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The Spray (FFM,MMF)

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Our sex life was okay for the most part. We had been together for over 25 years and our relationship had had its ups and downs. I had always longed for something different. To explore the wild side so to speak, I had given thought to threesomes with our neighbor and for that matter, total strangers. But I knew Cindy would never hear of it. She had not been raised to think of anything other than a monogamous relationship. Now in our 40?s, I didn?t look for it to change.

I was reading my e-mail one morning a few months ago and had seen one that was titled, ?25 year reunion?. As I opened it, it was from one of my old classmates from high school that had been deemed the coordinator. It contained information as to when it would be and where and to respond if I was interested in attending. I submitted a reply and marked the date on my calendar.

Before I knew it the day had come up on me. Cindy and I dressed casually for the first night of the three day event. When we got there, I saw some of the few people I had stayed in touch with over the years. I had remarked to Cindy several times that other than those select few, I had never seen anyone that I went to school with. Just as I was thinking that this was probably going to be pretty boring, a guy came up to me and said, ?Bob is that you?? I looked the guy up and down and focused on his eyes. I could not place him. He looked me up and down as well and said, ?the years have been good to you? As I went through my mind trying to figure out whom this guy was he saved me the trouble and said, ?its me, Larry? At that point it all came back to me. Larry had been somewhat of a nerd in school, but he and I hung out sometimes because he lived just a few houses down from me as a kid.

The conversation got to rolling after that and we talked about what I was doing now and where we lived. Cindy seemed to get bored rather quickly and then spotted one of the girls that she had known from her school that had married one of my classmates. She decided to go talk to her, which left Larry and I standing there sipping our drinks and continuing our conversation. I got around to asking him what he had been doing for the last 25 years. He told me that after high school he had went to a technical college and received his Associates? degree and had landed a job with a pharmaceutical company. The company had paid for his continuing education and he now had his Doctorate. I had never heard of the company that he worked for and he told me that they had worked on several contracts for the military, mostly in the development of new vaccines.

We had a few more drinks and he asked if I was interested in seeing some of his work. I figured he probably had his laptop with him and was going to show me some boring power point presentation or something of the sort. Not to be rude, I told him I would. The reunion was being held in the local Hyatt and he had secured one of the penthouse suites. As we got on the elevator he explained that while working on a particular vaccine that he had stumbled onto something that was extraordinary. When we got to his room, as I had expected, there was the laptop and all the stuff associated with it. As he bumped the mouse and opened up the power point, I already was starting to get bored. Then Larry asked me, ?Have you ever just got really pissed off at some good looking woman that uses her body to get whatever she wants?? I said, ?Who doesn?t? I kept thinking of Kim back at the office. She didn?t do crap but got paid more than I did. She would wear sexy clothes and strut around the office and turn heads at every cubicle she passed. ?How would you like to have the power to do that?, he asked. I said, ?What the hell are you talking about?? He went on and said that the he was testing one of the vaccines and found that it had failed to do what it was intended to do but had another ?side effect? With that being said he showed me the power point. It went in to the testing procedures on animals and stuff like that. I didn?t notice anything out of the ordinary until he moved the mouse over to a monkey that was a test subject in a lab. As the technician sprayed a small bottle in the monkey?s face, he said, ?Look at the monkey?s crotch area? I thought that this was kind of perverted as he moved the mouse to the monkey?s crotch area. After about 30 seconds the male monkey?s penis began to shrivel up. As I watched closer it seemed to transform into a vagina.

