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The surprise

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Nervously Kathy takes off her last garment, “I cannot believe he talked me into this,” she says aloud as the g-string slides the length of her legs and she steps out of them. Knowing the little room has cameras, she then turns slowly around letting who ever is watching on the internet have a good look. “Playing with his friend was one thing, but this!” she continues, knowing now she is in it and there is not going back. Taking a deep breath, Kathy reaches for the knob and slowly opens the door.

In the hall, she beings to get excited, “well this is what Michael wanted,” she says and can feel the wetness grow between her legs. Looking at the camera hovering in the corner, she gives it a little smile. “Fuck it!” she shouts and walks into the living room. In the room, Kathy sees six beautiful young men all standing in silence except one, David. He is off to the side and has his back to Kathy. Between his legs she can see the outline of Michael, his mouth obviously around the young man’s cock.

Someone make a sound and Michael pulls away from David. “Good, good you are here,” Michael says. “This is David, he will be last,” Michael tells her as he turns the young man to show him to Kathy. Standing in amazement, she looks over the huge cock on the guy.

“Oh my god!” Kathy blurts out. “I am not sure I can get that in me. He is bigger than a horse!”

Walking into the center of the room, Michael motions Kathy to the makeshift bed set up on a short table. Looking the men over, Kathy takes a deep breath. “I knew you would have at least one black guy,” she says looking at the two in the room. “Just remember, I get to see you with one too!” she says as she positions herself onto the bed.

Pointing to one of the black men, “ I want you to start with him,” he tells Kathy as the young man walks around looking Kathy over. Running his finger lightly over her body, his touch sends a quiver through her body. Stopping by her head, Kathy can feel the heat throb from his enlarging cock right next to her cheek.

Turning to look at him, Kathy sees his large balls tighten as his cock grows. Without a word she takes as much of him as she can into her mouth as he lets out a low, deep moan. “He has never had a white woman,” Michael tells Kathy. “That is why I wanted him to go first, a first for you both,” he excitedly says as he rubs his hand down to Kathy’s wet pussy. “I think she is ready!”

With that the young man pulls himself from Kathy’s hungry mouth and moves between her legs. Sticking a finger in her, he pulls it to his lips and tastes the sweetness of her. Then in a single motion, he enters her and drives in deep making Kathy grasp the sheets in tight clichéd fists. She does not know what is more exciting to her, this young black man or knowing she is being watched by so many over the web cam. Soon, she has the first of many deep, hard orgasms.

After what a few minutes, the young man has to pull himself from Kathy and grasps his cock tightly, “I have to cum!” he declares. Again he moves to Kathy’s face and as soon as she opens her mouth the young man unloads a huge amount of cum into her mouth and all over her face. Swallowing as quickly as she can, Kathy take as much as she can, the rest covering her mouth and nose.

Moving to Kathy, Michael takes the young man into his mouth and can taste the mix of the man’s cum and Kathy’s pussy as his cock slides into Michael’s throat. Letting out a muffled “Mmmm…” Kathy know Michael is enjoying the cum as much as she did.

Even before the young man can withdraw from the lights the center on the bed, another has taken his place between Kathy’s legs. As soon as she feels him in her, Kathy cums again. Again the ritual is repeated and Kathy eats another load of cum. Now in turn each man steps up and fucks Kathy, then cums into her waiting mouth.

After five, the only man left is David. Not caring now, Kathy is eager to feel the girth of him in her pussy. Walking to the table, David lays his massive cock across Kathy’s throat as if to show her and the audience the wonder of his cock. Tuning and pulling him into her mouth, Kathy can only get very little in. Then licking him, she says “I am ready,” and she slowly parts her legs.

Moving into position, David looks at Kathy’s already swollen pussy and smiles, his cock coming to full life. Slowly David enters Kathy; again she twists the sheets in her clichéd fists. At first, only half will go in, working slowly more and more enters her. Each thrust giving more to Kathy than she has ever had. After a few minutes, she can feel the weight of his balls as they begin to slap again her ass causing her to cum and squirt her juices out around David’s massive cock.

Knowing he has her cumming, David begins to lengthen his strokes make her cum more and more. As she works around to enjoy him more and more, Kathy can tell by the look on David’s face he is about to cum. This time, instead of pulling out and feeding her is cum, David lets out a big moan and Kathy can feel his hot, thick cum begin to fill her pussy. “No!” Kathy says through her moans, “you can’t cum in me,” knowing it is too late.

“It’s ok baby,” Michael whispers into her ear. “I told him to do it!” Moving now he takes David’s place between her legs. Knowing he has to ease her mind, “you said you wanted to try everything. It was my little surprise for you.” Watching now, Michael sees David’s thick cum begin to flow from her pussy and then drives his face into her pussy feeling David and Kathy’s mixed juices cover his face. Soon, with all the cum cleaned up, Michael takes his turn on Kathy making love to her as never before, knowing that she did this for him. Michael takes his turn feeding Kathy his cum, knowing next time it is her turn to plan the adventure.

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