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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "The Night With Another Bicouple (part 2)".


The night with another bicouple (part 2)

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As I'd said in the other story, we'd meet Tom and Cathy online and talked alot about what each other liked and didn't like. We had just finished playing and was getting a drink cathing our breath after Cathy had used a strap-on on my ass that was bigger than Tom was, and Tom had just got finished fucking my wife.

I had gotten up to get another drink, when I notice that the ice bucket was empty. I said that I was going to get a refill and Tom said that he'd go with me. On the way to the ice machine, Tom commented how hot it was watching his wife fuck me and hoped that he'd get a chance. With that, he started to rub his cock. I told him the night was still young and we'd play it by ear. I bent over to fill the bucket as the machine was practically empty. That is when Tom got behind me with his cock poking me in the ass through my shorts. I told him that as I too like to fuck and he wanted a better look at my cock. Well we took a chance and I dropped my shorts and Tom started to suck on my cock while he fingered my ass that was still stretched from his wife's strap-on cock. I'm not sure how long he sucked on my cock, but we stopped and got ourselves composed when we heard a door open and shut. Some young kid was coming for ice also. We left the room telling him that he'd better go down stairs and get some as this machine was almost empty. Then we went back to the hotel room quickly.

Once in the hotel room, we found that Cathy and my wife was playing with each other. They had gotten themselves into a very hot 69 postion. Tom asked if we could join them and was TOLD NO! We both were enjoying the show stroking our cocks, when I felt Tom's hand on my cock, stroking it. I told Tom, suck me and I'll suck you. Tom quickly got on top of me and started to suck and suck. Feeding me his cock all the time. I was trying to hold out as I didn't want to cum but Tom didn't hold out. I felt him swell up and pull out of my mouth telling me sorry as he started to cum. His cum splashed on my face and mouth, so I just leaned up and licked his cock of his cum.

Tom said that since I hadn't cum, maybe I'd like to fuck his ass. I agreed and grabbed the lube that was used on me earlier and started to lube him and my cock. I started to ease into Tom and really fuck him. Thinking that I'd cum quickly, I started to fuck him good and hard. The harder that I shoved my cock into him, the more that he begged me to fuck him harder. Now I'd forgotten that the lube that I'd used on him was the type that made you feel numb, so I didn't cum still despite the fact that Tom shot his 3rd load already.

Cathy and my wife were done playing and were just watching me fuck the hell out of Tom's ass. Cathy saw that my cock was pulsating ready to cum, but I hadn't and was still rock hard. She grabbed a washcloth and wiped me off. Then got onto all 4's and told me to fuck her till I cum. I got behind her and started to really fuck her pussy good. Listening to her beg me to fuck her harder and harder. My wife meanwhile had gotten on the bed with Tom. He was now being sucked by my wife.

I was doing Cathy's pussy harder and harder and still not close to cumming. Cathy's ass was also being fingered as she told me that she loved her ass played with. I asked her if I could do HER ass as she'd done mine and she told me to go for it. With one quick move, I pulled out and put my cock into her ass. My cock was wet from her pussy juices but not that wet as I got her back arched as I shove it in deep. About a dozen strokes later, I shot my load into her ass.

Now Tom never came again despite how good my wife was sucking on his cock. He told her that after 3 times, he was done for. So as it was well after 1am, we decided to go to bed. About 2am, I got up to go to the bathroom. When I walked in, Tom was just finishing up. He'd not turned the light on. Tom started to ease out, when I told him that I'd not let him do what he started at the ice machine. Tom said that he'd love to but both beds had our wives sleeping in them. I told him that the sofa was an option. His eyes got big and a smile was on his face. With that I finished using the bathroom and grabbed his cock, putting it into my mouth. Licking his head as he was now stroking it to life.

As we got to the couch, I tossed him OUR lube which wasn't the type that we'd already been using. I told him that he might want to cum and I didn't need the stuff that we'd used already. With that I laid down on the couch and he lifted my legs up and started to enter me. However after a few deep strokes we quickly realized that this postion wasn't comfortable for either of us. I told him that I'd bend over. He spread my checks apart and entered me. Tom actually fucked me harder than his wife did. For a while, seemed like he was going deeper than her toy did, when he leaned over and said that he was cumming. He started to pull out and I told him not to waste the time. With that he grabbed my hips and lunged into me empting himself.

We went back to bed very tired and we both curled up next to our spouses. Would you know it the next morning, he fucked me again, but this time, I was on my back. My wife was fucking Cathy with her own toy.... What great couple they are!

Pages: 1

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