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The Naked Pool Party

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?Hello?? I said as I answered the phone.

?Hi honey. Guess what?? Came my wife?s voice from the other end of the phone. Before I could ask what she continued. ?My sister just called and she and Steve are coming for the weekend.?

At first I inwardly groaned thinking that having sent the kids to grandmas for the weekend that our time running around the house naked and having sex whenever and wherever we felt like it was going to be ruined. But when I realized that Melody was looking forward to this weekend as much as I was, I knew that everything would be okay.

Not even noticing that I hadn?t said anything Melody rambled on. ?It?s going to be so much fun. We can hang out by the pool and barbeque and play some games.?

?I can?t wait.? I replied and after a few more minutes of chatting hung up.

The more I thought about it the more excited I got. As couples we got along fairly well but everything between us had been casual and certainly not sexual. We certainly had shared some good times together. I also knew that Melody and Theresa talked about everything so she had probably told them about our plans for this weekend. I hoped that their coming wouldn?t put a halt to everything.

I looked over at the picture of Melody I had on my desk and admired my wife. Her big beautiful smile, long curly hair, her large firm breast and those shapely legs leading up to that tight ass constantly reminded me of how beautiful she is. I remember having her pose for that picture in her Jamaican outfit so that her legs showed and teasing at what was beneath. Every time I look at it I get a massive hard on and today was no exception. At 5?4? and 146 lbs I still wanted her after sixteen years together.

When I arrived home Steve and Theresa were already there. I walked through the house and from the splashes outside knew that they were already in the pool. As I changed I looked through the French doors in our bedroom and saw that they were talking and laughing at the edge of the pool. I stood there for a minute noticing the differences between the two sisters. While both women have very shapely figures Theresa?s breast are slightly smaller. She has long straight light brown hair while Melody?s hair is long dark and curly. Both of them have big luscious lips and a smile that will brighten your day. I stood there for a minute staring at them before I realized I was stroking myself. I forced myself to stop and put on my swimsuit and headed out the door.

?Looks like someone is happy to be home.? Theresa said pointing to my bulging crotch.

?Well we did have a weekend of sex planned.? I said laughingly as I looked over and winked at Melody.

?We heard about that.? Steve responded. ?Don?t let us stop you from doing anything you had planned. We don?t want to spoil the party.?

Melody looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. ?There will be no party spoilage here this weekend.? She stated.

I got me a drink and then headed down to the deep end of the pool. After a couple of bounces on the diving board I jumped in and came out of the water to applause and cheering.

?I?d give it a 9? said Melody.

?No, I?d say it?s a 7? piped up Theresa.

Steve laughed and stated, ?It was only a 5.?

?Well if you think you can do any better let?s see what you?ve got.? I responded.

?Yea, let?s see what you?ve got.? Yelled both of the wives.

Taking up the challenge Steve got out and headed to the diving board. With great flair and drama he went to the end of the board, looked out at the water, and then backed up and did ran to the end jumping high into the air, slicing into the water. We all applauded as he went under not realizing at first that his trunks had come off as he went under water. He popped up on the other side of the pool and started to get out when he realized that he no longer had his trunks on. When he hesitated to get out we looked over and saw the blue and white trunks floating on top of the water underneath the diving board.

?Well we can see what you?ve got. It looks like you left something behind.? Melody told him. ?You need me to get it for you??

?No I can get it for myself.? Replied Steve as he climbed out of the pool totally naked.

?Steve!? Theresa yelled. ?What are you doing??

?Just getting my trunks.? He stated.

What Melody said next took me by surprise. ?Turn around and let me see you in all your glory.?

He turned and posed exposing himself to my wife. I looked over and saw that limp he was about 7 inches.

?Woo hoo! Bring that thing over here and let me see? Melody told him.

Theresa didn?t seem to be quite as excited as her sister and spoke up by saying, ?Steve, I know we go naked everywhere at home but this is my sister?s house. And I don?t think Mark appreciates you showing yourself off to his wife.?

Sensing the possibilities here I spoke up and said that we had already planned on going naked around here all weekend so I didn?t mind.

Seeing that I was ok with it, Steve fished his trunks out of the water and walked over to where we were sitting at the edge of the pool. I watched Melody staring at his cock as he sat down beside us. I could tell that she liked what she was seeing. Steve seemed to enjoy the attention that he was getting from Melody and I was enjoying watching Melody look at him.

The conversation continued and after a couple of minutes it seemed like everyone had forgotten that Steve was naked. Everyone except Melody. I noticed that she kept glancing down at Steve?s cock.

Out of nowhere she suddenly asked Steve if she could touch it. Steve looked over at Theresa who was watching all of this very carefully. As she nodded, Melody reached over and grasped Steve?s dick in her hands. As she fondled and rubbed it Steve started to grow. He leaned back as she played with his now semi-hard cock.

Melody looked over at me and saw that I was getting turned on watching her play with another man?s dick. Theresa turned and saw the tent growing in my pants.

?Have you ever done anything like this before?? she asked me.

?No, but watching her get turned on playing with Steve sure has me excited.? I replied.

With all of her playing Steve now fully engorged dick was standing up at about 10 inches. I could see a drop of precum growing at the tip of his mushroom head.

?Me too.? She responded. ?I really like watching him get a blowjob by other women.?

