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The swing life

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I love the swing lifestyle. I have been in it for many years. I have done most things except man to man which I have no interest. I have had several girlfriends who also were interested. We always had fun. My best times were in swing houses in the bay area. My first experience was the best. When we got there the lady with me was very nervous as she had never done anything like what she knew we would be doing this evening. We had talked about what went on at the house and she was clear about what she intended to do. She realized she would have sex with someone she had not even met yet. I asked her while we were sitting in the car before we went in, are you sure you want to do this? Sherrie said yes, we have talked about it and it sounds exciting.

Sherry had been single for a sometime before we got together and had some other boyfriends she had sex with over the years. When I suggested we go to the house she was a little reluctant at first but after thinking about it decided it might be fun. Sherrie is a very nice lady and this would be a stretch for her to do this. Over 10 years she had 5 guys, so she knew what she was doing.

We entered the house and it was nice and warm as it was chilly outside. This was new territory for both of us. The hostess took our house fee and ushered us into the living room area were several couples were sitting together talking. They looked pretty much like us. All about the same age as Sherrie and I. We are both in our late thirties. We found a place to sit and looked around. There were about 10 couples. Some looked slightly younger others slightly older. One couple looked much younger.

Another couple arrived and sat near us. We said hi and they said high back. I started to talk to them. I told them it was our first time and they said it was their first time also. They were Dee and Jack. Dee looked flushed and nervous. Jack looked cool and in charge. He was looking Sherrie up and down with obvious interest. Sherrie noticed and flushed a little knowing what Jack was probably thinking. We chatted for a time and Jack said they learned about the house from some friends who had been there once before a year before, and decided it was not for them. All they had done was watch and went home. I asked how about you are you here just to watch and he smiled and said no. Dee looked even more nervous as he was telling her what she was going to do. I said we are here to play as well.

I turned to Sherrie and whispered to her are you ready? She whispered back if you are I am. So I turned to Jack and said we are willing if you and Jill would like too. She was looking Jack over. Jack said sure that is why we are her right Dee? She smiled and said oh sure not too convincingly. Jack said we prefer not to be in the same room. I said sure ok with us. Jack stood up and offered Sherrie his hand and she took it and they left. As they walked away he put his arm around her and it slid down to her butt and I seen her look up to him and smile. Sherrie was definitely ready. I turned to Dee and asked ready? She looked up to me and said yes as much as I can be.

When we were alone I turned to her and said you seem very reluctant. She smiled I am. This is for Jack and I was willing to come here for him. I said oh, ok. I asked are you willing to be with me. She said oh yes Jack would not like it if I refused. I agreed to before we came. I am just very nervous as Jack has been my only man until now. He wants me to explore as he described it, as he wants to get in to swinging lifestyle. I am not too sure if I want to or not. So we are here and you and I are here. I said we will see how it goes and made my move on her.

I said shall we and she said we shall. I pulled her close and kissed her and she kissed me back and in a husky voice said that was nice I like kissing. So spent some time kissing her several times and she seemed to relax as the kisses got longer and I offered her my tongue and she opened her mouth and I got hers as well. She said this is nice. I said yes and you are too. I reached out and started to unbutton her top and she gasped at my touch, but stayed close to me. I removed her top revealing a pretty bra and turned her around and unclipped her bra and it fell to the floor. I slid my hands down and pulled her skirt down and than her panties. She was now naked faced away from me. I said just a moment and undressed myself standing behind her. My cock stood straight out and I moved up to her and pressed it against her butt. I said that is for you. I added when you are ready turn around. I kissed the back of her neck and she gasped again and shuttered a little. I then reached around her and held her boobs in my hands. I noticed her nipples were very hard in my fingers. She said softly, that feels good. I said you feel good.

