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The roomate

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The party was a live as Simone said it would be. We caught the attention of most of the people as we walked in, but I expected we would. I was wearing a tight black dress with a slit up the side that left little to the imagination, and her red mini left even less. We ordered some drinks and settled into a table near the dance floor. The music was great but not loud that you couldn't have a conversation. I hadn?t seen Simone in three years, working eighty hour weeks at the firm didn?t leave much time for friends let alone for dating, but now I am on vacation, kicking it with my roommate from college. I noticed that there was something different about this club, but it had been so long since I had been to any club that I ignored it. After a few more drinks and a lot of dancing a couple walks up to our table. She and Simone greeted each other with a hug and a quick kiss on each cheek. They joined us and Simone introduced me. While we were talking I noticed what was different about this place. While I am used to suggestive dancing, people here were very friendly with each other. Was that couple in the corner doing more than dancing with each other? Who cares we are all adults and having a good time. That?s when I heard Simone calling my name. Julie and her husband Fred were having an after party and wanted us to swing by. I said sure they seemed like cool people.

When we got to Julie?s house she greeted me with the same hug and kiss that she had given Simone earlier. Then she handed me a red kimono and some slippers. ?You looked uncomfortable in those shoes girl? she said ?everyone has to be comfortable in my house. There is a bathroom down the hall if you want to change?. After changing into her robe which seemed a bit strange I headed for the backyard. There were about 30 people in and out of the pool, all in various states of undress. That was when I saw the most amazing man approach me. He was 6?3 and had the body of a pro athlete. ?You must be Robin, I?m Henry. Simone tells me that she sprung this party on you without telling you everything. I hope you will forgive her. The most important thing is that you are comfortable.? He handed me a glass of wine and took the chair beside me. As we talked it seemed if we had known each other for years. Two glasses of wine later I noticed that his had had moved from my knee to further up my leg. I also noticed that the music had gone from hip hop to slow jams. Then I felt his finger rub against my clit then enter me. We were kissing when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Henry stood up to speak to Simone. At first I was pissed that my girl had interrupted my groove. Then I noticed that she took his hand and started sucking the finger he had just removed from inside me. ?Ladies I will be in the pool if you need me? Henry said as he left.

Simone took the seat that Henry had just gotten out of. ?Robin,? Simone began slowly, ?There is something I have wanted to do since college.? Then she kissed me. The more we kissed the wetter I got. Then felt my robe loosen and another set of lips on my breast. Henry picked me up and carried me into the house. He laid me down on a sofa beside Simone who was already naked. We kissed some more while she fingered me then replaced her finger with her tongue. When she was done with my clit she asked if I would return the favor. I told her I would if Henry would help.

She rolled over and I climbed on top of her. I assumed a 69 position while Henry laid down between her legs. ?Start with the clit, and then slide a finger inside her wet pussy.? I did as he instructed while Simone repeated everything I did to her to me. Every once in a while I would stop long enough to kiss Henry. I had just caught my breath from Simone when Henry offered me ten inches of the most delicious chocolate I ever tasted. I began to suck that dick as if it was going extinct. The double stimulation of her eating me out while I tasted his pre-cum was almost too much to handle. Henry removed himself from my mouth, and laid down so that I could mount him, as I rode him backwards giving him a view of my ass, Simone continued to suck my hard nipples and finger my clit. After I had ridden ?til I could ride no more, he told me to stand up and lean against the window. He entered me from behind. When we both exploded I was screaming loud people outside at the pool stopped what they were doing to come inside and watch me. Having the audience got me even more excited. When Henry finally came all we could do was lay there. That was when I remembered where I was. Simone and a few other people were lying around on the floor basking in a similar afterglow.

That was six months ago. Simone and I bought a townhouse around the corner from Julie. We are roommates with benefits. I still work hard, but now I play even harder.

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