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The swing life 2

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The young couple sat across from us in a local bar drinking their drink as we were. Bob said we are curious about swapping with another couple. Jill his wife flushed at what he had just said and the idea of what swapping meant. She knew looking at me it could mean me. Jill added we have never done anything like this before. Jody smiled and said we are new too. Bob said, Jerry is you and Jody really interested in swapping? I smiled and said about as much as you Bob and Jill. Bob laughed and said yes we are all having our doubts I said Jody and I have talked about what it means for our relationship. Jody has only been with me. For her to do this would be a huge jump. Bob said well interesting enough Jill has only been with me and yes a huge jump for her too.

I said your ad said you were newcomers and with the wife Bi-curious. Bob said yes she is curious but very unsure of herself. He asked how about Jody? I said she is open to what might happen or she would not have agreed to meet you at all. She has no experience except with me. Bob said looks like we are in the same boat, so what do we do? I asked will Jill actually swap. He said we have talked about what that really means and she is willing if I am. I think she may be doing it for me. I said I think maybe Jody is too. I said I think we have come to the point of yes or no. He said I know. I added it appears they have put the choice in our hands. I would like to do it. Bob looked at me knowing I was saying I wanted to do his wife. After giving it some thought he said I want to as well, he wanted to do my wife. I said we can dance with our wife and you can tell Jill and I will tell Jody. They can always say no.

The girls were both nervous, but interesting enough excited and willing. I learned something new about my wife. I actually thought she might say no thanks and was surprised when she agreed. We had another drink and I watched Jill as she sat drinking and noticed how her boobs moved up and down as she lifted her arm up and down. She was a very nice package. We finished our drinks and invited them home with us.

When we arrived everyone was nervous and had no idea how to start. Bob and I went out to our patio with our beer and left the girls talking in the living room. He said wild huh? I said yes. He added I am worried about Jill and how she will react to you and how Joan will react to me. I said I understand me too. I added anything we do has to be in separate rooms right? He said oh yes I am not at all ready to watch her do anything. I said ok when we go back in I will take her down the hallway with me if she is willing to go with me ok? He looked at me and said be nice to her. I thought wow what a strange thing to say. He had just given me the ok to fuck his wife and asked me to be nice. Being nice was the last thing on my mind. I knew what he wanted to do to my wife and it was not about being nice. But I said sure.

We went back into the living room to the girls waiting and walked up to Jill and offered her my hand. She knew what that meant. The time had come for her to put out or go home. She looked at Bob and took my hand and we went down the hallway together. Bob watched us until we disappeared and turned to Joan waiting on the couch. He asked her how she was doing and she smiled and said ok just a little nervous is all. Bob said me too and offered her his hand and they headed for our other bed room and closed the door behind them.

Jerry and Jill were alone in their bedroom and she just stood there waiting for him to start. Jerry sat on the edge of the bed and patted the space next to him and she joined him. He put his arm around her and she leaned up against him. She knew what his intentions were and had become willing to just let it happen. She tried to imagine what it was going to be like with him inside her. She felt herself getting a little wet thinking about it. She realized she was going to give it up to him and also realized she wanted to do just that and most importantly that Bob was willing for her to do this guy she had just met and would be doing Joan at the same time. Wow.

Jerry sensed she was ready and made his move. He first put his hand on her knee and she gasped at his touch as he pulled her in close and kissed her. She opened her legs up and he slid his hand under her skirt. She suddenly felt very warm all over and kissed him again opening her mouth. She hugged him and whispered I am so hot. His hand had reached her pussy and he could feel how damp they hand become. He pushed her back and she lay in front of him and using both hands he went under her skirt and slid her panties down and off.

He turned the lights down low and undressed. In the dim light Jill could see what she was about to get. Jerry was bigger than Bob. She tentatively reached out and stroked his cock and it felt strange as it was the second cock ever for her. He looked down and said you have very nice hands, they are very soft. She felt him get harder in her hand and was thrilled. He reached down and unbuttoned her top and took it off. She was wearing a bra. Jerry asked her to take her bra off and she did. Her boobs were heavy and her nipples were hard. Jerry said very nice and reached out and tweaked her nipples. Her eyes got wide open and she tightened her hand around hi cock and made eye contact with him.