No sooner were the words out of her mouth than I watched my wife lick the precum off of his dick and then slowly take it into her mouth. In the sixteen years we had been together I don?t think I had ever seen my wife look so sexy. As she licked and sucked on his dick I noticed that Theresa now had her hand in between her legs and had slid her bikini bottom to the side and was fingering herself. I could see that she was either shaved or closely trimmed. This weekend was certainly turning out better that I thought and it was just starting.

It didn?t take Jim long under Melody?s expert talents to explode, filling her mouth with his seed. She gulped it down drinking in almost every drop. I looked over at Theresa and saw her body tremble as she spasmed in pleasure. The glistening liquid that flowed from her cunt covered her hand. She tasted the creamy liquid and then licked her hand clean.

I couldn?t believe what I had just witnessed. Melody looked over at me and smiled. ?I can see you enjoyed the show.? She said noticing the hard-on pushing on my shorts.

?It was great.? I told her. ?I have never been so turned on in my life. I always enjoyed watching you give me a blowjob but watching you with another man?s dick in your mouth, well, you can see my reaction.?

It seemed like no one was sure what was going to happen next. All I knew was that my wife had just finished blowing my brother-in-law and that my sister-in-law had fingered herself in front of me. And while I thoroughly enjoyed the show it seemed like I was the only one left out of the sex fest. Sensing my predicament and seeing that I needed some relief Melody ripped off her bottoms, slid off my shorts, and sat down on my engorged manhood. As she slid down my pole I could tell that her pussy was soaked. She was already dripping down my dick and onto my balls. I pulled off her top and took one of her tits into my mouth sucking on her finger sized nipple. I rolled it around with my tongue as she was grinding her pelvis against me. I then leaned back to enjoy the ride when she took my head in her hands and kissed me. As she pushed her tongue into my mouth I realized that she still had the taste of Steve?s dick and cum in her mouth. I eagerly responded by swirling my tongue around hers enjoying my first taste of another man. This pushed me over the edge causing my pent up load to shoot off inside of her with the force of a rocket. She gripped my pulsing cock with her pussy and milked out every drop.

As she stood up I could feel the warm liquid dripping down from her well filled love hole. She scooped up some with two of her fingers and popped it into her mouth.

?Mmmm. I like this too. What do you think?? she asked as she scooped up some more and shared it with her sister.

?It?s good.? Theresa said licking her fingers clean. ?But since you kissed Mark after giving Steve a blowjob I think Steve ought to clean you up after fucking Mark.?

Steve eagerly agreed and buried his face between her legs as he lapped up the mix of fluids coming from her open hole. Watching him eat my cum out of my wife brought my semi hard erection back to full. I looked at Theresa and saw that she had removed her bathing suit and was once again fingering herself. When she saw me looking she smiled and asked if I liked what I saw. As I nodded my affirmation, she reached over and pulled me close to her. As I stood on my knees in front of her she spread her legs and firmly pushed my head down between them leaving my ass sticking up in the air. I took a deep breath taking in her heavily sexed fragrance. I could see the glistening between her lips. I noticed that she was completely shaved. I ran my tongue up her crack and across her soft firm lips. I began to probe her love tunnel and lapped up the tasty liquid. I found her clit and alternated between licking and sucking on it.

As I was enjoying my sister-in-laws hot sweet cunt, I felt a pair of lips wrap around my dick. I have always enjoyed 69 with Melody but getting a blowjob while I was eating someone else?s pussy was even better. I reached up and started playing with Theresa?s tits, tweaking her nipples. This finally pushed her over the edge and her flood gates opened and she gushed into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of her delicious nectar, licking her swollen pussy clean. With a mouth still sucking me I looked down between my legs to see Melody sucking my dick while Steve was fucking her. Wanting to watch my wife get fucked by another man, I turned around and watched as Steve?s 10 inches slid in and out of my wife?s pussy lips. The view was incredible. Here I was just inches away from another man?s dick buried inside of my wife while she was sucking my dick.

Having already tasted Steve while kissing Melody I decided to see how she tasted with his dick in her pussy. I began to lick and suck her as his dick slid past my lips. His dick and my attention brought her to a massive orgasm flooding her twat and covering his dick with her cum. He kept pumping bringing more of her tasty liquid out to where I could lick it up. I kept licking until all that was left was on his dick. Not wanting to lose a drop I impulsively began to lick her cum off of his dick. Never stopping his stroke Steve pulled out of her and slid his dick into my mouth. Having gone this far, I decided what the hell and having licked off all of her juices began to suck off Steve. He must have already been at the edge from fucking Melody because it only too a minute of sucking him before he blew his load into my mouth. I did my best to imitate my wife trying to drink down every drop but much of it overflowed my mouth. It seemed like he must have unloaded a gallon of man seed into my mouth before he pulled out and collapsed in front of me, Seeing that I had not been able to take it all Melody and Theresa came over and finished drinking down what I couldn?t handle.

After a couple of minutes we all got up and went inside. We were all amazed by what had just happened. We sat down in the living room and looked at each other. We were all unsure what to say and how we were got to be around each other now. I was the first to speak.

?And I thought that the two of you being here was going to prevent us from having a sex filled weekend.?

Everyone laughed and relaxed and we began to discuss everything that had happened and to plan for what else could happen this weekend. While I still consider myself straight, I know can enjoy sucking a dick as much as my wife. I also know that watching my wife fuck and suck another man is a total turn-on and that we will always want to include Steve and Theresa in our sex life which we did all of the rest of the weekend. Both separately and together. But that is another story.

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