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The next morning (continued from the Wonderful night)

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The next morning, Tammy and my wife had gotten up and decided that a little playing was in order before they got breakfast ready. Tammy had asked my wife to put on the strap-on and slowly fuck her with it. My wife got the harness on and Tammy started to suck it like she would have either one of our cocks. All the time, she started to fondle the wife's clit. My wife was about to cum when she stopped Tammy and told her to get on all 4's. Tammy quickly did and my wife let her have it. Not as slow as she had hoped for, but Tammy didn't care by then and neither did my wife.

Well Karl and I woke up to hear Tammy moaning and my wife telling her to take this big cock. Us guys looked at each other and decided that we needed to join in. Karl slipped under his wife and fed his cock to her while he licked the juices from her freshily fucked pussy. I stood there and watched for a moment, then had a idea that this might be a good time for some pictures. I asked if that was ok, and all agreed, providing that the pictures were only for them.

I started to take pictures of the wife pumping her "cock" in and out of Tammy and Tammy sucking her husbands cock. Every now and then, I noticed that if the wife pulled out to much, the cock would be licked by Karl and that he'd help her put it back into his wife.

Well by now the wife is getting tired and tells me that she'll take the pictures and I could fuck for a while. Tammy also is tired and asks if Karl would like to try being fucked as it's clear that he loves to suck cock. Well, Karl didn't need much more encouragement and asks that I just be gentle as it's his first time trying anal. After agreeing, the girls start to lube and prepare his asshole by using one didlo after the other to stretch his asshole open. Karl is loving it and asked if he could suck my cock again before I put it into his ass. I'm guessing that he wanted me to cum and get somewhat soft. I agree and stand in front of him and put my cock into his mouth. Feeling his tounge around my shaft and the suction that he's using, was almost too much. I grabbed the back of his head and started to fuck his face. The girls told me to stop and unload here, pointing to his ass.

I pulled out of his mouth and started to move to where the girls had in on all 4's for me. When Karl asked if there was a way he could watch me do him. Without skipping a beat, the girls grabbed the wife's full lenght mirror and put it so that Karl could see what I was going to do. Then I got even a better idea. As it was his first time, and mine, I asked if he wanted to be on his back. That way he could see my face and I could see his. After rolling over and getting some pillows under his head and shoulders, each of the girls stood on either side of him and raised his legs up and apart gently. Karl could see my cock coming towards him both in the mirror and by moving his hard cock to the side. Seeing how he had been stretched before and I had put fresh KY on his ass, I told him to relax. I pushed the head of my cock into his ass slowly. Watching his face as I pushed in more and stopping to allow him to adjust. It's one thing to have a dildo in you, it's a nother to have another man enter your ass. Tammy told my wife to take some pictures. So I held my position while she got the camera. I even pulled back out to allow her to start from the begining. This time I pushed in to where I'd stopped from before. Tammy asked her husband if he still wanted this and he said "for you baby I'll try anything." With that, Tammy told me to have my way but be nice. I agreed and pushed in more till I was about half in. From there, I decided to pump him some to see how he was going to enjoy it. More Ky was applied and I started to pump my cock in and out of his ass.

Karl was in heaven. I then pushed my cock inall the way with one quick thrust. Karl let out a moan and his cock started to twich. I knew that Karl couldn't last too much longer and neither could I, so I decided to give it too him good. I asked Karl if he was doing OK and he just moaned. I looked at both of the girls and Tammy whispered to me "fuck him good now, I mean GOOD!" With the approval of his wife, I started to fuck his ass. Just before I felt my balls were ready to unload, I grabbed Karl's cock and held it while he started shooting his load. The wife started to suck him while I made a few more thrusts before I too unloaded into him. Without thinking, I leaned down and gave him a kiss like I would have done to my wife after cumming in her. Tammy looked over at my wife and asked "do we have another bi in the house now?"

Well I didn't hear that comment, so I quickly realized what I'd done and stopped and pulled out. We all got cleaned up and the girls decided to get some food ready for us. Tammy turned to us guys and said, "wonder what we'll do after breakfast" with a grin that you only knew that she was up to something....

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