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The Mistresss Sissy slave

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The Mistress had me come over at 8 am that Friday morning when I arrived she said hello and then had me strip then she blindfolded me and she walked me to the bedroom and laid me down on the bed put a pair of ear plugs in me and put a gag in my mouth, I could not hear anything or see anything. when I was allowed to remove the blind fold she had me in a diaper and panties with a frilly dress set aside for me to put on I was to be like that till she decided to change me I was like that for the whole day from 8 am when I got there till 8 that night pleasing her by licking her pussy till she came real hard and even using my tongue on her pussy every time she wet to pee my tongue being her toilet paper all the time she was wearing a strap on cock about 8? and 4 ? thick that I was made to suck after each cleaning till she would say stop after she had went to the bathroom several times in and then I did her house cleaning as I was told she had company coming over later after I was done cleaning she had me take off my dress I was to sit up over 30 chairs in total in the both rooms as well as a tall empty jar on the table of food and the big bowl of punch she had made that had a diuretic in it to make sure her guest had to pee a lot. As well on the table was a bowl of condoms that she knew would get used with a note after use please drain contents into the jar for a special treat later for my slave. Then I

was to sit on this chair that was a special design it was a straight back chair but higher back then normal it had a place where my head was placed the hole at the top of it with built in blind fold but before that she decided that I needed a thicker diaper on as she had plans so she took my disposable diaper off and put 4 cloth diapers on me then put an larger disposable diaper on top of that and then plastic panties again I could not even bring my legs together at all there was so much between them I was waddled to the chair and sat on it facing the back of the chair then she tied my feet to the legs and my hands to the side and put a strap around my back to hold it to the chair and she put a gage in my mouth like the dentists use to keep my mouth open wide what I did noticed before this was the chair was at a height for easy access to any part of my body just as she was done I heard her company start to arrive I could not speak or move. All I heard was some snickers and other say I see we have a slave that?s been bad mistress. He needs to be used tonight more so I have put him like this there were males voices and females I could not tell how many but I do know there were lots of different voices I was hearing . that joined the mistress she told her friends that the bathroom was off limits to anything but having to shit for the rest of the night and that the new urinal was sitting in the chair if they had to piss they were to piss in the back on my diaper and to drink a lot of punch because it will make you have to pee and if the wanted to do anything else just asked her and she would deicide after the movie she had planned. She came over and whispered in my ear that not to worry about missing the movie as it was all about me and the early part of the day showing her guests what a good sissy slave I make and what I am able to do with my mouth and tongue well all I know was that the fist person had to piss right away and he walked up to me and someone pulled the back of the diaper out and he just pissed in it was so warm and felt really nice but the cloth soaked it up fast and I felt nothing it went on for hrs like that one after another and the females were pissing as well in my diapers but when they were done they would cum around front and I would use my tongue to clean their pusses up after about the 10th person I could feel that the first diaper was wet all the way up my back and almost to the front.

the mistress came and checked the wetness by putting her had on the inside of the disposable diaper between the colt and said no still dry and will be for a while as the clot diapers will take some soakings till it reaches the disposable diaper so you enjoy sweetie then the mistress started the movie while she was showing a film when one of the ladies asked something about having her BF sucked and she did not want to do it. so he was told to see if I was open far enough well he stepped up and started to place his cock in my mouth oh he is open far enough for now and started to move in and out as another guy started to piss in my diaper again he was not long before he was Cumming in my mouth it was so much that I could not take all the arm fluid it was a little salty to but no complaints and told everyone that it was great but after he was done the mistress decided that the gag would have to go and I had no choice but to suck what ever came near my mouth all I know was that there was at least 15 guys cocks that I had sucked because they were different sizes there at the party some of witch decided that I did not deserve to taste their cumm right then so they used a condom and a couple just decided to cum on my face and leave it there. Then the movie was over and mistress told the ladies not to worry that her sissy slave would treat them the same as in the moves if they wanted.

It would be just a few minutes thought as she wanted to change my attire a little.

That?s when I was untied and still blindfolded mistress put a collar around my nick and lease then took me to the back room for a min to check my diapers and dress me in a new frilly dress that allowed me to crawl with out it hitting the floor with frilly socks to match and she added the wig that I had on early and then put me in make up with bright red lipstick and a cover coat so it would not come off.