I thought to myself, ?So what? Larry then said something that took me by total surprise. ?I have tested this on me? I said, ?Do What?? As he said that he started to strip down to his underwear and tossed his shirt and pants onto a chair. At that point he reached into his brief case and pulled out a small spray bottle with a blue liquid in it. He opened his mouth and sprayed two quick bursts into his mouth. ?Now watch this? he continued. As he stood there he bent down to remove his socks. That is when I first noticed what was happening. Larry had always had a very hairy back since puberty and most of the girls where turned off by it. As he was removing his socks I noticed the hair on his back start to disappear. As he stood back up, I also noticed that the bulge in his bikini briefs was getting smaller. As I continued to observe in amazement, he said, ?Just keep watching? with that I noticed a sudden change in his voice. It sounded like he was going through puberty all over again. The hair on his chest began to go away as well and I was dumb struck as a set of female breast started to form. Slowly his body continued the transformation. His masculine features began to go away and after a few minutes there stood the most gorgeous woman where a man stood just moments before. I just stood there with my mouth wide open. Larry removed his briefs and revealed the prettiest pussy I had seen in a long time. It had just a hint of hair and the puffiest lips one could ever hope for. As I started to get aroused at this beauty standing in front of me, I had a reality check hit me like a ton of bricks. ?Wait a minute, this is Larry? As I started to turn away and head for the door, she said, ?Hey, where are you going, don?t you think I look sexy?? I replied, ?Dude, it?s you, Larry? ?Not right now, if it makes you more comfortable, call me Laura? I didn?t know quite what to think. Moments before the nerdy guy that I hung out with in high school was now this incredible looking woman, this was totally overwhelming. He, I mean she walked closer to me and held out her arms as if wanting to embrace. I was frozen solid in my tracks. I soon felt her hands all over me, rubbing the back of my neck and my shoulders and making her way to my cock. As she continued her exploration, one hand grasped my butt cheek and the other began stroking my cock through my pants. She whispered into my ear, ?Relax? The hands soon left my cock and started unbuttoning my shirt and my jeans. My cock was throbbing and wanting to be released from the restrictions of my clothing. I stepped back and removed my pants and underwear, releasing my cock. She immediately dropped to her knees and placed my cock in her mouth. I could not believe how skilled she seemed to be at giving a blow job. I mean, this was a guy that played with microscopes and stuff as a kid. I had to get these thoughts out of my mind, because despite the fact that I was receiving probably the best blow job I had ever received, I couldn?t help but think how this all got started. My cock would start to go limp thinking about it, but this woman was sucking it for all it was worth. She continued taking the length of my shaft in her mouth and then reached around and massaged my anus with a damp finger. This threw me over the edge and within seconds I was pumping my hot load down her throat. She took every bit of it and licked me clean before standing up.

?Well what do you think?? Still dumbfounded by the events of the last half hour, I replied, ?That was amazing? Larry, uh I mean Laura, went on to explain more about the amazing discovery. She explained that the metamorphosis lasted almost 24 hours and that once transformed that the person became incredibly horny. The effects could be reversed before the 24 hours by an antidote that she retrieved from her brief case. It too was a small spray bottle, but this one had a red liquid. My next question was whether it worked on women. She said that it did. This got me to thinking, ?What would Cindy look like as a man?? ?Or how would I be as a woman? I asked Laura if there were any side effects, and other than being horny as hell after the transformation that there was none.

I picked up the bottle from the table and gave myself two quick squirts. I started to feel a warming sensation in my crotch almost immediately. As I looked down, my seven inches of manhood started to shrink like after a plunge into a cold swimming pool. I could feel my chest starting to get heavy. I turned towards the mirror in the room and watched in amazement as the hair on my chest seemed to revert back into my skin and my pectoral muscles gave way to a beautiful set of 36 C?s. I then felt a little mild pain around my pelvic area. As I reached down to my hips, Laura noticed the expression of pain on my face an told me that my pelvis was realigning itself to that of a woman and that it would go away in just a few minutes. With all the changes complete in about 5 minutes, I turned to the mirror once more and admired the beautiful woman that I seen. I reached up to my new tits and caressed my nipples. The feeling was so good. I could feel wetness forming in my crotch. Just as I decided to place a finger or two in my new found pussy, Laura said, ?Here, let me take care of that for you.? She led me over to the bed and eased me down to it. As she spread my legs, a feeling of fear came over me. I wasn?t sure whether I was ready for this, but I was so horny that I thought I was going to explode. Laura moved closer to my wetness, kissing my thighs lightly as she made her approach. Soon she had her tongue deep inside my pussy. She flicked my clit, causing me to raise my hips from the bed. She countered by pushing her face deeper into me. As I clenched the sheets, I let out a moan and felt my juices flow all over Laura?s face. ?My God, I?m a squirter!? I thought. My first orgasm as a woman was absolutely the best I had ever had. I collapsed on the bed and softly said to Laura, ?You have helped me out twice now, I want to return the favor.? ?Sure? she replied as she made her way from the bed and reached into a gym bag and retrieved a doubled headed dildo and a tube of KY. She explained that my new pussy might be a little tight at first and she didn?t want it to hurt. As she approached the bed I took the dildo from her hand and she sat down on the bed and faced me with her legs spread. I took the dildo and softly started rubbing her pussy with it. I could see her tense up from the pleasure with every stroke. Moments later we turned our asses from each other and she lubed my end of the purple dildo with KY and gently worked it into my pussy. I started to scream until I caught the sound of my voice. I had not noticed it at first, but my voice even sounded sexy. As the dildo slid into my wanting pussy, Laura began to match my rhythm, moving back and forth until we had consumed the entire length of the dildo into each other and was bumping our asses together. It did not take long at all before the two of us exploded into orgasm multiple times.