He pushed her skirt up and looked down at her pussy. He could see just how wet she had become. He whispered to her I am going to do you now and moved between her legs pushing them open. She moaned as he entered her. She was very tight and he had to push hard to get in. She opened wide as he went in deep and groaned oh you are so big you fill me up. He whispered you are so tight. Jerry fucked her hard. She pulled him close and kissing him moaned I am going to cum and give it up to him. He held still as she kept moaning for sometime before she finally collapsed under him. He said you did very well. He stayed inside her still hard. He heard a banging sound coming from the other bedroom and realized it was the headboard of the bed banging against the wall.

So Joan let him have her after all. The banging continued for a long time. Jerry realized Bob was really fucking his wife hard. I got quiet for a few minutes than the banging resumed. Jill was listening too and said he can go for a long time. I moved inside her and her eyes opened wide and she said you are very big. I like how you feel inside of me. I will never tell Bob that I like it. I am having a good time with you. I pulled back a little and turned her over and she grabbed the head board and raised her butt in the air. I slammed into her and she grunted and moaned oh yes do me. Jerry fucked her fast and hard and the head board was banging against the wall. Bob would know now what his wife was doing. Jerry pulled out and said I can go a long time to with a little help. She understood. Jill moved over to him lowered her head and went down on him.

She looked down at her as she sucked him and could tell she had done it before and she was very good. She rose up and said you must never tell Bob I did this for you. I said our secret. Finally he pulled away and she looked disappointed and said my favorite thing. When or if you want you can cum that way if you want I swallow. He moved back between her legs and went deep after putting her legs on his shoulders first.

Bob was on top of Joan really giving it to her. She moaned oh yes good, good. She had already cum three times and was heading for her fourth. She wrapped her long legs around him and opened as wide as she could. She said to Bob I will never be able to tell Jerry I got off with you four times. He said our secret and pushed in deeper. Bob make eye contact with her and whispered you have been fantastic. Joan smiled and said you made me be that way. He moaned as her pussy clamped down on his cock and she whispered I am going to cum again cum with me this time. He put his hands under her butt and pulled her in tight and she grunted and her pussy was quivering around his cock as she gave it up to him. He grunted several times and went rigid and groaned and exploded deep in her pussy pulling out still squirting all over her pussy and tummy. She watched him squirting and you could see the lust in her eyes. H collapsed on top of her and they lay there for a time kissing until there breathing returned to normal.

They got dressed and headed for the living room. As they passed by the other bedroom they could heard the sound of skin slapping against skin. Jerry and were still at it. Bob paused for a moment listening to his wife being fucked and had a strange expression on his face when he heard her cum with Jerry. The room got quiet and he joined Joan in the living room.

Jerry was ready to cum and pulled out and Jill got for her word went down on him and he exploded in her mouth pulling out squirting all over her face and boobs. Jill continued to suck him and he squirted more in her mouth and she swallowed it all. She went in the bathroom to clean up and they got dressed and went back to the living room. Joan and Bob were sitting together and she was still flushed and had that I just got fucked look. Jill was still breathing a little fast and also had that I just got fucked look about her.

Break time Jill and Bob went out to the patio to talk. They took a while. While they were talking I asked Joan how she did. She smiled and said I had fun and I know you did too. When they returned they were both smiling? Bob said we have both had a great time. I looked at Joan and said us too. It has been kind of wild huh. Bob said yes. Jill wants to talk with Joan about being Bi curious. I said ok we can have a beer on the patio. The girls sat on the couch to talk. Bob asked how Jill did. I said she was wonderful, you are a lucky man. He said you are two. We had just admitted we fucked the others wife.

I asked do you want to do it again. He knew I meant that I wanted too. Jill told me she had fun with you although it was strange being with another man. She told me you got her off and I was a little surprised she was able to do that. I asked did Joan cum with you knowing the answer. He said yes more than once. I said Jill too. It looks like we did a good job and laughed. Bob looked at me and said I am truly surprised we did this, but I am glad we did. I said me too. He then said yes I would do it again. It still feels strange but yes. Do you want to be in the same room? He thought for a moment and said only if Jill wants too.

