that I have enjoyed sharing stories with, and chatting our fantasies back and forth. I was actually honored at the invite, as I was under the understanding, that this was going to be their first time in a bi MMF, in fact, it was his first time ever.

I arrived at their house a little after 8pm. It was a nice home, out in Santa Monica. Dave greeted me at the door, and welcomed me into their home. He looked just like the pics that he had shared with me. A good looking man in his mid 40?s, about my height, with an average body, like mine, wearing a pair of khaki shorts, and a polo shirt . He led me into the living room, where on the couch sat his beautiful wife Cindy. She was 38, blonde with blue eyes, about 5?7?, with a nice curvy body. She was sitting there, wearing a black lace Teddy, curled up in the middle of the couch. I could clearly see her beautiful 34C tits, through the fabric of the Teddy. I could also see that she was wearing some black lace panties under the Teddy, which were almost, totally see through. Clearly visible, was a nice thin strip of hair, above her secret place.

We made all of our initial introductions to each other, and Cindy motioned for Dave and I to take seats next to her, on the couch. Before Dave sat down, he asked me if I would like a beer, and went into the kitchen to fetch me my drink. I sat next to Cindy, and just admired this lovely woman next to me. She was looking me over from head to toe, and smiling the entire time. She said that she was very excited at the prospect of finally doing this, something that they have been talking about for a few months, but have not acted on, until now. Dave returned, and took his seat on the opposite side of Cindy, leaving her sitting closely next to both of us. We engaged in some small talk, just to get relaxed, and quickly the subject turned to sex, and our mutual desires.

Cindy was the more experienced in playing with others, and had been in some FFM 3 ways, when she was younger, and before meeting Dave. Dave was totally new to all of this, and had only taken part in straight sex, and had never been in anything close to a 3 way before. They had been together for about 10 years, and Cindy was telling me that they had accidently rented a Bi Porno a few months ago, and they both had gotten off and excited at watching the men playing with each other. They told me that they had always talked about that video when they were having sex, and that she told Dave all the time, how hot it would be to see him with a guy. Dave said that he was just as intrigued about the prospect, and how he would also love seeing Cindy gettting fucked by another man. It was then that they decided to act on this desire, and set up their account, in the hopes of finding the right guy for the job.

We continued to talk about what we all wanted to get out of this, being very specific on what we were all open to. All of this talk was beginning to have its effect on both me and Dave, as could be noticed by the ever increasing bulges in our pants. And Cindy lightly stroking both of our legs while we were talking also helped in that matter. At the same time, both Dace and I were gently rubbing each of Cindy's thighs, wich were slightly parted. The heat in the room was beginning to increase, and we could all feel it.

Dave gave me a nod, reached over to me, and pulled my head towards his wife, and brought my lips to hers. We embraced in a very passionate kiss, while Dave began massaging her tits, and Cindy began lightly stroking my cock through my pants. I began rubbing her legs, moving my hand further and further up her legs, until I reached her scantily clad crotch.

I could feel the moisture through the thin fabric, and she let out a low moan as I began tracing her pussy lips with my fingers. I then felt another hand begin to rub my cock, and was pleased to see that it was Dave?s hand. I could feel Cindy begin to undue my fly, and slowly worked her hand into my pants. Dave did not waste any time either, and tugged on my pants until they were completely off, and thrown to the side of the couch. All the while, my fingers are gently playing with Cindy?s clit, and slipping in between her very moist lips. Once my pants were off, both of their hands rejoined each other on my now totally hard cock, slowly stroking it in unison.

Not wanting Dave to be left out, I reach around Cindy, and begin rubbing his rock hard cock through his shorts. I can tell that he has to be at least 8? and thick, and begin to undue his shorts, so that I can get a better feel. Cindy leans back into him, turns her head, and begins kissing Dave, while looking down at my hand stroking her husband?s thick meat. Dave pulls off his shirt, and motions for me to do the same. We then focus our attentions on Cindy.

Dave pulls Cindy closer to him, and has her lying against his back. He reaches down in between her legs, and spreads them wide open for me. I need to further coaxing, and move my head in between her legs. I start off by licking her inner thighs, going from one side to the other, moving further up with each switch. I finally reach her treasured spot, and slip my finger under her panties, and slip them to one side, exposing her extremely wet pussy. She looks down at me, grabs my head, and pulls me in to her. Her smell is like Ambrosia, and I lightly dart my tongue out, to taste her sweet nectar. She lets out another low and long moan, as I flick my tongue against her exposed clit. I pull back, and grab onto her panties, and slide them down her legs, while Dave slips her Teddy up and off her body.

I move back in between her legs, and begin my long and slow assault on her glistening slit. Cindy has Dave?s hard cock in her hand, stroking it up and down. Dave moves himself up, and aligns his cock with her lips, and slips it into her mouth. She engulfs it with pure lust, and soon is making these incredibly hot slurping sounds, mixed in with her moans from my oral assault on her pussy. Before I know it, she is pressing my face hard into her, grabbing on to my head with her legs. She begins to moan and buck wildly, and I am surprised when she begins spraying this warm, sweet liquid all over my face.

Dave starts laughing, and tells me that he forgot to tell me that Cindy was a squirter, and asks me if I have ever been with a woman who sprays. I tell him that I have been with only one woman before that would squirt, and that I found it totally hot.