We had lost track of time during our transformations and sexcapades and I was startled when I looked at the clock on the night stand and noticed that I had been gone for over two hours. I looked at Laura and said that I needed to find Cindy before she wondered where I had been. He agreed and handed me the antidote. Once more I gave it two quick blasts and handed the bottle to Laura. We stood there, looking at each other make our transformation back to manhood. The metamorphosis back to a man did not seem to have the pain associated with it that my initial experience had. Laura, now back to Larry said that every time he had used the ?potion? the effects seemed to lessen. Once completely transformed we got dressed and headed back to the lobby. As we exited the room he slipped one of each of the bottles into my shirt pocket and said, ?There is more where that came from, because I think I know what you have in mind.? He was right, I could feel my dick stiffening in my pants with every step I took, thinking of how Cindy would look as a man and having sex with her as a woman.

When we arrived in the lobby I motioned for Larry to join me as I looked for Cindy. I spotted her sitting with her friend at a table with several other women. There were several empty glasses on the table and I could tell right away that she had had her fair share. As I walked up to the table she looked over at me and with a slight slur to her words and said, ?Where the hell have you been.? ?I was starting to get worried? I explained that Larry and I had got caught up in his work. Larry just looked over at me and grinned. Cindy stood up and told the girls at the table that she was getting tipsy and a little tired and that she would see them tomorrow during the formal reunion dance. As we left the table she put her arm over my shoulder and said, ?Lets go back to our room and fuck like rabbits.? Cindy always got a little horny when she drank, which was a good thing. I told her that I had something I had to show her first. She looked at me with a sign of confusion on her face as she looked behind us and seen Larry following right behind us. ?What the hell are you two up to?? she said as I punched the elevator button. I just appeared to ignore her as we stepped into the elevator I pressed the button for the 30th floor. Cindy chimed up and said, ?Hey we are on the 12th floor? I said, ?Don?t worry, we will go to our room later.? ?I hope you aren?t going to bore me with a bunch of BS from Larry?s work.? She snapped. I just looked over at Larry and grinned.