I knew when or if she turned around she was going give it up to me. I just waited and held her close and continued playing with her boobs. Finally she turned around and faced me and when we made eye contact I could see a yes. She looked down at my cock and could see what I was about to give her. I moved her to the floor and she just lay there waiting and I pushed her legs a part and lowered myself into her pussy. She was very wet and I went in easy. I am a pretty big guy and she moaned oh you fill me up as I went deep. I felt he pussy quivering around my cock as I moved in and out. She pulled me down and kissed me and held on tight for the ride I was giving her. I whispered in her ear cum for me. I lifted her legs up to my shoulders and went as deep as I could and she moaned and grunted and gasping for air shuttered and give it up to me. I slowed down and finally held still as she came down from her high.

Finally after her breathing slowed she said I was not sure if I could do that with a stranger or not. I said we are not strangers now. She smiled and no we are not. I said you were wonderful. I was still hard inside her and she noticed and said more and I said oh yes much more. Now that she was past being nervous she became a great fuck. Open and willing and we did most positions and when we were in doggie she got off again and I did too exploding in her pussy pulling out squirting all over her butt and back. We fell on the floor together kissing. As we were getting dressed to leave she kissed me again and said I had a lot of fun thanks. What will you tell Jack she smiled and said he knows everything about me and so he will know what I did with you. She added we will probably do more of this and now I am ready.

Back in the living room Jack and Sherrie were waiting. Both ladies had that I just got fucked look. Jack noticed it. He reached out for Jill and said have a good time and she looked at me and said oh yes Jim was very nice to me which was a lie as I had fucked her really hard and long. When Sherrie and I were a lone I asked her how she did. She smiled and said you know by looking at me. He was fun and we had a good time, I will tell you all about it later. I had fun.

We got a drink and went out to the patio. I said wild place and she said yes very. I am being a very bad girl tonight. I asked having fun she said oh yes fun. Sherry is a beautiful redhead and very shapely. We sat for a time and this guy walked up and said hi to Sherrie. He was obviously hoping. He looked Sherrie up and down and smiled. Sherrie said like what you see? He said oh yes. She turned to me and said ok with you. I said sure go for it. She looked up at this young guy and asked want to see it all up close and personal. His mouth dropped open and he said sure. Sherrie took him by the hand and led him off. I thought wow.

I went back to the living room and this lady was sitting in a corner alone and I went over to her and sat down and said hi. She smiled and said hello. I asked all alone? She said oh no my husband is off doing his thing. And you, oh I am just waiting for him. He will be gone for most of the evening. We come here a couple of times a year for him to do his thing. I said and you, again. Not anything usually. I said well then maybe I should move on then. She said not necessary I like talking to people here. Tell me about yourself. I told her about Sherrie and I and what we doing here at the house.

My husband really likes it here too. I do too it is an interesting place. I asked, you said usually not, what did that mean? I did do something a couple of years ago, but my husband would prefer I not do anything but, he is not in control of me I can and will do whatever I want. I asked any possibility you would want with me. She said most of the men here just move on when they find out I am not interested. You have been very nice to take your time to talk to me. It has been fun. You are a very attractive man as well.

She made eye contact with me and said if I do we would have to find some I place very private as I do not want my husband to know. I laughed and said if anything this house is not private. I thought for a moment. Finally I said well if you do we could use my van in the parking lot. It is a very private place and it has a bed in the back. I smiled and said by the way what your name is? She laughed and said Sara and yours? I said I am Jim. Sara said it is always nice to know the name of the person you might have sex with, right? I said definitely. Are you going to have sex with me then? She flushed and said yes I think so.

We walked out to my van and I opened the door and she hesitated and I said I am one of the good guys you are safe with me and she climbed in. she looked around the dimly lit van and said very nice. We stood for a moment looking at each other and she reached up and began to unbutton her blouse. She said I have only been with a few men and they all liked watching me undress and I liked doing it for them. She removed her top and reached around and undid her bra and it fell to the floor. She looked up to me and I said you are beautiful. Her boobs were full and stood straight out with her nipples hard. She slid her skirt off and then her panties and stood naked in front of me. I was very hard and undressed myself with her watching.