As soon as Cindy?s orgasm subsides, she once again takes Dave?s cock in her mouth. She looks down at me, and motions me up with her eyes. I need no further prompting, as Dave has an incredible cock that I cannot wait to taste for myself. I get my face within inches of Cindy?s, Dave?s cock still sliding in and out of her mouth. She moves off of his cock, and grabs a hold of it, and points it towards me. I take my queue, and lick the tip of his head, and swirl my tongue all around that nice mushroom in front of me. Cindy takes a hold of my head, and pushes me down further onto Dave?s cock, which starts filling my mouth quickly. His cock feels so good, and I can taste a slight hint of precum on my tongue. I start working on his cock, bobbing my face up and down along his thick pole. Meanwhile, Cindy has moved herself in between my legs, and takes my cock into her mouth, sucking me like a pro.

I keep my attention as focused as I can on Dave?s cock in my mouth. I lick and suck it as best I can, taking as much as I can fit down my throat. Unfortunately, he is to long and to thick, and I start to gag as his head pushes against the back of my throat. I ease back, and continue sucking and stroking him, until I feel his cock start to swell. Dave let?s out a low, guttural moan, grabs onto my head, and holds me in place. I then feel his hot cum start to pump into my mouth, filling me with his sweet seed. I swallow as much as I can, but there is so much, and it starts to leak out from the sides of my mouth. Cindy quickly moves up to join me, and begins licking the cum from my face, and Dave?s cock. I let his cock slip out, and I still have a good amount of cum in my mouth, which I quickly swap with Cindy in a hot kiss.

Cindy asks Dave, ?Did you enjoy that Honey? Did he suck you good? I think you need to return the favor?

With that, Dave and Cindy both get down on there knees in front of me, while I am sitting on the couch with my legs spread. Cindy takes a hold of my cock, and says ?Come on Baby, I know that you want to try this hard cock? She holds my cock out for him, and she pulls his face down to my crotch. He needs no more encouragement, and in one stroke, slowly sucks my cock into his mouth. Cindy is helping him too, licking and sucking on my balls, as Dave works my cock with his mouth and tongue. Before to long, I can feel that I am about to cum. I move my hand onto Dave?s head, and help him move faster and faster, as I buck my hips against his face. Cindy just urges me and Dave on, telling Dave to make me cum in his mouth. That?s all it took for me, and I am soon shooting a thick stream of semen into Dave?s mouth. First one spurt, then two, which he swallows without hesitation. He then releases my cock, and shoves it into Cindy?s mouth, as she is treated with a 3rd and 4th spurt of hot cum.

We all lay back for a couple of minutes, and drink some more of our beers. Cindy then announces that we had better hurry up and get each other nice and hard for her, as she is in need of some cock in her. Dave and I just look at each other. I pull Dave onto the floor, and lay him down on his side. I climb along side him in a 69 position, as we both take hold of each other, and pull our cocks closer to our mouths. Cindy is just watching us, cheering us on, telling Dave to get me nice and hard for her. Well, it does not take to long, before both Dave and I are rock hard again.

Cindy pulls me back up onto the couch, and has me sit back. She then climbs on top of me, facing Dave. She has Dave take a hold of my cock, and as she lowers herself down, Dave guides me into her. Cindy slowly lets my cock fill her sweet, wet pussy, until she has me completely buried inside her. She then slowly starts to grind up and down against me, her tight pussy gripping my cock with every stroke. She guides Dave?s head lower, so that he is inches away from watching my cock fuck his wife?s sweet cunt. She pulls him in closer, and tells him to lick her clit. As he does so, she let?s out this loud moan, and I soon feel my cock, crotch, and legs being soaked with her cum, as she floods Dave?s face. He just smiles and laps away at her nectar spraying out of her.

Cindy then pulls Dave up, and pulls him by his hard cock. She pulls him up to her pussy, which is already stuffed with my cock sliding in and out of her. Dave knows what she wants, and slowly guides his cock alongside mine, and starts to slip it inside of her with me. There we are, both of our cocks, stuck against each other, covered in Cindy?s juices, slowly fucking this incredibly horny woman. We try to keep in unison, with one of us sliding down, while the other slides inside her, keeping a piston action going. Cindy once again begins to buck wildly, and coats our cocks and balls with her juices. Her pussy is like a vice grip, with both of us in her at once, and we both soon know that we are both going to shoot another load.

Cindy can tell that we are both going to cum soon, and I ask her where she wants it. They both tell me at the same time to fill her pussy up with my hot baby juice, to ?Give her that Creampie?. Well, that?s all it takes, and I am quickly shooting another thick stream of cum up inside of Cindy?s pussy. Dave is quickly behind me, as I feel his cock throb against mine, and I can feel his cum coating my cock. Cindy then has us pull out of her slowly, and tells us both to lie down on the floor with our heads together. She then climbs over our faces, and lowers her pussy onto our lips, which are only about an inch apart. Our mixed cum is dripping out of her, which we both greedily lap up as it pours out of her. She is also cleaning off our cocks, sucking us both dry, getting those last little drops of cum for herself. The mixture of mine and Dave?s cum, and her pussy, is intoxicating, and we both get a good mouthful each of that sweet and salty concoction.

All three of us just lay back, in one pile of flesh, lightly playing with each other, as we catch our breath for the next round?

The night lasted until about 10 am the next morning, with some breaks in between for some light naps. Though, no one really got a chance to actually fall asleep. Someone was always, licking, stroking, sucking, or fucking the other. Dave and I each fucked Cindy another 3 times each, giving it to her in the ass once each, and we sucked each other off twice more, always making the other swallow his cum, as well as share it with Cindy. We each filled Cindy?s pussy with so much cum, and were totally happy to get to lick every drop out of her each time. She even had us fill our mouths with her pussy and our cum, and feed it to her.

I have met with them on a few more occasions, and they even had a girlfriend of Cindy's over on one of them. Her friend had no idea that it was going to be bi all around, and got so hot at watching Dave and I suck each other off. It was another, hot, bareback encounter, that all 4 of us enjoyed, but that is another story.


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