?What a lovely room.? Cindy said as Larry swung the door open and allowed us to enter. Larry apologized for the bed being messed up and explained that he had put the ?Do Not Disturb? sign on the door and forgot to take it off. I sat down on the bed and motioned for Cindy to sit beside me. I started telling her what Larry did for a living and she looked over at him and sighed to indicate that she was not that interested. As I went on to explain to her what Larry had discovered in his research, he reached into his pocket and sprayed the liquid into his mouth. Cindy said, ?Yea right, you are both full of shit? She had no sooner gotten the words out of her mouth when she jumped back on the bed and said, ?What the hell is going on?? I put my arm around her and comforted her and said, ?Its okay, just watch.? She appeared to be in shock as Larry made his transformation into Laura. Cindy grabbed my hand and clenched as Larry?s pants fell to the floor and his shirt appeared to inflate from the forming of his breast. Within minutes his transformation was complete. I got up from the bed and made my way over to Laura. As I did I ran my hand down into Larry?s bikini briefs and placed a finger into her pussy. She cooed and leaned toward me and kissed me on the cheek. Cindy stood up and shouted, ?What the hell are you doing with her?I mean him?? She was still stunned from the events that had taken place but what she now saw was this beautiful woman kissing ?Her man?. I walked across the room to the bed and reached out for her hand. She snatched it away immediately. Larry/Laura spoke up and tried to calm her down by explaining to her in more detail what had happened. Cindy walked over to the wet bar and grabbed a miniature bottle of vodka and screwed off the cap and drank it in gulps, all the time giving us the ?Talk to the hand? gesture. I was not sure if she would stay or bolt out of the room madder than hell. As she reached for a second bottle of vodka and threw it back as well she said, ?Is it permanent?? Larry and I both replied no at the same time. The initial shock of all of this had apparently caused her to loose her buzz, but after slamming the two bottles of vodka she was beginning to call down. ?I have never seen anything like this before.? She said. ?Neither has anyone else.? Larry said. ?I want to see you change back? Cindy blurted. She was still not thoroughly convinced from what she had just seen. I reached into my shirt pocket and retrieved the antidote and Laura opened her mouth. As quickly as the transformation had begun, Laura was now Larry again. I walked over to Larry and pulled his briefs down and said, ?See?. Cindy focused her attention to see Larry?s half erect cock hanging over the waist band of his underwear. ?Have you tried it?? Cindy said. I told her that I had and that Larry had explained to me that there were no permanent side effects. The three of us just stood there looking at one another. I knew it was now or never as I looked over at Larry and nodded. He picked up on what I was thinking and we both grabbed a bottle and sprayed. Cindy sat back down on the bed. Once the changed had occurred, Cindy looked over and seen that Larry was once again the beautiful woman she had been before. As she slowly turned towards me she had seen that my clothing was just hanging on my now slender frame. Larry walked over to me and I kicked off my shoes as he unbuttoned my shirt revealing my breast. We removed all of our clothing and made our way over to Cindy. As we stood there in front of her she slowly reached up with her hand shaking from shock and placed it on my right tit. She groped it like a sixteen year old virgin boy on prom night. Up until now I don?t think she had ever seen a woman naked other than herself.