When I was naked she looked down at my cock and said very nice. I am above average in size and big around. I moved over to her and we kissed several times. She moaned I am so hot. I laid her on the van bed with one leg over the edge and the other on the bed. She was wide open to me and I moved over to her and knelled in front of her and slipped my cock into her pussy and pressed forward and went deep. She gasped and whispered you are so big you fill me up. I said you are so tight and wet. I fucked her slow and fast and then slow again.

She pulled me in close and whispered I am going to cum and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she said now and give it up to me. I held still, inside her, and could feel her pussy quivering. She just held on to me tighter as she was not finished yet. Finally her body relaxed and she fell back. She said it has been a long time since I have been with anyone but my husband and it was really good. I came really hard. Finally she asked what can I do for you. I said you did just fine. She turned over and slid off the bed and looked back over her shoulder and said you like this right? I said yes and moved forward. Doggie is my favorite. I really gave it to her this time. I fucked her hard and fast and she grunted and said oh yes give it to me. I was close and whispered I am going to cum and slammed into her and exploded pulling out squirting all over her butt and Back. I fell next to her on the floor of the van. We were both quiet for a time. She said finally I should probably go back inside and I said oh sure. As we climbed out of the van I said you were incredible and I truly hope we get to meet again and she said me too.

Once inside she went back to her corner, no husband yet. I went looking for Sherrie. I found her in one of the rooms with two guys. She was on her knees giving them both head her favorite thing. I stood in the shadows and watched. I thought she must have meant it when she said she was going to be a bad girl tonight. Both were young guys and I could see the pure lust on their faces as they looked down watching Sherrie sucking them. I could tell all they wanted to do was fuck her. One of the guys moved behind her and she lifted up her butt and he went in and fucked her. I moved back to the living room to wait for her. I was done for the night. She joined me and we left for home.

As we drove she said I had four men tonight almost as many as I have had my whole life. I had a threesome with two guys. I said I know I was watching you. She said oh. I said I am glad you had such a good time tonight. We will have to do it again. She said yes I would like that. She added even a woman made me an offer and I told he no thanks and as she walked away she smiled and said try it you might like it. I told Sherrie that I had watched women together and they all seemed to be having a really good time. She said that would be a big leap for me. I said it always is the first time, so if you are ever curious let me know.

A couple months later Sherrie said when are we going to the house again and I said whenever you would like or we could find a couple here locally and party with them. Sherrie said well that would be something new. She said how do we do that? I said let me work on it.

I called some swinging friends of mine and told them we were looking for a newcomer couple where the girl was a little Bi-curious. About a week later the lady called me back and said her cousin had told her that her and her husband might be interested, but would like to meet us first. I said ok. A week later we got a call and the girl named Sue introduced herself and her husband Bob did a conference call with Sherri and I. They sounded very nice and nervous. They had never done anything outside their marriage and were curious. I told them we only had a little experience ourselves, but we were interested in meeting another couple to play. I suggested we meet for a drink and they agreed.

We met them at a local bar. Sue was younger then Sherrie and had long blond hair almost to her waist. Bob was as Sherrie described him a hunk also younger. We had some drinks and did some dancing. It was a fun evening and at the end I invited them o9ver the next day for a pool party and another kind of party as well. they put their heads together whispering and finally said that sounded like fun. They were agreeing to swap with us.

They arrived as out place about noon and we all went out by the pool and had a drink and just relaxed for a time. They were both in shorts and Sherrie and I were both in bathing suits with shirts on. I showed them where they could change and we they returned they were both in suits. We did some swimming and just talking. I was looking at Sue and she flushed knowing what was on my mind. We all knew the time had come. I nodded to Sherrie and she took Bob by the hand and said hey Bob let me show you the rest of the house. Her intentions were obvious to us all and that would leave me and Sue alone. I had something I wanted to show her as well. Bob looked over to Sue and asked ok and she smiled and said sure knowing exactly what was going on and what they were about to do.