Good you?re ready and she brought me out on my hands and knees to start to please all the ladies and guys again At this point she removed my blindfold and I noticed all the guys were naked and the ladies all had on very skimpy outfits looking around I also noticed several guys had condoms on and that the jar had about 2 oozes of cum in it already. I was on my hands and knees she brought me to a guy he was about 7?

and medium thickness but had a curve to his cock and he was also uncut his lady friend took my head and put it to his crotch and told me to start licking that?s when I found out that he was still soft at that size so as I was licking he was growing I was told to start sucking and I did as I was told I put his whole cock in my mouth and started moving up and down slowly as mistress held my leash the others were watching and playing with each other the mistress again checked to see how wet I was as 4 other had used my diaper again when she started to feel me and see how wet I was again this time she seen that the disposable was completely soaked then the

guy i was sucking started to cum and cum hard it hit the back of my throat with a splash after splash after 6 or 7 gushes I was leaking cum from the sides of my mouth I swallowed it all or as much as I could when the guy told mistress he had to piss now but did not want to leave my mouth because he felt good like that mistress said ok because the diapers are full or at least the outside is so he started to piss in my mouth and another guy was again pissing in the diaper because he could not hold it either he said so mistress said ok. at that point she said my diaper was full but I wasn?t so she took off my frilly panties and then the diapers and had me there with a bare bottom but what I did not noticed before is that she had a butt plug in me all this time she told everyone that she put a little numbing lotion on me before we started and it took effect just before she changed me and she was able to put the butt plug in me to stretch my ass open a little just as she said that I was licking a ladies pussy and some one came up behind me and he just shoved his cock in my ass she made them wear condoms for this and he fucked me till he came and when he withdrew another took his place and all night went like that I was used so much that I did not feel a thing but she also told me several condoms had broken as well so I was leaking cum out of my ass. At this point guests started to leave and she had me suck each one of the guys off again just before they left so they left empty but all of these were with condoms on and after each guy she took the condom and dumped it in the jar there were 14 guys in total that night that I had sucked and been fucked by and sucked again but was unaware the they all had filled at least 3 other condoms and dumped them in the jar after the last guest had left the mistress allowed me to sit on the floor in another diaper of course to catch all the cum coming from my ass se at that point needed to pee herself again and moved to my back and squatted down a holding my diaper open and peed in my diaper she went into the other room and came back out with the jar of cum which had at least 24 to 30 Oozes of cum in it. Is my little sissy slave ready for her treat?

Well here you go your not going to drink it all because I have another idea for it as well so I am going to pour you a baby bottle full and then you are going to drink that.

So she didn?t and I started to drink the bottle. That when she pulled open the front of my diaper and poured the rest of the cum in it then she reach in and started to masturbate me off in the cum filled diaper I was getting hard and she stopped and told me to finish my self off so I push my had into my diaper and was playing with my self using all the cum as a lubricant she reached thought the back of my diaper and was pushing more cum in to my ass then pulled her hand out and wiped it off on my face making me lick her fingers and told me to finis my bottle and she would be right back I was to stop play with myself till she came back, after mins she returned with the strap on again and she put me on my belly on the floor and placed a wedge under my belly propping my diapered clad ass in the air she then tore a hole in the diaper and told me to hold still. She place the head of the cock at my ass and drove it home this one was bigger and thicker then anything I had in me tonight and that when she grab the color and pulled back till I was on my hands and knees again begin fucked buy here and the strap on she fucked me and fucked for about an hr then she just left the strap on in me and undid it from her and made to so It was done up on me and leaving it in me she reach around and tore off the diaper then laid down under me and started to lick and suck on my cock licked all the other cum from me as well but did not let me cum as she wanted me to cum in her pussy that?s when she flipped me over on my back and straddled me and she started to fuck me. After I had cummed for a second time that night she walked me to the bathroom were we took a shower together and fucked again then dried each other off and went and laid down on the bed and fell asleep in each others arms. Waking up the next morning she looked at me and asks if I wanted to watch last night?s events as she recorded it all. We did and we fucked again during it. I left around 8 pm Saturday and haven?t seen here again because she moved away

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