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My husband Charles and I have been in this lifestyle for a couple of years. I am in my mid forties and my husband is in his early fifties. Lately we have become more active. I really enjoy being a total slut for my husband and my lovers. We have gone from swinging a couple times a year to weekly swingers and more if we can. However, we still maintain a life outside of the swinging realm and have many old friends to whom we would never mention swinging. One friend in particular has been one of my best friends since high school. Karen and I have been through a lot together but I just knew that she would never understand.

Well several weekends ago we invited a Jim and Angie over for a weekend. We have had several encounters with them. Since Angie wanted to try a BBC we invited Manny and one of his friends, Bill whom I had not met yet. We had a wild time! We did everything that we could think of . Even though I said I never would allow it, we captured it all on our handycam and made a very hot DVD.

Last Monday, while I was doing some housework in the nude, I popped in the DVD. It was exciting to watch. It started with Angie and I playing with each other. We kissed and rubbed each others pussies then we got into a 69 then Manny and Bob appear in the picture. They were both naked and were very hard. Manny has a great body with a nine inch cock that is very thick. Bob also had a great body and his cock was at least two inches longer and just as thick. Since I had never been with Bob and Angie had never been with either I man we decided that I would have Bob and Angie would start with Manny. As the movie progressed, Angie was getting fucked from behind by Manny and I was sitting on Bob’s cock in front of her so she was licking my clit and Bob’s shaft and I was moaning and telling Bob that I wanted his cum. It was very hot to watch and I started playing with my pussy. I heard a gasp from behind. It was my friend Karen. She had stopped by and knocked but I did not hear her so she let herself in. I panicked and tried to stop the video instead I hit fast forward and scene after scene of us fucking and sucking played on the screen. When it was finally stopped Karen was red faced and said she was sorry to intrude and she ran out the door. I felt terrible. I tried to call her cell phone but she would not answer. It really ruined my day enough that I was rethinking out participation in the lifestyle.

On Wednesday I was still feeling bad for what happened and I figured that I had lost one of my best friends. I could not get her out of my mind. That morning there was a knock at my door. This time I was fully dressed. I had sworn off doing my housework in the nude. It was Karen, I invited her in. I was so glad to see her but it was obvious that we were both nervous. I offered her a coffee and asked her to sit. At first it was very awkward. I finally said that I was so sorry that she had seen the video.

She asked “Was that really you in the video?”

I answered “yes it was”.

She asked “What about Charles? What would he say?”

“He was behind the camera” I explained.

“I don’t understand. You mean he let’s you do that?”

“It started out as his idea” I said “As a matter of fact we both love it”

The conversation dropped for a minute as Karen digested what I had just said. I could tell that she was flustered and seemed to be trying to think of what to say.

I smiled at her and said ”The cats out of the bag don’t be afraid to ask or tell me anything”

She said” I don’t know what to ask” then added “You know at first I was disgusted then I was hurt that you never told me and then I started to wonder what it would feel like to do it myself. By the time Frank came home I was horny as hell thinking about what I had seen”

“Did you tell him?” I asked.

“I did not know how to tell him. He just said he did not know what had gotten into me but he liked it”

“We were only having sex once or twice a month but we have done it 5 times since Monday. I even gave him a blowjob before he left for work this morning”

“How much of the movie did you see?” I asked “A lot” she said” at first I just thought I had caught you watching an x rated movie. I was going to sneak out but then I realized that you were in the movie with that girl. You were going down on each other. Then two big black guys appeared and your girlfriend let him mount her then put his friend inside of you and then the camera zoomed in on your pussy filled with that huge thing and your girlfriend started licking you both, then you said you wanted his cum” She paused “I did not even realize that I had made a noise until you startled”

She then looked at me and stammered “How ah, ah, how do you think, what do you think Frank would say? I mean how could we start? I mean we have fantasized in the past”

I had noticed Frank checking me out in the past so I said. “I’ll bet you can convince him” and I winked at her I could see that she was flustered and I noticed her nipples poking out of her t shirt.