After Sherrie and Bob had gone I looked at Sue and said well what do you think? She smiled and said I think it is about to get wild. I have only been with Bob for a long time. I did have a boyfriend before Bob but that was many years ago, but here I am. I said we will have fun and Sherrie will show Bob a good time. I moved over to her and pulled her close and kissed her. I felt her lips trembling a little and knew she was nervous. My suit looked like a small tent and she looked down seeing what she was about to get and flushed. I noticed her breathing had gotten a little faster. I put my arms around her and lowered them to her butt and pulled her up tight against me so she could feel my cock against her and whispered that is for you. She gasped and said I know and pressed back against me. Bob told me to have fun with you if we were going to do this today.

I could hear slapping sounds of skin against skin coming from inside the house and Sue looked up listening and I said sounds like they are having fun. She stepped back and pulled her suit down and off and I did the same. She looked down at my hard cock and her eyes got wide open and she said oh you are bigger than Bob. I said we will be ok we will go slowly. We moved over to a lounge and she looked up to me. Sue was beautiful with full sized boobs and looked like she could be in a playboy magazine. I took her hand and placed it on my cock and slow she stroked me. She whispered wow I am going to do it. I asked what? She looked down at my cock as she stroked it and said have sex with you. I said oh yes you are and pushed her down on the lounge and moved between her legs and slid into her just a little.

She looked down watching my cock slide into her and closed her eyes and said oh, you are so big, as I slowly went in deeper. Sue held on to me tight as I fucked her. She was very tight and wet. She gasped and said you fill me up as I reached bottom and held still for a moment. I could feel her pussy quivering around my cock. She put her hands around me and grabbed my butt and I knew she was mine. She suddenly got very loud and grunting gave it up to me. She held on to me tight and moaned oh so good as she had her cum. I held still waiting for her to finish and she went limp and said wow that was incredible. I was still hard inside her.

I pulled out and turned her around and she placed her hands on the lounge with her butt in the air looked over her shoulder at my cock poised and ready to go in again. We made eye contact and I could see the lust in her eyes as I gave it to her hard and fast. Doggie is my favorite and she gave me her all. I took my time and really worked her over as I wanted a return visit later that day and wanted her to have a good time.

She lowered her head and got off again and I got very hard inside her and grunting exploded deep inside her. I held her in tight as I squirted and squirted. Some cum was running down her leg before I was finished. I stayed that way until I went limp and finally fell out. She turned around and fell back onto the lounge totally exposing herself to me. She had that I just got fucked look and finally said well I did it. I said no we did it and she laughed. She grabbed her suit and ran to the bathroom to clean up and I put my suit back on. So when Sherrie and Bob returned we were both sitting at the table in our suits, but bob could tell what had happened by her look. Sherrie had a knowing smile and that I just got fucked good look I know so well. Sherrie and Sue went into the kitchen to fix food and Bob and I took a swim. All I said to him was you are a lucky man and he knew without any doubt what I meant was I had just fucked his wife and he said you too. Sue and I had a minute to talk and she said I really enjoyed what we did, I was very nervous about the idea coming over here knowing what was planned, but I had a great time with you. I knew she meant I could have her again later.

We all got dressed and went out to dinner later. Sherrie with Bob and sue and I paired up for the evening. The swap was complete. Sue would be my wife for the night. We invited them to spend the night and they agreed. When we got home Sherrie and I went out to the patio and I told her that Sue was a little Bi-curious. She looked surprised and you knew before we met them. I said yes thought you might be interested. Sherry looked at me and said you are the interested one right? I said yes I would like to watch you with another woman. She said not sure about that, but I will think about it.

