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The professor my gf and me. Part 1

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My high school gf, Lynn, and I attended college together in the early 1970's. During our freshman year Lynn developed a crush on her art professor. Professor T, as Lynn described him was a tall slim 40 year old who flirted openly with his female students. Lynn was taken by his uninibited advances and compliments about her voluptuous body and repeatedly asked her to pose for some of other classes.

Lynn was flattered and excited by Professor T's offers but said she was just to embarassed and inhibited to pose naked in front of the other students in a classroom. Professor T persisted and finally convinved Lynn to pose privately, at his home for a small group of fellow artists. Professor T even offered $50 for a session, three times the fee paid to student models.

When Lynn arrived at Professor T's home the first night he led her to a large studio in the back of the house where four other men in their 40's and possibly early 50's had gathered. It was all very professional. The men had their sketch pads in hand while seated on stools surrounding a small stage with backdrops, lights, and a velvet sofa where she would pose. Lynn was instructed to undress and put on a robe in the dressing room behind the curtained backdrop. When she entered the studio, Professor T helped her remove the robe and posed her reclining nude and completely exposed to the strangers, and her Professor.

Lynn felt embarassed, then excited as Professor T watched her. She was afraid her pussy was becomming so wet that the others would see she was aroused. The men sketched, whispered to themselves, then one man approached with a camera. Lynn didn't know she would be photographed, and resisted. Professor T reassured her and said the photos would be developed in his lab, and noone would see them.

Lynn relaxed as the photos were being taken, then the photorapher suggested Professor T pose with her. Again, Lynn hesitated, then felt a thrill between her legs as Professor T undressed quickly in front of her, and then approached the sofa. Just as quickly as he had undressed. Professor T was now embracing her and she could feel the heat from his naked skin touching hers. One man shouted to Professor T, "kiss her", and they were kissing, Another man said "suck her nipples" and her nipples were in Professor T's mouth.

Without warning, and with no resistance, Professor T placed Lynn's hand on his cock. She could feel it was hard, and exceptionally long. Lynn involuntarily stroked Professor T's cock as he kissed her. Lynn lay back as Professor T spread her legs and moved between them. Suddenly his cock was sliding between her pussy lips, deeper, and deeper until she felt his hair against hers and the head o his cock hitting the depths of her pussy.

Lynn and Professor T fucked with his cock sliding in and out of her pussy and she forgot the others were watching. Lynn didn't know how long the penetration lasted, but an intense orgasm started to build and she started to cum. Lynn held onto the Professor as he pushed his cock as deep as possible into her. As Lynn lost her breath when she came, Professor T held still and she could literally feel his cum spraying the walls of her pussy and the warmth of the cum leakingfrom between her legs.

It was then that Lynn realized she had just fucked her teacher in front of a group of men who were not only watching, but photographing her. Professor T rose from their embrace and she looked toward the other men to see one man completely naked and pulling on a very hard cock. Another naked man was at her shoulder. When she slipped back into the sofa to pull away the man at her shoulder let loose a huge load of cum that struck her shoulder and neck, followed by a second spray of hot liquid that struck her stomach and dripped down to her thighs.

The naked men masterbating on her quickly awoke Lynn to the realization that she had just been seduced into this sexual exhibition so she jumped from the sofa running back to the dressing room. Lynn pulled the robe over her shoulders using it to wipe the cum from her naked body when Professor T entered the dressing room, still completely naked. Professor T reassured her that no harm was intended and asked if she would like to pose with some of the other men. Professor T even offered $50 more for each additional pose. Lynn was in a daze, and could only dress and leave without a word. As she left the dressing room she didn't want to look up at the men who had seen her so exposed, but she did see enough to give her a deeply perverted thrill as she drove to meet me.

When Lynn met me at her dorm room that same night, she told me all the details of her modeling and the seduction. She wanted to cry, but at the same time admitted how exciting it had been. I reassured her that her seduction was natural and that the story she told of what happened excited me. Lynn was relieved and we embraced, undressed, and as I reaced between her legs, I coud feel the sticky cum left by Professor T in her pussy. As we fucked, Lynn told me about the two men cumming on her after she fucked the Professor, then shocked me when she said that while leaving through the studio she saw three of the remaining men, now on the sofa together. One man was reclining with a second between his legs sucking his cock, and a third man standing at is head feeding his cock into the man's mouth.

Lynn and I fucked each other to sleep as we fantasized about the orgy she had just experienced. The next day......part 2.

Pages: 1

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