I asked him if he knew what Jill wanted to do. He said I am not sure. We rent adult video sometimes. I pick she picks the next time. I always picked those with no girl-girl action. She always picked one with girl-girl action and so I asked her why. She said I get really turned on watching them. So that is why it is in our ad: I looked in the living room and Joan and Jill were talking and holding hands. They got up and joined us and said they were going back to the bed room for a while and left. They were gone for only a short time but when the returned they were both flushed and breathing fast and obviously turned on by whatever they had been doing.

I walked over to Jill and said Bob and I would like a return visit are you willing Bob is ok with it. She smiled and said want some more huh. I added we would like to do it in the same room this time. She said oh in front of him? I am not sure unless it is very dark in the room. I said no problem. I told Bob and Joan and they agreed. I went into the bed room and pulled the shades and curtains and the room was dark. All you could see was shadows. We went into the room and closed the door and in the dark we started.

I could hear the rustle of clothes coming off and Jill put her hand on my arm and leaned in and kissed me. I undressed her and myself and we got on the bed. A few minutes we could feel Bob and Joan on the other side. I heard Joan gasp and knew Bob was in her. Jill reached down and stroked me and I moved between her legs and she moaned as I pushed in letting Bob know I was doing her. The bed began to move as we got into it. Joan reached over and touched me as Bob was giving it to her. I turned Jill over and she raised her butt in the air. You could tell in the shadows what she and I were doing and she gasped as I entered her from behind.

Jill reached over to Joan and Joan said oh yes. I could tell Jill was feeling her boobs as Bob fucked her. I moved to my side with Jill in front of me and told her go ahead and play. She bent to the waist and reached out for Joan. I could hear them kissing as I gave it to Jill. Jill moved back and Joan was on her knees with bob behind her. I was very close to Joan as she leaned in and kissed and felt Jill. They got into heavy kissing and were pressed together boob to boob as we fucked them. Jill was the first and she moaned and said oh Bob and gave it up to me as she kissed Joan. Joan could feel her cum through their lips. She lost it a moment later and reached out and kissing me got off with Bob. I could feel her lips quivering as she gave it to him. Bob and I fucked the girls for a long time and they got to know each other as we did. I felt Joan as she felt my cock and Jill as well. Jill reached out and had her hand between Bob and Joan as they fucked. The girls got to know each other very well. Bob and I backed off and switched to our wives to finish.

We were all sitting in the living room together. Jill and Joan sat next to each other holding hands. We had all changed and I hoped for the better. I think so. Joan and Jill had gotten very close this evening and wanted to explore further. They had both enjoyed the other. But that would have to be on a different night. They were getting ready to go home. After they left Joan said I think I am Bi. I said I know. How do you feel? Joan said oh ok, just a little surprised, but I really enjoyed touching Jill. I asked so what do you think you want to do. She said I will have to think.

We rented a video the next week and Joan watched what the women did to each other. In one scene the two had a dido and they fucked each other and both got off. It was an amateur video and they really did get off. In another scene the women were in a 69. Joan was all flushed watching them lick each other. She was very horny when the video ended. She fucked my brains out.

The next week Joan called Jill. They met for lunch and a talk. Joan told her what she wanted to do. At first Jill was a little shocked, but finally said why not. Joan wanted Jill to watch the video with her and do what the women did in the video. Joan had told her what went on in the video. The next week we were all together again. I had gone to an adult book store and rented the same video and bought the toy Joan wanted to use. The two girls were both anxious and excited. I dimmed the lights and we guys went to the side to watch. Joan and Jill were dressed in short skirts and lose tops. Neither one of them had panties or bras on. They kissed each other and when they parted both were flushed knowing what they were about to do. Jill said I feel so hot and Joan smiled and said you are a very hot lady and kissed her long and wet as their tongues became intertwined.

Joan put on the video and they sat watching the two ladies in the video sitting on a couch. They were undressing each other and Joan reached out and undressed Jill and Jill undressed Joan. The ladies in the video ran their hands up and down on each other and Jill and Joan did the same. I think they forgot we were there. Joan had told me she mostly she wanted to taste Jill as watching women doing that was the part that turned her on the most. Jill knew that Joan was going to do that to her. Jill knew she was going to do it to Joan.

Jill and Joan were both breathing hard and all over each other kissing, licking boobs and necks and ears. They played with their butts and then began to finger each other. Jill looked so hot and Joan pushed her down on the couch and Jill spread for her. Her pussy glistened in the low light she was so wet. Joan slipped two fingers in and finger fucked Jill hard and fast. Jill went into another world only feeling what Joan was doing to her.