Bedtime arrived and I suggested we all use our bedroom which meant Bob would have to watch me and Sue. He looked over to Sue and she nodded a yes. It was time to get everything in out in the open. The lights were low in our bedroom and I suggested the girls get in the middle with us guys on the outside. Sherrie knew why. I had whispered to he try it you might like it. She smiled and said that is exactly what that girl at the house said to me.

Sherrie and Sue got undressed and crawled into bed together. Sherrie whispered something to Sue and she nodded a yes. B ob and I got undressed and he could see what I had used on his wife. He was smaller than me but longer. We crawled in next to the ladies. Sue reached behind her and felt my hard cock making eye contact with Bob as she stroked me. He watched his wife playing with my cock and could see she had been there before. he reached around sherry and played with her boobs. I whispered to Sue what did Sherrie say. She whispered back she said maybe. She added I am so hot for you. Only I could hear what she was whispering. Sherrie pushed back against Bob and got a smile on her face. I watched her lift her leg up a little and Bob slipped into her pussy. Her face changed and I could see she liked it. She wanted for me to see she liked it.

I slipped into Sue and she gasped as I went in. Bob looked over and could see I was doing her. Sue and him made eye contact as I moved in and out of her. He could see the lust on her face and that she liked what I was doing to her. The passion and heat between us all increased. Sue reached out to Sherry and touched one of her boobs and leaned forward and kissed her lightly. So we fucked and it was noisy and you could smell the smell of sex fill the room. As we fucked the ladies they were pressed together and Sue was kissing Sherrie and Sherrie was going along with it. They were pressed together boob to boob and Sherrie gave it up first and still kissing Sue shared her cum with her. She came very hard with bob and Sue could feel the intensity in their kiss and gave it up to me moaning and shuttering as she came, sharing her cum with Sherry. Bob suddenly went rigid and groaned and I knew he had just exploded inside Sherry. I grunted several times and Bob watched as I unloaded inside his wife. Wow what a scene right out of a xxx video. The room got very quiet and then the ladies headed for the bathroom to clean up. While they we gone Bob said to me wild night it was strange watching you with Sue. I asked you ok? He said oh yes it was just a little strange is all. I knew we would before we came over. It was just a surprise to see her actually do it. I actually liked watching her. I said good.

The girls returned and Bob and I left to get a beer. I said to Bob leave the girls alone for a little while. He smiled and said good idea. We sat on the patio drinking our beer and then I said time to go back. We looked into the bedroom and the ladies were all wrapped up with each other kissing passionately. Bob and I remained quiet in the doorway watching our wives. The girls were just kissing then Sue lifted a leg up and pulled Sherrie closer so one of her thighs was up against her pussy and began rubbing herself against Sherrie.

You could tell Sue was really turned on and wanted to cum with Sherrie again. Sherrie pressed against Sue seeming to enjoying the intimate touching. Apparently Sherrie decided something and shifted around until they were pussy to pussy rubbing against each other. In a sense they were fucking each other clit to clit. They became totally into each other. Sue shuttered and gasped oh I am going to cum and Sherrie rubbed against her harder and Sue gave it up sharing her cum with Sherrie as they kissed passionately. Sherrie grunted and jerked against Sue and came with her. They both went limp in each others arms holding on tight and kissing. Sherrie noticed us guys watching and said to me well you said try it I might like it and I liked it. I laughed.

I was up and at the ready and moved over to Sherrie and we made love in front of them and they did the same. We all fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night with Sherrie nuzzling against my ear moaning. I looked down and Sue was between her legs licking her pussy. Sherrie whispered to me she asked if she could and I said yes. Bob was still asleep. Sherrie held onto me tight and whispered I am going to cum and shuttered and while kissing me got off for Sue. Sue rose up her face all wet and all smiles. She said been wanting to do that. Bob slept through the whole thing.

They left in the morning with promises to come back soon. They did and the next time Sherrie got her first taste of another woman. But that is another story.

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