I got up and stood behind her chair and rubbed her shoulders and said “Why don’t you show him our movie? What did you like about it?”

She sighed and leaned back to meet my touch and said “Everything, every scene has replayed in my head. Can we watch it now?”

“In a few minutes “ I said Karen moaned as my fingers found her nipples she looked up at me and we kissed.

She said “I noticed that you shave down there. Frank has always wanted me to do that”

I said “You mean shave your pussy. Say it Karen! Say Frank wants me to shave my pussy” and I kissed her.

She said “Frank wants me to shave my pussy. Can I see yours?”

“My what?”I asked teasingly.

“Your pussy!” she said. “I want to see your bare cunt” and smiled “MMMM now you’re getting it. If you want to be a slut don’t be afraid to talk like one. My hubby loves it when I refer to my cunt.” I stood in front of her and dropped my jeans to the floor and kicked them aside. I moved closer and hooked my thumbs in the elastic of my panties and slowly slid them down. She let out a soft moan as my puffy lips came into view. I let my panties drop to the floor and opened my legs to give her a clear view. I then rubbed myself with my hand a parted my lips slightly and asked “You like?”

Karen said “Yes I like. I feel so naughty. Can we do mine? Will you shave my cunt?”

I said” Show it to me. I want to see your hairy cunt. I’ll shave it while you watch the movie”

She stood up and unbuckled her jeans and let them fall. She stood in front of me in her t-shirt and panties. She smiled and removed her t-shirt her breasts were small with big nipples that were very hard she moaned as she rubbed them. She then slowly pulled her panties down exposing her dark mound, her lips were barley visible and I could see the wetness in her hair as she exposed her slit to me.

“MMMM your nice and wet” I said as I touched her slit.

I then stood up and removed my top and stood in front of her naked and said ”Let’s go, You get comfortable on the couch, I’ll start the movie and be right back”

I started the movie and then got a towel, facecloth, shaving cream and razor. Karen was lying on the couch with her legs open and rubbing her nipples. On screen Angie and I were kissing and rubbing each other. Karen opened her legs wider and moaned as I wet her mound with the facecloth and warm water. I could feel my own pussy tingling as I gently applied the shaving cream to her puffy lips. On screen Angie and I were being fucked by our black studs and Angie was licking my clit. “That’s hot” Karen said as I started to shave her. “I want to try that”.

I finished shaving her just as Bob filled me with his hot cum on the screen. As he came inside of me I pulled up and his cock popped out shooting spurts of cum on my pussy and Angie’s face. Angie dove right in a licked my cum covered pussy as Manny unloaded inside of her. “Ohh” Karen moaned as she reached down and touched her freshly shaved cunt for the first time. I quickly cleaned her off. I couldn’t wait anymore I went down on her and tasted her for the first time. She came in spurts into my mouth as I licked and sucked her clit and her puffy lips. As she settled I held her and kissed her. She eagerly licked her juices off of my face and lips as we kissed. “That was so nice” she said as she reached down and touched me for the first time. I moaned and opened my legs to give her full access. She started kissing her way down my body. I opened my legs even further as she approached my waiting pussy. “Your lips are nice and puffy” she said as she studied my pussy up close. I could feel her hot breath as she moved down to taste my juices. “MMMM you taste so good” she said. I just moaned as she grew bolder with her tongue. I could see her rubbing her own pussy as she licked me to an intense orgasm. The movie had ended and we had missed most of it. We lay for a while in each others arms grinding our cunts together.

We got dressed and she said she could not wait to talk to Frank. We decided she should lead in with the movie and let him discover her bare pussy for himself before discussing her desires with him. The next morning she called to tell me that they fucked all night. Between the movie and her pussy he could not get enough. She had me come over to surprise him that night. Now they want to meet some of my other friends especially Manny and Bob.

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