They made eye contact as Joan slipped a third finger in and you could see the lust between them in their eyes. While Joan fingered Jill she was also fingering herself. They slid to the floor and glanced at the video and the two ladies were getting to use the dildo. Joan and Jill paused and watched them for a time. Joan had her Dildo close by. They watched as the two ladies slipped the two ends of the dildo into each other and push forward until it disappeared. Jill said are we going to do that? Joan reached back for hers and said oh yes and slipped one end into Jill and then the other into herself and said shall we and pushed forward. Jill gasped as the dildo went deep.

Her face became totally flushed and she was near panting she was so hot. Joan was totally focused on the dildo in her pussy moving back and forth. You could hear how wet they both had become. They grabbed each other by their arms for leverage and fucked each other. It was a heavy fuck. You could get an occasional glimpse of the dido as it moved in and out of their pussies. They pulled each other in close kissing with their boobs pressed against each other as they fucked each other. The girls in the video had just got each other off and had fallen back and the dildo had popped out. Jill was the first to lose it and grunting gave it up to Joan as she twisted and turned on the dildo. Joan followed a moment later gasping and moaning loudly saying I am going to cum and shuttering all over exploded on the dido inside of her. The ladies slowed and just held each other tight as their breathing slowly returned to normal. The dido was still inside them and they slowly pulled apart and it fell on the floor making a popping sound as it came out. I had become very hard and Bob had too. Jill said I need a shower and naked headed down the hallway I looked over at Bob and he could see what I had on my mind the same thing he had and nodded and I followed her. As I went he was moving toward Joan with fucking on his mind.

I heard the shower running and got undressed and opened the door and Jill looked up a little surprised and then down at my hard cock and smiled and said oh is that for me. I said if you want it. She said oh yes and turned around and with the water running all over. Her hair was wet and she looked delicious and when she bent over I moved in and went deep. She gasped and pushed back as I fucked her. I was so hard and knew I would explode fast and when I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock as she got off with me I exploded in her pussy and held her tight as I squirted pulling out still squirting and she turned around and went to her knees and looking up at me with the water running over her face opened her mouth as I squirted more and took it all and swallowed.

She stood up and kissed me and I could taste myself. I got out and grabbed a towel and headed back to the living room. Bob had Joan dr*ped over the couch giving it to her. I stood back watching him fucking my wife. It was the first time I had watched them together in full light and it felt a little strange even though I knew he had done her twice before, somehow it was different. I could see she was enjoying herself and her face was very flushed as he fucked her. Suddenly she moaned and grunted and I watched my wife give it up to another man for the first time. She stood up and kissed him passionately and that was the strangest part that she kissed him that way. I walked into the room and she knew I had been watching and looked a little worried that I had watched her give it up to him. I knew she had before but it was different actually watching it happen. I walked up to her kissed her and said you are wonderful.

We all took a break and had drinks on the patio. Jill looked sexy with her wet hair and Joan went over to her and they kissed. I hoped they would do each other again as it was wild watching them together. I wanted to watch Joan down on Jill. I knew she wanted to do that very much. Jill was behind the bar making drinks and Joan joined her. Joan whispered something to Jill and she looked surprised, but nodded. Jill turned around and sat on the stool behind the bar. Joan approached her and gave her a long kiss and then disappeared. Jill leaned back against the bar holding on to the edge. She leaned back and closed her eyes. I knew that Joan was doing what she had wanted to do. Jill opened her eyes and looked down and smiled. Her mouth opened and made an O and her expression changed to a lustful look. Her hands came off the bar and disappeared and she began to jerk and move around. She cried out and jerking gave it up to Joan on her knees in front of her. Joan had gotten her first taste.

Joan rose up whipping off her mouth with her hand. Her face was all wet and she leaned forward and kissed Jill giving her a taste of herself and grabbed a towel and finished cleaning her face off. Jill said that was wild and you were very good. Later that evening The 2 girls ended up in bed together and Jill got her first taste as well. They ended up in a 69 getting each other off. Bob and I were left out this time. The girls played most of the night until they fell asleep exhausted. They left the next morning.

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