Laura and I looked at one another and made our move at the same time. We each sat on either side of Cindy and reached and grabbed one of Cindy?s breasts in our hands. As we kneaded her 38 C?s she started to moan with pleasure. I reached for the top button on her blouse and she jerked away briefly before allowing me to continue. We had joked around in the past about a threesome with another girl, but Cindy would never take it any further than that. I whispered into her ear to stand up as she did Laura grabbed the collar of her blouse and she swung her arms back allowing it to come off in Laura?s hand. Once she stood up I unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor. With her nice firm ass facing us, we both started rubbing it. As I made ever decreasing circles on her left ass cheek a hooked the fabric of her panties and inserted a finger in her cunt. She was soaking wet to my surprise. Laura placed a hand on each of her hips and pulled her toward the bed. As he did we both assumed a position alongside of her. Laura started making slow circles around her left breast while I went straight back to her wet snatch and inserted one then two fingers. I think that the only way that this had gotten this far was due to the fact that in all reality we were both men just moments before. Cindy continued writhing around on the bed as I massaged her clit with my fingers and Laura was now sucking on her tits. She was really getting into it good when all of the sudden she stopped and got up from the bed. ?Wait a minute, this is not how it should be? she said as she sprinted across the room and grabbed the blue bottle of spray. She quickly gave herself two quick shots and paused. Laura and I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as Cindy?s beautiful perkies gave way to well defined pectorals and her swollen pussy began to swell even more. We watched as her cock formed, getting longer and longer until she was sporting a nice seven inch member. Her eyes rolled back into her head and I asked Laura if she was in pain. He said that if she had had children that the pelvic pain that I had experienced was non existent. We had our two nearly grown daughters so I was a little relieved. The change seemed to take longer with Cindy that it did with Larry and I. We continued to watch as Cindy?s body made it?s way from her petite 5?7? to her now 6? stature. I could not keep my eyes off of that cock as it dangled where her swollen pussy was before. It got me so horny that I started stroking my pussy. I reached over and inserted a finger into Laura?s wetness as well. Cindy was now completely transformed and stood there before us. She appeared to be a little dizzy. As she was apparently trying to keep her balance she looked down and seen the magnificent seven inch cock between her legs. Her eyes widened in disbelief. She reached down and grabbed it and started to stroke it. This was driving Laura and me up the wall, as we continued to probe our pussies. I motioned for Cindy to come over to the bed and said, ?Come here you sweet stud? With that she came over to the edge of the bed. Her cock was now fully erect and bounced as her heart beat. I grabbed her shaft and placed my lips over it taking it slowly at first. I was afraid that I would gag, after all this was my ?first time? sucking cock. Laura lie on the bed with her legs spread and was furiously stroking her pussy as I took more and more of Cindy?s new cock in my mouth. As I inched my way down her member I grabbed her huge balls and caressed them while placing a finger on her asshole. When I did this I felt her knees lock and she grabbed the back of my head and forced the remaining four inches in my mouth. I felt the cream of her first ejaculation hit the back off my throat. I thought to myself, ?Damn, I swallow? I sort of chuckled as Cindy pulled out of my mouth. Laura had had several orgasms while Cindy was pumping her load down my throat and lay exhausted on the bed. Cindy?s knees had gone weak and she lay down on the bed between us. A few minutes had passed and Cindy had somewhat recovered from her first blowjob. She made her way to the edge of the bed and with her manly hands grabbed my ankles, pulled my body to the edge where my shapely legs hung over the bed. I said, ?What are you going to do?? She replied, ?I?m gonna eat your pussy?. This sent shivers up my spine as Cindy got down on her knees at the foot of the bed and buried her face into my temporary womanhood. She placed her thumb at the top of my mound and stroked back and forth as her tongue lashed in and out against my clit. Laura made her way across the king size bed and brought her pussy over my face while facing Cindy. I buried my tongue deep into Laura?s tight little hole as Cindy continued to increase her speed on my quivering clit. I noticed that Cindy?s other hand had made it back down to her cock and she appeared to be stoking herself once more. My body felt like it was convulsing as Cindy devoured my pussy like a staving dog. I was also giving Laura one hell of a go myself. I felt her pushing herself down harder and harder on my face. This was just too much, I thought as Laura and I came at the same time. Her fluids gushed onto my face as she bucked against my tongue. Cindy, knowing that I was thoroughly pleased, came up for air and wiped her lips with her fingers and inserted them in my mouth. The taste of my pussy was euphoric. The sight of me eating Laura?s pussy had obviously gotten Cindy?s aroused once more as she was sporting her cock at attention as she stood up. I pulled my legs into my chest and told her I wanted her inside me. I lubed my fingers with my saliva and caressed my pussy as Cindy got into position to pound my aching cunt. She grabbed the shaft and ran the head of her cock back and forth before slowly inching it in. Laura had spun around and started licking my rock hard nipples as she watched Cindy enter me. Once all the way in my tight hole she slowly began to stroke the monster in and out of me. Within no time she had the whole seven inches buried in my gash. I could tell that she was near the brink of flooding me with her cum, when I grabbed the shaft and caused her to slow down. I eyed the tube of KY still lying on the bed from earlier. I reached for it and placed a good amount on my asshole. I slowly moved Cindy?s cock from one hole to the other. She gave me a look as if to say, ?Are you sure?. I just nodded yes and continued my decent with her throbbing member. It was a little painful at first but once the head was in the pleasure was soon to be all mine. Just the feel of her cock was enough to send me over the edge, but Laura had gotten off the bed and had pulled a chair close to the bed and had managed to stuff the purple dildo from earlier into both of her holes. She was forcing it hard and deep with each stoke as she continued to watch Cindy?s cock in my ass. Soon I felt Cindy dump her load into my ass as I twisted my nipples with my fingers. Once the now limp cock slowly withdrew from my ass I heard Laura?s muffled moan. I looked to see she had placed one of her nipples in her mouth and was stroking the dildo furiously. Cindy then started licking my pussy again and within seconds, I too let out a muffled scream.

We all collapsed on to the bed and after a short nap went at it several more times. We would grab a bottle and spray and go back to our regular self and enjoy that for a while, then try it again as a man or a woman. We never made it back down to the reunion, I am sorry to say. We have convinced Larry only to use this stuff with us and a select few people for now. Who knows, someday we may try to market it.

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